Most Common Cat Health Problems

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Most Common Cat Health Problems

Many people are anxious to have a cat due to their sweet and loving way of being, for their company or simply for having a pet around the house. However, not everyone thinks about the way a cat should be cared for, fed or treated. Moreover, some might not even consider the fact that even cats can get sick or, in case they are not well cared for, they might actually be seriously ill.

In order to prevent your cat from getting various diseases or developing medical issues, you should know what the most common health problems in cats are, so that you know what to do and how to prevent these problems from developing. As much self-maintained they seem to be, cats are also very sensitive:

? Vomiting is a very common health issue in cats due to poisonous food, infections, urinary tract disease or even diabetes. This problem can cause serious dehydration and abdominal pains - in case your cat continues with these symptoms, make sure you see a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

? Urinary tract disease is another common health problem in cats. This problem often occurs in cats that are overweight or fed dry food. Cats suffering from this disease show symptoms like:

o Bloody urine or restraint in urinating
o Licking
o Dehydration
o Depression
o Vomiting
? A very well-known problem in any pets is flee infestation, which can also cause several other problems such as: irritation, hair loss, skin infections
? Tapeworms that usually affect cats can grow up to 2 feet inside your cat?s small intestine causing vomiting and massive weight loss. In order to prevent tapeworms in cats, make sure you solve the flee problem, which is the most common cause.
? Diarrhea is a symptom that can be caused by many health problems, such as allergies, infections, liver disease or even cancer - this is why you should pay close attention on this matter and talk to your veterinarian about this.
? Cats also have very sensitive eyes that can be affected by many issues like: conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma or several other eye problems. So make sure you wipe away all the dirt or gunk that gathers around their eyes to prevent these affections.
? One of the most serious health problems in cats is kidney failure, which is why all pet owners should be cautious about their cat's nourishment and always discuss this problems with their vet.

Proper nutrition and care for your cats, as well as regular visits to the veterinarian can help you prevent several of these common cat health problems. All animals suffer from different health problems, just like humans, but the important thing is to know what causes these problems and what are the best prevention methods so that you will not have to face such difficulties.

Caring for your pet is just like caring for your own child. Once it becomes a member of your family, a cat will be irreplaceable and you will be ready to make any efforts just to see it safe and sound from all harms.

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