American Hairless Terrier

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A Lovable Companion for Families with Children

The American Hairless Terrier appeared by accident in 1970 in the state of Louisiana, United States when a family of Rat Terriers gave birth to a completely bald female. That incident gave the breeders the idea to obtain a new breed - a completely hairless dog.

<b>American Hairless Terrier</b>

While other hairless breeds have some troublesome genetic mutations, besides the lack of their body hair (the absence of the whiskers and the eyebrows), this breed does not have the same problems at all. The American hairless terriers were recognized as an official breed in 1998, when the kennel clubs finally admitted the existence of these new dogs as something more than a simple accident.

The American Hairless Terrier is a small to medium dog, but despite its size, it cannot be considered a toy breed. It is in fact a working dog, very active and also quite intelligent.

These dogs' lack of hair makes them suitable as pets for allergic persons. However, hair is not the only allergy trigger, and that is why it is still advisable to have an individual allergy test before adopting such a dog.

The main advantage of the American hairless terriers is the fact that their lack of hair will render brushing and combing useless, so they are quite easy to take care of from this point of view. The only problem that can appear is the temperature of their environment. They can easily get cold and suffer from sunburns. They need baths three times a week, and if their skin gets dry, a cream with lanolin will solve the problem.

The interesting thing about these dogs is that the puppies are born not completely hairless but shed over time, starting with their head, and they become completely hairless by the age of six months. Their skin is pink or white, with spots of gray, golden, tan sable, or black, and it darkens with the sun - that is why it is so important to apply sunscreen on their skin before getting them out during the sunny summer days.

The American Hairless Terrier looks almost identical to the medium-sized Rat Terrier, with the only (obvious) difference being that it does not have any hair. These are well-muscled dogs with strong necks and powerful legs. They are not very large, as the males only reach 18-41 cm in height and weigh 2.5-7 kg.

The American Hairless Terrier can be very comfortable in an apartment, if they can have daily 20-30 minute walks, but also in large open areas, as long as the temperature is not too high or too low.

They are also energetic and playful dogs, very inquisitive and curious, loving, and joyful. Their temperament makes them so cute and thus highly appreciated by families with small children and many pets around. These dogs love to interact with humans, and that is why they are not the best guard dogs.

The American Hairless Terrier may not be very good at guarding your home, but it will be a lovable companion, as it is eager to please its owner and always seeks for its master's attention.

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