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Maryland Animal Advocates, Inc.

baltimore Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 9184
baltimore, Maryland 21222
Phone: 410-282-6433
Maryland Animal Advocates, Inc. (MAA) is an all-volunteer charitable organization. We are rescuing homeless and abandoned cats in the geographical area from Timonium to Annapolis, MD. Since Fall, 1997 hundreds of our rescued cats have received Complete Veterinary Care (Our Vet Care) at Eastern Animal Hospital under the direction of the incomparable Jonathon Kaufman, DVM. Eastern is a great supporter of MDSPCA, a most valuable metropolitan resource. We provide Our Vet Care for our tame rescued cats before placement in family homes. We ask a minimum $65 donation for adoption for these individuals.

Dick & Ray provide medical care for the rescues in Anne Arundel County. Cats & kittens with veterinary care are adopted at $80 donation.

Many abandoned cats return to a wild state when left outside for a long duration. Mommy cats can bear kittens who never know a human home. These two groups are often call "feral" or "free-roaming" cats. Whenever possible we transition these cats to a private property setting where they have safe shelter and daily care. However, responsible families with these barns and sheds are difficult to locate. In those cases, we practice TTVARM- Trap, Test, Vaccinate, Alter, Release and Manage. MAA provides complete veterinary care for these cats. We maintain these troupes of cats in their home area. These are called "feral colonies." MAA provides complete veterinary care for every individual from medical tests to baths, sterilization and vaccination. These troupes are visited everyday for feed and monitoring.

MAA is a membership corporation open to the public. An elected Board of Directors consisting of five organization members governs our policies, operations and finances. From the beginning, MAA wished to embrace an egalitarian spirit among people. MAA does not have a president but, instead, has an Executive Committee consisting of three members of the Board. We have only two Officers: Secretary and Treasurer. Our by-laws prohibit Board Members from receiving a salary or wages paid by MAA.

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