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Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

kansas city Animal Shelter

5445 Parallel Parkway
kansas city, Kansas 66104
Phone: 913-596-1000
Fax: 913-596-2483
Founded in 1912, we are the oldest existing humane society in metropolitan Kansas City. We were originally called The Humane Society of Wyandotte County and two sisters are credited with our founding, Sarah Jacobs and Henriette H. Jacobs. In 1970, we changed our name to The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and continue to this day to serve the entire metropolitan area.

In October of 2000, after more than 40 years at 316 Minnesota Avenue, we relocated to a new facility at 5445 Parallel Parkway. Our new and larger facility is 10,000 square feet and located on ten acres. The added space allowed us to expand all of the services we provide including adoption, education, low cost spay/neutering and preventive care for animals.

Dogs and cats available for adoption at the HSGKC are owner-released pets or animals who have been found by someone and the owner cannot be located. Most animals who end up in shelters are there at no fault of their own-- too many people in our society consider pets to be disposable. We find homes for over 97% of the pets in our care. Only pets with severe medical or behavioral problems are euthanized, and we have no set time limits for how long a pet may stay. Pets are examined by one of our staff veterinarians upon arrival and treated for any medical problems they may have while at our shelter. Our shelter is always at full capacity with dogs and cats. If you adopt a pet from us you'll not only be giving that pet a good home, but also opening up a space in our shelter so that we can take in another pet and give it a safe place to stay.

In designing our facility, great detail was given to the needs of the animals and their quality of life. Multiple skylights and windows let in sunlight throughout the entire building. The cat rooms are spacious and sunny, with large windowed play areas and cat furniture for climbing. In the kennel area for our dogs, each kennel has an attached outside run, giving each dog the choice of being inside or out on a nice day. A large fenced areas allows our staff and volunteers to exercise the dogs in a safe environment.

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