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CARLOS - 3 years - WHAT A NICE DOG!! the Dog needs a home

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We do not adopt to homes or apts on the main floor with no fenced area for the dog. They are a flight risk in the early weeks and we have the same goal - a safe, happy, healthy dog.

NOTE: WE DO NOT DO ADOPTIONS FROM DEC 17th to Dec 30. All our dogs go to foster homes so watch for updates and pics!



Jan 5/17 I really don't get why he is still here. He gets apps but they go nowhere. Oh well. He is waiting for the best. More from foster

We really love this little rascal. He has oodles of personality and a few quirks.  For instance this little dude doesn’t do well out on cold days but if  you happen to drop an ice cube he will carry it off and crunch it up fast!
The  notches in his ears let us know life hasn’t always been a bowl of cherries for Carlos. He is typically macho most of the time pretending to be a tough guy but really he is a little nervous in new situations and when meeting strangers he’d rather be ignored for a couple of minutes. After that he warms up very fast particularly to the Ladies!
When we are out walking in this recent very cold weather the only lasts a few minutes but is happy to be tucked into your jacket to warm up then  continue walking for short intervals. He needs a good coat but we haven’t tried him boots yet.
Carlos is a true cuddle buddy usually curled up snuggling  beside us, preferably under a blanket, when we are home. He is also very playful with his toys as well as chasing and wrestling with our much bigger coonhound. Let’s just say he holds his own LOL. Just tonight they were playing a vigorous game of tug with a toy.
Carlos is also getting better at asking to “go” out. We pay attention when he heads to the door because he is asking to go out and will go Pee on command. Some accidents still happen usually because I’m preoccupied when working from home and missed his request to be excused.  He is pretty predictable though.
He is otherwise very good in the house and doesn’t mark or chew out possessions. Only naughty things is that he will knock over the recycling if I leave him home alone uncrated and has chewed up a couple of tissues. So we still crate him when we go out and he eagerly “goes to bed” when offered a treat. So that is easy and he is quiet in his crate at night, too.
All in all he is a really good little guy and food motivated so training going forward should be pretty easy. He is clever and learns routines readily.
Apply to meet Carlos and he will charm you with his good looks, fancy dancing,  and gentle ways when being given a treats.

Dec 2/17 This is what carlos's foster mom has to say:

We have been getting to know Carlos since he came home to foster with us a couple of weeks ago. What a character!
If you are a small dog or Min Pin fancier he is the dog for you. He is everything he should be and a bag of chips! Carlos is bright, energetic, a terrific dancer, prancing, funny, loyal, and a cuddle buddy who is often disguised as a bump under a blanket.
Carlos is house trained and crate trained. He goes “to bed” eagerly for a tiny piece of liver treat and when let out goes straight out into our fenced  patio for a pee. We leave the door cracked open while the dogs have breakfast and he takes himself back outside for a poop as soon as he’s finished eating. He is that regular! He goes to the door otherwise to be let out when he needs to go.
Little soft toys are his favourite in our toy box. Just toss him one and you’ll see just how quick his reflexes are! While we are out walking he is always on the look-out for those pesky squirrels lol.
Carlos can be a little shy for a minute or two when he first meets people but warms up quickly once he has has a chance to sniff. Next thing he’ll be dancing around for attention and even giving head bops to get pats.
Right now he is in his favourite snuggle position half on the arm of the couch and half on my lap. It tickles when he dreams!
If this spirited little charmer sounds like a gem to you then apply to meet him today!

nov 27/17 video!!

Oct 20/17 What do ppl have against small dogs who don't bark or bite? That this sweetis is still here blows my mind. He has had 2 appts, both 'fell in love with him' and within 24hrs suddenly had 'financial setbacks' and could not proceed...??? Oh well, if there is nothing else on earth i know it's that the right person comes for the right dog at the right time! As sadly happens when dogs are in rescue they eat fine and plenty but lose weight until someone loves them

More from fosters.

This sweet little dog wants nothing more than to be the centre of someone's universe.


He wants to be your loyal companion. To be with you always. That can be cuddling with you on the couch, going on walks with you, playing with you, being in the kitchen with you, sleeping next to you... Anything just as long as it's with you. Carlos has so much love to give but is still waiting ever so patiently for that special someone to give it to.


Carlos is great with other dogs- zero issues. Our home has a large dog and 2 small ones and he has never had any issues. Our neighbourhood is filled with dogs and he has met several on walks, he just greets them with a friendly wag of a tail. He is very enthusiastic about meeting other dogs. Carlos loves kids and seems to be drawn to them when we are on walks. We sometimes pass a school on walks and during recess he has gotten quite a few pats. We made sure all kids were introduced properly and he was perfectly fine. A friend stayed a weekend with her 8 year old daughter. Carlos loved sitting with her and watched her ipad as she played games. It was very cute!


With Carlos you get a sweet, playful, and fiercely loyal companion. He will stay by your side but is crate trained for when you are busy, out, or going to bed. Though he would happily go everywhere with you. He is a great dog for letting you know someone is coming to the house but is not at all yappy. He will stop as soon as you tell him to. It definitely is nice when you are home alone. 


Carlos is food motivated and eager to please. Training him is quite easy. He has been taught to "stop and sit" at street crossings. He has also been taught to sit and wait for his food. Though he loves food so much he can't control his tail wagging. He will sit still but his bum will be wiggling on the floor as his tail whips back and forth. It's hard not to laugh!


I just cannot believe this gentle boy is still not adopted. He is obviously waiting for someone special. 

Sept 29/17 More from the fosters

Fun and spunky BFF for adoption! 

When you adopt Carlos, this is what you'll be getting:


* A fiercely loyal friend. He will always want to be with you and will follow you everywhere.


* A playful boy. Carlos is so fun loving. He is always ready to play- whether it be running around outside or gently playfighting on the couch. Take him to the dog park and he will make new friends. Carlos is great with other dogs.


* A major foodie. This boy appreciates food! You can sit and enjoy delicious treats together or have a dinner date! Just be sure not to leave your portion unattended, cause Carlos may not be able to help himself.


* A cuddle buddy. Carlos can not get close enough to his humans! He LOVES them so much! Lay on the couch for an afternoon nap and this guy will nuzzle into your chest or under your chin. Or chill on the couch and he will curl up beside you or in your lap. He's just happy to be with you. Add a blanket to the mix for some added comfort and watch him burrow!


* An amazing dance partner. You will get such a kick out of his dance moves. Turn up that music and bounce around together. Carlos has some crazy strong hind legs that he loves to stand up and jump jump jump around on.


* An assistant chef and floor cleaner. Remember when I said Carlos was a foodie? Well he loves to help in the kitchen. Get him to taste test as you cook. Chopping veggies and accidently dropped some on the floor? Don't worry, Carlos will get it for you! As long as it's safe for dogs, of course.


* A motivational walking buddy. Carlos LOVES walks. He could keep up with a power walk or even a 5k jog. His energy will just rub off on you, so kiss those lazy days behind! He makes going out really fun and peppy! Plus he is so cute! This is especially good if you're single- people will be stopping to pet this fur baby, which makes striking up a conversation easy.


On top of all of this, Carlos is crate trained, good with kids, people, and dogs.


Don't miss this opportunity to meet a good boy! 

Sept 11/17 from the fosters

Anyone who is seeking a cuddly dog who is smart, curious, happy-go-lucky and fun to dress up, look no further! This little dog has it all.


Carlos (or as we like to call him, Carlito which means "little Carlos") is a big dog in a tiny package. True miniature pinscher personality packed into this adorable little guy. His tail is always wagging (quite literally) and he has enough energy to keep up with you on a power walk. Carlos is also crazy smart. He has picked up routine within days and tricks, or figures out what task you want from him, within minutes. 


This dog is always on alert. He notices every sound and movement and is investigative. A curious boy and will let you know when something isn't right. 


Carlos' curiosity will bring him to the kitchen if he hears you in there. His high food drive will make him happily clean up your kitchen floor or just watch you cook and hopes for some treats. Just be sure he doesn't snatch up something he shouldn't be eating. He is very quick and an opportunist and that's all part of his charm.


Speaking of charm, he LOVES his humans and is super loyal. He would love nothing more than to adore you from his bed or your lap. Just whip out a blanket and watch him curl up into a tiny ball. He seeks scratches too by using his paw to guide your hand to his head. Its so cute! Carlos really loves to be loved and we see he craves this. Holding him is kind of like holding a baby as he will rest his head on your chest and look adoringly up at you. Most dogs won't even let you hold them but this one doesn't even squirm. I think he enjoys the closeness.


Now that the days are getting cooler, this guy gets very cold very easily cause of his short hair and thin body. Good thing he looks really chic in sweaters! He really does rock the clothes he wears. Plus its fun to dress up your dogs! He doesn't mins it at all.


Carlos is a playful little guy and can dance!! I was jokingly dancing to some funny music and Carlos actually came and started jumping around with me! I had never seen anything like it! He jumped around on his hind legs and even let me hold his front paws. Such a great dance partner.


Carlos will make a very fun companion. You will never feel alone or bored. He will make you laugh, entertain you, or just be your loving, warm little cuddle bug. His forever family will be getting someone very special with this little loverboy. 

aug 18/17 We changed gus's name to carlos cuz he got no apps as gus. Once Humphrey is adopted we will change his name to Humphrey if he gets no apps as carlos... Get it? It's all in the name.  That's how fantastic dogs like gus/carlos are overlooked.

Gus is a terrific dog - (we changed his name from DIEGO when he arrived cuz he wasn't one). He gets along with other dogs, ppl, is typical small breed but we fixed that - he is not a barker, biter or nasty little dog, In fact he would be perfect for a family with kids over 10yrs, loves to go on adventures or just snuggle

June 15/17 GUS!! I wish it was easier to take a good pic of this beautiful guy. Unfortunately, he is much too busy looking adoringly at Dave all day long. Gus is a big personality in a little dog. He is very busy observing everything that goes on in the yard. He plays with the others and will come over to be pet or to see what's happening. No matter what he's doing - he always goes back to see Dave. Gus will be a great member of his forever family. He is patiently waiting. This is how he will be with his new owner - adoring

May 25, 17 - Gus arrived terrified and as with most small terriers, took a run at snapping and biting.  When that does not work  - he quickly becomes your best friend.  For that reason, we are asking for dog experienced kids with dog savvy parents.

Gus is the high side of low energy, needing a few solid walks every day.  Loves people and won"t be an issue for cats.  He is a smart, curious, friendly and snuggly little dog who will be a wonderful addition to your family.

ALL our dogs are HW tested neg (HW TREATED dogs are marked as such), have full vetting paperwork and obviously get along with other dogs since there are about 40 of them here on any given day.

We do a microchip clinic the first Sunday of each month for $40 to raise money to pay the bills for the rescues but will chip on day of adoption 

The Adoption Donation you give includes spay/neuter (except puppies under 6 mos), all shots, Heartworm test, deworming/parasite by us at least once and is $500.
NOTE: Puppies too young to fix are adopted out ON A 'FOSTER TO ADOPT' BASIS ONLY UNTIL S/N COMPLETED and proof is required to have the contract changed to ownership. You are responsible for spaying or neutering at the 6 mo point.
Please, if you want to adopt a dog - we require you take up to 24 hrs 'think about it' time and when an aggreement is reached you take the dog home as within 24 hrs. We can not 'hold' adopted dogs "til the weekend" or you "are back from holidays" UNLESS you wish to make a $40/night donation to cover their stay as there are many, many other dogs dying in shelters who need that space.

For coonhounds and beagles only :
If the dog you just looked at is a Coonhound or Beagle here's a little more info - A lot of people think Coonhounds and Beagles are stupid but they're not! They are just joyous dingbats for sure but very trainable. They are funny, happy clowns. They also do NOT spend all their time howling or baying. They are extremley quiet dogs but when they let one rip everyone knows it ;-)) and the sound is beautiful! So much nicer than a high pitched yap any day.
If you need proof watch this


  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Miniature Pinscher
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Male
  • State: Ontario
  • Zip/Postal Code: L0B 1A0
As of 1/15/2021 CARLOS - 3 years - WHAT A NICE DOG!! is still available for adoption. Please use the owner information below to confirm that CARLOS - 3 years - WHAT A NICE DOG!! is still available or to adopt. Don't forget to check the other animal shelters near me there are many other pets needing a fur-ever home.

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