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Mighty Mutts

brooklyn Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 140139
brooklyn, New York 11214
Phone: 718-946-1074
Hello, my name is Precious and I am able to speak to you today because of the dedication and unique philosophy of John and all of Mighty Mutts.

John had been trying to rescue me since 1986 and didn’t succeed until 1993! He was able to get me at that time because I was becoming a little long-in-the-tooth and rusty. I’m glad he finally saved me! I’m now approximately 15 years old and I would not have survived much longer on the street. I doubt any other organization would have given me a chance either! But Mighty Mutts cares for me and guarantees me a full life even though I’ll probably never get adopted. While other organizations put down a dog of my age, Mighty Mutts treats me like a queen! You see I get meat-balls and sausage for dinner every night while everyone else gets dogfood! (You see, age has its privileges!)

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