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ELLIE - 13yrs - Luvs Kids!! PLEASE READ the Dog needs a home

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NOTE: WE DO NOT DO ADOPTIONS FROM DEC 17th to Dec 30. All our dogs go to foster homes so watch for updates and pics!



Feb 13/18 We moved Ellie to a new foster home where she is having a blast waiting for her furever home! this is what the foster says:

Ellie is a 13 year old rat terrier cross that has been here for over a year now.  Her previous life was not a very happy one but she is a tough little cookie who is looking for her forever home where she can live her remaining years in comfort in a loving home.  She would be great with a senior who would like a companion that is not high maintenance.  Like many seniors, Ellie likes to have a routine to follow regarding mealtimes and going out.  Other than that, she is quite content to walk around checking out the other food bowls, I have two senior shitzus, Bella and Timbit so she is always looking for leftovers.  She makes me laugh when she is pushing the bowls around the kitchen.  She gets along well with children, people and other dogs.  She even likes cats.


Ellie  has a bit of difficulty when she is walking due to arthritis in her back legs but that doesn't stop her from getting around when she is motivated to do so. Many times she looks as if she is marching or dancing.  If it is time for food she is definitely dancing!


She may have some hearing issues but she she sure knows when the fridge door is being opened.  I love watching her when she does this because she'll look at me, then the fridge and back to me.  Once the food is on the counter Ellie will come and stand right beside you waiting for her dish to be put down.  Once her dinner goes down she doesn't lift her head until it's all gone.  For dessert she likes pieces of vegetable or fruit.  By the way, if you don't move quickly enough serving her dinner, she will let you know and if it is time for dinner and you haven't made a move to get it she will also let you know by whining.  It's the only time you hear her.


Ellie is not  much of a lap dog but she likes to lie in her bed close to you so she can keep an eye on you in case you have food or go somewhere.  


Ellie loves to follow you around the house so she can be close to the action.  She looks at you with those big brown eyes and you can't help but smile.   


She likes to go outside and can go for short walks down the street and can climb up and down the two steps to the backyard.  When the weather is nice, Ellie likes to walk around the yard, checking things out, but if it is cold, she is all about getting out to do her business and getting back in.


A year is to long to be in foster.  Ellie needs and deserves to be in her forever home.  Are you up for the challenge of giving this little girl her best and final home? 


Jan 30/18 Ellie is desperate for a home of her own!! She was fostered by a woman with psychological problems who decided a dog this age is unadoptable and wanted to be the 'palliative care' foster where they go to die. One dog did die before getting a home and i was not going to allow that to happen to Ellie. There is SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR HER!!

This little girl, 13yrs old has been here almost A YEAR and while taken care of by fosters she has no one to love her FurEver.

She is a little rat terrier mix, not much to look at admittedly but she loves kids and food, not nec in that order lol, is alert and interested in all that goes on around her. She does have some trouble walking occasionally but is on no medication and needs none so a senior who is mostly home bound is fine altho she loves to go out and is housebroken but needs a schedule.

No dog should die without her own home and that there is no one for Ellie breaks my heart. She some years to go entaining an owner and loving children or grandchildren and someone MUST NEED HER!

Dec 15/17 Our little Ellie ha a hard time walking for a bit so we took her off the site but she is entitled to a home of her own and while yes, she has some arthritis it does not require metacam and we are managing her with pot oil instead. Her arthritis is a direct result of abuse and mal nutrition and i know in my heart there is an older person out there who would want this little girl

This is what her foster mom has to say:

Little Miss Ellie is a super sweet senior gal who asks for nothing except a warm cozy bed, some loving company, and two good meals a day.  She is so quiet you sometimes forget that she is even in the house.  That is unless one of the other fur gang try to stick their nose in her food dish before she's quite finished.  Then she commands the respect she deserves!


"Jelly Bean" has a little difficulty getting around, but it doesn't seem to bother her in the least and she gamely soldiers along.  Actually, she always walks like a little wind-up tin soldier. Funny though, even though her gait is the same, she can really kick it into gear to get down the hallway when she knows food is on the way, lol. She enjoys her life, and is happy and content.


This small 18 lb Fox Terrior mix gets on with everyone and everything.  We have two cats, two dogs and there have been several fosters and visitors during her time with us.  Our grandkids always look for her when they come to visit, and she soaks up their attention.


Ellie willingly goes outside in any kind of weather.  She's pretty good at getting up and down the three steps from the deck to the yard, but we always keep an eye on her, just in case she needs a little assistance.  Sometimes she just goes out and takes care of business, but often she enjoys spending a long time checking out the yard and eating whatever yummy seeds she can find under the bird feeders.


Ellie needs a loving, comfortable home so she can enjoy the retirement that she so deserves.  She would love a family that can appreciate the sheer pleasure of sharing every day together.  A few cuddles, kind words and ear scratches are all she needs.  Oh wait, FOOD, don't forget the most important thing!!  Super appetite for a senior gal.  Never one day she hasn't been waiting to chow down.


This girl is very special, and there is a special family out there waiting for her.

September/17: little Ellie is still in foster and eagerly awaiting her forever family for 10 mos now!  Ellie is a loving, gentle girl who  loves kids and will be a great companion for her loving family - is it you?

This little older gal is a treat.  We have been fostering Ellie for almost 10 months now and she has really grown on us and become a most enjoyable part of our pack.


Ellie might not be everyones idea of a beauty queen, but we love her looks.  Her big round eyes follow you everywhere and her ears are always at attention (especially when the fridge door opens).


This dog is not just low maintenance, she is virtually no maintenance.  Jelly Bean loves to sleep in her bed in the kitchen, where she is close to all the action.  Ellie is not a lap dog, but she does love attention and company. She enjoys her evening adventures on the front lawn, but she's ready to go inside after a half hour or so.


Ellie never misses the opportunity to greet everyone at the front door.  She may not burn rubber getting there, but she never fails to make an appearance and wag her almost nonexistent tail.  This dog does not yap or bark.  Ok, she does whine when she feels her meals are a little tardy, but that's it.


If you are considering adding a quiet, easy dog to your family, please take a look at Ellie.  She's not terribly active, but is a happy, contented senior lady, grateful for love, a full belly and a warm bed (not necessarily in that order!).

July 15/17 And AGAIN from Ellie's foster - what is wrong with ppl? This dog does not bark or bite, loves kids, ppl, totally low key, not obnoxious - a senior would LOVE this dog!

Su asked those of us who had long term fosters to update their profiles and give 10 reasons to adopt this dog.  I started to compile my list and then deleted it.  I realized I only needed to list ONE good reason to adopt Ellie.


She simply deserves to be adopted! 


She is a lovely and loveable lady who is so low maintenance, it is ridiculous.  Two good meals a day, a cozy bed, a bit of company, a few kind words, and an amble down the street and back and she is a happy camper.


"Jelly Bean" makes me smile every time I look at her.  She is always staring at you with her big round eyes.  Other dogs, cats, people, kids and noises are no issue.  Just don't be late with her meals!!


Yes, it can be difficult to take on an older dog, but you will feel the same love and connection as you do with a dog you've had since it was a pup.  I can say that honestly through my own experience.


I get you might have to say goodbye sooner than later, but the feeling of knowing you have given a loving and deserving dog a happy and safe place to live out their golden years is absolutely the best feeling ever.


On a lighter note, Ellie is hillarious, without even knowing it. Come take a look.


June 15/17 MORE from Ellie's foster. This girl is perfect for a senior who wants company, a walking companion, a friend!

Little Ellie continues to wait for her forever home.  "Jelly Bean" has been enjoying her foster vacation with us for over six months now, looking for that one person or family who will see her inner beauty and charm.


I can't lie.  She didn't bowl me over at first either.  Now I can't imagine her not being here. She is such an easy girl to love and care for and she really grows on you on a daily basis.  If you're looking to fall in love at first sight, or "feel a connection", then best to keep looking, lol. However, if you have room in your home and heart for an older gal who is loving, engaging, quiet, and "plays well with others", please take a second look.


I realized today that Ellie reminds me of comedian Bob Newhart (if you're not in your 50's or 60's, Google him). She has a dry sence of humour and perfect timing!  Ellie can turn the absolutely mundane into a hilarious event.


It is SO hard to explain.  Over five years ago we fostered and then adopted our Chihuaha mix from LotsaDogs.  She is in many ways the strangest little creature gawd ever gave breath to, but we love her to the moon and back. Unlike any dog I 've ever known, but I wouldn't change her for the world.


Ellie is one in the same.  Are you special enough to give this little treasure a loving home?

Apr 20/17 MORE again from the foster. Ellie has been 4 mos. She is not a forward dog - pushy, barky or obnoxious. She is not the most beautiful dog either, kindy ugly in fact but even ET was cute after 2 hrs and its time this girl got a HOME

I'm not complaining, 'cause it's a pretty good gig at my foster home, but seriously, it's been over four months and I have to tell you, I'm not getting any younger hanging around waiting for my forever home!  Just an application would do a lot for my self confidence!


My mom says I'm "some special", but I could have told her that. I'm a bit of an independent soul but I do love to be around people and am very interested in everything that goes on around me.  I'll quietly follow you everywhere, but I'm just not one of those insecure Lab types that constantly need reassurance that they are the centre of your universe. I just wander by and wait until you notice me and give me the pets I love.


I live with three other dogs.  Queenie is smaller, Chloe is twice my size, and Papi is BIG.  There are also a couple of cats as well.  I get along with everyone, but I don't let anybody push me around.  I am a terrier after all!  I'm really quiet unless I'm forgotten in the backyard, or my meals are a little late arriving.  Other than that, I don't say a word.  I do however, have a pretty good "stink eye", if I do say so myself. Sometimes a couple of grandkids come by and they are lots of fun, especially when they give me treats.  Truthfully, I can get along with everyone, but would not be the least bit unhappy if I was the "only" one.


I love my walks (unless it is cold or raining), but I can't go like I used to.  Fifteen minutes is good. Sometimes Mom takes Papi a bit further and if I get too tired, she tucks me in her coat and carries me the last little way and that works for me.


If you are looking for a loving, funny and quirky companion who is totally low maintence but constantly entertaining, I'm your girl.  By the way, the people here have nicknamed me "Jelly Bean". I'm not sure what that's about, but they smile when they say it, so Jelly Bean it is.*

Mar 1/17  more from ellie's foster: 

It's really difficult to write bios after three months!  Little Ellie is a complete doll, but what you see is what you get.


Ellie is, as her breed dictates, a rather independant but amusing companion who entertains you on a daily basis.  She is totally "in the moment", but absolutely not  an "in your face" type of a gal.  She is happy and content to be here, and we are equally happy to have her.  Ellie is totally low maintence, and only expresses any kind of displeasure when she determines her meals are late arriving.  She likes her walks (providing the the temperature is above freezing) and gets on well with dogs, cats, people and kids.


She loves any dog bed, except her own, lol. Ellie waits until someone else vacates their bed for a moment, and then suddenly comes to life!  Jada, our Dobie foster, is forced to shove her butt into a Chihuaha sized bed, and Queenie, our Chi mix has resorted to sitting on her to claim her rightful throne. 


Ellie is very much like me, and I guess that's why I love her.  She is the type of dog that doesn't bowl you over the minute you meet her but grows on you over time until you can't imagine not having her in your life.

Feb 3/17 This babe has been seriously over looked for too long. She is IDEAL for a retired or older couple/person with visiting grand kids, loves her walks, is outstanding with kids and cats and other dogs. She is lower energy, not requiring massive walks but is also up for any party: This is what her foster mom has to say

Little Miss Ellie is a sweatheart!  After a couple of months with us, she has become an engaging and entertaining member of our "pack".


Ellie is a very quiet and reserved lady, but don't mistake that for indifference.  She sees all and knows all, but is too refined to make a spectacle of herself.  As I've said before, she is very subtle, and sometimes you have to really pay attention to her to see what is going on.


Every day, a new piece of her personality presents itself.  Until three days ago, Ellie only barked occasionally when she was outside and wanted in.  Even then, it was just one small yip.  Recently, she has been very vocal (quite a vocabulary, I must say), when she has determined that dinner was a tad tardy being served!


Ellie is a constant companion when I am cooking, and has recently been joined by our new foster in her love of all things edible.  I'm never lonely or unsupervised when I'm in the kitchen. She doesn't jump up and follow you the moment you leave the room, but will magically appear beside you in the laundry room sixty seconds later.


Out of the blue yesterday, Ellie decided Jada's large (unused) crate in the dining room was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  She spent the entire afternoon and night camped out there.  Her own crate was retired to the garage over a month ago, when she discovered the joy of a cozy dog bed. Every day's a whole new mix!


Ellie will thrive in a home where she has companionship for the better part of the day.  She is not, despite her small size, a little lap dog.  I swear I can see her eyes roll when I announce "it's cuddle time" and scoop her up into my lap. She doesn't resist, but can't wait until I ask for a kiss and she obliges, knowing she'll be placed back down.  Then she happily stands beside you, waiting to be stroked.


This dog is great with cats (we have two), dogs (our old Chi mix, a previous Shep foster, our current Dobie foster, and assorted canine visitors), as well as grand kids and family.


"Ellie, Ellie, jelly belly" just needs a loving place to call home.  You won't be disapppointed, I guarantee you.

Dec 30/16 Miss ellie has really blossomed in her foster home. She still isnt the 'prettiest' dog but even ET was cute after 2 hrs lol. This is what her foster mom has to say:

Well little Ellie has really begun to shine.  She is still nothing close to my perception of a Rat Terrior (8 isn't remotely close to senior for these guys), but that is just fine with me and the two cats.


Ellie doesn't bowl you over with her personality at first, but after over a month, I realize how much she actually has.  She is sweet, loving and totaly engaged.  It's just more subtle and laid back than I was expecting from a terrior.  Until this past week, she held her tiny stubby tail so close to her butt, you would swear she didn't have one at all.   Now, when she is happy or excited, you can see it, and it actually wags.  Again, so subtle that I thought it was just my imagination the first time, but nope. She has a tail that wags!!  Who knew, lol.


I have now heard her bark twice. Both times she was outside and wanted to come in. The first time, I really wasn't sure it was her.  The second time I at the door and saw her bark and just laughed.  It's kind of a one off "bar-yippp" odd high pitched sound that makes me glad she is so quiet the rest of the time!


Ellie has now abandoned her crate in favour of a cozy bed in the kitchen.  We've even had to put a second one in for our old Chi, who after six years has decided she now wants to sleep in the kitchen too. Funny how one little girl can change the the dynamics and breathe new life into a household.


This little "Rat" makes me laugh the way she is constantly tippy toeing behind anyone who moves. She really is very active just following her people around the house. Again, you have to stop for a moment and pay attention to actually notice it.  Ellie doesn't play favourites.  Just follows whatever or whomever seems most interestjng at the time.


Ellie has absolutely no issues with our cats, our dog, our German Sheppard foster, visiting pups, small grandkids, or any people, places, or things in general.  Her only issue is that she may be overlooked because she is so easy going and reserved.  Don't make that mistake!

Dec 7/16 Ellie is in a foster home and would be IDEAL for seniors but would be great in a home with kids or visiting kids. This is what the fosters have to say:

Well, little Miss Ellie has been with us for a couple of weeks now. Although she is a Rat Terrior, she has yet to display many of the breeds characteristics.  She is TOTALLY chill.  Have not heard a peep from her.  Doesn't even glance at my two cats, and the squirrels are having a hayday cavorting about in the back yard!


Ellie enjoys having company, but she's definitely not a lap dog.  She is happy to sit on your lap for a little scratch and cuddle, but when she's had enough, she gives you one little kiss and she's on her way.  Despite numerous sofas and dog beds, Ellie prefers her crate in the kitchen for naps and sleeps there every night with Hubert, our other foster. She can sleep anywhere she chooses, and this is her choice!


Miss Ellie comes alive at meal times.  This little lady enjoys her food, and waits patiently until dinner is served.  Walk time is another daily favourite as well.  Just in the last couple of days Ellie managed to discover an interesting wastebasket upstairs and an exciting pile of soiled laundry in the basement. Yea!, there actually is a little terrior inside.   Can't wait to see if more of that personality comes out in the next couple of weeks.

Nov 23/16 This 20lb babe is just the nicest dog! She is owner surrender - owner died - with Layla and she is gentle, kind and sweet. She had a flea allergy when she went into rescue and its been treated. I had a dog off the charts allergic to fleas and reversed his allergy with raw diet. Never used advantage or prednisone after hsis 1st month.

They say she just sleeps all day but i have seen nothing but an alert, interested dog who is now in a foster home with a retired couple one of whom is a power walker and 3 other dogs

ALL our dogs are HW tested neg (HW TREATED dogs are marked as such), have full vetting paperwork and obviously get along with other dogs since there are about 40 of them here on any given day.

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For coonhounds and beagles only :
If the dog you just looked at is a Coonhound or Beagle here's a little more info - A lot of people think Coonhounds and Beagles are stupid but they're not! They are just joyous dingbats for sure but very trainable. They are funny, happy clowns. They also do NOT spend all their time howling or baying. They are extremley quiet dogs but when they let one rip everyone knows it ;-)) and the sound is beautiful! So much nicer than a high pitched yap any day.
If you need proof watch this


  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Rat Terrier (short coat)
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Female
  • State: Ontario
  • Zip/Postal Code: L0B 1A0
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