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Muffins Pet Connection

brooklyn Animal Shelter

9728 Third Avenue
brooklyn, New York 11209
Phone: 718-833-7988
Website: muffins.org/
Norm and Jude have been involved with animals since childhood. Six year old Jude bottle fed a three week old puppy. Her Aunt's fifteen year old Spitz Spaniel mix, was too old to be a nurturing mom to her five puppies. Jude's family took care of "Pandy", using a dolls bottle to feed the pup. Jude's maternal instinct soared and she totally bonded with this little puppy. Pandy was her loyal, devoted, trusted friend! He was her protector!

When Pandy was six years old, he developed a cancerous tumor near his lung. He wasn't neutered because in 1950's, spay/neutering wasn't the issue it is today. This made a huge impact on Jude's life. Muffin's Pet Connection was established to enlighten about the importance of spaying/neutering.

Norm and Jude learned to respect, care for love God's creatures and try to Reach, Teach and Educate their personal pet philosophy through Muffin's. They've been rescuing and saving animals for over 45 years.

On Dec. 8, 1987, a tiny 9lb, two year old Terrier mix Chihuahua, (a Yoda look-alike) was found shivering under the wheel of a car during a freezing snowstorm. This sad eyed dog was frightened and her little body trembled. She was all skin and bones. She had been abused and trusted no one. There was fear in her eyes. Poor little dog had diarrhea for three days. Her little bottom was red and raw. The vet felt the runs were caused by food she had eaten while she roamed the streets. She was rescued from the blizzard and Muffin's got a frantic call for help. The rescuer was looking for immediate foster care until the pooch could be put up for adoption. It was late and Jude agreed to hold onto the stray until a home could be found. While Jude was holding this sad, starving little dog, she got a kiss on the cheek! Jude was adopted! The adoption was pending, as Muffin's four cats would have accept this pint sized munchkin. It was a purrfect introduction. She was so vulnerable and gentle that the kitties sensed no threat. She walked right up to Norm wagging her tail. As he was holding her, she kissed his check! That did it! She walked straight into our hearts and changed our lives forever! The following day, Norm named her Muffin.

Oct. 2 & 3, 1988 we had the Grand Opening of Muffin's Pet Station. This was a big a old school bus that we bought and converted into a Pet Referral Service on wheels. We named the big blue school bus after Muffin. We did fund raising on the weekends in

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Muffin, would sit in the drivers seat and meet & greet everyone. Her eyes told volumes about her humble beginnings. On Sept. 8, 1990, we received a horrifying call. Muffin's Pet Station was torched. We had no fire insurance. We lost everything, so we thought. We walked around in a state of numb. Then we received a very humbling call. The NY Times wanted to write a story about Muffin's. After the NY Times article appeared, we were getting calls from NJ, VT to CA. It was awesome. There was hope. One door closed and another one opened.

On Dec. 21, 1995, during one of 17 snowstorms that month, while Muffin was on the way to the vets, wrapped up in her favorite blanky, she had a fatal heart attack in Norm's arms. She gave two tiny whimpers saying, 'until we meet again'. Muffin's mission was fulfilled. It was time for her to go back home.

Three months earlier, Muffin had been diagnosed with a collapsed trachea and a second grade heart murmur. She inspired Muffin's Pet Connection, a low cost spay and neuter certificate program, with 81 participating vets in NYC (we've sold over 40,000 certificates,) a Pet Adoption program and an informative Reach,Teach and Educate Newsletter. We've assisted in over 8,200 adoptions, (with wall-of-fame pictures of adopters) Muffin's offers Hot line numbers, Pet tips, and Ani-Med about Pet Care information provided by the ASPCA. Plus more.

We miss Muffin terribly. Her Legacy of Love continues... Thank you, Muffin. You're our special Angel.

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