Help I lost my pet!!!

  1. The web site now provides a Lost and Found section. You can click here for detailed information.
  2. Hopefully, your pet was wearing a tag. Call the agency issuing the tag and make sure your address and phone number is up to date.
  3. Put up florescent or brightly colored signs in the area where people driving by can see the signs. Make SIMPLE and E-Z to read signs.
  4. Pass out flyers in shopping centers, laundromats, schools and neighborhoods.
  5. Ask the neighborhood teens. Offer a small reward if they find your pet. Often a neighbor is feeding your pet.
  6. Put ads in local newspapers. Most ads are $5-10 per week.
  7. Call on FOUND ADS in all local newspapers. Someone who found your pet may be trying to sell it.
  8. Walk the neighborhood calling for your pet.
  9. Visit all the local shelters and animal agencies every few days. Often the finder tries to keep the pet and will give it up at a later date. Keep looking for at least 6 months.
  10. Continue to advertise and look for your pet for at least 6 months.