Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

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Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

Best Care Tips For Your Canine Friend

Everyone knows that dogs are man?s best friends and it is not just an expression but also a true fact. A dog never cares about age, weight, beauty or wealth, but can sense a good soul and once the connection between human and dog is established nothing can ever tear it apart.

Especially because nothing can replace the magical presence and love of a dog we also have to do everything in our power to offer our canine friends proper care. Feeding and petting your dog is not enough to keep it healthy and happy. There are certain things you need to keep in mind when you are deciding to get a dog.

Dogs are fun and loving creatures that fill our lives with happiness but they are also extremely fragile and sensitive. Dogs are like children so do not treat them as lifeless objects, but as part of your family.

Here is what you need to know when owning a dog:

? puppies need their full round of shots when they are young and then continue with annual vaccines
? prevent them for getting fleas and ticks, which can be fatal
? cleaning their teeth regularly to prevent dental problems
? baths are excellent for your dog?s fur and skin (at least once a month) but make sure you do not use human shampoo
? skin problems can also cause ear infections so regular checkups are necessary

Just as it happens with humans, food plays an important part regarding a dog?s life and health, which is why you will need to get well informed about the recommended foods for your dog. Specialists emphasize that dog food should not include the following:

? Chicken or pork bones
? Fried or processed foods
? Canned foods
? Sweets
? Dairy such as any type of cheese

Instead you might want to opt for:

? Special dog food (dried or soft)
? Meat such as chicken, beef, fish
? Boiled vegetables
? Eggs

Supplements are also extremely important in order to avoid calcium and vitamins deficiencies in dogs and prevent bone diseases, especially for large dog breeds.

Internal and external deworming is a must for any type of dog breed not only to prevent different types of diseases in dogs but also prevent owners from getting infected with fatal parasites.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that each type of breed has different requirements regarding the food, health care tips, as well as training. So before getting a dog or in case you already own one, make sure you find out everything you need to know about your dog?s breed, illnesses, special care, fur care or feeding.

In order to enjoy the company of your dog for as long as possible, at any sign of illness or abnormal reactions do not hesitate to talk to a vet or take your dog for a checkup. The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Homemade remedies cannot replace special vet care so offer your dog the love and respect it deserves.

Useful Cat Care Info That Will Help You Take Good Care Of Your Feline Friend

Whether you are about to get a new kitty to join your family or you are baffled by the behavior of your current one, here are a few tips about cats that might help you keep your feline furry friend happy and healthy.

A bit about cats

Even though cats have been domesticated since ancient times, they are still considered to be independent compared to other animals we keep as pets. That makes these miniature lions a bit tougher to take care of, especially when the home owner does not understand cat behavior and its basic wants and needs.

You should also know that cats may differ greatly in temperament, behavior, energy levels and other traits depending on breed, age and personality. That is why, besides basic needs, you will most likely need to solve other problems in order to make your favorite feline feel loved and happy in your home.

Attending to basic cat needs

When it comes to cats, there are some basic needs you need to provide them with in order to keep them healthy and feeling good. These include feeding, housing, litter box and grooming, and they may differ from one cat to another.

Feeding your cat

Cats may benefit from being fed premium cat food although it has been proven that some processed cat foods may cause several diseases or health problems. Moist food is generally preferred to dry food, and most cat specialists recommend cat owners to buy processed food instead of preparing it at home. However, with enough care and advice from specialists, you might be able to prepare your favorite cat?s meal at home, as long as you can combine vital ingredients and ensure that your cat won?t suffer from deficiencies.

Keeping your cat comfy

There are some cat owners who keep their cats indoors while others allow them to wonder outdoors. Most specialists recommend indoor housing for cats in order to improve their health and extend their life. However, most cats feel better when they are offered freedom outdoors, although these come at high risks of premature death or contracted diseases.

If you plan to keep your car indoors, make sure you detect the preferred places and get some comfy pillows or blankets to keep your cat warm.

Litter box needs

Especially if you keep your cat indoors, you definitely need to potty train it to avoid major problems. Cats have a natural instinct towards digging when they need the ?toilet?, so providing them with a litter box is often enough to teach them proper hygiene. Also try to use quality litter to get rid of unpleasant odors and to be able to clean the box easily.


You will notice that your cat will groom for hours on end without any help. However, it is recommended that you groom it at least once per day in order to prevent hairballs, improve the cat?s coat and check for health problems.

Also, remember to get your cat to the vet for regular vaccines and treatment against fleas, internal parasites and other problems.

Follow these steps, learn to live with your cat and you will have an affectionate buddy for years to come.

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