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Furry Friends

baltimore Animal Shelter

1539 Merritt Blvd
baltimore, Maryland 21222
Phone: 410-282-8602
We feed and rescue homeless and abandoned cats and dogs living on the streets in Baltimore city. We bring food and water to the strays who live in the alleys, vacant lots, around dumpsters and in several housing projects. We go out year-round in all kinds of weather. There are thousands of strays wandering the streets in the city, frightened of people, they are hungry, often sick, out in the heat and the cold weather and always having more kittens and puppies to suffer. Since many of our stops are considered high-crime areas, we've found the best time to go out is late at night or early in the morning around 5 to 7a.m. There are alot of police officers patrolling the city neighborhoods and most are supportive of what we do.

We also check the yards on our route for owned animals who don't have shelter or food and water which we then report to animal control. We've found some dogs who were tied outisde to poles, where they couldn't move and just ignored. There have been sad cases of dogs who were never given any water and died as a result, eventhough they were owned. The biggest problem we've had to deal with in the last few years is all the vacant homes and buildings being torn down. These buildings were home to the strays and now that their being demolished they don't even have any shelter anymore. The animals in these areas suffer alot of abuse, they get beaten, stomped , set on fire, run over by cars and have dogs being sicced on them who have been trained to go after cats and smaller dogs. It's harsh reality and it's hard on us emotionally to deal with, but every time we manage to get a cat or dog off the street we know it's worth it. Another big problem is all the broken glass (from whiskey and beer bottles thrown) that's on alot of the streets. The cats and dogs have to walk through this and often their feet get cut. (we wear heavy closed-in shoes for our own feet at all times when working there). There are so many homeless animals wandering the city streets and they have nobody to help them. There are many more cats and kittens than dogs due to the birthrate.

Someone told me that animal work is sad work, and it is, but we can't stop helping the animals who need us.

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