Dog Buried in Landslide that Killed 50 is Saved by Rescuers

Torrential rains in Guatemala resulted in devastating landslides which have already killed 50 people and caused countless dollars worth of damage. We don't know how many animals had also fallen victim to the landslides, but after this dog found himself buried under mounds of mud, he didn't give up. He continued to dig and bark for more than 18 hours, hoping someone would hear him. As rescuers were surveying the area looking for survivors, one of them heard tapping and faint barking. They zeroed in on the sound and started digging. Once they freed him, the dog jumped into the arms of his rescuers and licked their faces, happy to be alive. They nicknamed him Aftorunado, or "The Lucky One." The rescuers were amazed to find he had only suffered mild shock and dehydration, and had no major injuries.