The recall rule

There are two basic parts to the "recall rule". The first is to always treat your dog or puppy nicely every time he comes to you ? kind words or a pat on the head are a must because little treats reinforce the good feelings. The second rule is to have a line, from six to twenty feet long, on the dog so that every time you want him, you can get him back by simply reeling in the line if he doesn?t come on his own steam. With this method, the dog is held responsible for his behavior, but you have to make sure you do your part too. Repetition is a must, and you must be careful that the dog doesn?t get a chance to bolt from you while you?re reeling him in.

Even if the dog is standing still when you?ve called and the dog does not move, that still means that he?s not coming. If you have a line on him, reel him in. If you don?t, then go get him and bring him back to where you wanted him. When this happens, give no rewards, and also no punishment. He did neither what you wanted him to do, nor something bad by leaving, so you just want to downplay the situation and try again some other time.