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Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.

billings Animal Shelter

2113 Walter Road
billings, Montana 59105
Phone: 406-248-2388
Last Chance Cat Sanctuary is a Montana non-profit, tax-exempt [501@copy(3)] organization staffed by volunteers and members who are dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted, abandoned, abused, and uncared for pets to ZERO! We want to see an end to useless euthanasia and see every pet being cared for in a humane, loving, and responsible manner.

LCCS has declared itself a "no-kill" organization and NO animal which comes into our care is euthanized unless severe illness or injury should deem euthanasia to be the most humane option.

Just because pets have been abandoned, lost their homes due to whatever circumstances, or have never had a home with responsible, loving owners, DOES NOT MEAN THEY DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!

We believe all of God's creatures deserve to have a quality of life as possible and be treated in a humane way.

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