Pet Insurance and Keeping the Cost Down

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Pet Insurance and Keeping the Cost Down

Before you go and buy an insurance plan for your pet, you need to know what to look for.

First of all, you must have knowledge regarding the cost of the insurance. The pet insurance must be affordable and, at the same time, provide the right amount of coverage. Vet care can go as high as $1000, so you must be prepared for any situation. In most cases, the monthly fee ranges between 10 to $90. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay, the insurance company will pay for a part, or the full medical and surgical care bills, as well as other types of care that your pet may need.

The price of the insurance depends on your location, the pet?s age and breed.

Another question that most pet owners ask themselves is ?Do I need the insurance?? In a recent study, a normally healthy dog was used as a model to establish the amount of money that an owner needs to pay. Just like any other pet, some medical care was needed as time passed. The dog needed dental care, which was performed under anesthesia. After eating potentially poisonous berries, the dog needed urgent medical assistance, which saved its life. After running into a sharp piece of wood, it also needed surgery to heal its punctured wound. As a pup, it also suffered from gastrointestinal problems - which also needed treatment. Other possible conditions were added to the study, like a tumor removal procedure, hypothyroidism, and euthanasia.

The study revealed that unless your pet is suffering from a chronic illness, or it is a young animal which needs a lot of medical care, most insurance plans will be very effective as time passes.

Another thing you must investigate when looking to insure your pet is whether the agency is licensed or not. A contractor without a license can create fake insurances, which will not be valid when you will need them.

When you are sure that the company that will provide you the insurance plan is safe, all you need to do is decide what type of policy you will buy.

The cheapest insurance policy is the one which only grants you a discount. In this case, when you take the pet to a vet clinic that is in the insurance company?s vet network, you will receive a discount for the services.

The next type of policy is the accident-only insurance. Just as the name suggests, this insurance will only cover the costs of medical care in the case of an accident.

The last two types of policies are the customizable insurance and the full one. These two will either cover only the type of procedures you wish, or all possible ones.

Guide to Paying Less for Your Pet Insurance

We have different insurances and medical plans for ourselves and more and more pet owners consider having insurance for their pets as well. It is a responsible thing to do these days, considering that vet bills are very expensive and most people do not want to get to the point when they need to decide whether their pet lives or dies solely because of the treatment`s cost.

Pet insurance has become a very lucrative business, there are more and more companies, making various offers to attract new customers. How to choose the right one? And, most of all, how can you save money on pet insurance?

Below, you will find a few guidelines to help you out.

Consider getting your pet insurance policy as early as possible

Get your kitten or puppy on pet insurance as soon as possible, because the older they get the more expensive it will be, considering the potential occurrence of more pre-existing illnesses; most insurers will refuse to cover pets with pre-existing medical conditions and if they do, the premiums are likely to be huge.

Choose the type of cover that suits your budget

Generally there are four main types of coverage:

? accident only This is the basic cover and also the most affordable. However, pets are only covered for veterinary care after an accident, not in case of illness. There may even be a fixed sum of money per accident and/ or a certain time limit for the treatment.

? per condition with a time limit This is another type of basic cover which pays for accidents and illnesses, but only for one year after the diagnosis.

? per condition There will be a set fee limit, but no time limit for the treatment, as long as the policy is renewed annually.

? Lifetime cover This is the most comprehensive and also the most expensive type of pet insurance that covers most things, in some cases even extras, such as expenses related to dental care or burial.

The price of the insurance will also depend on where you live and your pet`s breed; also, if you already micro-chipped and neutered/ spayed your pet, the premium will be probably reduced.

Find a reliable and cheap insurance company

Pet insurance is mostly about having the peace of mind. It is important to know that you are covered in case something unfortunate happens. Some pets may suffer accidents or become very ill, while others will live happily, with no major problems. There is really no guarantee, so you should find the best deal you can, according to your budget. Don`t forget to ask about offers and discounts.

If you are on a low income, try to get free vet treatment for your pet

Yes, this is possible, through animal charities that offer treatment on a means-tested basis, if you can prove that your income if lower than their limit. Contact animal charities in your area and ask for more information about available free or low-cost vet treatments.

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