Keeping Your Dog Clean During Cold Seasons

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Keeping Your Dog Clean During Cold Seasons

Although the regular actions for maintaining basic hygiene are the same in every season, winter can be more challenging for dog owners, who must know some tips to keep their furry friends clean and happy during the cold season.

Here are some specific rules.

1. Keep your dog indoors, as much as possible.

Of course, you will go out with him as usual, but do not allow him to spend time alone outside, or you may have "dirty" surprises.

2. Protect your dog's paws

The paws are the first to get very dirty after a walk in the park, not to mention that all the de-icing products can irritate them to the point that they may dry out and crack. Make sure you are washing your dog's paws after every walk, with warm water and mild dog shampoo, to remove any residue. Another great solution is to rub petroleum jelly on his paws; it will provide protection from irritant substances. If you have a hairy dog, it is a good idea to trim the hair from his toes and body in general, in order to prevent it from collecting dirt, snow and ice. Allowing hair to grow during winter is a bad idea.

3. Bathe your dog regularly

Using moisturizing cleaning products, designed for dogs. Baths are not only to remove dirt but also to keep the skin hydrated otherwise it will tend to dry during the cold season.

Bathing must be done in proper conditions, meaning in a warm environment. Make sure that not only the bathroom but also your entire house is warm, to prevent your dog from getting a cold while he is still wet. During the bath, you can protect your dog`s eyes from soap irritations with a special gel that you can find in any pet store. After bathing, dry your furry friend with towels and use a hair dryer, but make sure you place it 15-20 cm away from his eyes, ears and skin, to prevent burnings.

Instead of bathing him at home, you can take your dog to a self-washing facility. Most towns have these kinds of businesses where you can safely bathe your furry friend using your own products that you brought with you from home and using their equipment (tubs, hair dryers etc.) In winter, you should also clip your dog`s nails more frequently and the best moment to do it is after a good bath. During the cold season, your dog exercises less, so he does not wear down his nails as quickly as in other seasons.

4. Use a dry shampoo, between the regular baths. Dry shampoo typically comes in a spray formula, is safe, organic and can be used without water and rinsing. It quickly cleans dirty paws and belly hair.

5. Make your dog wear a sweater; it will keep him warm and also protect his coat from getting too dirty. Boots are also a great way to protect your dog's paws, if you can make him wear them.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy the cold season together with your furry pal!

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