Helping SPCA Animals

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Helping SPCA Animals

What is SPCA?

SPCA is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it is a non-profit organization founded in 1824 in England and can be found now in many countries. The main purpose of the society is to stop animal cruelty, save the animals that suffer from abuse, provide shelter for abandon ones, and try to find them new homes.

How can anyone help?

1. Become a foster parent. Many cats and dogs that are rescued from the streets or abusive owners need a little affection and extra care, things that they cannot get in shelters. Before being put up for adoption and find a permanent owner, some animals need some extra time in someone?s home to adapt and become friendly. The animals that need foster homes, in most cases are:

- pregnant cats or dogs, or ones that just had babies and are nursing;
- young puppies and kittens that need extra care and being fed, because they are too little;
- injured cats or dogs that are under treatment;
- animals that need quarantine and cannot be in contact with other animals in the shelter;
So, if you want to take care of some poor little souls that need love and you can provide for them as if they were your own, the SPCA personnel will be very grateful and in need of your help.

2. Adopt. If you want to make a long term commitment and adopt a pet from SPCA you can go to the nearest shelter and look for a furry friend. Adopting from SPCA can give you some benefits, depending on the state or country you are in, but usually they include: pet carrier, leash, microchip, neuter surgery (depending on the case) and all the information needed on how to take proper care of your pet. The adoption fees you might pay, depending on the age of the pet or breed, usually include sterilization, parasites treatment and first vaccines.

Adopting animals gives them another chance and even save their lives; remember that shelters can get easily overcrowded, so by adopting an animal you give another one an opportunity to get off the streets and have a chance at a new family. Adoption is cheaper for you than buying and did you know that almost 30% of dogs and cats in shelters are pure breed?

3. Make a donation. If none of the solutions above work for you, you can always donate to SPCA centers; your money will be used to fund the animal hospital, cover veterinary costs for animals in the shelters and provide food and accommodation for all rescued animals. Also SPCA is involved in many programs and campaigns to discourage animal cruelty, sterilization for feral cats (trap ? neuter ? release), training programs and also lost and found services that require getting microchips for all animals. You can also donate food or medication for a sick pet.

Remember that you can make a difference in an animal?s life!

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