Fostering Animals and Giving up a Pet

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Fostering Animals and Giving up a Pet

What Is Dog Fostering and What Does It Involve

Fostering a dog is different than owning a dog, considering that it is only done until the animal is adopted by someone, or simply for a predetermined period of time.

Dog overpopulation is a big problem these days and most shelters and pet rescues have trouble finding a place for all the animals out there. Sometimes there are very sad consequences, like euthanizing them because they are simply too many to deal with. In these circumstances, fostering a dog is a great help to a noble cause.

Dog fostering is also a great option for in following situations:

- For very young puppies who cannot be adopted yet and need a safe place until they become independent
- For dogs recovering from different medical conditions, injuries and surgery and who need special care for a while
- For dogs showing signs of stress in the shelter
- For dogs who fear the contact with people and could use some quality socialization

Choosing to foster a dog means that you will create a place for another poor soul in the shelter, you will get to know the dog and provide useful information to find him a good home, you will socialize him and provide him proper care, until he is ready for adoption. It is a very rewarding mission to know that, in the end, the animal you fostered has found a loving person who took him home. You gave him a chance and maybe even saved his life.

Are you the fostering kind?

Before going to a local shelter and volunteer to foster a dog, there are some things that you should know and consider.

Fostering an animal involves the same commitment as adopting one, only for a shorter period of time. Make sure that you have enough time to spend with the dog and you are ready to postpone things that doesn`t involve him, like family vacations. With some dogs, there will be more than spending time together, feeding and exercising him. Some dogs have special needs and you may be required to work on breaking some of their habits, train them or nurse them back to health. You may need to make preparations in advance, but of course, the animal shelter will provide you all the necessary guidance.

There may also be a financial commitment in this, so make sure you ask about your part of the financial responsibility. If some shelters pay for vet checkups, medication and supplies, do not just assume that all will do the same.

Not least, you must think about the affective implications. You may grow loving that dog so much that you may consider keeping him, which is admirable, but not always the best thing to do. Adopting means to eventually reach the number of household pets and you may not be able to keep fostering anymore. Think if this is really what you want.

Even if shelters are committed to save lives, the shelter environment is stressful for the animals and fostering is such a wonderful thing to do for those little souls.

Think Twice Before Posting A ?Free Dogs to Good Home? Ad

Pets, especially dogs, have become an important part of our lives and even our families ? we grow with them, we care for them as much as they care for us, we live our lives together, united by a special bond of friendship, loyalty and love.

However, there are certain times when, due to unexpected occurrences, we cannot keep our beloved dog anymore. Perhaps when we have moved into a new rented space and the owner does not allow pets inside. Or perhaps we cannot afford to keep them anymore. Or we are ill and cannot take care of them ? the reasons can be infinite and still valid for that matter.

That is where the worries come in. That dog has been part of our family since forever. We love him with our entire soul and want to be certain that it will be well groomed and taken care of even after it is not in our care anymore. All we want is to find a good home for our furry buddy, and we couldn't bear to sell it like an object.

So we decide to post an add offering a ?free dog to a good home?. People call, interested in the offer. Many even visit, asking to see the dog, bringing their children and bragging how well they are going to take care of their new best furry friend. We pick one of the many and entrust our beloved pet in their care, hoping it will lead a good life, only to find out later that it has been sold to a mill breeder or a research facility or worse, died of ?unknown causes?.

Although this scenario does not have to be true every time it comes to "free to good home" advertisements, it can become one of the unhappiest scenarios. So many dog owners out there are unaware about the dangers their dog can face when given to a stranger, who could easily take the pet in, in order to satisfy his passion of seeing dog fights, or subjecting him to cruelties, or even worse, using him as a breeding machine.

So what can be done in order to prevent such a horrible thing from happening?

First of all, if confronted with the situation of having to give your beloved pet away, you should choose based on solid references, which can come either from a veterinarian or a friend ? or bring the dog to a reputable animal shelter. You should always identify the future owner and ask to see where the dog is going to live, if possible. If you have to put up a ?free dog to good home add?, better rephrase it without the word ?free? ? it can lure people of a less moral character. Instead, charge a minimum fee. A good thing may be a contract of adoption as well as phone calls once in a while, to check upon your ex pet.

And last but not least ? you should choose with your heart ? if you or your dog don't feel comfortable around a person, better leave it in the care of a trusted animal shelter, which knows how to screen potential owners.

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