9yr old Ethan loves dogs more than presents...

Many children enjoy the yearly table full of gifts as they celebrate another birthday, but 9 yr old Ethan Katz made a great sacrifice for a worthy cause.

This year instead of presents for his birthday Ethan made a choice to save dogs from Animal Shelters that must eventually euthanize dogs. His Mother Lisa Katz, was a little shocked when first hearing of this birthday wish, most children have a special toy or gift they have had there eye on, "but Ethan is different. Its just who he is."

In order to raise funds and make the adoptions possible for dogs in the local kill shelters Ethan and his dad decided to design some t-shirts to sell. They decided on shirts for City Dogs Rescue, which is a local organization that rescues dogs and then sold them on Booster.

On Ethans Booster page he created for City Dogs Rescue he wrote, "My name is Ethan Katz and I am eight years old. I love dogs. I have two dogs that are very sweet. My birthday is on May 29th. This year for my birthday I want to raise money for my favorite rescue organization - City Dogs Rescue. We rescued my dog Brooklyn from City Dogs in November. I made this shirt to sell for City Dogs."

Ethan is already the proud owner of a rescue dog himself, and has been able to share that joy by helping 3 other shelter dogs find homes through his fundraising efforts! And it does not appear that he will be stopping anytime soon.

We applaud you Ethan, keep up the great work.