Tips for Buying Slider Turtles

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Tips for Buying Slider Turtles

The red-eared slider turtle is the United States? favorite pet turtle, belonging to the pond turtle category. Round and giddy, sliding off rocks directly into the water, the slider turtle is attractive for everybody who is looking for a taciturn and cute pet.

This turtle has a carapace that reaches 12 to 30 centimeters in diameter and a distinctive red dash around the ears. If you are looking for a pet that will live alongside you for most of your life, this is your best choice ? the slider turtle has a lifetime expectancy of up to 50 years if cared for properly!

Another slider turtle is the yellow-belied slider, which has a length of 13 to 23 centimeters, with females a bit larger (up to 33 centimeters). It has a brown and black carapace, with yellow stripes and the bottom shell entirely yellow, thus its name. It can live 40 years and more so it is another pet worth considering.

The third contestant for the ?best slider turtle? title is the Cumberland slider, which has an olive brown carapace with yellow markings and is more pretentious as a pet as opposed to the red-ear slider.

When you decide to buy slider turtles, you should keep in mind that these are semi-aquatic turtles, so they need to have a suitable aquarium to fit their size, usually requiring a water level of at least 40 cm. The rule when buying an aquarium is having at least 10 gallons of water per inch of turtle.

The aquarium needs to have an electrical heat source nearby and a water filtration system incorporated, as well as a lighting source that will be able to provide UVB rays at least 10 to 12 hours a day. You also need to build a turtle dock, where the turtle can rest and enjoy the light of the sun or, when it is cloudy, the artificial light. Do not forget to cover the aquarium with a screened lid, or else the turtle may be able to escape and give you a headache while searching for her.

The diet that this slider turtle needs is really varied ? turtle pellets with water lettuce and other non-toxic aquatic plants, dark leafy vegetables such as endive or radicchio, vegetables and carrots sliced in thin parts, earthworms, fish and insects. Considering that these turtles only eat in the water, you may want to buy another smaller aquarium for feeding, so their environment will be kept clean and proper.

Young turtles need to be fed once a day and adult turtles every 2 days, by dropping the food in the water. Do not give your turtle more than they can eat once, or else you will end up with an upside-down pet way sooner than expected!

Do not forget to change the water frequently, as the turtle drinks the water in which it swims ? no tap water should be allowed, as the water shouldn't be filled with chlorine.

If you notice your slider turtle?s behavior change, take her to the veterinarian immediately!

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