Weird or Funny Dog Facts

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Weird or Funny Dog Facts

A man?s best friend is more than just a drooling hairball. You already know that dogs can manifest a particular personality, that they seem to really go along with you and that they often look at you as if they really understand what you are saying. Is there anything else to know about them? You bet!

1. Dogs only have sweat glands between the pads of their paws ? yes, with all that fur, they do not sweat throughout the entire body.

2. Dogs can sweat, but through their nose and mouth ? by sweating we mean panting, to dissipate body heat, and evaporating the sweat, through their wet noses. Yes, that is why your dog should have his nose wet most of the time.

3. Dogs can reproduce so easily that from a big happy family of a female dog, her mate and their first generation of puppies can result up to 66.000 other dogs in about 6 years ? yes, that is why they tell you to eventually spay or neuter your dog.

4. Dogs? ageing is a bit different from humans ? after one year of life, they reach the maturity and physical development similar to a 15-year-old man?s shape. Yes, that is why your dog starts giving signs of tiredness sooner than you expected.

5. Dogs can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour ? that is the case of greyhounds, the fastest dogs in the world. Yes, your dog is fast, but definitely not as fast as a greyhound.

6. Dogs can have weight issues too ? in fact, obesity is the most common health problem of the man?s best friend. Yes, you were right to avoid giving him all the junk food that you are eating.

7. Dogs are the only beings on earth ? aside from humans ? who have prostates. Yes, your dog can suffer from painful urination too.

8. Dogs have very flexible years, sustained by twice as many muscles as people?s ears. Yes, that is precisely why your dog is pulling all those tricks with his ears, he has got the moves.

9. Dogs need proper toenail care ? you would be surprised how many of them experience foot disorders because of having too long toenails. Yes, you should get your dog?s pedicure done.

10. Dogs share the same body anatomy, consisting of 321 bones plus 42 permanent teeth ? yes, a Chihuahua has the same conformation as a St. Bernard.

11. Dogs have a highly perceptive smell, even 100.000 times more accurate and stronger than humans do ? yes, that is why your dog does not find your perfume as irresistible as you do.

12. Dogs can smell a disease or something wrong with the person sitting near them ? yes, that is why scientists are currently researching their ability to diagnose patients with cancer.

13. Dogs might feel many things, but never guilt ? yes, those puppy eyes that make you forget everything are not a sign of guilt, but simply their way of reacting to your scolding.

14. Dogs have a different set of fingerprints than us and that would be their? nose print ? yes, those tinny wrinkles on their soft black noses are just like our fingerprints, unique to each fur ball.

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