Choosing A Good Pet Moving Company

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Choosing A Good Pet Moving Company

Pet moving is complicated in many ways, even more complicated than human moving. When you travel, there are not so many requirements other than packing your bag, buying the tickets, having your baggage checked and registered. However, this is not enough when it comes to traveling with a pet. If you have in plan a long distance move, you should consider using the services of a pet moving company, to ensure that your furry companion will have a stress-free traveling experience.

There are different requirements regarding pet moving, depending on different factors, such as your destination and the type of pet. Every move is different and all details must come together at the right time, otherwise things get complicated and overwhelming. A good pet moving company can assure you peace of mind that your pet is in good hands.

Things you need to consider when it comes to pet moving

- dealing with the required documentation
- making traveling arrangements
- having an adequate container for transportation
- making the arrangements related to pickup and delivery, boarding reservations or quarantine, if necessary
Collecting your pet and making him go through customs can be an impossible task unless you hire professionals to deal with the entire process for you.

The benefits of using professional pet moving services

A company specialized in pet moving is particularly useful to those who travel a lot, move or relocate and do not want to leave their beloved pets behind. There are moving services for almost any kind of pets: cats, dogs, birds, reptiles etc.

Your pet will be transported separately and you will be reunited at your destination. Licensed pet movers guarantee comfortable travel, trips being scheduled around the needs of your pet. There will be a manageable number of pets transported at one time. All you need to worry about is finding a good company and scheduling pet shipping.

You will be requested to fill out a form and you will receive the pick-up and delivery times, once you confirm the reservation. During transportation, you will be kept informed of the progress and contacted within 24 hours of reaching your appointed destination.

Selecting the best pet moving company

Many companies provide pet shipping services in any state. However, how do you know which one is the best?

First of all, check if the company is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association. This way, you can be sure that you entrust your pet to dedicated specialists that know the best practices and operation standards and are willing to consider every important detail.

You should also check for USDA approval, as well as for accreditation from the Better Business Bureau to determine clients' satisfaction. Experience is also important, so make sure you hire a company that has been in the business long enough to be able to provide quality services.

Last but not least, discuss the costs related to transportation and keep in mind that the expenses may be eligible for tax deductions, if your move is due to job relocation.

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