Advice on cats

Feline personality is more related to body shape than it is to breed. The Siamese is the most active, curious, vocal, and intelligent. Being a slim and elegant cat it shares these traits with other breeds like the Cornish Rex, Oriental Shorthaired, Abyssinian, and Balinese. The Persian is the easiest going of the breed cats. Others with this trait are the stocky breeds like the British Shorthaired, Exotic Shorthaired, and the Sacred Cat of Burma. In the middle of the spectrum for body type and personality is the pedigreed American Shorthaired. It has a middle of the road personality. Domestication of all the breeds will inhibit the development of the cat's behavior. They seem to never grow up. That is part of their appeal.

The domestic shorthaired, in other words the alley cat; the mixed shorthaired or longhair breeds are usually free. These cats are not of show quality but they are every bit as adventurous and loving. All cats are natural hunters. Don't try and change this trait, it's useless. It is instinctual and cannot be unlearned.

Cats usually are solitary animals. They could survive in the wild easily, as long as there is prey. Kittens are abandoned as soon as they are weaned. Half grown, they find themselves alone and on there own. In the wild this is a do or die situation and the kitten meets the challenge well. Hunting is a three-step process for the cat, stalking, pouncing, and bites. The killing bite must be learned; the first two are instinct. The bite is learned by watching its mother kill prey and by having to kill a prey early. If the mother has not taught the kitten how and where to bite, it will complete the first two steps, then play with it then let it go. Both their hearing and their sight have developed for hunting. The cat's ears are tuned for ultrasound, able to hear the slight rustle of the grass where a mouse might be walking.

When you go to purchase your cats there are some things to look for. Cats come with varied personality traits as we humans do. Some cats are shy while others can become the best lap warmer you've ever had. You should observe how the cat reacts while in a group of other cats. If they are playing with the other kittens they are most likely in good health. If the cat seems quiet and withdrawn while its playmates are frolicking about it might not be feeling well and may be the type of cat that will require more attention and patience on your part, should you chose to buy it. Well-adjusted cats will easily play with you if you tempt it with a toy or even your hand. The more timid cat will withdraw and be more cautious. The more timid cat will make a good pet for the owner that lives alone. The more outgoing cat will find going to a home with children and or other pets more to its liking than the timid one.