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Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

Lac Des Arcs Animal Shelter

14 Des Arcs Crescent
Lac Des Arcs, Alberta T1W 2W3
Phone: 403-673-3224
We are a group of friends that dedicate ourselves to saving dogs and cats, mostly dogs, that are found abandoned, starving, or in kill shelters or homeless street dogs or cats. We find pets we know are often abandoned in areas around Alberta, Canada, particularly the Morely Reserve, where calgarians often abandoned their pets, which end up breeding, leaving many puppies to starve, riddled with parasites, lonely and depressed, and freezing in the winter in far below zero. We rescue them because we care about their suffering. After rescue, spay and vaccinations, we post their photo and find them a good home with people wanting to adopt a pet. We help match a pet's personality, temperament, breed and size to the desires of an adoptee, and offer professional counseling for adopters needing additional help after adoption. We often help out other rescue organizations, and post photos of dogs they have at their shelter for adoption, and foster pets from their overcrowded shelter. We also help with more difficult dogs to adopt that are in a shelter, and place them in foster care to rehabilitate them so they are more easily ready for adoption.

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