Dog Care for New Pet Owners

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Dog Care for New Pet Owners

Many people want a dog, and why wouldn?t they? Almost anyone can think of a good reason why owning a dog is a good idea. They are cute, friendly and very loyal. Unlike many other pets, they bond with their master very quickly, and once they do, they remain faithful companions for the rest of their lives. Sure, some people might not like dogs all that much, but few can deny that canines are a man or woman?s best friend. Dogs also come in many shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one you can keep in your house, backyard or apartment.

However, dogs also represent a responsibility. Sure, this aspect is a bit overplayed, as most dogs do a good job of taking care of themselves pretty well, and most canines are much more autonomous than we might like to think. Still, for a first time owner, the act of caring for a dog can seem daunting at first. That however, shouldn?t discourage anyone from owning a dog.

There are a few handy tips that people who own a dog for the first time should know about. First off, if you can, try and get the dog while it is still a pup. That way, not only will it bond with you faster, but you can also house train it much easier. Potty training will be a problem at first, but if you have patience and are gentle with your pup, it will learn to relieve itself in the proper place. Speaking of pups, you should let them live near their mothers during the first few weeks of their lives. If the mother is not present or cannot lactate, you can feed them yourself using milk formulas and feeding bottles.

Feeding and health are two very important aspects you should focus on when it comes to taking good care of your dog. Even before you buy or adopt a dog, you should think about which vet you will visit. Vaccinations and proper nutrition are important if you want to have a healthy dog.

Depending on which state you live in, vaccinations may also be mandatory, so it?s best to ask your vet about these things. You can also talk to your veterinarian to see what diet best suits your dog. However, not all veterinarians are nutrition experts, so you should also try and see for yourself what kind of food you should feed your dog. Learn to read the labels on dog food, and try different brands to see which one suits your pet.

When caring for your dog, you should also take into account its safety. Make your dog wear an identification tag at all times. If you like, you can also microchip your dog, which makes it easier to find if it ever gets lost. When walking your dog outside, always use a leash on it, as this can prevent unexpected situations when your pet might run off.

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