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It?s nearly impossible to go anywhere without running into a sign or billboard advertising puppies for sale. Maybe it?s at your local pet shop, near a puppy mill, or even just looking online. Maybe it?s walking down the street or going to a friend?s house. Nearly everyone knows someone who is selling puppies of one breed or another, whether it is a bull terrier or a border collie. The truth is, there are plenty of puppies and rescue dogs out there that need foster homes and they?re completely free for you to adopt. These are puppies from the local puppy rescue in your area.

Why You Want to Rescue

More and more pet shelters and rescue organizations are turning to a ?no kill? model, but that doesn?t mean that all of them are doing it. What that means is, when they get too many pets and the pets have been there for too long, they are sadly put to sleep. Unfortunately, there are a number of older rescue dogs and cats that still have plenty of years left in them that are put down because there simply isn?t room in the shelter to house them alongside all of the other animals that are younger and more likely to be adopted by a foster home.

The dogs in a shelter or rescue organization may be older or younger and maybe have been abandoned by their old family, lost somewhere along the way and never found by their true owner or even left behind when their owner passed away or went to live in a nursing home. Because this can happen to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes, you never know what type of dog you might find in a shelter and you could easily find one that is exactly what you?ve been looking for in the way of breed, temperament, or anything else.

Check Out the Rescue

The least you can do is go to a rescue shelter and just look at the pets that you find there. Maybe you?re not sure you want to adopt and you?re still considering getting a pet from a breeder or a pet shop. You have nothing to lose by going to a shelter and just looking at what animals are there. You may find something that you just can?t live without and you should definitely keep in mind that these dogs really can?t live without you. Without a home, they will never get to leave the shelter and their lives may be cut short.

Many pet stores will actually sponsor special days where rescues and shelters can bring animals directly into the store so you can take a look at them. You?ll be able to see older and younger animals that are friendly, loving, and just ready to go home with someone. These animals are all up to date on shots and vaccinations and they?re looking for someone to take them in. That person could easily be you and your family. All you have to do is check them out and get some more information about other animals that might still be at the shelter but just weren?t brought in that day.

Finding Strays or Putting a Pet Up For Adoption

You should always try to consider the different situations that might come up when you first take in an animal and make sure that you?re always going to be able to take care of them, even through moving to a new home, losing a job, or anything else. Never take in a pet thinking that you can send them away if you get tired of them or that you might not want to keep them for their entire life. Unfortunately, however, there are always situations that can come up where you just can?t care for your pet any longer.

Maybe you?ve suffered an accident and don?t have the physical ability to care for them. Maybe you?re moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility that doesn?t allow pets or maybe you?ve lost your job and don?t have the money to care for them anymore. These things happen to the best of people and those with the best of intentions. So what do you do if it turns out you just can?t keep your pet anymore or you find a stray dog or even cat on the side of the road?

The best thing that you can do in these cases, is to look for a shelter. Don?t leave an animal out on the street just because they?re a stray (unless you fear for your safety getting close to them) and don?t let your animals out on the road for themselves when you realize you can?t take care of them anymore. Do a little bit of research and look for a no kill shelter in your area, where you can take these animals and make sure they?ll be taken care of until someone else takes them in.

If you find an animal that you can?t approach for whatever reason, make sure that you call the animal shelter or pound in your area to come pick up the dog. They have special training and equipment to make sure that they can catch more violent or vicious dogs and cats so no one gets hurt. These animals can sometimes be rehabilitated to make them good pets but if they can?t be they will be put down in the most humane way possible at the shelter, much better than leaving them out on the streets alone. In the end, if you are looking for cute dog for adoption, a rescue facility is the absolute best place for any animal until they can find a home of their own. If you find an animal on their own or if you?re looking for a new pet for yourself and your family, the first place you should look is a shelter, where you?ll be able to save an animal and give it a much better life. Whether you want an older dog or a younger one, you?ll definitely find one at these shelters and you?ll be making a huge difference to their lives at the same time.

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