Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (medium coat)

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (medium coat) Dog

Demi 3468 the Dog needs a home

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  • Name/Tag#: Demi 3468       

  • Age: 8 yrs

  • Sex/Altered: Female/ Spayed

  • Weight:   7 lbs

  • Breed:   Yorkie

  • Foster Home Location:  BRAMPTON, ON

  • Adoption Fee:  $500.00

  • Temperament: Cautious, shy

  • Activity/Energy Level:  Low

  • Up to date on Shots: Yes, plus a dental done

  • Housebroken:  Working on it, but doing very well

  • Crate Trained:  Yes

  • Ok with Dogs: Yes

  • Ok with Cats: Yes

  • Ok with Kids:  Yes, over 12 due to her size and background

  • Origin: Breeder release

  • Requirements:  A securely fenced back yard, a well-balanced companion dog, someone home at least part time to help her complete her potty training.


And now, a few words from me:

Hi I’m Demi.  Are you kind and gentle and very, very patient with your pups?  Do you have another small dog already and want a companion for them?  Do you have a safe place for me to stay (maybe a spot for my crate)?  Do you have a nice back yard for me to explore?  If so, you sound like someone I would like to meet! 


And now, a few words from my foster mom:

Demi is a very gentle and timid girl who is still nervous with people, but who is slowly learning that good things can come with being around them.  She is learning the ropes about what it is like to live in a home for the first time – running on the grass and using stairs are challenges that she is getting comfortable with.  Potty training is going very well – she will use a pee pad if necessary, but she clearly prefers to potty outside, and will stand beside the sliding door waiting to be let out in the morning.  Leash walking is still new for her, so a fully fenced back yard will be important to allow her to get some exercise.  She is great in the car and settles down nicely in a crate.  She still has a hard time trusting people, but will stand still for pets and ear scratches from her foster mom and seems to be enjoying it.  She seems excited when her foster parents arrive home after being away for a while and she dances around.  Sudden noises or movements still startle her, but in time she should grow more used to the normal movements in a home.  She has the cutest perky ears and bright expressive eyes that make you want to cuddle her close.  Give it some time to earn her trust and you will be rewarded.

Having another dog in her forever home will be essential for Demi to teach her the ropes and act as a good example, and also to provide a sense of comfort.  She enjoys snuggling with her foster sister in the same bed and often looks to her for guidance in new situations.

Demi is a sweet and gentle soul who needs help to reach her full potential.  Could your family be the one for her?

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  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie (medium coat)
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Female
  • State: Ontario
  • Zip/Postal Code: L1V 0B1
As of 1/19/2021 Demi 3468 is still available for adoption. Please use the owner information below to confirm that Demi 3468 is still available or to adopt. Don't forget to check the other animal shelters near me there are many other pets needing a fur-ever home.

Owner Information

  • Facility: LOYAL Rescue
  • Phone:--
  • Email:
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