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Pyrenese Breeds- Sheperd and Mountain Dogs The Pyrenese Mountain Dog ? A Strong, Confident Fighter Tamed by a Gentle Soul

The Pyrenese Mountain Dog, also known as the Great Pyrenees, is a beautiful, giant dog who was born to protect its territory. This working dog has lost its roots, but it is believed to be related to the St. Bernard and Newfoundland. However, its duty was to protect the castles from France and Britain. The breed was recognized by American Kennel Club in 1933.

Large and majestic, the Pyrenese Mountain Dog has an impressive size and aspect. Its shapes are beautifully curved and its gait is light. The head is large and the skull is somewhat flat. The forehead is not too high and the stop is fairly deep. The muzzle is normal in size and the ears are floppy. The neck is thick and strong and the back is slightly arched. The chest is broad and the legs are muscular. The tail is carried low.

The coat is long and coarse to the touch. Also, it can be straight or wavy. The coat protects the Pyrenese continuously, because it is water repellant. For this reason, this mountain dog is considered a resistant breed that can live everywhere, especially outdoors. The color of the coat is predominantly white with tan, gray or yellow markings.

There are noticeable differences between the genders. The females are 25 to 29 inches tall (63.5 to 73.5 cm) and weigh 85 pounds (38.5 kg) whereas the males are 27 to 32 inches tall (68.5 to 81 cm) and weigh 100 pounds (45 kg). Some of them can even reach 40 inches.

This dog will rapidly become a member of your family. It is very loyal and protective. However, keep in mind that it will roam and wander if it is not kept on a leash or in a fenced area. Also, the fence should be quite high, because it can even jump over it.

The owner should train and socialize it from an early stage. More than this, the owner should have pack leader skills so as to control this dog. This guardian can be quite stubborn, so it is your job to be patient and consistent. It is not very friendly with strangers, but you must train it to remain calm when meeting new people. The dog can tolerate other pets if it is familiar to them from puppyhood.

It is suitable for older children, because of its size and character. It will not do well in an apartment, instead, it needs a large yard and enough room to run and play. It requires daily walks. It can live in the house with its family, but it can also stay outdoors.

This breed should be brushed regularly and bathed when it is really needed. Generally, it is a clean breed. It sheds heavy only once a year. It can live about 10 years, because of its size.

The Pyrenese Mountain Dog is a strong guardian that needs an active family and a large yard.

The Pyrenean Shepherd - A Playful and Protective Companion for Your Whole Family

The Pyrenean Shepherd was initially meant to be a sheepdog. Its name is an indicator of its place of origin, namely the Pyrenean Mountains in France. It was used for guarding sheep and, because of this, it should be kept outside most of the day. So if you live in an apartment, it may be not such a good idea to choose this type of dog for your family.

This dog is full of energy and has very good herding skills, despite its rather small size, as compared to other bigger herding dogs. It?s the kind of dog that needs to get involved in all kinds of activities, and loves to be given a job. They are very protective towards children and very affectionate towards their owners.

Pyrenean Shepherd dogs are very loyal to their owners. They love to follow their owner all over the place and help with daily chores. Because they love to watch and observe everything, they give you the impression that they can read minds. They can be easily trained.

This dog has a head that is smaller in comparison with the rest of its body. It has a short triangular muzzle and a playful and intelligent expression on its face. In France, this dog?s ears were cropped to protect it from ear infections and injuries. However, in the US, they don?t have this traditional practice.

Its body is long and slim, which is a perfect reflection of the dog?s love for physical activity. It has sure foot and let-down hocks, which are the usual attributes of a mountain dog breed. The tail can be either docked short, or kept it naturally long with a small crook at the end.

As far as the coat is concerned, there are two basic varieties. The first one is demi-long and the second one is long-haired. The demi-long type also has a smooth face, whereas the long-haired one has a rough face. The smooth-faced type has some featherings along the tail, belly and legs, and a ruff around the neck and face.

The most common coat shades for this dog breed are fawn and grey. Sometimes it can have a black overlay and mask. Merles are less common. There are various shades of merles, including brindle merle, fawn merle, blue merle, or black. Regardless of the overall color, this dog often has some white at the feet, chest and head. However, darker colors are the most frequent ones.

This breed is ideal for families with an active lifestyle and a lot of space around the house. The main trait of this dog is its enormous love for work. An excellent companion, he feels part of the family and loves to take part in even the smallest activities. It?s very low maintenance, and all it needs is a thorough brushing every month. So if you like a dog that is useful, caring and helpful, the Pyrenean Shepherd is the perfect choice for you and your family.

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