A dog learns form you

A dog will be a dog, and he learns much from your actions. Picture yourself at 10 p.m. in your robe and slippers, letting him out before going to bed. If he doesn?t come right back in when you think he should, you stand at the screen door, unwilling to go outside in your pajamas, and start screaming his name. At this point, the dog doesn?t care that you feel foolish, frustrated, embarrassed and are in no position to chase him. He?s probably afraid of you by now, and will come in later when he darn well pleases. In a nutshell, you?ve unintentionally sent the dog away by not being prepared to reinforce your command RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW! Next time, resist the urge to put on your pajamas until the dog has been let out for the last time. Then, if he doesn?t come back in the first time you call him, go out in the yard and calmly, matter-of-factly, retrieve him immediately. The dog has to believe you will enforce your commands.

If, despite your best intentions and efforts, your situation has gotten out of hand and you?ve had some close calls, then seek professional help.