Animal Shelter In Memory Of...

This page on our site was created as a place to acknowledge our pets which have passed on. To add your pet or an "In Memory of" text block please visit our gift page and select the custom contribution button.

Joshua Cook  $10.00
Ken I want to express our sincere condolences on the passing of your son. Being animal lovers ourselves it was an easy donation to make in Josh's honor! Kind loving people love all of Gods creatures. Molly, Ken Kyle Koehler
Max and Rusty  $25.00
In Memory of My two best friends
Linda Carter  $25.00
In memory of Von Dell Smith, she dearly loved animals.
Deron Twila Kaseberg  $75.00
In memory of Samuel Wotring 10084650391280541008465039
Kara Sharp  $100.00
In memory of Dee Scanlon. Rest In Peace.
Kevin Gardner  $6.00
Kevin went to be with the Lord Thursday of 2019.We will totally miss him. God Bless
Kathy Bratset  $25.00
In memory of Larry Cathey. You will be greatly missed.
The Massing Family  $50.00
In loving memory of Timothy Crim.
Gina Woods  $75.00
In Memory of Gina Woods who passed away on February 27, 2019
Douglas E. Monteith  $20.00
In memory of Doug who was never without his dogs Natty and Sam.
Dave Janosko  $110.00
In memory of Elizabeth Janosko.
Anonymous  $10.00
RIP Chloe you'll forever be missed -broken hearted mom
Judith Rudsinski  $25.00
Our prayers go out to Lawrence and family and to Linda Piske and Kathleen Schaid. We are very sorry for your loss. George and Renee Lewerenz
Jody Litman  $50.00
In memory of Dr. Joel Bigger. Condolences, love, and prayers for the Bigger family.
Erika Elvander  $25.00
In memory of Frances Baresch, beloved mother of Virginia Baresch.
Servais family  $25.00
In memory of Abby, the wonder dog.
The Bird Family  $50.00
In memory of Sue Dent Phillips
Michelle St Clair  $50.00
Happy 50th Birthday Michelle!!
Carol Morwald-Glendenning  $100.00
In Memory of our Beloved, Dear Friend Carol, whose kind heart, and infectious smile will be terribly missed. Love, the Good family. Emily, Janis, Kevin, and Juno
Roy Bryan Hamilton  $50.00
With many wonderful memories of the past great sadness at the present, I want to memorialize my dear cousin Roy with a donation to the Beaufort Co. Humane Society. Any body who knew him knew he loved is dog. I am so glad we got to spend some quality time together just a few months ago. To his mom, my Aunt Marcia and to my cousins Hank Rhonda I wish I could heal the pain. I am not able. I know The One who can. The grace of Christ is sufficient for all our sins and our sorrows. Trust Him. With love prayer, Buddy Boyd
In Memory of Barbara Harris  $100.00
With love from Jane, Steve and Charles, Pat and Sharon and Bill and Jennifer Kelley.
Hudson Longhorns  $50.00
In memory of Dr. Bill McDonald
Jane Burgardt Linda Matt Drago  $100.00
In Loving Memory of Patrick Joseph Beauparlant. May you rest in Peace. With Love to Claire, Phil James, we are heartbroken for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. With Love Prayers for Peace Comfort, Linda Matthew Drago Jane Burgardt
Tim and Ann Gordon  $30.00
In memory of James Adair, husband of Donna McDaniel Adair of Smyrna, who passed away on January 8, 2018.
Cheryl Shipp  $25.00
In memory of Helen, all my love to you, Di.
The Kucera Family  $50.00
In Memory of Joan Torriero
Crystal Nichole Campbell  $50.00
you left us to soon we donate in your honor for our shared love of our pets our little loved ones
Matthew Bosso  $50.00
Donation made in the name of Laura Kathleen Hall. An animal lover friend to all. Rest in peace Laura!
Arden Tucker  $25.00
In memory of Robert Maddison.
Jimmy and Sunne  $50.00
our pets needs us but we need our pets more.
Tinkerbell  $100.00
Celebrating many years of love.
Debra Ann Press  $25.00
this is in memory of Monty Press
Nikki Scaggs  $50.00
In loving memory of Hanna Isabelle Davis. She loved animals. This organization helped with her cats when she had to go to the nursing home.
PepsiCo, Inc.  $1,200.00
Donation from PepsiCo, Inc. on behalf of Pamela Liming.
Aongus Fadden  $20.00
In memory of Ollie and Max
Matt, Liz, Sloane and Evan Fisher  $100.00
In memory of Mike O'Sullivan. Sending our love to his family xoxo!
Sandra L. Nila  $50.00
In loving memory of Sandra L. Nila. She was a long time member of the Long Beach community and loved animals and the work of the LB animal shelter. She will be missed by her family and friends.
Janice Miller and Tom Belden  $100.00
This donation is given in memory of Anna LeBlanc of Coconut Creek, Florida. Please acknowledge this donation to Ms. LeBlanc's sister, Carleen Naugle, 613 Prescott, Garland, TX, 75041.
Maureen riffle  $100.00
In memory of Lloyd Rosser
Debbie Broytman  $75.00
In loving memory of a wonderful lady, Cindy Connolly, the dog whisperer..
Cindy Connolly, the dog whisperer  $75.00
In loving memory of a wonderful lady.
Phil Linda  $50.00
In honor of Kendall
COAD  $50.00
This donation is being made in memory of Joreen Watts McMillen who requested donations to your organization in lieu of flowers. Thank you.
Erikaluv  $50.00
In memory of Cheetos and BamBam. I miss you so much!
Max  $100.00
Bye special man, I will love you forever
Lily  $50.00
Best friend ever!
John Jacqui Vogelbacker  $50.00
General Donation to help support the great work done by your organization.
Jim Rosner  $50.00
In memory of Scooby Doo RIP 2017
Paula Wilson  $100.00
This donation is made in memory of Karen Porst. I pray for comfort and strength for family who are very dear to me. Mary�- I know your pain and I send love to you, Katie and Michael. May her memories and your faith provide you the strength to know you will see her again! Love, Paula Wilson and family
Jill Tockstein  $50.00
To Jan, Jordyn, and family. So sorry for your loss. With love, Laura, Darryl, and Michael.
Diane Atchison  $30.00
Hello, I learned about the Madison Indiana shelter through my daughter Laurel who is a student at Hanover College and has volunteered at your facility. Although I have loved all of our dogs completely, the dog that was my �right arm� came to me at 8 weeks from a shelter. I lost him at an earlier age in 1996. This gift is in memory of our recent family dog, Bailey who passed this last summer. Thank you for your great work, Diane Atchison
Becky Karpinski  $20.00
In memory of Jillann Tockstein
David Lybarger  $150.00
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all... given in loving memory of Meeka and Casey
Maxie Blake  $100.00
You left pawprints in our hearts - we miss you little man .
Kim Litton  $50.00
In memory of Marley.
Trish Gerard Amato  $250.00
In loving memory of Mitsy. who was adopted at Sayrebrook in 1997 and pass away 19 years later. We miss you everyday.
Love  $100.00
For Jordan, the cat who could jump like Michael.
Gandhi  $100.00
in loving memory of Gandhi.
June and John Bell  $25.00
Merry Christmas June and John
Tracey Martin  $50.00
In honor of Erin Bidwell-Merry Christmas!
Lisa Virginia Roach  $100.00
Little Sweetie I rescued her from the streets there, in Wakulla CO. a few years ago.She looked like NOEL. The beautiful white baby girl you just saved! Please earmark this money for her ! She is so skinny , I know you will take good care of her !!Thank you ! Happy Holidays !! Call if you need me. 865-406-4997. Address,1508 Cella Homma Lane, Knoxville, Tn. 37909.
Nancy Brown  $25.00
This gift is in memory of Mikey Brown, a kitty we enjoyed for 12 years until June 30, 2017. Love you, Mikey! You are the sweetest!!
Sherry DiBella  $100.00
Merry Christmas !
Barb Bender  $20.00
Thank you for be a champion for Animals
Barb Bender  $20.00
Thank you for be a champion for Animals
Carol Janet  $100.00
For John Akers who loves animals! Merry Christmas! I could not figure out how to donate in your name! Love Carol Janet
BRENDA KYLE  $150.00
We had a Christmas party with some raffle gifts and with the money we raised we decided to share it with the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter because of everything they do to help save the lives of animals of which many of us have gotten our animals our 4-legged children from that shelter. So we Thank You.
Dorothy Alexander  $30.00
In memory of Dorothy Alexander, an amazing women who loved animals fiercely, and the grandmother of one of the best friends that I know. May her memory live on in the hearts of those who loved her.
Toby Larry  $50.00
You were a pretty good dog Toby and brough great pleasure to my mom and sister. Peace and rest eternal
Mitch Zappitelli- Pepco  $100.00
in memory of Cheryl Ann Merryfield
Sharon  $35.00
In gratitude
Paul LoRocco  $100.00
On behalf of Lisa Gaski
Phillip Ware-Ehlers  $20.00
In Memory of Edith Abbott.
The Valenti Family  $50.00
Tim and Sue, congratulations on your marriage, in honor of your special occasion, we have donated to the North Royalton Animal Shelter. We wish you many more years of love and laughter.
Nancy Eggleston  $75.00
This donation is made as a Christmas present to Nancy Eggleston, as she is a fan and supporter of your continued efforts.
Heidi Shavor  $25.00
This donation is made in loving memory of Zeus. One of the worlds best dogs!
Annie Kozicki  $25.00
In Memory of G
Sean and Terry Vahey  $100.00
Instructions for donation to San Luis Obispo County Animals Requesting Friends PO Box 3760 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Pediatric Associates, Inc.  $50.00
In loving memory of our dear friend Charlene Stanley
Cat  $25.00
A donation has been made on behalf of David Stalcup.
john marlene  $40.00
We are donating this as our Christmas gift to Jeannine Paine of Cherryfield. She is an advocate for your good work. Best wishes,, Merry Christmas, John and Marlene Greenlaw
Rebecca Ritter  $100.00
In honor of Rebecca Ritter Olympia WA
John V. Logomarsino  $100.00
This donation is made by John and Judy Logomarsino, Kris Pote and family and Rob Prach and family in memory of Luise R. Logomarsino, who passed away November 21, 2017.
Brylee  $25.00
This donation is made by Sue and Mark at the request of Brylee, a friend to all animals. Merry Christmas Brylee!
Sue Anderson  $25.00
In Honor of my good friends, Dan Michelle Carlson, and their passion for providing a wonderful and loving home to animals in need!
Freddy Solari  $25.00
In loving memory of Freddy Solari. XO, Lara
Charles  $500.00
For Toby, Winston and Andy special friend, special memories.
Charles  $500.00
For Toby, Winston and Andy - special friends and memories
Janet Ahlquist  $100.00
In memory of Sharon Matland's Missy Twit and in honor of Sharon's dedication to the Agoura Animal Shelter.
Michelle Qually  $200.00
I adopted Sophia 2 years ago and I could not be happier! I am so grateful for all of Second Chance's work!!
Thora Pomicter  $50.00
A gift in honor of Alyssa and Evan Anthony, who do so much to help dogs in need. Merry Christmas.
Ho Family  $30.00
In honor of all pets seeking a new home.
Spot  $50.00
In memory of Spot.
W Scott Bowling  $125.00
In loving memory of Bruce Harbeson.
Judith Ben Price  $6.00
We are so pleased to discover magnetic pawprint ribbons on your website. VERY cool, thanks! This donation is in memory of our exceptionally dear kitty, Ginger, who shared our journey for 16+ years. We miss you, sweetheart, and we are eager to see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge...
Charles Swartzell  $100.00
All the animals you have helped.
Ayesha Tim Molino  $50.00
In memory of Stella. She was the sweetest, kindest friend. We will miss her dearly.
Amy Crouch  $20.00
Amy, My thoughts and prayers are with you. A donation has been made in Angel's memory. Love, Stephanie
William Alexander  $20.00
William, My thoughts and prayers are with you. A donation has been made in Callie's memory. Love, Stephanie
Carol David Kuhl  $100.00
Craig and David, Our deepest condolences to you and your families. Your Charter Title Company Family
Chris Forbes Tara Granger  $15.00
In memory of our beloved dog Maxim, who passed away in March 2017. We adopted him from the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, MD in 2011, and we miss him very much!
Margaret Sullivan  $50.00
In memory of Grace and Saydalee
Mary O. L. Bell  $100.00
Keep up the good work!!!
Sheri  $100.00
In memory of my beautiful and precious kitty, Dusti.
In memory of Dan Reifsteck
Bill and Marion Millington  $50.00
Bill and Marion - Congratulations to you on your 50th wedding anniversary. What a wonderful milestone to celebrate We wish you every happiness in the years to come. Love, Gary and Marsha
Penny A. Standish  $20.00
In memory of Lois Anderson.
Jim Ellen Dale  $25.00
In loving memory of Patsy G. Hamric.
Boo Radley  $50.00
She was loved and loved greatly.
William Smith  $100.00
Here's to Dr William O. Smith IV and Zipper together again in Heaven.
Judy Harding  $50.00
In memory of Roger York who cared for his cat family.
Trina Perin  $25.00
In memory of my cousin, Bill Thorman, who loved animals dearly. He left a legacy of love with family, friends, and furry friends.
Ron Mason  $400.00
Annie May are rescue Shepherd GSROC wants us to send a donation to the GSROC. Ron Mason
Paula Schmidt Greg Burkot  $25.00
In Memory of Dan Denton.
Gary Topolosky  $30.00
In Memory of Nellie Aducci
Isabel Ken Nenart  $20.00
In Loving Memory of India our beautiful cat in Heaven
Joe  $20.00
In memory of Buddy.
Spot  $100.00
Please send acknowledgement to Mr. Tim Burris, Castor Creek Turkey Calls, 3058 Childress Road, Grayson, LA 71435 with a note saying With our deepest sympathy for the loss of Spot. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Benjamin Hulsey
Liz Lgano  $25.00
In memory of Paintbrush. A long life, well lived and loved.
Belinda Levy Henricson  $50.00
In honor of my friend, Belinda. My thoughts and prayers are with her family through these difficult times. Cheryl Landry
DUBLIN  $50.00
Dear Lisa You were an amazing and loving dog owner. Dublin was so lucky to find her forever home with you and even luckier to have you add to her loving family with Tom and the children. We are so very sorry to know she has passed but know she was blessed to be your family. We hope you find comfort in Sunny. We are thinking of you Dick, Deb Ryan, Caroline and Brandon
Cara Chambers-Stienbarger  $44.00
Miss you, Cara! In memory of your 44th birthday October 19th. Love you, Sara
Keith Overbay  $200.00
This donation is in memory of Jim Kirby, a true animal lover, loyal neighbor and great friend. You will be missed.
K  $1.00
1008465039 Even though it is a small donation I hope it helps
Amy Craft  $50.00
In memory of Betty Anne Hayes Kirk. R.I.P.
Stacie and Jeff Middleton  $50.00
Congratulations on your marriage. We wish you all the happiness in the world. Love, Keith, Maria, Cooper, Grace and Tree
The Stewarts  $50.00
In celebration of the marriage of Beth and Alexander.
William and Mary Riley  $50.00
In memory of Larry Simmons
Heather Miller  $100.00
For all brave breeds who have been abandoned, abused, or forgotten.
Ketarae Konshuk  $40.00
Happy Birthday Ketarae Konshuk!! You are the most compassionate person I know. The world is a better place because you are in it.
In honor of Jane Lyday  $100.00
Please accept this gift as a memorial to Jane Lyday, a woman who loved animals dearly, including cantankerous cats!
Mare Kristensen  $100.00
In loving memory of Bob Zozus, Sr.
Sherbert Thompson  $100.00
To my beloved cat.
Matt Morgan  $50.00
In memory of Richard Larson Family
Jerry Belair  $100.00
Do good.
Katherine Sage friend of Jimmie  $50.00
This donation is for Angel and her transporttraining fee in PA. I look forward to seeing updates on her progress. Many blessings to you
Eddie Jean Dugger  $25.00
In memory of my dear friend. I will miss our talks, your laugh and love! May your Memory be Eternal dear friend. Love you!! Linda Kumpuris
karen klopfenstein  $50.00
in memory of winifred jo cole who passed away september 25, 2017 i�m friends and past coworker with her beautiful daughter jennifer cole butterworth prayers to jennifer all for this loss
Lulu Skaggs  $35.00
In her memory. From a friend.
EF Johnson Technologies  $75.00
In memory and honor of Eddie Jean Dugger.
bonnie jones  $30.00
In memory of chris marshall would loved animals and always took them in
David Tatum  $50.00
To the family of David Tatum Our thoughts and prayers will continue with you during this difficult time. Scott, Cheryl Taylor Ange
Sophia Sabag  $50.00
Happy Birthday Galen! What a thoughtful way to give back rather than receive on your birthday! Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!! Love, Sophia
Annmarie, Pattie, Jason and Ky  $50.00
In memory of Meem's Aunt Gloria, Todd and Tammie's mom, and Uncle Johns wife - may her rest be peaceful.
Katherine Davis  $100.00
May you rest in peace. God be with you.
Julia McDonald  $100.00
In Memory of Julia McDonald from Tommy and Beth McDonald
Sophie Groom  $50.00
Sophie, you were a loyal companion and a true member of our family. Our children loved you so and you always brightened their days. We will miss seeing your sweet face each time we come through the door. Love, The Grooms
Buck Clary  $50.00
In memory of a very loyal friend.
Marilyn G. Mustaro  $50.00
In loving memory of Marilyn
A.J. Hanser  $12.00
In memory John Carroll, for all of the lost, forgotten, abused, and neglected furry kids who he saved, and those still waiting for a home to feel what love and family is. May you all be saved. 3
A.J. Hanser  $12.00
In memory of all of the lost, forgotten, abused, and neglected furry kids who are waiting for a home to feel what love and family is. May you all be saved. 3
Kim Pirtle  $50.00
In memory of Marion Hannahoe.
Kenny Lisa Limmer  $250.00
In Loving Memory to Our Past Present Animal Shelter Pets All have been Dogs, such as Morgan the 1st - deceased Morgan the 2nd - deceased, Jenna deceased Macy which we got from League City Animal Shelter - still alive! They have ALL been GREAT PETS!!!! Love You A lot!!!
Max Wessinger  $6.00
You can never be replaced. Your loving family.
Karen  $25.00
In memory of Mystie Yelle from her neighbors Jack, Judy, Jeff Jim
Jim Steadman  $100.00
In memory of Sarah Tracy Klun.
Valerie Barnes Speakman  $50.00
In memory of Tracy Hudson Klun! May your light shine upon all our four legged friends as it surely has shone upon your two legged friends. We love you.
Vicki  $12.00
I adopted a dog 3 years ago and haven�t been happier! I just wanted in a small way to help others get their best friend!
john paulo  $5.00
In memory of Frank Demasi Sr
The Unterberg family  $150.00
My love for Kasia will never end. She was a special friend with whom I shared so much. She didn't let all that many people really into her life, so I feel blessed to have known her so well. Her love for animals is shared by me and I feel donating to the local animal shelter would be what she would wish to see done. At this time, our family grieves along with you. As Kcie has said, WE are your other family. We are here for you in any way that we can be. Love sent your way. Hugs to support you all through this. Kasia Rassia, Massia because I could never pronounce her real full name correctly you were one of a kind!
Ruth S Chambers  $500.00
In memory of Tony AmosI didn't know him, but took a tour of the ARK once and have donated to that wonderful outfit. Was so sorry to read of his death. I want to help ALL the animals there in Port A after the hurricane. I love going there a few times each year and my heart is broken for Port A.
Margo Faye Benson  $150.00
we love you. Holly Paul
Jean Slemmer  $50.00
The band will always remember the good times and laughs we had whenever we were in Jeans company. God Rest Your Soul. Andalusia Jug Band
Jane Folk  $50.00
In honor and celebration of Mia DiGiovanni's 8th Birthday, a donation of $50.00 was made to SPCA at her request. Happy Birthday, Mia! Love, Aunt Jane
Sylvia Swim  $80.00
Our hearts go out to Terry, David and Steve... Aunt Sylvia was a wonderful person! Love the Swim's
Otto DellaMaddalena  $50.00
Dear Noreen - In memory to honor an incredible husband, father and physician who has helped many people throughout his entire life. God bless you and your family - Love Maureen and Tim LeSuer
David Merri Jo Brant  $100.00
This donation is made in honor of the memory of Samuel Shank who passed on 26 Aug 2017.
Ashley  $75.00
Happy wedding day, Lara and Julian! This donation is in honor of your love of dogs. xoxo
Noreen Jim Lombardo  $250.00
Miss you, Sodalito. One of the Best Cats Ever.
Robert F Woody  $50.00
In memory of the finest person I have ever known.
Charles Michael Wagner  $50.00
For all the Love of all the pets that held such a special place in your heart 128049
Claire Sirois  $25.00
In loving memory of Claire Sirois. Peace and prayers to her family and friends.
Carole and Annet  $100.00
Our hearts to out to the innocent animal victims of the flooding in Houston and the surrounding areas and hope our small gift helps bring relief to those in need. We hope everyone who loves animals will be able to join us in this giving effort.
Don Dephillips  $100.00
This donation is being made in memory of Don Dephillips, an animal lover. May this donation help save the lives of some precious animals. Shari Poulos
geri kaperak  $25.00
Inhonor of all the wonderful pupsinmylife. Plleaseuse this donationforHurricane Harvey rescue and food. Thank you
Diane Breznik June Buckler  $20.00
Mom, a donation has been made in loving memory of Karrie. Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life. I love you Diane
kathryn eisen  $50.00
In honor of my brother Erik Koelle and his dog Zoey. For all he does for pets all over. He is truly remarkable.
Charlotte Hawkins  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Charlotte Hawkins. Charlotte was the sister of Wanda Holman, originally of Slater. The donation is from Independence College of Cosmetology where Wanda has been an employee for a number of years. May Charlotte rest in peace and know that she has helped support some animal friends. Linda Clifford Director - Independence College of Cosmetology
I know this is a very small amount right now. But I intend to put this ribbon on the back of my car to support my philosophy of spaying neutering our pets. I hope in some way this display will spread the message get into the minds of a lot of people! And this is in memory of all our wonderful pets who have passed on, but way too numerous to name in memory of my dear brother, Jeff, who passed away suddenly on 2013, but had given Leo, a wonderful dog , mixed breed of a lab pit bull is now in the care of my daughter son-in-law who are wonderful parents to Leo love him dearly.
I know this is a very small amount right now. But I intend to put this ribbon on the back of my car to support my philosophy of spaying neutering our pets. I hope in some way this display will spread the message get into the minds of a lot of people!
Sheryl Pomerance  $36.00
In memory of Dr. William Lewis, Veterinarian extraordinaire.
Yazzie  $50.00
In memory of Yazzie Abuan-Parker
Brian McCollum  $50.00
In remembrance of Joseph W. Habel
Cobbles Sunshine  $50.00
In memory of our friend's dear father, Andrew Jay Work.
Dorian Stoesser  $50.00
Sending thoughts and prayers to the Stoesser sorry for your loss. -Kellie Hawks
Sammee Haslinger  $250.00
In memory of a wonderful companion and friend who will be dearly missed by many, especially her generous and loving human, Sandra.
Elizabeth Owens  $25.00
Happy Birthday Reagan!
Sisko  $50.00
We miss you Sisko
John Shellenberger  $50.00
In Memory of Loeta Huffman - thinking of our friends Rhonda and Steve Bentley.
Sondra and Roger Tucker  $50.00
In honor of Kent Farmer.
Beth Bender  $30.00
I wanted to make a donation in remembrance of James Skog. 72327 - 81317
In memory of Loeta Knight Huffman  $50.00
Praying for peace, comfort, rest and for the unexpected joy of sweet memories to flood your hearts when you need them most. With much love, Tanja Steve Jameson, Bailey Chipper Via
Irene Boches  $25.00
Happy Birthday Aunt Irene We have missed you and will love you forever!! Love, Bill, Shirley Christopher
Laurie McArthur  $50.00
In honor of Aunt Teresa Williams who so loved all animals.
Brian Yanok  $75.00
Hello, Please accept this donation in memory of Mrs. Anita Perry. Thank you, Brian Yanok
Nikita and Norton  $15.00
You were Great Cats. Rest in Piece.
Richard A. Bourque  $25.00
Sorry for your loss. I will always remember our high school days together, you will be missed. Larry Ahern
Mary Esther Rath  $50.00
In loving memory of my dear friend Mary Rath. It is clear that all of God's creatures were dear to her. Rest well sweet friend. Elsie Puryear
Dianne Wittman  $25.00
To remember Monica Drumm today, August 3, what would have been her 71st birthday.
Nancy Caldwell  $25.00
In caring memory for Nancy Caldwell and her wonderful doggie Mojo. You will be missed. Sincerely, Linda
Roy Jr. and Anne Lewis and Roy Lewis  $80.00
In Memory of Mary E. Rath Acknowledge to Mr. Mrs. Howard J. Rath 11365 Rocky Ridge Rd. Glen Allen, VA 23059
Harvey Friedman  $25.00
In honor of your 90th birthday!
Trish Nickles  $25.00
For my best friend, Grace.
Tom and Tonie Augustin  $25.00
In memory of Mary Lou Smith.
In memory of Joseph A. Ferrante, Sr.  $25.00
We will miss seeing you walk your beloved little dog, Casey. Barbara and Lois Gilmore
Copper Parr  $50.00
Copper, you were welcomed into the family late in your life but your were loved, and will be so missed. In memory, Julie and Sue
Beth  $10.00
For the joy that good doggies Wedl and Gabi made to Mark's life. -
Karlee Wright  $20.00
Love you my beautiful niece. Aunt Lynda
The Erdmans- Pam, Gary and Sage  $25.00
In loving memory of Virginia Cable. With peace and prayers to her family and friends.
Red  $25.00
In memory of Red, beloved member of the Sam Myres family of Killen who departed the wonderful life he had on July 15. He is loved and missed by all who knew him.
Cinda Steward  $50.00
In memory of Nancy Baxley, with love John and Cindee Steward Kevin and Lynsey Neff
Donna Melotakis  $100.00
This donation is in memory of Eva Jo Sudbury. She loved her furry babies.
A Friend  $50.00
In memory of Bradley Loveland Raise motorcycle awareness. Check twice, save a Life!
Herb Gregory  $50.00
In memory of Elisabeth Rudy.
Bob Rhonda Finkel  $100.00
This donation is in memory of Dr. Jim Kelley. Jim was a family man who loved life. He also loved his dogs. This wonderful man will be missed so much.
Elin Cohen  $36.00
This donation is in honor of Amanda's graduation. Amanda cares about animals and she supports our Easton shelter.
GibsonsGrrl  $10.00
In memory of Bob, the Boston terrier who has been the mascot of Ravelry and loved around the world by knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists.
Doreen Franklin  $50.00
In memory of our beloved grandson David Welsh who loved all animals.
The Sunshine Club Western District of Wisconsin  $25.00
In memory of Jessica Coates
Marcy  $25.00
This is memory of my little kittie, Mandaryn, who left me almost a year ago. She gave a good fight.13years I want you guys to know that you are doing GREAT work by having this shelter and I really appreciate all you do. -
Kevin Lee  $200.00
I'm Memory of Kevin Lee, St. Louis Family
Judy Phelan  $50.00
In memory of Deann Kientzy, my cousin's wife and an animal lover.
Kup Porter and Jim Astholz  $50.00
To Conny Jones and family in memory of her mother.
Karen H  $25.00
In memory of Mary Louise Pittinger
Richard Geil  $20.00
Geil family has enjoyed the pets we have received from your facility. Darren has great memories from volunteering in the past. Dick
Lourdes Santiago  $10.00
Joey and Franky came to me at age 11. Their human mom was murdered and they were left in their apartment. A NYC policewoman was worried about them and came to check on them. She brought them to a shelter where I met and adopted them. I enjoyed them for 5 more years and I miss them
Justin Carrow  $50.00
In memorial of Leslee Miller.
Haley Speed  $100.00
In loving memory of Marbles, adopted from T.E.A.R.S. in Birmingham, AL in October 2002 and passed away June 25, 2017 at the age of 19.
Becky Steve Price  $25.00
In memory of your beloved Maude.
Ellie Maduro  $50.00
In memory of Ellie Maduro and her family
James E. Lessler  $100.00
In honor of Jim's life, and love of animals, especially dogs.
Mary Gibson  $50.00
In memory of my beautiful daughter Kristy Melvin.
In Memory of Nicholas Steinbrunner  $25.00
To honor Nicholas Steinbrunner - brother of a friend - by supporting something very important to him.
Bettie Rusher  $100.00
In loving memory of Crystal From Rusty Carol Jones
Brian, Stacey and Kids  $50.00
In Memory of Lillian Hadfield
Robert Blair  $50.00
In memory of my two little buddies, Buck and CJ
Linda Manning  $10.00
Peanuts the sweetest dog ever. Always in our hearts till we meet again.. love,your Mommy
Judy Guevara  $100.00
This donation is in honor of Lara Julian's Wedding on Sept. 2, 2017. Congratulations!
Joe Debbie Milora  $50.00
In honor of Frances Stefanisko. Rest in peace Aunt France.
Charles Swartzell  $100.00
In honor of all of the animals that you have saved
Rudy  $25.00
Rudy will be missed by so many. Our love to Rudy and Rudy's parents, Gus and Coleen Strasburger
Sherry Eroh  $25.00
In Loving Memory of my cat KELSEY for 18 years of loyal Love and companionship. RIP Kelsey. Over the Rainbow bridge 5312017
Sue Gabriel  $25.00
In memory of Gwen Baker, who passed away 6717. Gwen, you touched so many lives with your kindness, your smile, your fierce love for your family - and for your kitty boys, Grey and Turbo. I know they're missing their momma, as much as we're missing you. Till we meet again. xoxo 3
Sherri Miller  $18.00
In Memory of my beloved son James Marvin Robinson who loved his two cats, Almond and Shadow and all his fish in his large aquarium. Jim rescued his cats from a shelter and he loved them. We miss you Jim..Rest in Peace and may the angels always guide you. Love always, mom
Lois M. Hassel  $100.00
Sincerest Condolences to the Family of Lois M. Hassel. May God hold you in the Comforting Palm of His Great Hand. Thoughts and Prayers, The Schlatter Family, The Madelyn Weimer Family, and Grammy Delores Henemyer
Mary Jane and Wayne May  $25.00
For remembrance of John Bertram. He left us way too soon and may he rest in peace. He will be missed by family and friends.
Sue Johnson Gunter  $50.00
Don, So very sorry for your devastating loss. Cherish the many fond memories you have with Sue, and hold them close to your heart. May God grace you Annie all with his blessings help ease your sorrow. Sincerely, Joanie Ron
Cassie Walz  $100.00
This donation has been made in memory of Timothy Stewart from the Walz Family.
Candace Graff  $25.00
On behalf of Susan West.
Martin and Wanda  $50.00
Clancy will be missed!
Mike Fesi  $100.00
On behalf of honoring the passing of Stephanie Bush Aldridge of Houma from Mike Carla Fesi and family.
Ashley parker  $5.00
In memory of big John, a kitten we took to dr Hackett's recently while on shift at the ambulance serv Ce. He had to be put down but at least he didn't suffer longer than he did. Thank you for what u do!
Meredith Wright  $100.00
In memory of Stephanie Bush Aldridge of Houma. Stephanie will always be in our hearts and prayers. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Montegut-Wright Corporation, Meredith Wright. Please send acknowledgement to Stephanie's husband Logan Aldridge and Family 6845 West Main Street Houma, LA 70360
Doug, Caron, Cathy Andy Comstock  $250.00
In memory of Frank Comstock Uncle Frank of Eddyville.
Tjej-Tjej Kelly  $25.00
Honoring memory of sweet Tjej-tjej who brought those who knew her so much love. Rest soundly good girl. xo The Chiomentos
Aunt Bernie family  $50.00
Our thoughts prayers are with you your family. She will be missed by all of us. Love to you all.
Muller Engineering for Stella Rotella  $135.00
In memory of Stella Rotella - your friends at Muller Engineering.
Hank and Maria  $50.00
In Loving Memory of our dear aunt Sylvia Zoecklein. Rest In Peace. We will miss you.
Judy Okstad  $25.00
In memory of Jim Russell
Deborah Stansbury  $20.00
Cat and kitten kennel
Harold D Miller  $200.00
In memory of Harold D Miller with prayers and deepest sympathy to the family Mid America Radiology
Tim McGlasson  $250.00
Donation submitted in Memory our Sister-in-Law and Aunt Billie Lewis. From Virginia Hogan, Jon and Lynne Hilton, Bob and Angel McGlasson, Tim McGlasson and Mark and Stacey Malone.
Mitzi Holt  $15.00
Please send acknowledgement to Pam Holt 357 Navaho trail Conway, AR 72032
Hazel Howell  $50.00
Your Job is done. Rest now in Peace You will always be with us. Earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, crying, mourning or pain. for the old order of things has passed away. Revelations 214 See you on the other side, hug everyone for me. Love your $20 dollar man!
[email protected]  $20.00
Judy and Scott, So sorry for your loss. Mitzi was beautiful and sweet and will be remembered. Betsy and I made a donation in her name to the Augusta Animal Shelter so the memory of her beautiful spirit could go on to help another angel in need.
Barbara Lewis  $100.00
I wanted to honor Barbara Lewis by my donation of $100.00. I know she would like that we are here helping our furry friends!!!
Tabitha Ann Garner Kolankiewicz  $75.00
In loving memory, Tabitha loved all animals, she will be greatly missed.
Jane Clark Collins  $20.00
Happy Mothers Day
William Bill Spencer  $25.00
In his memory
Donation made by IM Product Finance  $75.00
In Memory of Lois S. Jetter....who had a heart for animals.....
Athletico Festus  $70.00
This donation is in memory of Dana Reifsteck. He was a huge supporter of the Animal Shelter and Stray Rescue.
Daniel and Dee Braxton Pellegrino  $200.00
In memory of Sophie Pellegrino and in appreciation of Dr. Dail McLawhorn
Daniel and Dee Braxton Pellegrino  $200.00
In memory of Sophie Pellegrino and in appreciation of Dr. Dail McLawhorn
Spotted WonderBig One  $35.00
We miss you so much. You were such a loving gentle big cat. Even with our two other cats, the house is empty and quiet without you. You were the talkative one and the household watch cat. I love and miss you so much, my precious Big One. I will see you at the rainbow bridge. Mom
michael O'Hearne  $30.00
In memory of Jamie Medeiros
Jennifer Fitzwater  $6.00
For the love of all animals.
Lee Rademacher  $50.00
In memory of our dogs Marx and Holly who were such good friends and companions to our family.
Paul Wallis  $20.00
In memory of our beloved Aunt Marty. She loved her pets.
Mary Blankenship  $25.00
Missy I miss you every day.
Bobbi and Tina-Marie  $25.00
Charles C. Olin, Jr. We will truly miss you. You will be forever in our hearts. We love you.
Charles C Olin  $20.00
Although we were miles apart, time and distance never changed how we feel about you. You are dearly loved and will be missed by many. Remembering all the good times and holidays with everyone together. So much laughter and so many wonderful memories. Remembering the sparkle in your eyes and the joy in your smile. I pray Aunt Sally, our cousins, and all our family can find comfort in this difficult time knowing you rest in peace in heaven. You'll always have a special place in our hearts. We love you.
Robin and David Taylor  $25.00
In loving memory of my Uncle Chuck Charles Olin 4210 Wilcox Road Mikado, MI 48745 734-788-0745
Margaret DeFrancisci  $430.00
In memory of our dear co-worker and friend, Ellen Swain, who passed away suddenly on April 22. When Ellen was not working she loved nothing more than spending time with her loving family and working in her flower garden. Ellen also loved spending time at St. Hubert's during her lunch hour which helped her get away from the everyday work environment and visit with the shelters animals. In loving memory of Ellen!
Bobbie Dupe  $50.00
In memory of a beautiful lady that had a special kind of love for every animal.
Jeannine Paine  $50.00
This is our Mothers Day Gift to Jeannine Paine of Cherryfield . Love You, John and Marlene
Mom and Dad  $50.00
In Loving Memory Of
Michele Wheeler and Team  $250.00
In loving memory of Donald Gene Whitlatch. Our Condolences, Michele Wheeler and her entire team at NextEra Energy Resources.
Kathy Phelps  $6.00
In memory of Rex, a donation to help other pets who may not get to have a loving home like he did.
Buddy Eydie Tricquet  $25.00
In memory of the coolest cat ever, Otis Greenberg!! You truly have left an empty space in your family and friend lives!
Elizabeth Lib Arden Agerton  $25.00
In our hearts you always be loved and remembered every day Love, Tara, Michael, and Aydan Hodge
Lynn Autrey  $50.00
This donation to the Butler County Humane Society is being made on behalf of Carter Boswell, son of two of my life long friends and classmates, Kimberly Cater and Tony Boswell. My heart hurts for them and the community that I grew up in. I pray for peace, love and comfort for all touched by this terrible tragedy. God Bless!
sharon mitchell  $30.00
In memory of Matthew ThompsonEternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may Perpetual Light shine upon him.
Anthony Debra Parisi  $25.00
In loving memory of Ludwig Coiro. A wonderful, loving, caring man. We will miss him. May he soar with the angels.
BWC HR  $50.00
In memory of Brent Walton.
Louise Gerard  $50.00
With deepest sympathy for your loss. We are here if you need us. Don Andrea Rodriguez
Angela Clark  $50.00
In memory of Tabitha Garner, who had a big heart and loved all animals.
Patti Lambrecht  $50.00
In remembrance of our dear friend Patti. Hope there are animals up there to play with. Love, Jerry and Pat Rice
Jeannie Charles  $100.00
In memory of Sam LaMarsh Buster. Adopted December 2004. Words cannot express how much I miss him.
Stone Walton  $25.00
Our thoughts are with the Walton family in this difficult time in their lives.
Ella Chen  $100.00
This is a birthday gift to our Granddaughter Ella.
Rob and Michelle Loomis  $50.00
Congratulations to Rob and Michelle on their wedding day. Much love and happiness to you both!! Love, Nancy
Donna Booker  $50.00
In memory of...Tabitha Kolankiewicz.
Hal and Vera Levandowski  $100.00
In memory of our precious, Gomer Levandowski aka Milo, the albino boxer.
Mary Jo Tryba  $40.00
Please send confirmation of donation in memory of Emma, a wonderful dog and friend to CAROLINE HAFF 30B CHARTER OAK SQUARE MANSFIELD CENTER, CT 06250 Please omit donation amount. Thank you.
Patti and Steve Harvey  $20.00
In memory of Shirley Faye Shrader Selman
Mr. Mrs. Russell Brace Family  $50.00
In loving memory of William Uncle Bill Smith. Forever in our hearts
Kevin Angie Brasfield  $50.00
In Memory of Theresa Burns Hopper
Kyla Anderson  $10.00
In memory of my aunt Vicki 3
Brigitte Gardner  $25.00
In memory of Cheyenne the warrior cat. I adopted her from your shelter in Oct. 2003. She did not like other people, cats, or dogs. Never changed her mind, but she was the sweetest, loving cat. We had a special bond for 13 years. She was 16 years old, And I will miss her forever.
Ann Welker  $30.00
In memory of Shirley Bourland
Hannah Geiler  $6.00
Thank you for caring for these fallen angels. I hope and pray that each and every single one gets a loving home soon!
Mary Ellen Maduro  $30.00
Our sincere sympathy for your mother we love you guys so much!!! All Our Love, Anthony, Terri, Brandon Kyle
Mary Pohlman  $100.00
Our sincere condolences. Results Marketing Sales
Sarah Higgins  $100.00
In honor of the Harrison Family
Scott Amy Daniels  $50.00
In memory of Dr. Kenneth Lincoln Turner.
Erica Jima  $20.00
In loving memory of Matilda.
Anonymous  $50.00
In memory of Tommy
Mark K  $50.00
In memory of Mrs. Shanks, who provided a great home to many dogs and cats.
Charlie, Shadow Goober  $50.00
We welcome cousin Cinda to the field near the Rainbow Bridge. Play with us until you see your human family again. How about all the good smells we smell Chase us, Cuz!
Patty Arpin  $100.00
Patty Arpin's birthday wish is to donate to the West Warwick Animal Shelter. This is a great organization. keep up the good work.
Bertha Zamorski  $50.00
In loving memory of Bert, we all cherish her kindness and being there for us as we all grew up together. It does take a village.... Hugs to all, Susan and John Vrabely, Karen, Ron and Christina Fisher
Helen Peterson  $40.00
This is for the heeler pup, Cinderella, who had parvo- to help towards her vet bill. Lynn Gartland, one of the Colorado rescue people, contacted me about it. Thank you.
Carol Zimmerman  $100.00
You will be greatly missed by many. Love, Den, Becky, Deanna, and Adam too!
Wayne and Elaine Bunting  $25.00
Terry And I are so sorry for your loss. We know what you are going through. I feel like we have lost one of our own. I know there are no words to help but know we love you both and Wiley.
Mary Stawacz  $100.00
In memory of Mary in celebration of her life and upcoming Birthday. Mary was a wonderful woman who raised a lovely family and will be missed. This donation in her memory is meant to carry on her legacy of love and kindness through support for all in need of assistance, especially the beautiful animals this organization seeks to save. In loving memory, Mr. Brian C. Mooney and Mr. Bryce S. Desy
George Paul Ken and Jeanine Dulong  $150.00
In loving memory of Aunt Jackie. Jacqueline Dulong of Hampton VA With all our Love, George, Paul, Ken and Jeanine Dulong
Louise Joyce Knight  $100.00
In loving memory of a wonderful, kind lady that was a very important part of our life.
Richard Spitaleri  $40.00
From the Lord and Protector of the Tallahassee Drain Cats.
Jill Becker  $25.00
Donation given in memory of Max Schiller.
Bruce Margolin  $50.00
In Memory of Bruce Margolin
Jo Ellen Vogt JoAnne Mills  $25.00
Given in memory of Nate Knospe
kelly  $25.00
keep up your good work
The Family of Monica Lawrence  $50.00
In loving memory of your mother, my Aunt Monica. I remember her as I was growing up, always smiling and cheerful, and she always had a kind encouraging word for her young niece. My thoughts are with you now.
Sage  $100.00
In memory of Sage, the kitty that was always loving and affectionate. We will miss you very much. I hope the puppies survive and get out to great forever homes. You will forever be in my prayers.
Angela Bailey  $100.00
I want to thank Lycoming SPCA for bringing Lincoln into my life in April of 2010. He was known as Sherlock at Lycoming. He was one of the most special dogs I've have ever known. I will forever miss him.
Lucy Kerr  $25.00
In loving memory of Lucy Kerr - a one of a kind and best friend.
Heidi  $25.00
In memory of my best friend Heidi a beautiful Doberman that is missed every day.
Ron Kaussner  $50.00
In memory of Garland, my wonderful golden retriever.
Katie Blunk  $55.00
In memory of my best friend, Ruby, who I adopted from Glasgow Animal shelter in April 2002. She would have been 15 today. Her adoption fee was $55, and it was absolutely the best money I ever spent. Thank you to the shelter, from the bottom of my heart. She was the sweetest soul I have ever known.
Chip and Jan Ross  $50.00
In Memory of Hilda Meyers
Leola M Wallingford  $30.00
To Peggy, We are so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. She's now home with God and your Dad, though, and that is a reason to rejoice. May God be with you and all of your family. Love, Pat and Denny
Kevin Pam Wardlow  $50.00
In memory of Tracey Moore.
Anne Michelbrink  $50.00
In memory of Frances M. Verscha
CJ Haynes Haley Haynes Stevens  $50.00
Thoughts and prayers with the family of Becky Moore. Donation made in honor of her life and memory.
Michael and Barbara Bowser  $25.00
In memory of Barbara Allshouse.
Stanley Susan Scott  $50.00
in Loving Memory of Brenda Jackson wonderful person inside and out she will be greatly missed.
Lane Hoppen  $100.00
In loving memory of my cousin Steve Tilley
Daryl and Shelley Abney  $50.00
In memory of Joshua Abney on his 24th birthday.
Leroy Pete Peterson  $75.00
Our sympathy to Greg and Angie Kaelberer for the loss of her brother - Leroy Pete Peterson. You are in our thoughts. Matt C., Chris, Angie, Matt S., Kevin, Josh, Justin and Kellan.
Leroy Pete Peterson  $75.00
Our sympathy to Greg and Angie Kaelberer for the loss of her brother - Leroy Pete Peterson. You are in our thoughts. Matt C., Chris, Angie, Matt S., Kevin, Josh, Justin and Kellan.
Ariana Almond  $25.00
In loving memory of Riley Stinchfield. He was a terrific companion.
Stephen E Rose  $100.00
In memory of Stephen who was a great man and wonderful friend. Jerry Judy Barry
Josephine Roussos  $25.00
in memory of Josephine . May she rest in peace.
Janet Kimball  $40.00
Happy Birthday Janet!!!
Linda  $50.00
For a animal lover who has gone on to join all of his adopted 4 foots in a better place.
Ronda Ratliff  $100.00
In memory of our loving Jasey. We miss you every day!
Duncan Neuhaus  $25.00
To the Neuhaus Family, Know that Duncan is in puppy heaven with lots of furry friends. Terrie and Lisa
Carl and Jessica Ondrus  $100.00
We would like this donation to be in memory of Kristopher Bacher.
Paula Kennedy  $25.00
Happy Birthday, Paula! Paula adopted her pit-bull Hines from IACC in October, 2013. He hit the rescue jackpot!
SSM HEALTH  $80.00
In memory of Robert Bob Kolb, animal lover. From friends and coworkers of his daughter Chris Billing.
Gary Gammel  $25.00
Edith Ann, In memory of your favorite Chocolate Rose giver! Happy Valentines Day! This gift won't make you gain a pound! Love you! XOXO, Lisa
Worsham College  $125.00
In memory of George B. Mike Dodge.
Maureen Lyall  $50.00
Dear Les - In memory of a wonderful man who will be dearly missed by all the friends he left behind him. We loved you Keith. Maureen and Lyall
Wildlife X Team  $50.00
We are so sorry for your loss. The entire family at Wildlife X Team Mid-South
Megann Magliocco  $30.00
This is for Megann and Lynette for the one hr yoga with kittens on March 8th!
Richard Vern Kofford  $100.00
Rest in peace my friend and know you left the world a better place.
Debbie Custin  $100.00
In loving memory of Mary Bunny Habermeyer. Your Pooh Bear
June McKnight  $25.00
To cherish her memory.
Elan Wasabara  $102.00
Nice work on rescuing our friends in need.
Jo Szczygiel  $20.00
In memory of Chico, best friend of Nina Rizzo. We'll miss you Chico!
Ron Raphael  $25.00
In memory of Janice Cook
Amy Davis  $25.00
In memory of Caroline Jackson, Fort Jennings
Becky  $50.00
In memory of Mary Irene Neuenschwander
Joyce Whitten  $100.00
In loving memory of John Whitten.
JDavis  $100.00
RIP Rosie Kuss. You will be ever loved.
Camille Rogers  $25.00
Mitch, your mother told me that Camille was an animal lover. This donation is in her memory and her love of animals. Sincerely, Kathy White
Betty Hollowell  $40.00
In memory of a true animal lover and good person Betty Hollowell.
Julie and Clare Britko  $50.00
In memory of Doris Zeberl
Ken  $40.00
Happy Birthday!!
Theresa Guerrero  $25.00
In honor of my dog Mitzy, she is a blessing to me everyday, I am glad she found me!
Doug Debbie Snyder  $50.00
In loving memory of our dear friend Harvey McCulley.
Ken and Jackie Capecci  $75.00
This donation is in memory of Helen Hobbs of Wilmington thank you for the wonderful work you do for those so dependent on us humans for their survival! A note of thanks can be sent to Scott and Lisa Hobbs at 4028 Creek Drive Kitty Hawk NC 27949 as this was a request of theirs in lieu of flowers for their beloved GrannyGreat Granny Hobbs.
Miriam Huffstetler Caddell  $50.00
In loving memory of my cousin Miriam. Remembering much laughter as children, many years of service to hundreds of expectant Moms, and a great affection for animals....especially kitty cats. May your memory live forever in the hearts of those you touched. Love, Lynn Huffstetler
Jeanne Martin  $25.00
In memory of a dear friend Arthur Bernier, a wonderful and kind man.
Jane and Steve Barker  $100.00
In loving memory of Lois Anderson.
Anonymous  $50.00
In memory of my aunt, an animal lover who passed away recently.
Lois Anderson  $200.00
In memory of Lois Anderson. Aunt Lois may you rest in peace. Love, Cade
Frances Studdard  $75.00
This modest donation has been made in memory of my aunt Anna Lois Anderson, who left this world too soon. Although life wasn't easy for her, she was a thoughtful, generous, and kind-hearted woman whom I wish I could have known better. My brother and sisters and I will be forever grateful for the memories she shared of our mother, who passed away five years earlier.
Gary Munday  $50.00
In memory of Bruce Hall, Boomer, NC
Nina Williams  $50.00
Prayers and thoughts with your family!
Laura Short  $25.00
Thank you for all you do for our local pets in need. Our goal as a family is to support you on a monthly basis for 2017.
cali deese  $15.00
in loving memory of Cali D.
Dennis Buss  $25.00
In memory of my aunt, Jeanine Reed.
Wm. and Margo Bennett  $25.00
In honor of Jennifer Glaude, a dog's best friend.
Denise Carver  $50.00
This is a Birthday gift to my friend Bobbe Moore
In Honor of Susan Witt  $30.00
In memory of Susan Witt
Dan Kalonick  $200.00
In Memory of a great person, Margret Mysona. You will be deeply missed.
Paul Peigare  $100.00
Donation made in memory of Hugh J. Goodall 011332 - 010117
Evelyn Urquhart and family  $20.00
In memory of Oran Robinsom
Thomas I Green  $5.00
In memory of my dog Kirby.
Burton Vanover Jr.  $100.00
In memory of Greg Vanover's father, Burton Vanover Jr. from Dura-Line Corporation
Kroger Pharmacy  $50.00
May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. Please accept our sincere condolences and donation in memory of Phillip R. Haage of Borger, TX. - Your Kroger Family
Barbara Smith  $50.00
Please acknowledge to Linda and George Bond brother 6460 Strathspey Drive Memphis,TN 38ll9
Jeanne Labozetta  $25.00
In honor of sweet Garfunkle Murphy, sweet kitty of Janet and Frank Murphy.
Bubba  $50.00
In Memory of Bubba
Cathy Batistone  $25.00
Wolfgang  $250.00
Fuzz was an ambassador for dogs. We and his furry sisters miss him every day. Jolie John
Gina Swan Family  $100.00
Here's to the finest hounds, Mutley Max!
Sasha  $100.00
In memory of our dog, Sasha a duck tolling Nova Scotia retriever, whom we adopted from FOFSA at age 6 and lived with us for 10 years.
Aunt Celeste  $250.00
In honor of my Aunt Celeste who taught me to help animals in need!
Diane Hermann  $25.00
In memory of Ron Franzen
Alfred Aleguas  $200.00
I am giving in Memory of Mr. Kitty, and Casey von Doodle. Please use at least half to help in any way, the feral cat colony at Salters Grove on Narragansett Parkway. Thank you and Happy New Year! Fred
Brenda Ziegler  $50.00
In honor of Max who you helped to get a new home! Thank you.
Angela Bailey  $100.00
I adopted Lincoln shelter name Sherlock from your shelter many years ago. I'm thankful to Lycoming every day for bringing Licoln into our family.
Susan Cederbom  $200.00
In memory of Whiddon Taylor- an animal lover!
George Schwerdtman  $100.00
In loving memory of George Schwerdtman. His passion towards helping countless animals over the years will be remembered fondly.
Chokshi  $100.00
In memory of Sajit, Ami, Ravi and Mugan others
gloria myers  $1,000.00
one time donation
Jeff Gatlin  $50.00
To the family and friends of Jeff, we are so sorry for your loss. We are still thinking of you. We'll always remember Jeff for the gifts he had. You're in our prayers. Kip and Sandra
Millie  $200.00
We miss you, Sweet Heart.
Scarlet  $20.00
Scarlet, We wish you a very Happy Life in Heaven. May we see you in the next step of life. Elmer Phyllis
Michael Madere  $25.00
We remember our dear friend, Michael, who loved his beautiful dogs. Gale and Joe
Jim Wang  $100.00
In loving memory of Snowkie
Pete Simms  $25.00
Pete - You will always be in our hearts. Dyan
Penny Williams  $25.00
Gary and Carol
Martha Peer  $100.00
In memory of Martha Peer, a beautiful person who shared her love with her family, friends and pets. God Bless You Martha Donald, Ronald and Kenneth Fuerst and families.
Dave and Kathy Nevois  $50.00
In loving memory of Tom G. Flatley, who loved his pets as if they were his own children.
Annie Cunningham  $40.00
I'm making a donation in the name of my friend Annie Cunningham, who volunteers at Richland County Dog Shelter in Mansfield, Ohio. She cares deeply about the dogs there. P.S. Annie is alive and well. I just didn't know how else to make a one-time donation in her name other than to do a memorial donation.
Sharon Boyd Franklin  $100.00
Merry Christmas
Lipica Eric  $25.00
In Honor of Sandy Amaral - and in memory of her wonderful dogs Max, Corky, and Crystal. Merry Christmas!
Mary Ann Lore  $10.00
In Honor of My Two Rescue Puppies, JJ Willie. May all the beautiful puppies find loving homes.
Mary Ann Lore  $10.00
In Loving Memory of Sam Kasi
Ruby Brooks  $25.00
Ruby Brooks, 10 years old, would like a donation to go to the animal shelter for Christmas!
Kurt Beck  $50.00
Kurt, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Jeanette and Ed
Brookhart Family  $50.00
In honor of the Brookharts, who are animal lovers
Cody and Maverick Bradbury  $30.00
In honor of Cody and Maverick to help care for less fortunate animals who are cared for by Boise Animal Shelter. Merry Christmas!
Carol Perkins  $10,000.00
Remembering my Ray. Got him from Manahawkin Animal Shelter 17 years ago and I still miss him! A pit bull that nobody wanted except me!
Tami Krotje  $50.00
In loving memory of Paul and Janice Krotje and Jollie128054 who loved and saved many, many pets. Love you Mom and Dad 10084
Mary Degrove  $50.00
Given in memory of all of cats and dogs and in honor of my son Russell.
megan mitchell  $45.00
Donation made in the name of Amber McKenzie
Honda Powertrian Spec.  $75.00
In memory of Richard Lee Rick Haynes.
cindy  $30.00
in memory of a loyal pet..LEO... to a loyal friend.... cindy
Kristin Bland  $100.00
In memory of Raven who passed Sept 2016 and lived to age of 11yrs which is exceptional for a Giant Schnauzer
The Walt Carter Lyons Family  $100.00
In honor all pets. Should they always know love and happines.
Teresa A. Schroerluke  $750.00
Cinnamon, Streaker, Baby Girl - you were all great pets and are remembered all the time!
Kim Rossi  $20.00
This donation is made in memory of Allie kitty who was a dear kitty and friend to my boss Loril Chandler. Allie will live on forever in our hearts!
Frank O'Halloran  $50.00
In memory of our good friend, Irvin Burley, called home by God on Friday, December 16, 2016. Gods' blessings, Irvin, Connie Frank
Le Belle Momesso  $150.00
To our beautiful, inspiring and generous friends and sisters Luciana, Lena and Isabella whose love for animals know no bounds. Thank you so much for having us in your heart. Love Betti and Jennifer
Mariah Heller  $20.00
Happy Holidays!
The Les Boudoirs Girls  $120.00
Merry Christmas! Mary Bob, In honor of your generosity, we have donated to the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter in your name. Thank you for your love and generosity towards the Les Boudoirs team! Warmly, Cindy, Megan, Cheryl, Kim
Dewey and Linda Whitson  $20.00
Merry Christmas
Chris Galvan  $60.00
Thank you for all you do for the animals!!! Happy Holidays, The Galvan's
Raymond H. Blumel Jr.  $50.00
In memory of my dear brother, Thomas Blumel.
Maximus  $500.00
Love you and miss you Maximus
Rob and Christa Williamson  $100.00
In Memory of Brodie and Ellie Williamson. We will miss you always!
James and Leslie Mieloch  $30.00
In loving memory of Elliss and Luther....always in our hearts.
Cathy Inscore  $25.00
This is a donation in the name of Janie Ramstorf. Thank you for all you do! [email protected]
Noreen and Brian Lawlor  $25.00
In memory of Thomas Pullan
Rachael G.  $20.00
In memory of all of the dogs and cats who were not able to find their forever homes.
Diana Robbins Smith  $50.00
This donation is being made in the name of Disa DeLauro for her love of animals and her continued efforts to help bring awareness to animal abuse.
Deb Blackmar  $20.00
In memory of Luke DiSalvo and condolences to his Mom Robin Turner and Brothers Matthew and Zachary. Peace and prayers, Debbie
Phar  $250.00
To my daughters best friend for 20 years!!!
Robert J Bain, Jr  $100.00
Deepest sympathy on your loss. Matthew Coppola, III and family.
Rebecca Norris  $46.77
To Jess with love
Jaina M Ziegler  $15.00
In memory of my Aunt Carol and her love for her black labs. May you be at peace and know that I love you forever.
Kim Harmon  $100.00
In loving memory of my sweet girl, Mocha 32402 - 42015.
Navin  $50.00
In memory of NAVIN, a chocolate lab Send acknowledgement to Eddie Haas 3145 Alice Batesville, AR 72501
Stoli  $50.00
In memory of our Stoli
Jean Deissinger  $25.00
In memory of Jean Deissinger to help the animals in your care.
Cheryl Houde  $50.00
In memory of Kim Oakes who has gone to a paradise filled with furbabies.
JJ Ewart  $50.00
In continuing gratitude for adopting CoCoJo who turned 13 years young and supporting that all cats and dogs find forever loving homes.
Catriona Rowbotham  $500.00
This donation is in memory of my brother Ian Gatheral, who so sadly recently died. Thank you for taking care of his dogs, which were his biggest love and comfort after his wife passed away last year. I believe he would have wanted a donation to you rather than anything else.
Bill Kathy Calligan  $50.00
Archie was received from OOTS many years ago and lived 16 years. The police brought him to you with frost bitten ears. He is the BEST cat we ever had. He has long since passed away but we will never forget him.
Mark Gloria McDuffy  $25.00
In memory of Max Scott of Fairfield, IL
Debbie Torrance  $100.00
This is in honor of my cousin CORKEY Kimber Miller. She works tirelessly there in Sevierville and around the country to advocate for the animals who have no voice. You are an inspiration to many and we love you for that. In this time of need because of the horrific forest fires, we hope that the animals are all safe and being cared for.
Anonymous  $50.00
In memory of Jeff James. You will be missed brother. Go Gators!
Sandra L Spiller  $25.00
In memory of Maureen Rock from Nat Sandy Spiller
Ethyl  $40.00
Ethyl. You were my first cat and most beloved. I loved your short tiny Manx tail and your long hind legs. My, how you loved to swat at bugs! May you RIP, sweet Ethyl!
Bob Gandert  $100.00
In Memory of my Man Gus. He was just a Dude, but what Love he had for so many people.
Donna Hands  $30.00
In memory of Donna Hands and a Thank You to Walker County Animal Shelter for being there for a friend.
Linda Morgan  $10.00
Bless all of our homeless animals. Thank you for caring.
Susan Cory  $50.00
This donation is made in honor of my sweet granddaughter who is tender and loving to every cat dog she meets.
Pat and Sherri Riley  $150.00
Sorry we can't make Paws to Taste. Love Chalan!!! Keep up the great work for our Dogie's and Kitty's
Susan and Al  $50.00
There can never be too much love for dogs. In memory of Salty and Teddy.
anonymous  $6.00
To help the animals
family of erin ford  $25.00
ford family 23 birch st no quincy, ma with love from janet golden family and ralph grande family
Jen and Russ Decker Family  $50.00
In memory of Cherie K. Leary and Harry Decker
robert moran  $10.00
In memory of Ginger and Maxx.
Betty Cornwell  $50.00
In memory of Lori Thompson who recently departed leaving several dogs and cats missing their Mommy.
cal miller  $50.00
thank you for all your hard work
Winnie  $100.00
I miss you.
Karen  $5.00
We miss you Chloe. In your memory we hope our monthly donation will help animals have a chance at a good life like you had.
lori holland  $10.00
Pledge for Kitty A1093133 to Anarchy Animal Shelter
Diane Banks Flo Wyers  $200.00
This donation to Guardian Angels Cat Rescue is made in memory of Sylvia Anthony with love and sympathy to her entire family. We wanted to donate to a cause she passionately supported. Even in her death she will be championing the care of unfortunate cats who find themselves homeless. Lots of love, Diane and Flo
Pattie Davidson  $20.00
In honor of George Davidson and Juliette Willis
james.nunez  $25.00
in memeory of my mean shorty -max loved him
Cathy Lenz  $25.00
In memory of Jean Robinson.
Pete  $100.00
I miss you little guy! I hope this helps others find someone like you!
Dorothea Barnes  $25.00
In memory of my loving brother, Gene Richard Wood who passed away November 14, 2016. He loved animals and had a dog who was his best Buddy. Please notify his wife, Pat Wood, 1312 Scottsdale Dr, Bel Air, MD 21015, of this donation. Thank you
Chloe Steinhoff  $25.00
Please send a notification of this gift in memory of Chloe to Dennis Steinhoff, 4535 Scenic Drive, Rockford, IL 61109-4042 Thank you Kathy DeLaura and Ron Steinhoff [email protected]
Linda and Marty  $6.00
Donate often to help save and secure a happy and safe life of a pet. We are blessed with a stray and other animals deserve the same opportunity.
The family of Mary Beth  $150.00
To Carol and Mom, We couldn't send white cake, You'll have to settle for angel food. May you both laugh like crazy in peace. Carol, Mary Beth's kids made a donation in your name to the Lawton Animal Shelter.
Paul Weigand  $50.00
With sweet memories of Paul Weigand. What a wonderful soul. The world is a better place because of him. Our deepest sympathies. The Widuck family
LaDonna Parker  $20.00
This donation is being given in memory of Denise Oxenford.
Lisette Kingma  $25.00
In memory of Bette Jo McClintock.
Nancy Hopper  $25.00
In honor of Precious who is celebrating her 14th birthday.
Virginia Currie  $30.00
This donation is in the name of our granddaughter, Katherine Currie, who requested as s Christmas gift a donation be made to the Hopkinton Humane Society.
To Kevin and Diana from Beth and Stan  $25.00
In memory of your sweet Ginger so that her memory helps other pups . Much love friends and so sorry for your loss
rex farmer  $100.00
This donation is for Bruce Lory on his 60th birthday!
Charles Lori Schwalenberg  $50.00
In memory of Verabelle Dworshok who passed away with her family by her side. One of her wishes was that donations be made to an animal shelter. May this help homeless animals in a tangible way.
Paul Tramo  $100.00
This is in memory of Eddie Carto Jr. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed's parents back in August and was amazed at their kindness and generosity. They told me their son loved animals and when I tried to reward their kindness, asked me to donate to LEHAR. Although it took me a while, I am happy to do it. I never had the pleasure of meeting you Eddie but I know your parents are good people.
Dan Reifsteck  $80.00
Today and always, may loving memories bring you peace, comfort, and strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love...Fifth Grade Team-Rainbow Elementary
William Davis  $50.00
In memory of Stanley Pazden Please send notice to Robert Pazden 397 Rutherford Boulevard Clifton, NJ 07014
Don AJ Silseth  $120.00
To the memory of Clark. You were the best!
Kimberly Bolt  $7.00
We love you Meow Mix, Love, Timothy and Kimberly
Athletico Physical Therapy  $100.00
In loving memory of Dana Reifsteck. Our condolences to his family at this difficult time.
Harris family  $60.00
In memory of our Uncle Al who loved his rescue cat. Buddy will miss you.
Carol Merges  $200.00
in Memory of Juliet, this donation is to be used for all the displaced and lost animals from Hurricane Matthew.
cristina thompson  $12.00
Thanks for helping ..the cats and dogs Cristina
Kristeen Kohrs  $25.00
Giving my year end donation a little early in line with the Microsoft Giving campaign.
anonymous  $20.00
In memory of Pippa M. Such a sweet dog!
The Kennedy Family  $100.00
In Memory of one of the most passionate animal lovers ever, Catherine Dees. She loved and was loved by our sister, Shella and we are so thankful to have known her. Rest in peace, Catherine with all your furry angels!
In Memory of Dusti  $25.00
Thanks for being my neighbor and friend for the last 17 years Dusti! I miss you every day!
Leah Reissig Paul Rodak  $20.00
In Memory of Laura Jane Hess, may you rest in peace and those who knew you take joy from their memories.
Lous J. Ponte  $25.00
Laura, thinking of you. Love LDSC
Ken, Dave, Diana Jim Dunham  $50.00
In memory of Peggy Shahan.
Coco and Zoe Peterson  $100.00
In memory of my babies that Last Hope adopted to great homes. I was unable to care for them due to travel. I miss them every day, but I know they are happy and cared for. I cannot thank you enough for making this difficult decision more positive. I have so much respect for this organization. Thank you, Stacy Peterson
Max and Lisa Steel  $25.00
In memory of Nova
Lindsey  $25.00
In memory of Luke Knott 3
Bridgette Delgman-Yawberry  $25.00
In Memory of Virginia L. Vincent
Brooke Bergman  $20.00
In honor of Lili's birthday instead of gifts.
Molly Bedker Bryant  $125.00
Dear Patty, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep your memories close as you navigate the time ahead they and your faith will be your source of strength. Thompson School of Applied Science Faculty Staff
Donald Eugene Smith  $50.00
In memory of a wonderful man. He and Seymour were a great pair. Casey and Becky Kroll
ROB PARISH  $25.00
Doug Kathy  $100.00
In memory of Camela Trinkaus
Ron Callahan  $75.00
Advanced Mobile Diagnostics
Thomas Lyonfields  $300.00
Hope this will help get the furnace fixed!
Obi Patel  $50.00
Jay, Just wanted to let you know that we are really sorry about Obi. Mike and Gabi Lingenfelter
Pasquale Zito  $125.00
In Memory of Pasquale Zito, Thinking of you always. Lori, Janel, Keith, Celeste and Chrissy.
Valerie Pulido  $100.00
In honor and loving memory of my cousin, Kathleen Ruth Downey, who was devoted to caring for all animals. We miss her dearly.
Sly Nussbaum  $50.00
Sly you will be dearly missed. Have fun with Dicey and Pugzie! Freckles Wilbur and Nancy Darryl
Gladys Elwood  $50.00
In memory of her efforts to benefit animal welfare. With sympathy, Jorge and Janet Kattah
Kent Bell  $10.00
Thank you!
Marsha Jordan  $25.00
In Memory of Lynne Francis.
In Memory of Melissa Pelzer  $35.00
Today on the saddest of days for you and your family we think of you and pray for comfort and peace for all who will miss you deeply until the end of their days. Love Patricia, Mike, Abby, Ben, Shelby
John Sargent - Sargent Lock and Safe  $20.00
In memory of Oscar.
Anna VitelliPNC Wealth Management  $100.00
In memory of Sherwood Shreaves. Cindy we are so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in the memories of better times. - your PNC Family.
Donna Sanders  $50.00
From friends and family
Sharon Butterfield  $20.00
In memory of Sharon her dog Boo!
Janet Geehring  $200.00
To the Geehring family, In loving memory of Mrs. Janet Geehring. Donations were given in her honor. Lori, Terry and Josephine Kois, Lorie Widdup, Renee Bosco, Erin Erjavek, Becky Filitsky, Laura Mohr, Stene Cristini, Tracey Moss, Deb Loveday, Kristi Rosanto, Karen Patterson, Sam Ocker, Courtney Orndoff, Tina St.Clair, Mike Smith, Tiffany Pauley, Joni Kennedy.
Christine DeArmond  $75.00
In memory of my cousin Christine who loved all animals.
Jane Herrington  $50.00
Janet and family, So sorry for your loss. I'm sure she's having a nice visit with Aunt Mary! Love, Laureen
Deborah Vaters  $50.00
A donation to the rescue babies in memory of our wonderful friendship and your beautiful birthday! Happy Birthday! Love, Cheri
Martha Strickland  $50.00
In memory of my babies, Buffy, Ben, Hillary and Boots. The best Poms and tabby cat anyone could have.
Kate and Michael Miciak  $25.00
In Memory of Pugsley Strutz, The Mayor of Santa Moncia.
Melanie Pauls  $25.00
In Memory of Mandy Noelck
Randy Karen Krans  $50.00
In memory of Mrs. Gladys Elwood who is now smiling down on each of us.
Lorelee F.  $20.00
In memory of Anita Price and her kitty Belle
Kirby Schwartzbauer  $25.00
Thinking of you in the loss of your cat.
Alan A Yousten  $100.00
To honor his wishes and his memory, Alan A. Yousten of Blacksburg, VA. Sincerely, his cousins from Wisconsin Charles Standiford, Sue Lumia, Sheila and Charles Wittkowski, Marcia Standiford and Ken Ferencek.
Caitlin, Morgan, Samuel, Maeve and Miceal  $120.00
In memory of Peter David Munroe son, brother, uncle and friend to many. We will miss you.
Patricia Cooney Miller  $20.00
In Loving Memory of Michael Levesque
Crosby Jenkins  $20.00
You were a wonderful friend, Crosby. We will miss you. Love, Anne Bonnie and family
Charles Annette Castle  $50.00
This donation is in loving memory of our Uncle John P Klipstine of Valparaiso, In. Who always loved his Scottish Terriers.
Mary Rose Smith  $30.00
In loving memory of my cat Precious.
Guy  $25.00
I have three cats that I can no longer take care of. Please take them in and find them a good home.
Patricia Morrow  $50.00
In Memory of Jerry Palmisano beloved husband of Kathy and Father on Bianca and Dana.
Futamura USA  $100.00
Donated in the loving memory of Amanda Kendall Barbee
Pat Williamson  $200.00
In Memory of Misty Girl who hopes all the flood victims pets are returned to them.
Carol Sapp  $100.00
In Memory of Craig Robert Lawson Our Condolences, Bob Carol Sapp Jim Debbie Condrat
Tom Lawrence  $50.00
A donation has been made in honor of Leslie Carla Johnson. She loved people, animals and nature. RIP cousin Tom
Pat George Roth  $50.00
In loving Memory of Barbara Lowe, mother of Lana Johnston
Jennifer Carnahan Pierotti  $50.00
Donation in memory of Jennifer Eaton. A bright light in many lives and gone too soon. We will meet miss you.
Michael William Shields  $300.00
Maxwell Library mourns the loss of Michael William Shields and in honor of his memory hopes this tribute will comfort Mr. Shields' family and friends.
Anne Richardson  $50.00
In loving memory of Jennifer Eaton. She loved and helped many animals, she'd rather save a life than have dying flowers purchased any day! -Love ya gal, Anne Big 'O' Richardson
James Nelson  $100.00
I am so sorry for your loss and pray for your comfort. Kay O'Neal
Dave Kay Smith  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Jeffery Riedel. May he rest in peace. And with time, may his family and friends find comfort in their memories of Jeff, and doing with him the things he loved.
Toni Van Burkleo  $50.00
This donation is being made in memory of Dorothy Duszik for use at the Longview, Texas Animal Shelter. Please acknowledge this donation to the family of Dorothy Duszik. Thank you, Toni Van Burkleo 301 Bellagio Dr. Lakeway, TX 78734
Preston Countryman  $200.00
In memory of Janet Andri. A great gal pal , mother and co-worker.
Unger  $25.00
In memory of Eugene C. Unger. He loved his dogs dearly and took much comfort in their companionship.
Christopher Ruta  $100.00
We send this donation in the name of Richard Carlsen with all our love. Chris and Jennifer Ruta
Evelyn and Rudi Pizzi  $25.00
In memory of John Bob McCarthy
Tami and family  $15.00
In loving memory of Misty. Thinking of you. Love, Evamarie and Murphy
Greg Shirilla  $50.00
In loving memory of Liz Kenney. Cuz animals are better than flowers. R.I.P. Aunt Liz. XOXO
janet valdastri  $50.00
RIP Ralph Phillips. You very much loved by many many people
Mr. Ms. Gaetano R Balestra  $25.00
In memory of, Bert B Pearce. A good friend. R.I.P.
Katy Mcmillen and Family  $50.00
In loving memory of Ann S. Ashby who loved her pets.
Alicia Coon  $50.00
In memory of Janis Giese. We love and miss you, Santa Rosa County Music Teachers
Alicia Coon  $50.00
In memory of Janis Giese. We love and miss you, Santa Rosa County Music Teachers
Pamela Crouch family  $100.00
In memory of Pamela Crouch. Sorry for your family's loss. Thinking of you. David and Laurie Rosi and family
JoAnn Gardella  $18.00
Paid for Magnetic Ribbons. Thank you for all you do!!
Warren Billie Bailey  $75.00
In Memory of Stanley Keith Carroll, our brother-in-law who rescued Boots, Tiger, and lastly Smoke.
Paula Greg Burkot  $25.00
In Memory of Trevor Woodward. Please send an acknowledgement to his parents, Doug Jill Woodward of Madison. Thanks,
linda taylor  $225.00
Donation for Monty.
Bob Chuick Family  $50.00
In memory of Bob Chuick. We are sorry for your loss and will keep your family in our prayers. - your ERMI Family
Henry L Chang  $20.00
Put them in good use.
Lucas Darnell  $20.00
Happy birthday!
Fernando  $20.00
Animals life will continue long before we go preserving them will makes us better at preserving our own identity of human race and an ongoing Jem
John Fedor  $50.00
In memory of Kevin Koenegstein
Barbara Lynn Scheffler Morisse  $50.00
This donation is made in memory of Mrs. Barbara Morisse. She loved her animals. We would run into her when she was walking the dogs outside my parents house and visit on occassion. We've missed seeing her I was so sad to hear she passed. JR Bridgett Norris Angleton, Texas
Karen Alfonso  $50.00
In memory of James Landino and his beloved dog Luna.
Raeann Rogers  $25.00
In memory of Donna Brown
Stacy Sommers  $50.00
In loving Memory of Stacy Sommers, a lover of animals, she always gave her heart to a little one in need. Love, Susan Rich Van Buskirk boys
Karen A Dutz  $35.00
In loving memory of Charlie Wilderspin.
Ardie Oman  $50.00
Kelley, Your Mom was very special to The Rockin' Red Ranchers so we want to donate in her name to Operation Kindness of Carrolton, Texas. She will be missed! Fondly, The Rockin' Red Ranchers
Wanda Fowler  $100.00
For all the flood victims
Karen and Ken Spanton  $100.00
In memory of our friend Ron Harter of Vancouver, Washington.
Donald H. Cartwright  $25.00
In memory of Mr.Donald H. Cartwright, from the Randolph High School Sunshine Fund
In Memory of Tai Cook  $100.00
Our thoughts are with you and your family and friends on this day of loss and memory. With our deepest respects, Amy, Rohnn, Laura, Susie, Karissa, Tony, and Mona - Joan's cohort. OLLU
Michael Matalucci  $50.00
In memory of Michael Matalucci, who loved his family, his friends and his cats, all of whom loved him and miss him already.
Rocco Montana  $50.00
Dear Montana Family, We are deeply saddened by your loss. Our thoughts and hearts are with you. Sincerely, Keith, Kim, and Connor Corzine
Linda Jim  $25.00
In memory of Pumpkin, a wonderful kitty companion.
Sharon Pfeiffer  $25.00
There was no other way to make a one time donation. Thanks for caring for them.I'
crow  $24.00
thank you so much for sending Jessica out to rescue the crow who couldn't fly. she was wonderful and informed me that the crow would go to the wildlife center in calabasas. thank you for your wonderful work!!!
Ed and Liz Coulbourn  $25.00
A donation to the animal shelter has been made in the memory of Mabel Tarkington's life. We know the void created by having lost your mother, Penny will not ever be filled .......Ed and I are thinking of you guys.
Douglas Beach  $65.00
Donation made in memory of John Duncan Brophy of Antigonish Nova Scotia Canada who passed away 23 May 2016. C.L. Curry Funeral Services. Florence, Douglas and Deborah Beach Dartmouth NS.
Jeanne Irvin  $25.00
613 Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I couldn't think of a better friend to animals than you.
Donna Jacobson  $25.00
In Memory of Barbara Crawford from Betty Clark Snyder, Rhonda Clark White and Donna Clark Jacobson
Mr. George Frank Chatham  $50.00
Prayers and sympathy for the family of Mr. George Frank Chatham- Mrs. Chatham, Skyla, and all the family. Love, Adele Phillips
Mr. George Frank Chatham  $50.00
Prayers and sympathy for the family of Mr. George Frank Chatham- Mrs. Chatham, Skyla, and all the family. Love, Adele Phillips
Jack Cumbow  $20.00
In memory of Jack Cumbow animal lover!!
Courtney Lynn Blooding  $25.00
In loving memory of a talented and beautiful young woman who brought sunshine into everyone's life.
Nancy DeTemple  $100.00
May the sun always be in your face. With Love Dave, Joann and the girls.
Jonathan Edwards  $30.00
With all our love to Beverly Edwards family, Cheryl Cagle and Miriam Gilberg. We are so sorry for your loss.
Christina Ramsey  $25.00
In Memory of Mrs. Beryl Bonehill - devoted to care of the elderly and a heart for animals.
Gerald Gillette and Lee Eltzroth  $100.00
In memory of Jonathan G Edwards and his fondness for animals.
Frank Bobbi Bremer  $50.00
To celebrate the marriage of Jackie Bichsel and Tom Memminger in Taos, New Mexico on May 20, 2016 a donation has been made to help care for homeless animals.
Winburn Wealth Management  $25.00
This donation was made in honor of Carol Burris. Happy Birthday Carol! From the Winburn Wealth Management Team.
David Thomas  $20.00
To the Thomas Family... Praying for all of you in this time of loss. May the God of comfort surround and provide grace to help in this time. We hope this gift in his memory honors him and his memory. Duane Moore
Karen McCarthy  $60.00
In memory of Sherry Bradbury.
Keith, Sandy, Lindsay, Austin Mocha  $100.00
In memory of our dear Uncle Ben Nagatani, who shared a great love of animals, especially his many cats and dogs.
Leo Rose Marie Montano  $50.00
In memory of Marla Amos
Dave Lynn Will  $50.00
In memory of Malcolm Bauer with loving thoughts of his brother Jim family, sister Irene and family and wife Shirley, daughters and all family.
Duke of Lydia Mountain  $25.00
In memory of Duke at Lydia Mountain, Va.
Joseph Richardson  $60.00
In Memory of Larry Richardson
Mount Holly Faculty and Staff  $50.00
In memory of Cindy Guyton's mother in law, Helen Guyton.
Rick and Joy  $50.00
In memory of Lily.
Richard Horwich  $25.00
In memory of Richard Horwich
Kim Wilson  $6.00
In memory of Joyce Sayford, who taught me to adopt unwanted and abandoned animals into our family.
Barbara Green  $75.00
In memory of Mary Ann Messere
Missy Timmons  $25.00
In memory of Barbara Dawson, a loving friend and animal enthusiast. I am praying of you, Judi, and cherish your friendship. We are blessed to have loved and been loved by two very special ladies. With love, Missy
David and Melissa Lister  $100.00
In memory of Billy Pittman
Vicki Cardwell Hill  $50.00
In memory of Billy Yarberry.
Jon and Carol Froehlic  $25.00
The donation has been made in memory of James Russell who passed away on Saturday April 16, 2016. Jim loved dogs and was especially fond of his dog Bear!
Robin Johnson and Angela BriggsGalena, Oh  $100.00
In memory of Shelby Grabor We train with her brother Stephen and we know that if she's anything like him, she was a beautiful and kind person. We appreciate her love for animals. Our deepest sympathy and prayers with you at this very sad time.
Jim Scott  $50.00
Please accept this donation in memory of Ms. Annie Waters who recently passed. Ms. Waters loved animals and was especially fond of dogs. She was 96 years of age at the time of hear passing. Ms. Waters was the mother Debbie Scott who is one of your volunteers. Jim Scott, RN
Anne and Susan  $12.00
Prayers for all of the unwanted animals that they find a loving home.
Sharon Howell  $20.00
The Sparky fund
Mary, Jeff, and Kathryn Gossman  $50.00
In memory of Hilda Stotts.
Dan and Vicki Magnussen  $100.00
In memory of Hilda Stotts
Tom McLaflin  $30.00
Tom, you will be missed buddy! Mike and Brenda Bailey
Laredo Critters  $10.00
Laredo Critters
Jim Sicimeier  $25.00
In memory of Milo and Max, my companions through thick and thin. They both passed on the last two years but are always by my side in my thoughts.
Barbara Halasz  $20.00
In memory of Jeanne Koren
DDW  $50.00
Donated in memory of Janis Whitmire who departed for Heaven on April 1, 2016 to join her waiting husband, Jerome Whitmire. They spent many years together in West Harrison, In. Janis spent a lifetime giving loving help to down-on-their-luck stray animals. Given by her San Antonio, Texas, Whitmire inlaws and nephews.
Alex and Ali Perez  $100.00
Congratulations Newlyweds!! your Care and Love of animals is unmatched Blessings Always Love Sam and Rose Peres
Mary Phillips  $25.00
In Memory of Paula Peterson.
To Honor the Life of Diana Bonano.
Bill and Toni Gwinner  $100.00
In loving memory of our niece, Angela Swartz Vohs.
Sioban McCoy Kimberly Grose  $75.00
In honor of the marriage of Margaret McGehee and Anne Owens. Wishing you many years of happiness!
Bernie and Karen Gunya  $30.00
In memory of Terri S. Treadway, a kind and extreme friend of dogs.
Sylvia Ehinger  $25.00
This is in memory of our very dear and special pet Gus. We miss you.
Vickie Cash Warren  $25.00
This donation is in memory of my aunt, Dorothy J. Dailey
Peggy Augustus  $50.00
This donation is made in memory of Serena Wiley
Jenna Elise Martin  $50.00
Keep all memories close. Thinking of you and your family, from Shellie and Bill Straub.
Albert Miller  $100.00
Helping our all loving friends.
Signature k9 Training JimCharlene Akenhead  $50.00
In memory of Rebecca Park
Don Hegge  $5.00
In memory of his love for animals...
Judy Douglas  $50.00
In Memory of Daniel Riser
Patricia Byron  $25.00
In fond memory of a lovely lady, fantastic friend, mother, and wife...our dear Patty Byron. With love and blessings, Fondly, Carol and Herb Hood
Diana  $12.00
Please spay neuter your animals. There are so many that need help. Rescue instead of purchase.
Dixie Manley  $100.00
Could you please send a note to Dixie's mom Mrs. Mindy Manley 151 Quail Run Drive Defiance , Missouri 63341
Anna Lois Ham  $50.00
In memory of my beautiful lifelong friend, Alice Perry Smith
Loreen Cunningham  $20.00
This is a very small THANK YOU for finding my dear friend William Williams the dog of his dreams. Jax the Vizsla has found a most wonderful home!
Larry Judy  $50.00
In memory of Grace R. Sallee
David Rainwater  $100.00
In memory of Texas Ranger John W. Dendy Respectfully, David Sandra Rainwater
Julia's birthday  $15.00
Thank you for giving us the idea to donate instead of buying a birthday present. Happy birthday Julia! Love, Hannah
Chris Franek  $25.00
Donation made in loving memory of Constanse Schultz
Jere Cadoret  $250.00
In memory of our much loved brother-in-law, uncle and great-uncle, Jere Cadoret, a gentle man with a soft spot for stray animals. From Dan, Linda, Anna, Carrie and Xavier.
Paul Chris Biltimier donors  $50.00
In memory of Michael E. Price Please send an acknowledgment to Dawn Daubenspeck, 7302 Thimbleberry, Avon, IN 46123
Ruth Stelzer  $25.00
In memory of Ruth Stelzer and her love of dogs!
S.Miller  $20.00
In loving memory of Kathleen Dorman Richardson, a devoted pet rescuer.
Maureen Emond  $100.00
In memory of Robert E. Dauley.
Shana Katz  $25.00
In memory of Kate Mara 1987-2016 Rest in Peace
Craig Julie Maxwell, Atlanta GA  $100.00
Please accept this donation in loving memory of Marjorie Noll, loving mom to Lisa Noll Maxwell and her grand children and long time family pets. We will miss your never ending kindness, Love, The Maxwell's from Atlanta!
William A Zoran  $40.00
With love from the Colognesi Family
Connie Matt Sullivan  $75.00
In memory of Betty Hurst
Cheryl and Tom Wright  $10.00
In memory of our uncle, Norman Clendenen
Linda Robertson  $25.00
It has been a long time since I saw Linda, but the time I knew her she was a kind and loving person. I knew she and her Father while working @the Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown.
Aunt Pat  $25.00
Janice Greg, Susan left far too soon and you will miss her forever. Remember all the good times and smile when you hear her name. xoxo
Patricia Lucciola  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Patricia Lucciola an avid animal lover who adopted many rescued animal. Rest in Peace lovely lady.
Marian Klinkoski  $100.00
In honor and memory of Marian Klinkoski Shelby and Russell Livingston
WJMC Executive Office Staff  $50.00
Our donation is being made in memory of Brian Allen Shepler from Marrero, LA. Brian was a Paramedic at West Jefferson Medical Center and passed away in the line of duty. He was an animal lover who adopted three rescue dogs and one cat.
Missy Mamasita Gurney  $10.00
In loving memory of the best dog ever! XOXO
Jenn Rick Hiller  $50.00
In Memory of John E. Williams II
Cindy Seabright  $50.00
This is in memory of my Lola who I miss very much. Bless you in taking care of these animals. Cindy
Joey and Holly Savorgnan  $50.00
In loving memory of Jackson. He was such a loving, fluffy, scaredy cat dog! We miss you Jack! 1008465039
Eddie Andrew Colvin  $20.00
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.......Alex Carr......RIP
Eddie Andrew Colvin  $20.00
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.......
Edna Santiago  $20.00
In memory of my baby for 12 years Rascal ...
Kelly Mercer Huges  $100.00
Sorry for your loss, Doug and Eileen.
Beaker Snow  $60.00
Tom and Kay, We love you! We will all miss Beaker! Love, Martha, Brenda and Greg
Jim Beckie Hart  $55.00
In loving memory of a special animal companion, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Lucy. She was a star retriever and an honor to her breed. She was, as well, a loving and loyal companion to our family. We were so lucky to have had her in our lives for over 15 years,
Cliff and Gisele Corrie  $50.00
In memory of Roy James, may you rest in peace.
John R Cline  $100.00
Dad always said that we were the humane society of Mexico back in the day...we brought home lots of strays or they just showed up at our house. We fixed them up and kept so many. He is gone now and will be greatly missed.
Patricia McGrath  $30.00
This donation is in memory of a very special young man, Henry Hubbard, who's life ended far too soon.
Nita Guilliams  $30.00
In memory of Margaret Thomas
Sargent Lock Safe  $10.00
thank you Sargent Lock Safe for your wonderful service and for keeping me safe. best wishes, martha pellegrino
Shannon and Howie Elsenpeter  $50.00
In memory of Pete Collier.
Tracey and Todd Bissell  $50.00
In Memory of Jenny Ryan Safe travels to Rainbow Bridge sweet girl.
The LaPerre Family  $50.00
In memory of Clowe Wright Lashley and her love of her pets, Bella and Red Dog. The LaPerre Family
Carolyn Bennett  $75.00
In memory of Lauren Rush. A wonderful friend and family memory to Jeanne Rush.
Nancy Kinsey  $25.00
In memory of Stephanie Tourtelot, a devoted friend to people and cats.
Family of Thomas Braun  $10.00
So sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you Jeri. Al And Bonnie Gagnon
David Merchant  $100.00
In memory of a thoughtful and generous man - who gave to others as a way of life. Lore, Glenn, Ben, Millie, and Allie - we loved him dearly.
pat johnson  $50.00
In memory of a greatly loved cat B.C. owner Dan
Abigail Bartay  $20.00
Happy Birthday sweet granddaughter
Kathy Miller  $25.00
In memory of our good friend, and fond friend to all animals, she will be sadly missed by us and her dear four-legged pooches, Belle and Cody, now residing in Wolfeboro NH.
Pam Steuben  $100.00
In memory of Spencer Click
Manon Rich  $25.00
In memory of our dear friend Nancy Aneyci ~
Marianne Rowe  $25.00
Thank you for all you do!
Rob and Patty Porter  $100.00
A gift for our strays and pets-to-be in memory of dear friend Dr. Mary Eubank-Hamilton of Chapel Hill, NC.
Philip A. Zaffere  $100.00
This memorial gift is being made to celebrate the life of Philip Zaffere and his love for animals.
Mike Rhonda Mitrisin  $30.00
In loving memory of Betty Amber from Mike $ Rhonda Mitrisin.
Tami Johnson  $10.00
A donation made in loving memory of my friend, Deb Krisak.
Iva Woodward  $40.00
In memory of Iva Woodward from Bob and Evelyn Harman
Roscoe Strong  $50.00
Merry Christmas. Love Monica and Peter
Sean and Terry Vahey  $450.00
San Luis Obispo County Animals Requesting Friends PO Box 3760 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 805-781-4413
Janet S. Davis  $25.00
In memory of my darling little dachshund, Minnie, whom I loved and still love dearly and lost to cancer at the young age of 4 a year ago. You are terribly missed.
William Mary Seaby  $100.00
This donation is in memory of Cecil Cutright, 88, a veteran and long time resident of Reedsville, Preston County, West Virginia. Cutty passed on December 29, 2015.
Dave J  $20.00
would like to donate more per month via PayPal. Have not forgotten the pups kitties that need homes, wish I could take you all in ! You all are in my heart prayers !
Finnegan  $50.00
The greatest companion
Tucker  $50.00
In memory of Tucker, our faithful, loving, and missed companion. May you be in Heaven having the time of your life.
Baby  $100.00
In memory of Baby and all the love and comfort she gave me.
Michael Elrod  $1,000.00
Madeline  $500.00
In memory of my friend and family member Madeline who passed in October, 2015 at the age of 15 Years and 9 Months.
Richard J. Kihn  $25.00
From, Me RJ to all our four leg id friends.
Linda Berardi  $25.00
My donation is in memory of Buddy my cat who passed this year. My husband and I have rescued many strays over the years. Buddy was an incredible cat, the love of my life.
ji mcc  $100.00
i think paypal is a ripoff and your webmaster needs therapy. what do you mean numeric is 100.00 numeric No, the webmaster needs a brain transplant
Lily  $20.00
We love and miss you My silver girl ! Always!
Keri Heil  $50.00
In Loving Memory of John Marilla.
Anonymous  $50.00
In memory of Karen Carlsen.
Ruby  $100.00
To honor beautiful Ruby, forever endearing, faithful, loving and patient companion. Dearly loved, deeply missed, in our hearts forever.
Kerry Chelette  $200.00
In memory of my sweet Sydney who came to me off the street and I loved her and she loved me. What a special friend I had and will miss her always. I have 2 more rescues and they now have my heart.
Bo and Steve Torno  $100.00
This donation is being made in your name. Not for any loss but to prevent pets having to loose their lives. Merry Christmas Hugs Carol Lowell aka Mom and Dad.
J Moreau  $50.00
In Memory of Biggie Daniels
Paul Goodwin  $60.00
This is not in Memory of but in Honor of, can you fix that so that is is a Christmas Gift for Barbara Tolstrup If so, please send confirmation and message Should Read Merry Christmas Mom, Love Paul Dale Thank You
The Sturms  $50.00
In memory of Grace Long, a lovely lady and wonderful neighbor!
Sandra Hallback  $100.00
Merry Christmas from the Gilchrist and Holter Families.
Lexi and Bo Haislip  $30.00
Donation in honor of the Haislip family and their adoption of Bo, a new companion to Lexi.
Zac Laughlin  $75.00
This is not in memory of, but in lieu of a gift Zac wanted a donation to the Madison, Indiana Animal Shelter.
In Honor of Ron and Marsha  $25.00
Thank you for your dedication of always taking care of those furry friends ~ may they be family or just visitors!!
In honor of Doreen Feeney  $25.00
For her unwavering support of our feline friends. Merry Christmas!
Kathy Browne  $50.00
This donation is NOT in memory of but rather in HONOR of my dad, Don Dettman, who is a great dad to both two-legged and four-legged children. Merry Christmas!
Mrs. Billie Reed  $10.00
To a most gracious and loving Mother and Grandmother, who's beauty and vivacious memory will be remembered always...with heartfelt sincerity...Linda
Ann Berzinsky  $10.00
Merry Christmas !
Richard, Christie Noah Morris  $20.00
In memory of Bailey
Marianne Marnell  $50.00
Joe, Katie, Nate and Joey, We know how much Joe's mom loved horses and animals. We wanted to do something in her honor that she would appreciate both in her living life and as she looks down on you all now. She would be so excited you are inviting a new animal life into your home this Christmas! Much love, The Coluccis
Kelli Shamblin  $20.00
To help all animals who are looking for for ever homes. All animals deserve to be loved and sheltered and some times a second-third-fourth or even more of a chance to find that special someone to love.
Tippy Clarke  $100.00
What a sweet little dog - we will miss you!
Jennifer Raber  $50.00
Merry Christmas and God Bless!!
Jello Levy  $100.00
from Barbara Levy
Laura Stairs  $50.00
This donation is made in honor of Laura Stairs. Over the years she has given a loving home to countless animals. She gives care and affection to every pet who has the good fortunate to call her their human. Merry Christmas!
Rob S. Pittsburgh  $10.00
Noticed a lot of stray cats while working in Latrobe. Wanted to help some way
Pop, Gram and Maverick  $25.00
Merry Christmas Mom and Rich~love you!
C Gilpin  $5.00
A monthly gift in loving memory of 'Junior Seau Gilpin Rahhhr'. Found 2 days after birth. Through every possible challenge, he remained my dearest companion for 2 weeks shy of 20 years.
Doctors at Flemington Vet Hospitals  $200.00
Happy Holidays! Love the staff at Flemington Vet Hospital
Alex Sarah  $100.00
Help to work toward a no kill shelter.
Mark and Gloria Ray  $50.00
A donation made in honor and memory of the late Karl Stollenwerk.
Donna Szeluga  $100.00
To Jeff and Kim Brodsky - Loyal supporters of the Buffalo Animal Shelter in loving memory of Jeff's mom, Anita Brodsky.
Karen Krans  $100.00
Instead of a gift for Dr. Eric Elwood who is an amazing surgeon and gives to all from the bottom of his heart. Thank you for everything you do - Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Jason, Steph Brian McFarland  $25.00
In memory of Charles Ray Varboncoeur.
Marsha and Jerry Bonow  $5.00
For all the neglected, homeless and abused animals in West Volusia
Mariann Miller  $10.00
In honor of one of your volunteers, Dee Drew, happy holidays!
Lisa Anthony Vaccaro  $100.00
In memory of Phoebe Sophie!
Duarte-Hite-Terlep Ohana  $50.00
For the many pets who have filled our lives with unconditional love and are now together again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Sew Together of Alpine Lake Resort  $50.00
In memory of Mel Owens. Carol and family, we are here for you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Brasko  $50.00
In Loving Memory to MOM, BANDIT and MOJO ...
William Smith  $25.00
To all our loved ones we have shared our lives wth over the years, we miss you and will see you on Rainbow bridge someday. we love you Snowy, Tonya, Tiger, Mary, Angel, Oliver and from long ago Trixie
Charlotte Biegner  $50.00
In loving memory. Acknowledgement should be sent to Mr. Mrs. Frank Barone, l50 Boundary Rd., Marlboro, NJ 07746
Annice and Byron Hogsette  $25.00
This donation is made in HONOR of Jennifer and Dana Smoak, 2188 Millen Hwy, Sylvania, Ga. 30467 Will you notify them of this donation
Max and Linda Ray  $50.00
In memory of all the adoptions and of course Chole. Joyce
Rene Forster  $40.00
In memory of Ethan Mitchell
Karen Stan  $30.00
In memory of September, the much loved dog of Tom and Mary.
dorothy Siebert  $25.00
In Memory of Haley - and to help support the work you do for all the animals.
Isis and Osiris  $10.00
I guess you guys just wanted to stay together. I could not believe when Osiris went to join Isis at the rainbow bridge. I love you forever.
Gaye Toms  $25.00
In Memory of James L Picard
Amy Sharp  $25.00
In memory of Toby Kratzer a great dog and a family friend. You will be missed by so many!
Cindy Behn-Navarro  $600.00
This donation was collected by colleagues, friends and family members in loving memory of Cindy Behn-Navarro. Cindy was best known for her hard work and her generous, peace-loving spirit. She always put others' needs before her own, and treated all living creatures, human and otherwise, with respect and dignity, regardless of their circumstances. Cindy had a special place in her heart for the felines of the world, and also enjoyed shopping at Animal Ark's thrift store, so we felt that she would like to see her money donated to this very special cause. Cindy touched many lives, and the world is a better place for her having been here. We hope that her donation will honor her spirit of goodwill, and will go towards helping her beloved feline friends. In Peace always from Cindy and all who love her.
Bailey  $25.00
How fondly you are remembered. You were the best loved dog with the best owners ever!! Never to be forgotten for giving Flo her wonderful kisses. Please look for my beautiful Buddy at the Rainbow Bridge! Sue
Faye Lundin  $50.00
In loving memory.
Lloyd R. Thayer  $50.00
Donation made in memory of Lloyd Thayer with sympathy to Brian Thayer and family. Sorry for your loss. Love, Joan Barton
Irene Faust  $50.00
This donation is in celebration of Irene's birthday. Happy Birthday, Irene!
[email protected]  $50.00
In memory of Tucker and Miles and the unconditional love you gave them, your team has donated $50 to the Log Gatos animal shelter on your behalf. Merry Christmas, Your team
Bailey Haldeman MacKay  $100.00
Our deepest sympathies to your humans Bailey. We all love you so much and will deeply miss you welcoming us into your home. Meg is especially saddened at your loss. She grew up loving you and you are her one and only boyfriend. Thank you for bringing love and peace to your Mom Dad. There was not a day that you were not loved and cared for. We know you are watching over them and will be there to welcome all furry kids in their time. XOXOXOXO Steve, Kathy Meg Bugglin
Suzi Glen Sawmiller  $100.00
Love our pets and wish we could save them all. Hope this helps a little and Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas
carol culican  $25.00
To thank you again for taking care of Satch 3 years ago.........
Dana Howeth  $50.00
On behalf of our cats Chance and Easter. Merry Christmas
Chris Elliot  $100.00
In Memory of Chris Elliot
Wanda Huntley  $10.00
In loving memory of my dear sweet cousin, Terry Nash Anderson who loved all animals, especially her animal babies!
John Cornejo  $25.00
Charlie Farley  $50.00
In loving memory to a wonderful cat and a wonderful family. Christine and Mary
marie iannette  $100.00
This donation is in honor of Ariana, Nick and Charmander Charlie Seabock. Congratulations on beginning your life together in your new home as a family!
Reacelyn Quinn  $25.00
In loving memory of Shorti. She will be sorely missed by all. Thoughts and prayers for all. Love - Linda
Bob Debbie  $50.00
In memory of Gibby, one great handsome dog!
Karol Hickman  $10.00
This is to honor my pledge for Goldie! Thank you for saving her.
John Eaton  $25.00
In memory of Joseph Chester Pitt
Brandy Brownlee  $125.00
Forever in our heart!
Gunnels  $100.00
For the animals we have now and those that have gone before.
Jeffrey L. Jones  $150.00
In memory of Mr. Bigs.
Jaclee  $25.00
Sister of Suzanne Flatequal who is now reunited with her beloved pets and husband
faith  $25.00
Seen the instagram post, regarding leo, hope this small donation helps x
Mazgelis and Wyszynski Family  $50.00
In memory of Forrest Barber.
Community Bank, N.A.  $100.00
In Loving Memory of a great man - Mr. Robert Harder.
Jane Beightley Kepner  $25.00
Condolences from Washington Jr. High School classmate, Rick Incelli
Ellen White  $20.00
Honoring the birthday of Jerry Rapier on October 29
Joan Frances McGuire  $100.00
Megan a donation was made on behalf of your Mom, Joan. We at Hillman Radiology were saddened to hear of your Mom's passing she was a sweet and special lady. Love from all of Us
Carlyn P  $50.00
In memory of Zada England, a sparkling lady!
Eileen Cirks  $20.00
My monthly donation will be for all my rescued pets,that are no longer with us.Baron,Sierra,Daisy,Gyspy,Zoey,Rufus,we miss all of you,and we loved you all so much.
Mary Jane Dillon  $25.00
This memorial contribution is in honor of Mary Jane Dillon, great supporter of the Al-Van Humane Society of South Haven, MI.
Audrey Canton McCarthy  $25.00
In memory of our beautiful Aunt Audrey. Love, Colleen and Mike Gauntner, Sean Gauntner, Bridget and Jake Johnson, Brendan Gauntner and Mary Eileen Mahony
Audrey Canton McCarthy  $100.00
In loving memory of our beautiful Aunt Audrey. Colleen and Mike Gauntner, Sean Gauntner, Bridget and Jake Johnson, Brendan Gauntner and Mary Eileen Mahony
Marcia  $10.00
This is for the poor brown with white dog who was just rescued via Newberg Dundee FB page.
Donna Golab  $25.00
In Memory of Ron Fisher.
Roxanne Stroud  $50.00
Dear Roxanne Bob, A donation has been made in memory of your brother, Edward Pete Abbott, Jr your mother, Jeanette Abbott. With sincere sympathy. Joan Worrall
Roberto Pagtama  $100.00
When are you going to pick up the dogs Please help them! It is very hard not to shed tears for they have been part of our lives for the past several years! Goodbye Danny Boy, Spotty, Valentine, and Vanessa! God Bless!
George L.Jr. Weber  $131.00
From your friends WVU Office of the University Registrar What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.” -Helen Keller
Karen Brown  $100.00
In memory of Emily's cats, Admiral Nelson and Sir Frodo
Larry and Marsha Bock  $100.00
In Memory of Jean and Thomas Stanley Please send a card to Marisa Fontenot 8139 Branch HWY Branch , LA 70516
Allen and Kelli  $30.00
In loving memory of Norma J. Haynie, who is sadly missed by her family, friends, and her cat, Bella!
Janet Harp  $30.00
In memory of Suzanne Waite who passes on Oct 29 2015 Her little dog Abby came from the Leverette shelter. Abby brought her so much joy.
Rockledge Divas Tennis Team  $130.00
In remembrance of Elizabeth Pinder.
To the family of Barbara Miller  $25.00
Anna - I am so sorry for your loss. Your me-maw sounded like a wonderful lady. Hold your memories close. God's Blessings. Peggy Iler
Dad  $500.00
I miss you, Dad.
Gail Buch  $20.00
John, Please accept my deepest sympathy on your loss. Gail Buch
teri mayo  $6.00
Please, like i said in my last message, im looking for a pug,, and or small female dog. I will give my new wonderful pet a wonderful home,lots of love and plenty to eat. Would you have any house trained Would also love a small pet for my general health. I am a 60yr. old female come may 29th,2016. please help me. have a Blessed day!! Teri Ann mayo 213pm 102515
Bill Lavallee  $50.00
In memory of my mother, Laura Jean Kirkland, who loved and cared for many animals.
Usha Grace Bailey  $6.00
Please know that my monthly donation is made in memory of my late dear pug Ravi. Doing this helps to heal my grief . Please send me the name and number of the representative that lives here in Vero Beach. Sincerely, Usha
Mary Lou Chantiny  $25.00
In honor of Dave Walter's 70th birthdayDave may you continue to walk the shelter dogs for a long time.
Wayne and Joni Jongewaard  $50.00
In memory of Toni Conraad
Brad Kristy Topelwski  $50.00
In honor of Brad Kristy's Wedding. Hope your life together is amazing!! Love, Aunt Donna Uncle Randy
Rebecca Tim Janning  $25.00
In honor of Marti Montgomery and those who loved him best, Joy and Floyd Montgomery. Love always wins!
Leisa and Gary  $40.00
Our beloved Tiger. member.
Janice Oliveto  $100.00
Deepest Sympathy from the Technical Service, Technical Training and Technical Publications Departments at Joy Global
Stewart Family  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Mama Dolly Smith. A beautiful lady that had an amazing ray of sunshine will shine forever!
Dustin Chrissie Oliver  $50.00
Congratulations to both of you. May you have a long and prosperous life together.
Fudd  $50.00
In memory of Tom Snodgrass. I will always remember. Later, Tom
Linda Bolanos  $1,000.00
Thank you for all the dogs you have rescued from the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter on behalf of the Friends of the Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter!
Ernie Meisel Jr  $100.00
Please accept this gift in memory of Kevin R Kohler, Williamsport, PA
Anne  $20.00
We will never forget Girly girl and how strong she tried to be, and thanks to you, she had dignity @ the end of her life. Love your family.
Lilli Eaves  $50.00
Bonnie Williamson, you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for all your kindness. and good food.
Michael Brenda Taylor  $100.00
In memory of Joyce Ann Mathew and her love of boxers.
The Surran's  $40.00
In memory of Dennis Novean. A wonderful father and lover of animals.
Neil and Sharon  $100.00
Happy Anniversary. We wanted to share your gift with something that meant so much to you both. Love, Seth and Carrie
Tom Julie Sobchack  $75.00
In honor of Ronald Sobchack, a brother who loved his animals.
Armijo Superband Alumni  $92.00
In loving memory of Marcia Huggins. May you spend eternity in God's loving arms.
Christie Rhen  $25.00
We are sad you are not here but you'll never leave our hearts or memories. You gave so much joy to all. See you in heaven Princess...............
In Memory of Chris Handy  $100.00
In Memory of Chris Handy
David  $10.00
For Dear Aunt Izzie Anyone that is loved so much by one of the best people on this planet Maisie's mom was without a doubt one of the best as well.
Joel Jacobs  $40.00
In loving memory of Gram who loved people, pets life!!
Lisa McClintock  $100.00
I hope that this will help. I wish I could bring them all home with me.. however, I have 3 dogs and a cat. I hope that you will have a out pour of adoptions and donations. May God bless you all.. thank you for what you do!!
Devon Hoffman  $50.00
In memory of the animals lost in the Valley Fire and for support of animals rescued from the fire.
Renee Focsaneanu  $200.00
This donation is for TAY, the sick doggie who came into the SPCA Shelter at Albine, Texas from a Shelter in Odessa, Texas through Speaking Up For Those Who Can't. In memory of our dearest Sammy who passed away in 2010. Thank you Renee Focsaneanu
Margie Carlson  $100.00
In loving memory of Davey. May he be running happily in Heaven with all his friends. We loved him and miss him. Love, Richie, Emmy and Brandy
Jim Parker  $100.00
In memory of Tony Smith, a dear friend.
Steve Bucholtz  $81.00
In loving memory of Steve Bucholtz
In Memory of Richard Buck Shipley  $25.00
From Paula Greg Burkot and Family
Devynn Qualter  $20.00
In support of Riley Quinlan's efforts to feed animals of franklin county- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RILEY!!!
Skipper Perry  $50.00
Grew up with Billy Croft in Aiken SC.
Tiff Kowalski  $50.00
Dear Tiff, Please say hello to my sister Princess Catherine and my brothers Shannondoah and Slattie. Love, sniffs and licks London Slattie Bowman
Duane and Rhonda Burkhardt  $250.00
In memory of Geoffey Gardiner
Amanda Elaine Metcalf  $50.00
Freshens sends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Amanda Metcalf.
Raymond T. Przybyl  $100.00
My father loved dogs and donating in his memory to your organization would have made him smile.
Paula Raines  $25.00
My donation is in memory of Sam Viar. His sister, Mary Jane, is a dear friend and a supporter of all animal shelters, especially this one in her home town.
Sharon Sjaaheim  $100.00
This is in loving memory of my Mom, Sharon Sjaaheim, Maddie, her faithful Collie. Mom, you will forever be in my heart and in my thoughts. Love, Kellie
In memory of John Josephson  $15.00
Heartfelt condolences for John's death. Lynn Frame
Andrea Leikert  $12.00
The constant joy Melanie brings to our life, which was fostered by your animal shelter!
Figaro  $50.00
I miss you each day......
Steven Dansky  $50.00
Donation in the memory of Molly animal companion to Barbara Maggiani.
Sally Rojek  $50.00
To our dear friend, Susan ... in memory of your sweet little Onna. With love and hugs - Maria, Cindy, Joanne, Donna Sally
Gary Petry  $100.00
With our sincere condolences. Gwen and Steve
Robert Huffman  $50.00
In loving memory of our cousin Bob.
In Memory of Jennifer Noll  $50.00
With heartfelt sympathy in memory of Jennifer Nancy and Bob Patton
Louis Fossaceca  $25.00
With deepest sympathy and heartfelt sadness in the loss of a very dear friend. He will be deeply missed. Rod and Janet Brown and Family
Debbie Beaver  $45.00
In memory of Charles Kelley
In memory of Rick Kelley, from H Rhea Nancy Chafin  $100.00
In memory of Rick Kelley. PLEASE send a notice of this memorial gift to Jan Kelley, 1204 Oakhurst St., Jacksonville, AR 72076
Jessica Begum  $50.00
We recently adopted a dog Pebbles who came through your shelter. I'd like to make a small donation to help cover her costs. Thank you! We love her!
Lucy  $50.00
In Lucy's memory. A stray that became the ruler of the household.
Wendy Zwick  $50.00
Rest in Peace Susan Cloud..... xxoo Jim Perrone
Dave Doreen Gantz  $0.00
In memory of Tommy, the worlds nicest Rat Terrier.
Doug Branch and Robby Seitz  $25.00
In memory of John Saunders' cat Pal, who will be deeply missed.
Verna C. Reba  $100.00
We would like to share this donation in memory of Verna Reba who was a devoted and loving wife, mother and grandmother. She was a long time resident of Hazelton and we hope this donation goes to support the loving animals of this great area.
Wayne and Karin Charland  $50.00
In memory of John Slahor
Jim Murphy  $50.00
To the Family of Tyler Evans, sincere condolences...
Barbara Daughterty  $25.00
So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. If you need anything or just to talk please don't hesitate to call me.
Carol Morocco Viger  $250.00
To William Burns and family In memory of your mother Carol Viger The Staff of Marcy RMHU
John  $24.00
Happy Birthday Hasi! Hope they save another Randy....
Pete Denise Mercer  $100.00
We are making this donation because of Dr Lee Anderson. We were visiting the area and needed a vet for our Golden Retriever. He was very caring and treated us with kindness. Anacortes is blessed to have him and his staff take care of their 4 legged children.
Kathy Patzka  $50.00
In lieu of flowers, we know Kathy loved her pets.
Mary Jeanne McAward  $50.00
Sending love and prayers. Diana
Julie Ryder Bill Daniels  $25.00
In memory of Raymond Walker
David Ellen Gates  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Dorothy Poe. Her son and his wife are good friends of ours. Thank you, Dave Ellen Gates
Virginia Eades  $50.00
In deep sympathy for the loss of your Mom. Sherry M. Thompson
Janet Eades  $50.00
In memory of Sherry M Thompson
Karen Love  $50.00
Hi Karen, We are going to miss Dale, but we have donated in his honor.
Ellen Smith  $20.00
In memory of James Barrett
David Rogers  $6.00
May we all protect the animals that give us so much pleasure.
Charles Beckwith  $100.00
In memory of our cousin and friend who was a dog lover and loved animals. We'll miss you Freddie, we will see you again someday! Always, Cheryl, Susan, Mickey Kory
Ruckus Esposito  $15.00
In memory of our Hi Tor rescue Ruckus and for Alice Fuller's 9th Birthday!!
Gregory Schoenbaum  $20.00
In honor of Hailey's love for animals. Happy Birthday Hailey Mae!
Pam Ryan  $10.00
Dear Tim and Krista, So sorry to hear about the death of Tim's mother. Please know our thoughts are with you. Pam, Phil and Donnie
Mary Lahutsky  $10.00
In memory of Olga Buchmann and Linda Mann.
John Turnbull  $15.00
In memory of Dony
Bailey  $10.00
forever in our hearts!
Kathy L Sudiak  $15.00
In loving memory of Ann Bogus from Kathy Sudiak and family.
Amelia Fedorko  $25.00
In the memory of a loving cousin from Ann and David U'Halie
Charles Christie  $25.00
One of the good ones !
Susan Haisty  $10.00
This is in thanks for saving Misty, 29048. I have sent a longer message in your contact us link. It's so hard to believe people abandon their pets, but thanks to you, this one was saved from death and is now happily adopted and living in her forever home. She will be loved and cared for always and forever! She is now my little Elfie and is doing very well! Thank you so much!!
Lane and Sharon Bailey  $3,000.00
In memory of Patrica Walker.
Milo and Peggy Noble  $25.00
In memory of Robert Wagner.
Charlotte Duarte  $100.00
In memory of Kiko, Kahi, Bebe, Iwa, Blue, Panther, Mamalu, Aka, Poki, Malcolm, Maharaja, Sheba, Moses, Choko Coco. We loved each and every one of you.
Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.  $100.00
In Memory of Michael Colson. From the GPI Family.
The Turitz Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Maureen Burke-Petras. She loved all animals and treated other peoples animals as they were her own. A terrific person and she will be missed by all. R.I.P. Ruth, Mark, Audrey Misty Turitz
Matt Tinney  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Dorthy Jeanne Baker. Matt and Drew- The Tampa Tinneys
Patricia DeVore  $50.00
In loving memory of Frankie Graham who passed away on 07092015
pattyantolik  $100.00
I'm so happy to donate to this shelter. My son lives in Charlotte and today is his birthday. His name is Steve and instead of buying him more stuff I wanted to do this for him. In 2006, he went to the West Palm Beach shelter and saved Duke our collieshepherd mix. Duke has been the best dog. The kids in our neighborhood love him and he is often referred to as the Zen dog. He is loving, calm , protective, and best of all adopted!!!!!! All animals deserve a second chance to be loved and love in return. Thanks, Patty Antolik
pattyantolik  $100.00
I'm so happy to donate to this shelter. My son lives in Charlotte and today is his birthday. His name is Steve and instead of buying him more stuff I wanted to do this for him. In 2006, he went to the West Palm Beach shelter and saved Duke our collieshepherd mix. Duke has been the best dog. The kids in our neighborhood love him and he is often referred to as the Zen dog. He is loving, calm , protective, and best of all adopted!!!!!! All animals deserve a second chance to be loved and love in return. Thanks, Patty Antolik
Sheralyn Nan Mitchell  $30.00
Betty, We are so sorry for the loss of your sister. We know how much you will miss her. Love, Gary and Sandra Washington
Stacey Ann  $50.00
In memory of Dorothy Jeanne Baker
Mike Truesdale  $100.00
This is for Cherry, the heart worm positive, pit bull mix and her six pups. Thank you for your work.
Christine McGill  $50.00
In honor of Angel. Who gives selflessly as a service dog to my wonderful husband Jeff. Angel came from ADL heartworm positive broken. Today she is a service dog for my husband who suffers from PTSD. Thank You ADL for the work you do. God bless you. With Love, Christine, Jeff, Angel
The Wehrsteins  $35.00
Pets make their way into your heart, and that's where they live forever.
Lee and Anthony Geranios  $10.00
For Frankie the little dog.
Ken M Brode  $100.00
In Memory of our Uncle, Howard S. Tifft, a great friend to animals.
Simon  $25.00
Sweet puppy out of Vance County N.Carolina SIMON never has a chance through his travel up to NY,he had Parvo. A sweet little dog named Simon passed away Nov.2010 we had him for a day. Please save Vance County animals and please STOP gassing and heart picks in ALL the south.Make No kill a law. R.I.P sweet Simon
Julie Neville  $25.00
In memory of Pamela Hendrix
Jill Pucillo  $25.00
In memory of Nell Spivey
Magic  $10.00
Sorry, my rescue from Last Hope is still with me, but we wanted to help the lost soul cat with the neck injuries get better!
Irv foreman  $25.00
Thank you for all your kindness, and remembering our joe. Your are a gentleman.
Maya Yarmark  $12.65
Maya, Katelyn and Kathryn had a lemonade sale and donated their proceeds to the Chester County Animal Shelter in loving memory of our neighbor, Jeremiah Clayton.
Stephanie Thomas  $50.00
Dear Carol and John, This donation will help another kitty find a home as loving as yours was for Marble. Fondly, Stephanie Thomas Please send an acknowledgement to Mr. and Mrs. John Sochacki 39690 S Hollywood Way Tucson, AZ 85739
Georgene Bath  $50.00
In Georgene's memory as requested by her husband Ed Bath
Lola Lynn  $20.00
In Memory of Lola Lynn.
Jan and Newt Carlson  $25.00
In loving memory of Chuck Nossick
Susan and Bob Erich  $200.00
In loving memory for Maryann Shakespeare, who was such a wonderful person. We will miss her. Please send notice to Susan and Bob Erich, 657 RenaissanceAvenue, Fairfield, CA 94534
Michael Hoskins  $100.00
In honor of Mike Hoskins who loved all animals.
MIKE KUNK  $5.00
Chris, Collin and Vivian Haberbosch, Jenn Yeakley  $100.00
We will miss you Aunt Pat.
Linda Bonadio  $25.00
My deepest sympathy to you and your family in the loss of you mother. Sincerely, Francine
Chuck Charles Donnelly  $50.00
In loving memory of Chuck Donnelly. Love Jim, June and Theresa Fields
Barbara Sumwalt  $50.00
In memory of one who loved and supported programs that benefitted dogs.
mary harach  $100.00
In memory of Robert Paul Friday Walker, animal lover and beloved father of a very dear friend.
Neil Karlberg  $25.00
Donated in memory of Stephan J. Lasko
Adam, Melissa, Cambria, and Snoop Borders  $50.00
In loving memory of Robert Borders. We'll miss you daddy bob!
Tina Salas  $50.00
In memory of our beloved Tina, who had a compassionate heart for all the little creatures she came in contact with. We surely miss you, but you will never be forgotten.
Yohann Sidhwa  $50.00
In memory Robert Bob Borders.
Max  $6.00
Thank you for everything you do
Lee  $25.00
Thanks for caring
For Watkins  $20.00
Thank You for taking care of this dog.
Spray Equipment Service Center, Inc.  $200.00
In memory of Harvey Stover. With sincerest sympathy from all of us at Spray Equipment Service Center, Inc.
Corey Michelle Huelskamp  $50.00
In memory of Harvey Stover
In loving memory of Bernadine Bernie Kinney  $50.00
Love the Rankin and McKinney Families
Dee Simmons  $90.00
In Memory of Joanne Haney The mother of our dear friend Kelly Haney and her sister Bridget Leach From Kiera, Soni, Lori, Katy, Susan, Sally, Dee
Mike Lieb  $50.00
In menory of Michael Lieb.
Linda Ford  $25.00
In memory of Linda Ford
Bob Klingman  $100.00
In memory of Walter Rudyk
Chuck Charles Donnelly  $25.00
In Chuck's memory, we hope this contribution can make some small difference in a cause to which he was so fond. Joan and Jana Watson
Casey Cullifer  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Casey Cullifer. Run free with your animal friends who crossed Rainbow Bridge before you. You will always be in my heart.
Friends of Kenneth Higgins  $540.00
In loving memory of Kenneth Higgins.
Sally and Paul  $50.00
Thanks for blessing us with our little Jasper!
Frank and Nita Luna  $60.00
In memory of Alan Grimes
Randy Sutton  $100.00
Rest in peace Randy.
Jean Gute  $100.00
In memory of a sweet and kind woman Ms. Jean Gute . She loved her family and all animals. We hope she is surrounded by her heavenly pets. Love, Ricky, Connie and Morgan
Steve Choppy Reynolds  $50.00
In loving memory of Steve Choppy Reynolds, a true animal lover and amazing friend. We love you and are sending love and prayers to your family, Heather Duncan, Amanda March, Devon Minch Aarti Bellara
Susie Stix Leslie Sargent  $10.00
A donation was made in honor of your birthday. Raezel Poplawski
Ellen Heyer Azalea City Chapter of Smocking Arts Guild of America  $50.00
This Donation is in Memory of Janet Frost who passed away recently. She had requested donations be made to your charity. Having adopted several dogs through your organization. Janet was taken ill suddenly and passed away this past Sunday Her address for a card is Charissa Hoppes co Janet Frost 556 Wedgewood Daphne, AL 36526 Thanks, Ellen Heyer 251-510-0584
Charles Trafagander  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Charles Trafagander. With heartfelt sympathy to his family, Gabe Delgiudice and Francine Phillips
Donna McDevitt  $250.00
This donation is in memory of my brother, David McDevitt. His family, friends, three dogs, and the many dogs he and his wife Ann Rosenbluth fostered over the years loved him and will miss him forever.
Kent L Helber  $100.00
In memory of Betty I. Poling. Please notify David Bartholomew and Carol Fox, co 28471 Chieftain Dr., Logan, OH 43138. Donors Kent, Helen, Mark Helber Staci and Krista and families.
Dorothy Simnett  $50.00
In memory of Joe McNeil, for his love of dogs. He knew that all dogs go to heaven now he will be with them always. Love, the Simnetts...Uncle Bill, Gordon, Ronald, Dorothy and Audrey.
Dorothy Van Dyke  $50.00
In loving memory of Aunt Dot who loved her cats. From Ernie and JoAnn and family.
Deanna Silkie  $55.00
Deepest sympathy to Stacie, Rob and family. We hope our donation made in her memory will help the animals she cared so much about. Shippensburg University Police Dept.
Lynn Hartranft Legere  $30.00
from. brooke howat
Beth and Patrick Fuchs  $50.00
In memory of Daniel Wessels - his love and affection for animals was one of his greatest virtues. We will miss him.
David Lochmann  $100.00
This is for that female german shepard and male pit bull found in the horrible backyard that the police and the shelter rescued. Please put it towards their care. Thank you. There is no need to display this message.
Claire Hugon  $15.00
In memory of Lynn Thornley.
Tom Jock Schwab  $50.00
This donation is given in memory of Tom Jock Schwab
Mandy  $100.00
She was one of God's blessings on this earth. I still miss her to this day.
Tina Whalen  $50.00
In Memory of Velvin Smith. David, Linda and Family Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Jay, Tina, Noah, Daniel Anna Grace
Kenna Kinsey  $50.00
In memory of Simmer, faithful friend of Eric Morton for nearly 15 years. She led him on many adventures, including swimming as often as possible, play at the dog park, long walks, many treats and constant companionship. Rest in peace.
Shirley Price  $65.00
From the Staff at Saint Anthony's Physician Group.
Jared Zotta  $100.00
Hope this helps.
Cathy Meek  $50.00
In memory of Don McGinness, kitty care giver for many homeless felines that took shelter in his back yard and flourished in his loving care.
Louise Ernest Reinhold  $40.00
In Memory of Jeffrey Allen Bell who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Barbara J. Hutchins-Sibley  $100.00
In Loving Memory of Barbara J. Hutchins-Sibley
Skinner  $50.00
You were the best dog in the entire world. We miss you so much and love you always.
Linn Aschenbach  $25.00
In memory of Patricia A Webster Copeland
Pamela Reckel  $25.00
In memory of Patricia A Webster Copeland.
Karen Knippenberg  $20.00
I thank you all for the wonderful job you do in caring for these special little ones that have been left without a home, love and the care they deserve. Do hope this small amount helps in some way to help provide the care the sweet animals need.
Liberty Tax  $20.00
For your help with my taxes and the evidence that you are a caring pet owner!!!
Buffalo DOC Office  $70.00
This donation was made on behalf of Rebecca Benoit in memory of her mother.
Bob Rose  $25.00
In fond memory of Glenn Moser
Max Shannon Merenz  $100.00
Please accept this donation in memory of Terry Lou Roth Terrill. She was a very special and strong lady that loved all.
Kristin Stines  $50.00 had a loving heart for all people and animals. You filled our lives with love and kindness...we will always remember you...
Martha Mullins  $30.00
This is in loving memory of David M. McComb, who loved all animals, fed them, and was fondly known as the critter man because he gathered food for wildlife and consistently took care of them. I would appreciate your notifying his wife Annette without stipulating the amount that a gift has been made in his memory..
Mrs. Carol Ferns  $50.00
This donation is made to Columbia County Animal Protection Services PO Box 2003, Magnolia, AR 71753 in memory of Mrs. Carol Ferns. Knowing Carol through Steven and Angela Fry has been a joy. We are happy to donate to Carol's favorite charity in her memory. From SAU-Tech Physical Plant Department P O Box 3499 Camden AR 71711
Katie DeGrella  $35.00
This donation is on behalf of Beth Ann Ross in Celebration of her Birthday. She has asked that it be used for food.
Tracy McIlwain and Heather Krantz  $50.00
In honor of Cathy and Peter Chumbley in memory of their animal loving brother John Craig Burton.
JoAnn Gallagher  $75.00
In memory of an unforgettable woman with a loving heart and great compassion.
Antoinette Aragon  $200.00
In loving memory of Antoinette Aragon Woodbridge, NJ She will be missed by her strays....
John Eisel  $100.00
In memory of our sweet baby girl Fox E,
Gino Chiapparelli  $100.00
In Loving Memory to my little girl Serrina. Gone along time but see your picture everyday. RIP!!
Keisha Woodward Bruce  $40.00
Thank you Jane for helping my strayferal that was trapped with cancer on his paws! You are a blessing!! Although he was put to rest I have comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain. RIP sweet Smokey, you were loved and you did matter!! Thank you, Keisha
Harold Florence Peanuts  $20.00
To help the animals that are living. In the memory of his love for animals. Love Brandy,Travis, Minka Lynn
Lory Rosenberger  $25.00
Saw on FB that you all needed help, being form NYC, this is the best I can do from far away.
Kathy Winn  $40.00
In honor of Kathy Winn to the memory of Bonnie, Bell, and all the other beautiful creatures she takes care of.
Raegan Camuso  $25.00
Sending Thoughts, Prayers and Hugs to the family of Betty Marlene Frantz.
Jennifer Lewis  $50.00
Please accept this donation in memory of my cousin, Jason Blum. Thank you.
Debbie Poole  $75.00
In loving memory of Ms. Debbie Poole. Our condolences to family and friends. She is sorely missed by her HT-8 family.
Frank Deb Bassing  $10.00
In memory of our beautiful baby girl Samantha. We loved you and miss you greatly. 9 years were not long enough with you and we still can't believe the sudden disease that took you quickly. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.
Brazosport Area Road Runners  $75.00
In memory of Sally Kremmer. A great friend and volunteer for the running club..
Melissa Hurta-Crites  $50.00
In Memory of Sally Kremmer
Robin jordan  $5.00
In memory of the two most loving brothersisters. They were 17. Old age visited them to often. 17 years my companions. So sweet. So loving. I will see you again at the rainbow bridge.
Dave and Anne Kaul  $25.00
In memory of Scott T. Parrott who passed away February 1, 2015. May he rest in peace.
Frank Concemi  $50.00
In Memory of Frank Concemi-Rye NH from Leigh and Scott Willett of Newfields.
Jenn and Megan  $50.00
5 years ago, Jenn and Megan allowed my husband and I to adopt two of their beautiful Chihuahuas. The kindness and trust they have showed us is the greatest gift we have ever received. Starsky and Hutch have completed our family and are our fur- children. We are so grateful to them for not only their generosity to us, but also the love that Jenn gives to her many rescues that she cares for. Truly wonderful people!
Frank Deborah Bassing  $10.00
In memory of Sadie
Frank Cerny  $25.00
In memory of Susie Hutchings for the Antrim County Animal Shelter
Ann Walker  $25.00
In remembrance of my dear friend Ann Walker
Carla Ballard  $25.00
In memory of my Dear friend Carla Walker Ballard .
dave guimont  $12.00
In memory of Susie, Sammy Katy
Paddy Gilligan  $20.00
In loving memory of a great friend!
[email protected]  $50.00
Dear Lynne, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Coco. She was such a sweet, gentle soul.
Darrell and Sharon Smith  $100.00
In memory of Jackson Snell.
mckinley  $200.00
To Tigger. for years of love and devotion
Susan and Lowell Christman  $25.00
This donation is made in memory of Candace Gerwer who passed away November 1, 2014. We are so sorry for your loss. RIP Candace.
Marilyn Donovan McAndrew  $50.00
In loving memory of Ruth and Dan Donovan, and Sharon Donovan Corbo
Rick Brown  $100.00
In memory of Boris.
Joan DeLeo Ed Ryan  $50.00
In memory of Elva Jean Robinson. Send notice to Robin Gallagher 2737 Christian pl E Liverpool OH 43920
Evelyn Mague  $25.00
In memory of Evelyn Mague from Michele Miron and family
Kim Blackwell  $50.00
In celebration of your birthday special lady ! Some special animals are having birthday cake in celebration! Happy Birthday !
walt Ruth  $50.00
In memory of Cathy
Cosmo Joseph  $6.00
In loving memory of my former black lab I used to have. I adopted him when he was 7 years old. Cosmo Joesph had been passed around by 2 different owners before I found him. He was overweight, causing him to have bad hips, so he couldn't go upstairs or hop into vehicles. I rescued him and gave him another 7 years or a happy life. I miss lifting him into my truck when we went for rides. I had to put him down due to rectal cancer. Rest in Peace my son.
Nancy Turner  $25.00
In loving memory of Oliver, beloved pet of Cheryl and Bill Pettit and Ariel, please send notification of in memory donation to them at 4823 Rainy Pass Rd, Collierville, TN 38017
Phyllis Dewall Waters  $100.00
Calhoun County Animal Shelter 140 Purple Martin Drive St. Matthews, SC 29135 In memory of William T. Tabor, Jr. For those who love, protect, rescue, and care for dogs and animals - there's a special place in Heaven!
Molly Stevens  $15.00
I'll never forget my first Lab - my boy, my pal, my protector - my Patrick. Love you forever.
Katharine, Colleen and Linsley  $50.00
In loving memory of Harley Pollicino and Cocoa Flaherty
WILLY LEWZEY was a PRINCE OF A DOG! His wonderful loving ways will be missed by all who knew him. He was a beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and was a perfect role model for his breed. He loved the water and hunting for rocks. Loved by Dave, Richelle, Lauren and James Lewzey. He was the perfect family dog for 14 years!!!
Anne Roof  $20.00
In loving memory of Patch and BeBe. Please send written acknowledgement of donation to Lang Rivers, 3328 Wheeler Road, Augusta, GA 30909
Bill Dugger  $50.00
You were a wonderful brother-in-law and you are greatly missed. Jacqueline Allen and Emmie Gorden
82nd Combat Aviation Brigade Family Readiness Group Advisors  $100.00
This donation is made on behalf of our dear friend, Jayne Zampelli and her beloved dog, Chazzy, and in memory of Jayne's mother, Janice Alane Bowyer. We are thinking of your family and praying for God's comfort and strength for you all during this difficult time. We love you!
[email protected]  $12.00
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the animals!
Kathy Marilla Forsyth  $100.00
In loving memory of our Mom, Little Grandma, Great Grandma. Tom Terry Josh, Emily, Meghan, Caitlin, Kristina Gabi, Kameryn, Olivia and Leila
Lita Delano  $50.00
We are sending this in memory of Lita . We will miss her greatly. She was a wonderful companion and friend.
Mr Mrs James B Fisher  $100.00
In memory of French H. Shultz, Jr.
Jolieann Callela  $100.00
With our deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved companion T-Rex. Joe and Bridget
Mickey  $10.00
RIP sweet boy.
Ilona Kozel  $50.00
In memory of our dear friend Michael Kolbe ,from Ilona and family.
Carla Green-Liles  $50.00
In loving memory of Louise Wa Parker who loved all animals without condition and left this world a much better place! May this small gift in memory of Louise touch more lives in the animal kingdom.
Jamie Smith  $200.00
For those we have gotten from the Humane Society, Brett, Natasha and Brick.
marisa spiazzi  $30.00
In Memory of Jean Fort  $100.00
In memory of a dear friend's Mother Jean who recently passed.
Charlotte Morrison Baker  $100.00
Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother with love from Alan, Patti, Kenn, Melissa and Zelda Horst
Anita Davis  $1,000.00
In memory of my sweet, sweet Sara, 12 yr old tuxedo black and white female and Missy, my sweet little grey medium haired 11 year old female. May they be resting in peace. I love you both dearly as a mother loves her child. I have 12 yr old sister of Sara, Kerrie left, thank goodness she is healthy.
In Memory of Janeen Sims  $500.00
BSC Holding, Central Salt, Lyons Salt and Galena Road Gravel employees have presented this gift in memory of Janeen Sims. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time of sadness.
Marilyn Bertrand  $20.00
In Memory of Bagheera Note Please advise Harriet Gross, 13 Overbrook Parkway, Wynnewood, PA 19096 Thank you... Marilyn Bertrand [email protected]
Mark and Cathy Butler  $10.00
We lost a beloved friend in January 2012. We soon adopted an Australian Shepard mix female about 6 weeks old 2 weeks later from the Mineral County animal shelter. She has been a joy to our lives for the past 3 years. We couldn't imagine a day without her. thank you for all that you do.
Ernest Iannone  $300.00
In memory of our co-worker, our mentor, our inspiration and best friend.... Henry Hank Fredella Rest In Peace
keela  $100.00
In memory of my loving and faithful friend, Duff
Charlene LaBruna  $50.00
In memory of all unwanted pets that have been lost. Thank you to all of the angels that rescue animals every day and make it possible for them to find their forever homes.
Brian Curtis  $150.00
In honor and Dan and Ann Marie Guerrero for their compassion and love for allincluding animals!
Ed Haren Jr  $500.00
A person who loved all God's creatures
David Suzanne Mangini  $25.00
In Memory of Barbara Welch
Dazey and Madison  $5.00
Miss you still a n d love you still.
Gretchen Jonathan Steffan  $100.00
For he good work you do at Adirondack Save a Stray
Race and Lori  $25.00
Dear Rick and Kristina, In memory of Mardi Gras. A beautiful, loving and dedicated family member. We are saddened by your loss.
Chico  $25.00
A friend for many years and he is dearly mised
Ron Kathy Scoggins  $200.00
In memory of Dr. Albert Braxton Few, Skyway Animal Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL
Lisa Wilkening  $50.00
Happy Birthday, Jim Welker! I suspect the shelter won't give the animals pepperoni as you would, but the sentiment is definitely there. blu
Susan Newbury  $25.00
Merry Christmas to you. This is one of the best gifts that can be given at this time. Lots of Love Diane and Jeff
June and John Bell  $35.00
Merry Christmas to the both of you. This is the best gift we can all give to each other....lots of love Diane and Jeff
Samantha Seal Mann  $25.00
It is our hope that this small gift provides some support that is needed to continue your mission to finding permanent homes for disadvantaged animals.
Nancy Reinthaler  $50.00
In honor of my dad, Lawrence Barrett who supports and fully believes in the SPCA.
Shadow Sims  $50.00
We miss you so much!!!
Jude and Jersey Minter  $20.00
Our family lost 2 of our furry family members this year, and for Christmas, we want to donate to the Mansfield Animal Shelter in their names. Jude and Jersey, you will be missed. This donation goes out to Major, Jack, Roxie, and Slinkie Minter from their German Shepherd cousin, RBI. Woof You!!!!
Mildred Twist  $25.00
This donation is given in memory of our mother, Millie, and is a small token of our thanks for her love of her children and animals. Given by Ron and Lana Craig with all our love.
Ronald McFarland and Carol Ann McBride  $500.00
Dear Ron and Carol Ann. You are missed. Sharon
Pamela A Nunes  $100.00
In loving memory of Al Eleanor DiPaola
Cindy knox  $500.00
For all those who made my life.
Laurence Daniels  $25.00
Donation in honor of Donna Ginga, 18 Denise Court, Northampton, MA 01060
Grayson Braun Jamie Walsh  $100.00
Joe Dagny
The Marinac Family  $25.00
Peace on Earth to all everywhere. A gift was made in your honor. Love, Michelle,Gabriel, Bobby,Stella Maddie XOXO
From the Borges Family  $200.00
For all the pets that need help this Christmas!
Nick,Crystal,Jay,Hunter  $50.00
Dad I have made a donation to Ellis County SPCA in your name for Christmas 2014.
Cheryl Wheat  $50.00
Merry Christmas! Love, Ken and Cheryl
Zachary Bratz  $5.00
I wanted part of my Christmas presents in the form of donations to a no-kill animal shelter or a food bank. By grandparents who live in Lake of the Ozarks ed your organization and set up a $5 monthly recurring donation for me.
Randy, Sara Colton Fite  $30.00
This donation is being made in memory of Jim Vance.
Nathaly Febrillet  $25.00
Donation in the name of Nathaly Febrillet and her family.
Mari  $50.00
In memory of Mari - rescue of Skully
In memory of all loved pets  $20.00
May the New Year be filled with good homes for all animals
Kathe Brown  $25.00
In Memory of Miriam Colwell who loved and cared for animals her entire life and asked that donations be made here after her death so she could make a difference for them one last time. Thank you Miriam.
Ann Cureton  $50.00
This donation is in memory of my friend Ann, a beautiful soul who loved and cared for all creatures. Rest in peace my friend, you will always be remembered.
Penny Blum  $50.00
In memory of Penny Blum. She brought such happiness to the Blum family. Love, Momma Blum's Nursery Family
Kathy  $50.00
in memory of Jackson
Donna Malkin  $100.00
In loving memory of our Aunt Sarna, Sarna Strom! Thank you
Catherine Warwick  $500.00
In memory of Mr.Opus, a spoiled tuxedo kitty who was 14yrs old...use this to help someone who is struggling to keep their pets but are having financial difficulties..or to stock your pantry there, or where ever there is a great need...God Bless You...
Miss Dottie  $25.00
Happy after crossing over Rainbow Bridge
Joan Haney  $20.00
Donated in Mike's memory. I always remember him being happy, and joking, a smile on his face. We will miss him. Love to all. Joan
Betty L. Sullivan  $35.00
In honor of Trish Repass
Joan Hedquist  $20.00
Christmas gift donation in honor Michael Buckley and Michael Donegan
Ernest Kuehls  $50.00
In memory of M'Lady.
Virginia Kostner  $20.00
Payment made through PayPal. Please change my address from 70 Indian Shores, Lincoln City, to 1310 NE Harbor Ridge, Lincoln City 97367
Shy Wood  $50.00
You will be remembered forever for the years of Unconditional Love you gave to everyone! Donna Howard
Ron Crouch  $250.00
In memory of Khaffee, Kika, Hazel, and all Sunday's other puppies, living and dead.
Kevin and Valerie Faehnle  $50.00
In memory of Esther Wilkins 3
Cheryl Krull  $100.00
With deepest sympathies - Bill Cathi Cooley
Pat, Don and Sophie Herron  $200.00
Sylvia, our thoughts are with you and what a happy useful memorial this is. I'll see you later this week.
Rob and Christa Williamson  $25.00
In memory of Ellie and Brodie. We will love you forever.
Walta Crosby  $50.00
I make this donation in memory of Sue Phelps. She loved and rescued many cats.
Howard  $30.00
In memory of Janet Bird.
Adapt of MO Program Directors  $100.00
In memory of Paul Terrell, father of our beautiful friend colleague, Katie Schisler.
Paula Simonetta  $50.00
Kathy, My deepest sympathy on the loss of your dad. Love, Paula
Diego  $5.00
I love you
Ralph Frazier  $200.00
In memory of Ralph Frazier, a life-long resident of Gallia County, who loved animals and was loved by all.
Ruby Chapoton  $100.00
Good girl, Ruby! You got us to send a donation to the folks what saved you. lypts
Molly  $100.00
Molly was a beautiful border collie rescue who left us too soon. Still missing Molly and still rescuing when we can.
trixy  $30.00
all heart
Deborah Oscarson  $50.00
In honor of our two rescued Beagles, Hazel Theo, and our Brittany girl, Charlie.
TJ  $50.00
In memory of Sade....
Carey and Bill Hinds  $25.00
In memory of Katherine Carmichael Poole
Robert Ellis  $50.00
In memory of Mark and Karen's father.
Brooke David Lewis  $40.00
In memory of Leroy Lewis.
Smudge  $25.00
We miss you
Pam Brooks  $50.00
My mom Pam Brooks has a huge heart for animals. For her 66th birthday she asked for a donation be made to Hocking County Humane Society. Happy Birthday mom! Love you, Carey
James Edwards  $50.00
In memory of my aunt, Lucille M. Bruss, who passed away on 17 October 2014.
Kramer  $100.00
To Doug Wendy Durfresne, as a reflection of Kramer In gratitude of the irreplaceable, unqualified, unending love that is now a memory although a memory that warms like a fire on a cold evening. From Diane Gordon
Jim and Pam Pope  $5.00
In memory of our wonderful dog Charlie that we miss every single day!
Jason Korczynski  $50.00
In memory of Joni Capoccioni. So very sorry for your loss.
Jackie stawinski  $50.00
In memory of Joni Capoccioni. 319 farm road new Bethlehem pa 16242
Janet Cross  $100.00
We got our beloved Samson from your shelter when he was 3 months old. He passed away a year ago at the age of 13 left us devistated. He was the best dog, companion and friend I've ever had. He was my angel in fur and will be forever missed.
Amy Ford  $210.00
In Memory of Ernie, Champ Cuddles Ford
lisa russell  $50.00
In loving memory of Robert E JR Thomas.
Sharon Vester Family  $100.00
In memory of our cousin, Calvin R. Lane. May you rest in peace. Your cousins, Sharon, Karen, Donna, Dave
Martha E. Baker  $20.00
With Love, From Aunt Melissa Bendfeldt Oakdale CT..
Kathryn Mosely  $25.00
Jim Irene Our heartfelt prayers are with you at this time. Please let us know if you need anything. Love, The Seiter Family
Mike Annie Hanks  $50.00
In loving memory of Lora Hanks who was loved by all her furry babies. She will be missed.
In memory of my cousin, Gary McClure.
Susanne Rattner  $25.00
In fond memory of Nicky. I know she will be sadly missed. Love Jeff Sue
Michele Lamberti  $100.00
In loving memory of Lucille Lamberti who was a great lover of all animals.
Beatrice L. Reynolds  $50.00
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoeg, friends to all animals!
Adam Thad  $25.00
In memory of Tyler Hymer, her family has our deepest sympathy.
Steve Green  $100.00
In memory of Chris Moore
Betty Reeder  $25.00
In memory of my girl Mally. We love you Malibu.
Yvonne Hosey  $10.00
Saw your box for donations at Food City and thought a monthly donation might be more practical as you can purchase what is needed most. If we didn't already have 2 dogs and 2 cats I'd be there to adopt in a heartbeat!
carol fudge  $100.00
I just donated $100 and wanted you to know it is made in the memory of our dear dog, Annie. Please use the $100 for food or medicine for shelter dogs. Thank you
Jo Tressler  $25.00
In honor of Jo's birthday and her love for her rescued pets.
The Huff Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Dr. Irwin Huff whose life was dedicated to the care and well being of animals.
Alicia Barishman  $100.00
In loving memory of Kai Graski, forever in our hearts. He brought joy and love to all who knew him.
Deb and Bob Carr  $100.00
In memory of Keith Irving Birr who wished to honor The friends of the Plymouth Pound in Manomat, MA
Donna Reid  $50.00
In honor of Mary Ann Miller.
Davis Family  $100.00
In memory of Jack Landrum. Honoring Danelle Burwell.
Gregg Birr  $100.00
This donation is in honor of my brother, Keith Birr. He loved his dogs. Keith died at 51 years old. His wish was to support the Plymouth Pound in Manomet, MA.
Billee  $50.00
In memory of Billee
I memory of uncle Robert.  $5.00
In memory of uncle Robert. He was a nice person, best aunt Martha's friend and supporter, animal lover. We are so happy kids had a chance to meet uncle Robert Jeff, Nata, Leo and Oliver
Lynn Jones  $10.00
In loving memory of Eileen M. Dever.
Rock Barbara Weaver, Patsy Durr, Mark Durr  $50.00
In memory of Michelle Bell
Barbara Templeton  $50.00
In memory of Sara Cronic. Thinking of you Daria . May you find comfort during this time. Love to you, Barbara Templeton
Nicholle Bertino  $25.00
Please accept my donation in memory of Chris Moore. With all my love, Nicholle
Tammy Taylor  $20.00
Recurring monthly payment in memory of my Tiffani Michelle. Love you and miss you my sweet baby girl! Mom
Kate Cookson  $200.00
Thank you to everyone who birthday present ever! Kate C.
Sherry Ochoa-Rounkles  $12.00
Hi. I just ordered a rescue car decal and a spayneuter car decal online through my Paypal account transaction ID 8NH18100W3976530K. I see on my e-mail receipt that it is scheduled to ship to my old address in Colorado. I updated my address again in PayPal. Please make sure my order goes to me at 754 Governors Rd., Troy, Oh 45373. Thank you.
Judy Nolan  $50.00
In memory of my dear friend Susan Moeckel, football season will not be the same without you here. The entire Nolan Family misses you.
Jon Siebert  $25.00
I m a dog lover and never want to see mistreatment and I wish I could take them all home
Kati Griffith  $25.00
For my animal loving friend for her birthday!!!!
Rose Halbrook  $10.00
Thanks for all you do !!! recurring $10 PER MONTH
Anne Kuehnle-Matulka  $20.00
In Memory of Ernie Harwig.
Violet Patterson  $50.00
From me
Laura Klauss  $50.00
Rest in Peace!
Gene Beth Coit  $30.00
In honor of your 40th Wedding Anniversary a donation has been made in your name. Happy Anniversary!
Betty Murray  $100.00
In memory of a lady who not only loved dogs, but protected them and never let a stray go hungry.
Jill Corbi  $6.00
Maxie RIP
Kathy Valenzuela  $6.00
There is no love like that of a pet! Rest in peace Barney, we miss you!
Ann Durrett Carte  $100.00
I wish to express my love for Aunt Annie. We will continue to keep your memory alive. Love, Douglas Turner
In Memory of Claire Cohen  $100.00
From Joel, Cathy and Ryan Kornblatt and Jennifer,, Shane, Trace Logan Mathews
Mary Devine  $25.00
IN MEMORY OF HALEY MUELLER.....a very sweet, loving golden girl....who was loved so dearly she hung on to live an amazing 17 years!
Susa.n Bantz  $25.00
This gift is made in memory of Daniel Serafini
Ginty Reed Porter  $20.00
This is a donation in the memory of Butch Coger.
Hardy Winburn  $25.00
Hardy has made this donation in honor of Jimmy Chang's birthday
pmillers  $20.00
this is in loving memory of norma spangenberg she will be missed deeply
Patrick House  $50.00
In memory of Ron Ashdown
Rebecca Hoover  $25.00
This is in memory of my cat her name was sunny she was so sweet and loving but unfortunately died but the sweet part of the sad story is that she came back to us I was able feed her one last time and love on her then found her dead.
Ronald Ashdown  $100.00
Glynn, You and your family will be in our prayers. Mike Julie Schweinberg
City of Troy Family and Friends  $60.00
In Memory of Dick Green with our deepest sympathy
David Nadine Rinehart and Family  $100.00
In memory of Beverly Gray Higley.
Guy Flemming  $50.00
In remembrance of you. John Kay Menard
Nancy Hahn  $25.00
In memory of Retired MCPO Rodriguez From Nancy Hahn, Auxiliary Station Oak Island
Bob Garrett  $50.00
In loving memory of my golfing friend. First in our group to arrive at the club house for our rounds and always the perfect gentleman during play. You are missed.
Karen Monast  $25.00
In Memory of Roberta Ives, Bruce I'm so sorry that Bobby is no longer with us to share in our futures.
Mary Worthington  $50.00
She was such an animal lover that this is very appropriate. Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley is such a worthwhile place.
Jackie for Lee Barnes  $100.00
In memory of Rosie Barnes, you were a beautiful cat. May you rest in peace. Love, Jackie, Julie, Elizabeth and Charlotte
In memory of Nikolas Kyle  $25.00
You are a beautiful soul that will continue to impact lives with your kindness and grace.
Angela Ortega  $50.00
Please use this money to help animals in name of my Sam Ortega whom I rescued 12 years ago from Hudson County and passed away six days ago today. I love you My Puppy Love.
John Reiss  $100.00
In loving memory of John Reiss, Jackson Mississippi. You will be greatly missed by all.
Raydeen Howe  $2,500.00
In memory of Larry Klein.
Peggy Kunkle  $75.00
In memory of Larry Klein. Go Boilers!
Lanette Slade Killebrew  $25.00
This donation in memory of Lawrence Carl Slade, Jr. Our thoughts are with your family at this time. Lanette Slade Killebrew
Jeffrey Cumbo, Sr  $25.00
In memory of my neighbor, Fannie Stout for her love and care of cats.
Judy and Larry Marsh  $25.00
Please use the enclosed donation in the memory of a wonderful black lab that passed to the rainbow bridge today. His name was Mackenzie, a wonderful dog that brought much joy to so many people. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace Mac, we love you.
Jeanine M  $25.00
In memory of Benny, a great dog and friend.
Ashley Waller  $10.00
I am 14 and lost my cat of 11 years. I don't remember life without her, so in memory of my cat Aspen, I am donating 10 dollars a month to other animals.
Alan Flowers  $25.00
In memory of Nathan L. Cottrell
Darek Cup  $150.00
In Memory of Nathan L. Cottrell
Todd Jill Thornberg  $250.00
In memory of our good friend Nate Cottrell
Aaron Trista Bitikofer  $25.00
In memory of Steve Hite. His family are in our thoughts and prayers as he is laid to rest.
Andrea  $20.00
In Loving memory of Boo xoxo
Max  $25.00
In memory of Max, loving dog of Kandace Don. My sincere sympathies, Fred.
Marla Carnes  $25.00
In memory of Glenda Owens.
John and Shalley Lane  $50.00
In memory of Jerry Dean.
Robert Donna Eck  $500.00
In Memory of Elaine Stratton
Frank Wisniewski  $80.00
In memory of Frank who, I think would have liked to see the donation to the shelter in his name.
New York State Park Police Patrolmen's Benevolent Association  $75.00
Mr. Timothy Meade and Family, The Members at Bear Mountain would like to extend their deepest condolences to you on the loss of your loved one. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Sarah Lenz  $50.00
Happy Mother's Day wishes. In honor of a true animal lover. Love, Steffanie Lenz
Nannette Bollinger  $5,000.00
In loving memory of Evelyn Satalla and her beloved pet, Minnie.
Kate Cookson  $20.00
For Ashly! From Kate
Moosette Sophie  $25.00
In memory of Moosette Sophie, loving pet companions of Roy Chery Naquin.
Gracie  $25.00
In memory of Madison Grace, a beautiful Yellow Lab, and faithful compantion to Terry Kathy Verigan.
Jeri Turrin  $55.00
In honor of Jeri on her 55th birthday! One of the most generous, giving people I know. Her love of these animals is inspiring!
Doug and Vickie Levinson  $25.00
In memory of Goldie Rowland
Cam Fraer and Patty Gilmore  $50.00
In loving memory of our dear cousin, Barbara Cameron Brown Babs. Her fiesty, loving spirit will be so missed.
Rena and Ron Coll  $50.00
In Memory of a wonderful, caring animal lover Emelyn Koch
Marlene, Scott and Megan Mulford  $50.00
In memory of Cynthia Louise Anderson. May her life live on in the loving hearts of her family.
Cindy Powers  $25.00
In memory of Winifred Tisch
Pappa Donn  $20.00
Sorry for your loss. You have my utmost sympathy. -Lennell Frost
Carol Harrison  $50.00
In memory of Christene L. Gilleland, mother of Cindy Bowden.
Bland Hugh Schwarting M.D.  $25.00
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God hold you in his arms and give you peace. We love you, Butch and Carolyn Thompson
Nadine Mixon  $50.00
In loving memory of my dear friend Ernie Case.
Erickson's Auto Supply  $50.00
In memory of Chris Barnes. Our hearts go out to his family. From Sally, Bob, Kye, Tim Kristy. I always remember watching the boys coming to automotive events from the time they were born. He will be missed. Sally
Bill and Kathi Gittere  $20.00
In memory of Florence Stephens.
Judy Dub  $22.50
In memory of Sheila Rousselle - an adorable bundle of sweetness and love who will be dearly missed.
Tessa Farrar  $25.00
In memory of Jay Timothy Borowski.
Elizabeth McTaggart  $150.00
In memory of Ernie Case ~ Give Roxy a big hug for me! You were the best of friends and you'll always live in my heart!
In Memory of LaVell Ezell  $40.00
Peg, May God give you peace to know that your Mom is now in Heaven spending time with Jesus. May your memories of her love and life be with you always! Every time you hear a dog bark or a cat meow, know that your Mom is smiling down on you. Howard and Linda Harrell
Agnes Salamone  $6.00
I will Display this Support Ribbon with Pride and know in my Heart that I have always tried to save a HELPLESS Animal.
Nancy Hoskins  $12.00
The best pet is a rescued pet. I will use my ribbons in hopes others will help with your cause. My daughter is a Vet. Tech at the Hillsborough County, Fl Animal Services and I know how hard you all work to make a difference. Thank you...
Evan Mcdermott  $20.00
Thank you for your hardwork!
Sybil Macemore  $60.00
In rememberance of Caressa Louise Perry and William Jase Owen Jones.
Janet Himmelreich  $12.00
In memory of my beloved Sandy. And I just love driving my leg whenever I can!
John R. Hoffman  $50.00
Rest in Peace John. The world lost a truly good man. Matthew J. Yuhas, Trucking
In Memory of Mr William Kermit Smith  $100.00
You will truly be missed Kermit!!! We love you!! The Beaver Family Heaven has an AWESOME man! Say hello to chuck -
Mrs. Burke  $25.00
In memory of Mrs. Burke, animal lover and lifelong resident of Burlington Iowa.
Lisa Salazar  $50.00
In memory of George and honoring Joann, who gave him the best life a cat could ever have.
Doug and Lianne  $25.00
In memory of Penny
Max Valmassoi  $100.00
In loving memory of Max, who is now playing happily with Luke and Molly.
Lalo Aguirre and Christina Gallardo  $5.00
In memory of Chico Aguirre Gone but not forgotten....There are no words to describe how much we miss you and we will always love you forever and ever.....
Lalo Aguirre and Christina Gallardo  $5.00
In memory of Chico Aguirre Gone but not forgotten....There are no words to describe how much we miss you and we will always love you forever and ever.....
Chico Aguirre  $5.00
Gone but not forgotten....There are no words to describe how much we miss you and we will always love you forever and ever.....
Carolyn Wachowiak  $5.00
In honor of my granddaughter, Elizabeth D'Arpa who loves every living thing. Elizabeth has rescued a rabbit, a dog and a cat. They are all living a happy life thanks to my darling Elizabeth.
Ruth Kenton  $50.00
This is in honor of my son's birthday, Jon Kenton.
Marlene Jim Moss  $200.00
In Memory of Ms. Barbara Anne Lacy Hough
Debbie Bough  $20.00
In memory of Jim Hughes, an animal lover and funny man.
For Nanny  $25.00
In memory of Madora Tanguis. She was a caring person and loved animals. She will be missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace.
Susi Fechter  $50.00
Samantha, at Shirley Feed Store, recommended that I contact you when I told her about my problem. I didn't know we had a rescue in Manorville. I am only too happy to help with donations. I hope to get this sorry soul some help or at least end his pain if need be.
Kathy Trunzo  $10.00
In memory of Lady Ferrando, a gift from heaven.
Martha Gill  $25.00
In memory of Easter, not just a great cat but a wonderful companion! You will always have a special place in my heart!
Clise Family  $100.00
In memory of Charles S. Majorich and his love for animals.
Frank and Sandy Rocco  $100.00
In memory of our dear Uncle, Edward L. Collins. He was a great friend to all animals. We will miss him dearly.
The Hogue Family  $50.00
In memory of Teri Deasons father, Forrest Becker
Forrest Becker  $50.00
In memory of Teri Deasons father, Forrest Becker Love, The Hogue Family
Max Man Maczka  $50.00
Max was laid to rest this years after 9 loving years with Jeanna JP Maczka. He was taken in off the streets and loved by two of our bestest friends. He is waiting patiently on, Rainbow Ridge, for them to join him one fine day!! Dwight Becki Stallings
In memory of Eric Pauli  $40.00
You are in our prayers! Brennan and Matt Konke
The Konke Family to the Pauli Family  $40.00
In memory of Eric Pauli, an old Hockey team mate that loves all animals. Your in our thoughts and Prayers!
Cindy Keas at [email protected]  $20.00
for the abandon dog Scott picked up on Friday
Carolyn, Kevin, Anthony, Leo Osborne  $25.00
For Ethel Reeds in memory of your brother Roy Coleman.
Jack  $20.00
To Cindy and Rick Kilgore. This donation was given in memory of your beloved cat Jack.. He was truly blessed to have you both as Parents.. RIP Jack!!
Meleta Lankford  $100.00
In memory of Meleta Lankford from Pegasus Solutions, Inc.
Baker Storey McDonald Properties  $100.00
In honor and memory of George Griffin
Laverne Miller  $50.00
In loving memory of a wonderful woman, Mrs. Mary Price who was a great supporter of all animals.
Barbara Pope  $20.00
Donated in honor of Amy Beaver [email protected]
Tom and Patti Collart  $25.00
In Memory of Angeline Perrone.
LINDA BREEN  $108.00
Mary Crowther  $50.00
In memory of beloved feline Mira Ross.
In memory of Adele Doris Posnansky  $100.00
Love from your BUNCO Friends! Carolyn, Mary, Christine, Carol, Sharon, Rita, Lois, Karyn, Lola, Kathy, and Chris
Adrianne Levesque  $20.00
For all our animals, here and gone...
Jeffrey A. Krakos DeAnn Krakos  $100.00
In loving memory of George T. Krakos and his beloved labrador, Molly.
Lydia Caldararo  $20.00
In memory of George Schindler
Lydia Caldararo  $20.00
In memory of George Schindler
Cheri Fuchs  $25.00
Giving thanks to Pam Wendenberg for taking the time in the busiest time of the year to help a complete stranger make someone else's special Christmas Gift for a person in Dover DE.
Chester B Smith  $75.00
In Loving Memory of my Uncle Chester who was an animal lover especially dachshunds. Chester B Smith Coudersport PA Oct 28, 1940-Jan 2, 2014 My he rest in peace
Jennifer Andrews  $50.00
In memory of Betty M Stone
The Radanof Family  $25.00
In memory of Linda Crow Beegle
Kay and Ernie Hodges  $250.00
In memory of Robbin Peterson.
Wanda Amick  $100.00
In loving memory of Shirley Higdon.
Lily and Sadie  $500.00
Thank you for all that you do to help our friends that are less fortunate than us !!
Paula Londe  $20.00
Livnat Clan, May your memories remain of sweet Roxy girl. Her love and quirks, her protective nature and how you could brush her coat endlessly. May your pain ease daily. I love each of you, Paula
In Memory of Gene Rowenhorst and his dog Sandy  $150.00
This donation is made in loving memory of Gene Rowenhorst and his dog Sandy by Gene's children Bruce, Brian, and Brenda, his brothers and sister, his cousins, and his friends.
Berkie  $50.00
In memory of the sweetest and smartest cat. We were so lucky to find you that day.
Jane M  $100.00
Karen you are missed everyday.
anon  $50.00
Joanne Jesse  $100.00
Hope this wil help you with your mission.
Jan Featherston  $25.00
In loving memory of Mona and her heart for homeless cats and dogs.
Greg and Jean Wible, Tom and Sue Word, Don Wood  $100.00
Our cousin, Rick Ramsey, requested that contributions be made to the shelter in lieu of flowers. Please accept this donation in honor of Rick. He was a generous and loving soul. He will be missed. With love, Greg, Jean, Tom, Sue and Don
Sparky and Hiker  $25.00
In memory of Sparky the llama, and Hiker the family dog. Both were beloved members of the Paradis family, until a recent bear attack took Sparky, and cancer took Hiker. They will be missed.
Smooty  $50.00
Merry Christmas
Barbara C. Ellis  $100.00
In loving memory of my sister Sandy, on Christmas Day.
Jacky Coderre  $25.00
In memory of Wally, loving companion of Ernie. A prince with four feet and a furry coat.
Anonymous  $100.00
For all your good work at the Scituate Shelter
Cheyenne  $1.00
Missed Cheyenne earlier. In memory of Cheyenne from Dan and Heather
John Savage  $25.00
In loving memory of Chablis.
Jones Family  $25.00
In memory of Petrie old man Jones. Thank You for the wonderful 15 years! In honor of Carly Jones and all her hermit crabs, birds, frogs, fishes, turtles, chinchilla, and puppies.
J Hossler  $50.00
Merry Christmas Mom!
Melissa Lehman  $10.00
I made a donation in memory of Bill Robertson. Merry Christmas Keitt!
LOVING MEMORY OF OUR LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN SHELTIE MAGGIE...We will always remember and love you, thinking about you very, very often.. Rest in peace and know your sister Minnie misses you as we do. God bless.
Callie...  $50.00
Instead of gifts this year, a donation was made.
Carol Weiss  $15.00
In memory of Geri Doug Wiles, please use this to help the cats who have been deserted by our county board.
The Sisle Family  $50.00
In memory of Jack Jury. Our condolences to Steve Jury and his family.
Gayle Stubbs  $20.00
In honor of Gayle Stubbs and his love of animals
The Bassett Family  $40.00
We are making this donation on behalf of our aunt, Laura Stairs. She has given a loving, caring home to countless shelter animals.
Patricia Reid  $25.00
In loving memory of Paul Farley
Jane L  $120.00
In memory of my two cat lover friends I lost this past year, JoAnn and Barb. and all the cats I've loved before.
John Gratkins  $15.00
In loving memory of lil Maggie Magoo loving freind and companion to Eileen for over 13 years. We miss you Maggs!!...from your lil buddy Casey
James Kiepert  $25.00
Merry Christmas
Karen Segar  $50.00
In memory of Trout. You were a sweet kitty.
Terumo BCT - SMT  $50.00
Please accept this contribution of $50.00 in memory of Betty M. Stone, the mother of our associate, Jenny Stone. Please send the acknowledgement of Terumo BCT's memorial contribution to Jenny Stone - 1052 South Ammons Street - Lakewood, CO 80226.
Betty M. Stone  $50.00
Please accept this contribution of $50.00 in memory of Betty M. Stone, the mother of our associate, Jenny Stone. Please send the acknowledgement of Terumo BCT's memorial contribution to Jenny Stone - 1052 South Ammons Street - Lakewood, CO 80226.
Euclid FOP  $75.00
In memory of Dennis R. Parton, father to a beloved friend and coworker, Kelley Parton. Your strength and kindness inspire us. Your father had to be so proud of you. You and your family have our sincerest condolences.
Flad Architects  $100.00
In memory of Betty Helena Tomlinson Bishop. Our sincere condolences to Bill Bishop and family.
Lisa Minich  $50.00
In memory of Pitzer
Jane Cooper  $30.00
In Honor of Mark Tammy Hynum...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
The Gregg Family  $25.00
In Memory of Betty Stone, may she rest in peace. God Bless!
Paul Madsen  $25.00
In memory of Betty Stone.
Kim dahlstrom  $10.00
monthly donation in honor of shelly giving up her peanut butter fudge gift this Christmas
Raven Jacobian  $25.00
Our Labs. We shared many fond years with you both!
mark baldassare  $50.00
in memory of Mary Louise DeMarchi Murphy
Shilpi Rod  $20.00
In loving memory of Betty M. Stone ! You will always remain in our heart and loved forever !
Mike and Dianne DeGroff  $50.00
This gift is given in memory of Betty M Stone. Our prayers go out to Jenny and her family in the loss of their mother.
Courtney  $20.00
In memory of Murphy, whom I miss every day, as well as Mack, Alex, Brandy, Whiskers.
The Senese family  $20.00
In memory of Dale Austin. The father of a special guy, and father in law to a special girl in our family's life. Cherish the memories...we love you, Dave and Molly.
Jennifer and Megan Reinertsen  $50.00
As we celebrate our fourth anniversary of adopting Starsky and Hutch, we are again reminded of the generous gift you gave us when you chose us to be their Mom and Dad. The joy and love we receive from them is more than we believed possible. Thank you for a selfless act that allowed our family to begin. 3
James Forrester  $20.00
In memory of Barbara Davidson, and her love of animals.
Readington Volunteer Fire Co.  $75.00
In memory of Patricia Ann France, Mother-in Law of Ex-Chief Jo Scott and Mother of Sue Scott his wife.
Gary Debbie Clark  $50.00
In memory of Robert Madden, a fellow animal lover.
Joseph Gruver  $25.00
in memory of Judy Clearfield
Glen and Andrea  $50.00
In memory of Molly Ballou
jolynn pont  $50.00
For the animals she loved so much. wish I could do more.
John and Claudia Mooter  $200.00
Thanks for all that you do. We have rescued many dogs and cats through the years, one from your shelter. We lost a beautiful rescue poodle this year. This donation is in his memory, Pierre the Poodle.
Deborah Hale  $25.00
In loving memory of my friend Ricky Bittinger. His love for animals and good humor will always be remembered
Barb Reynolds  $50.00
In honor of Rose and Ray Dunn. Merry Christmas!
In honor of Leslie Fernandez  $200.00
I give this donation in honor of Leslie Fernandez for Christmas. Merry Christmas to Leslie, with much love, Scott and Sherry Skinner
Jackie  $100.00
Thank you for all the hard work you do keeping animals healthy and safe. I wish I could feed and house every animal in need, but this is all I can afford this year. Our furry friends give us unconditional love, they deserve only the very best.
Wayne Judy Ware  $50.00
In loving memory of Dr. Mary Eastham-Jones. Love, Wayne Judy Ware
Robert Elwell  $100.00
In memory of Robert Elwell. The Whitehouse family
Joe and Mary Ann Lanza  $50.00
In memory of Elmer Blaise. Rest in Peace Uncle Elmer.
Terry Ryan  $50.00
In memory of David R. Slovski.
Willilams Family  $50.00
In memory of my good friend Bill Lancour. May you rest in peace. Thank you for all you did for these wonderful creatures.
Paul Freddie Watson  $100.00
In memory of a wonderful, caring man who loved his animals. From Joline Luketic, Tim Luketic and Linda Bowser
Thomas Wasnesky  $100.00
To honor the passing of Tom who was deeply loved by his wife Maureen and his animals. He opened his heart to countless animals that were need, gave them shelter and a loving home. Tom's passing is a great loss. At the request of Maureen, please apply this donation to save and feed more animals.
Letty Giraud  $10.00
In memory of HOWARD A. BIGGS Please send notice to Marge Biggs 9107 39th Lane Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Judi Weitzel  $100.00
In loving memory of your mother, June L. Davis, who shared your great love of animals. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families at this time. She is resting in peace. God Bless. ~ Laurel Staat Julie Cingolani
Jackie  $10.00
In loving memory of the most loving dog I known, patches. He greeted me everyday when I came home and helped me through may difficult times. I hope this small donation will help assist you in finding loving homes for all the animals in need.
Ernie West  $100.00
In memory of Ernie West a great guy and respected member for many years of the CENTRAL COAST CORVETTE CLUB. His Corvette family.
Janice Snyder  $100.00
This donation is in Memory of Janice Snyder. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Aunt Janice. Bob Linda Snyder Tucson, AZ.
Jennifer Ted Olson  $50.00
In Celebration of the marriage of Lynda and Lou - 2 dedicated and wonderful dog owners!
Matthew Holden  $50.00
I held a bake sale to raise money for the shelter. I am making the donation in honor of my grandfather who passed away. He loved dogs and always adopted dogs in need.
NAVOCEANO Ocean Projects Department N9  $165.00
The donation is from NAVOCEANO Ocean Projects Department N9 in memory of Randy McIver
Mycroft  $100.00
In memory of Dorris Schierbaum
The Halls  $25.00
In Memory of Jimmie Mack , the beloved Chow saved by Laura from a shelter. He was her constant protector and companion who saw her through many tough times..they were a perfect pairing.He will be dearly missed .Our hearts go out to her .
Janet, Curtis Scott Supanchis - Scottsdale, AZ  $50.00
In Memory of Barbara Jean Casey of Dallas, Texas. Our hearts go out to her husband Jack her family.
The Halls  $25.00
In Memory of Jimmie Mack , the beloved Chow saved by Laura from a shelter. He was her constant protector and companion who saw her through many tough times..they were a perfect pairing.He will be dearly missed .Our hearts go out to her .
In Memory of Bailey Compter  $20.00
In Memory of the beloved dog of Pam, Ken, Matthew, and Sarah Compter. Have fun playing in doggie heaven with Cody! You will be missed everyday, but always remembered in our hearts.
Kathy  $50.00
In celebration of Nancy and George Williams' 50th wedding anniversary
Bryant Buster Davis  $50.00
A small gift to help our friends in need in loving memory of Buster.
Bailey  $20.00
In Memory of Bailey, beloved dog of Pam, Ken, and Matthew. Have fun playing in heaven with Cody.
Reena Steve Kastens  $50.00
Happy wonderful Anniversary wishes go out to you are 2 of the most special people we know. Love, Joyce Bob
Linda Woods  $50.00
In memory of Mary Gillespie Harris because of her love for all animals. Over the years Mary enjoyed the love and companionship of the 3 kitties she adopted from Chesterfied.
The Dittmer Family  $50.00
In loving memory of Mary Zangrilli. A wonderful aunt and amazing person. She lived life to the fullest, was always upbeat, and truly adored animals. She will forever be in our hearts. xoxoxo
Robin Gline  $20.00
In memory of Sydney
Mary Ann Rieland  $50.00
In memory of Kathryn Cropcho, mother of Nancy Pollino.
Susan King Cope  $35.00
Happy Birthday Maxine Wright - you are a great friend!
Rose Hendley  $12.00
In remembrance of a special pal, ThomasTommy, who spent his 15 years of life by my side. Riding around with me thru 47 out of 48 states. For a cat he adapted very well to life on the road in a semi truck. Old age took my friend from me 4 years ago. And I said I would never have another. I've learnt to never say never, because a year later BingoBuddy came into my life. He was a kitten with swollen eyes and ear mites among other problems. In nearly 3 years he has grown into a huge orange ball of fur, with a purr out of this world. Bingo spent his kitten days riding on my shoulder in the truck, he didn't want to miss a thing looking out that big picture window, gazing out over the steering wheel. I now have a job where I drive local, and Bingo is able to be king of his castle at home. And he loves being home!!! Thank you to all animal rescuers for the love you give to saving and caring for our pets!!!
Dr. Jerry Ahrendt  $25.00
For the devotion and care he has provided to all animals great and small.
Louie  $18.00
Thank you Lake Isabella Animal Shelter for taking good care of our Louie and his pal, Mari when they were picked up. Thank goodness they are still alive and hope to be for a long long time.
Claire Jones and family  $120.00
In memory of a wonderful sister-in-law and aunt, Anne Bassett. Anne had a loving heart that encompassed so many as well as a definite soft spot for dogs- big and little. We will miss her greatly.
Bonnie Murchie Koch  $50.00
In memory of Bonnie and her love of animals. May Richard and her family be comforted knowing that animals will be cared for.
Lori Jeff Phillips  $20.00
Dear Barb, Dennis and Rachel, So sorry for your loss of dear Sugar. We are donating in her memory. We hope your hearts heal soon. Love, Jeff and Lori
Vicky Bowen  $25.00
In memory of Vicky Bowen by Cecilia Starnes.
Joanne  $50.00
Read the story about Castle-how wonderful that he is on the mend. And thanks to Lt Castle his compassion for this little dog.
Huong Pham  $10.00
I have make donation each month 10 to help rescue pets to your Navajo animal rescue organization. I also wish you could help me to bring my lost cat in Monument valley home. By going to clik on lost cat with postal code 84536, You will see the advertisement and picture of my cat posted there. He is domestic long hair white orange with sic toes on his feet. If by any chance you come across to see my cat in your shelter or in any other Navajo animal services please call me at 604 317 7394 to bring my cat Big Paw home. I miss him badly. Cannot sleep every night because of losing him. Thanks
Mary Abthorpe  $200.00
This is a gift to honour Mary Abthorpe, who is a great supporter of animal shelters and has a home in Gros Morne, From her friends Donna and Christina, Happy Birthday!
Kim Jackson  $40.00
In honor of the loss of Mrs. Audrey Faulkner and to extend our sympathy and respect to Mary and Joe. TJKim
Barbara Van Lanen  $50.00
**In Memory of Edward Lauffer** My deepest condolences to the Lauffer family for the loss of Uncle Eddie. Although I cannot be there, my heart is with you! XOXO
Margaret Patterson  $50.00
Thank you for rescuing Otis from Hillsborough County Animal Services!
Sarah Gilliland  $50.00
In memory of Sarah Gilliland from Dan and Karen Wesch Craig and Sheena Wesch, Canton and Bostyn
The Snook Family  $50.00
In memory of Mrs. Jane Twigg.
Phyllis Godbold  $25.00
In honor of Rose Tyndall. Please send acknowledgement to Rose Tyndall, 312 Henderson St., Mt. Olive, NC 27364
The Wong Family  $100.00
Our heart felt sympothy for the loss of your beloved Kimo. He lives in our heart. All our love - Leah, Mick, Joyce, Shane, Alan and Lisa
Jim and Julie Lopresti  $50.00
In memory of John Vournous, a fellow employee, a great employee and a friend. He will be greatly missed.
Tracy Tim Foltz  $50.00
Congratulations on your marriage!
Sarah  $6.00
Thank you for what you do for the sheltered animals.
Lue Carol Clark  $50.00
In memory of our family member Donald Ahern, who loved animals.
Greg and Jenny Jardine  $100.00
In memory of Dave Hunter, a wonderful husband, father, Marine and true animal lover.
Bob Sue Wilson  $25.00
In Memory of our Sweet Sue Bemis, who groomed our dogs and spoiled them with her home baked cookies, neck scarves and pure love! We will all miss this sweet lady!
Tom Winters  $40.00
send thank you to Geoff Lubbering 610 Woodlander Road Jefferson City, MO 65108 NOT IN MEMORY OF BUT A THANK YOU.
kitty barnes  $25.00
To Howie Delo in memory of Lucy, a good friend, loving mother and a special dog to everyone she met. She will be missed.
Kat Corrigan  $300.00
Hi all! This took me WAY too long to send to you, but here is the percentage of my profits from the 30 Cats in 30 Days Project I completed in March, 2013! Thank you for your support! Hope all your kitties find homes~ Kat
Tammy and Chuck  $25.00
In Memory of Uncle Ralph Faull.
Mike and Kris Patalita  $30.00
In memory of Bruce Guenther.
Caring Friends  $60.00
In loving memory of Gracie, for The Pattersons in Cranford, NJ
Deborah Ecret  $10.00
In memory of Bishop, beloved cat of Kurt and Ellen Schuster
charlene chenault  $100.00
In memory of Scooter our pembroke corgi who never met a stranger in human or canine.We miss you Scooter and love you very much, see you over the bridge one day !3 kisses and hugs MommaDaddy
Joan Lively  $25.00
Just to help out getting things back in order after the fire.
Kim Rutledge  $25.00
Donation made in memory of Jack Williams.
Mark Joyce Schmidt  $20.00
In memory of our neighbor's chocolate lab, Snickers. She was as sweet as the candy bar as well as loving, loyal, and big and gentle. She will be missed greatly. We love you, Snickers!
Thomas Bruno and family  $20.00
In memory of Mr Ronald F. Earnest.
Jenna Meek -Erin McGuire  $40.00
Two 11 year old girls had a lemonade stand today. They had signs money was going to the local animal shelter. They raised $40.
Kathy Sapp  $25.00
This donation was made in memory of Mrs. Febro, the lovely mother of Patty and Jeff Warner.
Carl Muller  $20.00
To all the cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Steve and Martha Knott  $20.00
In memory of Sandra Kelly
Rhonda Beaulieu Espe Valcarcel  $50.00
Congratulations! This donation is in honor of your BIG day!! Thank you for all your love to your furry friends!! Carey, Laurie, Mel and Caroline
Sherri Tanner  $36.00
This is a donation from the proceeds of Jodi Arias' art that is being sold. Please use it for whatever is needed. Thank you.
Brian Wenocur  $18.00
In Memory of Dr. Alfred Small, PhD, a great owner and lover of cats.
Erin and Jeff Dill  $50.00
In memory of Sam, the kindest yellow lab that ever lived. He was loved for 15 years by the Master Family of Reedsville, WV.
Joe and Mary Ann Younts  $75.00
This donation is in honor of a wonderful couple. Thank you for all you do for others -human and animal alike. Kevin and Madison
Karen Nichols  $50.00
This is for my rescue girls Molly Lily. I lost both of them last year due to old age. Molly was 12 12 and Lily was 11. For big girls that is a good long life. I miss them both so much. I didn't get them from you shelter, but my dad says you take care of your animals with love and you are needing donations.
Elaine  $25.00
In loving memory of Maralynn P. Nance who went to be with her Lord on May 8, 2013.
Donna  $10.00
Glad to help
Roubitchek Family  $25.00
In loving memory of Cindy Morefield, and in honor of Dave Morefield.
Lisa Johnson  $50.00
In loving memory of Tom's best friend black labchow Murray. You will be missed and forever loved. St. Francis of Assisi, watch over Murray and all our animals. Lisa, Fozzy, and Hobie
Sue  $40.00
In loving memory of Wrigley. An affectionate and loyal friend. He will be missed.
Donna Stachowicz  $30.00
To remember my beloved little girlfriend Sara.How i MISS YOU! mom
Audrey Brown  $25.00
You will be missed, my friend. Whenever I see a flamingo or hear an Irish pub song I will think of you. Pat
Sylvia Mayfield  $10.00
My prayers are with the Mayfield family. Sylvia will be missed by many. Leonore O'Malley
Mary Alberta Gatterman  $100.00
In loving memory of my Aunt Alberta. - Jane Thompson
Emma Dyer, Tana Walter, Terry Lockhart  $100.00
In memory of Aunt Bill Billie Wilks and the love she had for animals.
clayton ouellette  $50.00
a chritmas gift for mary yard
Shannon Marcos Gonzalez  $100.00
In loving memory of Haeleigh Jensen, a beautiful young lady whose kind spirit will always be remembered.
Barbara Selby Wells  $50.00
In memory of my dear cousin, Charles E. Mahan, who loved the mission of your great organization. Love you and miss you, Charlie.
Mullen Family  $50.00
In loving memory of Walter Dunlap - Miller Ave Washington NJ
Barbara Larry Foy  $50.00
In loving memory of a wonderful person, Rick Kocchi.
Bob And Sue Tomczak  $20.00
In loving Memory of Irene Weinstein, for her love of animals. We Miss you...
Lucile Watts  $50.00
In memory of my sister, Liz's, dog, Pales who gifted her with 16 years of faithfulness and unconditional love. This will allow other dogs to be given that same kind of love from their owner and to their owner. We love you, Liz, Piper and Pales, Lucile and Allen
Eric Dalos  $100.00
Eric, your heart was so big, you had enough room for Scott, your family and friends, and all the four-legged creatures as well. Your kindness and love meant so much to Sunnie and I we will remember and treasure our memories of you forever. Love always, Sunnie and Martie
Charla Franco  $50.00
In honor of a very special person who gives continuously in memory of her brother, Griffith Pratt, and sister, Sherry Curran.
Great American Insurance Group, LTC Division  $100.00
In memory of Dianna Sue Waters, mother of Crystal Eugenio and family, an avid animal lover and supporter of of the Imperial County Humane Society.
Carol McBryde  $50.00
Just know you both have been in our thoughts and prayers as you grieved, yet celebrated Carol's life. Love, Jeff Charlotte
Mari Dickson  $6.00
For Please Spay and Neuter magnet ribbon. Thank you.
Tina  $40.00
In memory of dear Tina and her heavenly wings.
Mitzi, the perfect yorkie  $40.00
To help aid the rescue of the Malad pitbulls.
Venessa Fellin  $10.00
In memory of Tracy Rangel
Diane S.  $25.00
In Memory of sweet, gentle Molly, an affectionate and loyal friend of 11 years who will be greatly missed.
Carrie Sheely  $10.00
In memory of Curt and barn cat Peanut.
Karyn Harmon  $20.00
In memory of Jody Smith.
Koch Air  $25.00
In memory of Bess T. Swindell. From Katie's friends at Koch Air.
Mary Ellen Buzz Weindel  $100.00
Lu-Lu  $60.00
In loving memory of those wet-nosed kisses, and wiggly tails, dogs show us how to love unconditionally, and will always live forever in our hearts.
Frank Ellen  $100.00
This donation is in memory of Chet Faust of Laurel, MT He was a wonderful person, great lifelong friend and rescuer of cats. He will be greatly missed by all.
Steve Deborah Oldham  $100.00
In memory of Lisa Lynn Wells - A good friend and animal caretaker.
Ted Andresen  $25.00
I hope this is going to St. Petersburg, FL SPCA. Please do not add my name as a second entry to the mailing list. This was a unique one- time donation.
Philip Knight  $25.00
In memory of Ralph Cannon Myers formerly at 8420 Monticello Road, Columbia, SC 29203 - a great friend and lover of animals.
Lylliam Pagan  $20.00
Please the website listed as as it should instead be Thank you
In memory of Rick Kocchi  $25.00
Loving father to my animal loving friend Suzie.
Michelle Bill Cyrus  $25.00
A memorial for Ms. Billie Hermann Wilks. Please send acknowledgement to Mary and Scott Wilks, 3900 Twilight Dr. S., Benbrook, TX 76116-7648.
Victor Susan Di Paglia  $20.00
To all our furry friends who have been family and comfort for us for so long. It's a small amount, and we wish we could do more, but hope this helps somewhat in your unselfish incredible work. Thank you all!!
Rusty and Beth Smith  $50.00
In memory of Gretchen Wilson, our aunt who loved all animals. We will miss you.
Kathi Starr  $100.00
This donation is in memory of my dear cousin JoAnn Treharn who passed away February 19, 2013. Joann had a special fondness for animals, especially her therapy dog, Stumpy. She requested donations to the helpless animals who depend on others for their support. This is how big her heart was. May she find peace.
Patty Keiffer  $50.00
In memory of Phil Miller, the husband of my longtime friend and pet lover Angela.
Greg Patti Hanold  $50.00
In Memory Of Margie Hanold - on Her 90th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Ma
Where in St Pete  $10.00
Hank Vizenor won our daily Where in St Prize by correctly identifying the location of Trip's Diner from a a photo. He asked us to donate his prize to the SPCA and so we honor that request...
Charlie Gentile  $25.00
In memory of Skip Garman
Norma Bradshaw  $25.00
In loving memory of Edna Mae Marnie Simmering. Love, Norma and Andrew Waynesville, NC
Connie Eisnaugle and family  $50.00
In memory of Rhonda Eisnaugle, I know you will be missed by many, many friends and family
Bruce and Shonda Monical  $100.00
In memory of Michael McEvoy.
Debbie Bruna  $50.00
In memory of John Michael Fuscaldo
Bev Kritzstein  $25.00
In memory of Uncle Harry Hauck - whose love of all his little furry friends was endless. We will miss you! xoxo
annalise  $20.00
to my friend dani, happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!this gift is for you and will help animals that need love. i hope you have a happy birthday your friend, annalise
Al and Sharon Zupo  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Kenny Ehle, a golden retriever rescued by Curt and Patti Ehle of Ogden. He will be greatly missed.
Zach  $25.00
In loving memory of Murdoc. May you enjoy many tacos and free lunches in heaven.
Ron Berens  $500.00
Ron You were a great boss and friend I know your love for life was so powerful and you lived it to the highest which is something that people never do in their lifetime. I know you always left a great impression on those who met you and who knew you. I will always remember you for the rest of my life and how you touched it especially your laugh. You were a good friend to our family. I know you loved your pets and dogs. They loved you too cause you treated them like a person spoiling them. Love and miss you always Debbie
John and Priscilla Wright  $25.00
In memory of Ray Hibler
imelda dalton  $100.00
in memory of my first puupy love,Jake,a beautiful English Setter.
Kelly  $100.00
Thank you from the animals
Russell Rusty Johnson, Jr.  $45.00
Rusty was very fond of dogs. On behalf of his brother, Darrell Powers, Darrell's co-workers have made this donation.
Pete Wendi Viglione  $50.00
A gift to honor the memory of Geraldine B. Berkman who passed on 2413. May she rest in peace knowing that the love and caring she had for all creatures great and small will continue through the efforts of organizations such as this. She will be missed by all who knew her.
Julia A. Frew  $20.00
In honor of Sally Cline's birthday!
Dave Barbara Lovell  $200.00
In memory of Betty Allen.
Edfinancial Services  $50.00
In memory of Garrett Pennington, beloved husband of Jane Pennington.
Christine Kruhalski  $25.00
In honor of the late Mr. John Garmon my dear friend I was blessed to know in this life.
Lynda Maguire  $25.00
In loving memory of Barney and for all the years of devotion, love and happiness always given.
Elaine and Ann Hill  $25.00
In loving memory of Dakota and her love-filled 18 years! -janette
The KruelWood Family  $50.00
please accept this donation in memory of Mr. Charles Novich who passed away on 123112
Fred Irene Nasta  $50.00
In memory of Lynn Weitzel. a caring person who always loved animals. She took in many strays, cared for them or found them good homes. She will be missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace.
Rachelle Noble Bellis  $50.00
In memory of our dear friend Jon Ball, may be gone from sight but not our heart or memories!
Tracy Gibson  $6.00
thank you
Mavis Micknich Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Peter Micknich.
Donna Thompson  $50.00
In memory of Richard Dick Baldwin. Thinking of you. Donna
Sherry Duvall  $12.00
In memory of Mr. Wilson... My friend Melody lost her baby Mr. Wilson recently and he was the sweetest dachsund. Such a love to have around. This is to honor the 2 dachsunds you have right now, Marie and Donnie. I pray someone gives them a home soon.
Paul Young  $30.00
In memory of Christi Lynn Boardman, animal lover and daughter of Sherry Boardman.
Michael Mudry  $50.00
In memory of Patricia Ann Froats of Beaver.
len brock  $50.00
job well done....metzcus family
Phil Costanzo  $12.00
I Thank you Kindly as this will help in public awareness to our need of accountability to care for what God has so graciously given to us to parent our Wee-Ones,. ... I am a Life member in good standing with our local Stark County Humane Soceity and My Beagal is being Honored there, as He picked me ato be His Daddy, I miss him so terribly and abmonish those that are unkind and cruel to those Wee-Ones that needus so Emensely to be their Advocates- Always!! Angels upon your shoulders to Love ptotect Embrace all of you for your Loving care and encouraging the Gen. Public to realize they are Defensless! God be with you, Always, Sincerely Most Respectfully, Philip M. Costanzo of North Canton Ohio
Phil Costanzo  $12.00
I Thank you Kindly as this will help in public awareness to our need of accountability to care for what God has so graciously given to us to parent our Wee-Ones,. ... I am a Life member in good standing with our local Stark County Humane Soceity and My Beagal is being Honored there, as He picked me ato be His Daddy, I miss him so terribly and abmonish those that are unkind and cruel to those Wee-Ones that needus so Emensely to be their Advocates- Always!! Angels upon your shoulders to Love ptotect Embrace all of you for your Loving care and encouraging the Gen. Public to realize they are Defensless! God be with you, Always, Sincerely Most Respectfully, Philip M. Costanzo of North Canton Ohio
Phil Costanzo  $12.00
I Thank you Kindly as this will help in public awareness to our need of accountability to care for what God has so graciously given to us to parent our Wee-Ones,. ... I am a Life member in good standing with our local Stark County Humane Soceity and My Beagal is being Honored there, as He picked me ato be His Daddy, I miss him so terribly and abmonish those that are unkind and cruel to those Wee-Ones that needus so Emensely to be their Advocates- Always!! Angels upon your shoulders to Love ptotect Embrace all of you for your Loving care and encouraging the Gen. Public to realize they are Defensless! God be with you, Always, Sincerely Most Respectfully, Philip M. Costanzo of North Canton Ohio
Rusty Curtis  $25.00
In memory of Donna Jo DeSalvo. She touched so many lives......humans and animals alike. Rest in peace, Donna.
Cathy Brogan  $6.00
Rescue Magnet 1218 Cherry Blossom Drive Hazle Twp. PA 18202
Isobel Beniston  $25.00
In memory of a dear lady Isobel. Fran and Mick Moyles
Tom Leslie Cooper  $25.00
In Memory of Kenney Bastin a wonderful and carrying brother inlaw who will be dearly missed. Tom Leslie Cooper
Jen Kalan  $25.00
In memory of Lorraine Tindall Cross and with deepest sympathy to Patty Gu and all her family and friends.
Donna Jo De Salvo  $35.00
Still finding it hard to believe that she's gone from this earth. BUT holding the close the wonderful fun filled memories we have of her. Happy that her memorials will help make better the lives of many precious animals that we know she loved so much! Hugs and kisses and prayers your way! Paulette and George Hill
Angela Locke Jo Ann Wesley Belcher  $30.00
This is in memory of Jack Truitt a dear friend. May he rest in peace.
Mike Glo Nicholson  $50.00
In memory of Kay Swisher. Mike Glo Nicholson
Jess L.  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Russel W. Glans. A great individual with a big heart and a huge sense of humor. Thank you for giving us Kelly! Love always, Jess
Sugar and Bo  $25.00
Sugar you were the best dog and I just didn't have you long enough. Bo 13 years girl and you were at our sides every minute of it. Your both missed. See you both in Heaven. Love your family!
Gary and Linda Cox  $50.00
Dear Mary and Scott, Your mom blessed her dogs greatly. They were a sweet part of her life. What a fitting what to honor her life. Linda and Gary
Linda Ogle Welch  $10.00
Each year I try to pick another shelter to donate to. Over the years my daughter and I have rescued many dogs and cats and have been so fortunate to either find them a home or a shelter. Thanks so much for all you do!
Tom and Sherry Arnold  $100.00
In loving memory of Henry Florsheim aka Papa Flo
Peggy Barden  $100.00
In memory of your brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Precision Surgical
Joan Huggins  $75.00
In memory of my best friend's mother, Ellen Hutchinson Drake. She was another mother that helped raise me. She taught me the value and unconditional love of all animals. She was a kind, happy woman who was good to all. I love you Ellen. Thank you!
John and Dorothy Downs  $30.00
In memory of Lex Ellis.
Cheryl Higuchi  $75.00
Holiday donation in honor of the dogs of Leihoku Elementary School. Cocoa, Lilo, Moli, Copper, Beau, Bella, JC, Freddy, Sasha, Nalo Boy, Makana, Zoey, Chompers, Chibi and Chie. Giving less fortunate animals a chance at what we've got.
Walter and Linda Fox and Family  $250.00
This donation is made in memory of our dear nephew Andrew Scott Belko.
jjj  $10.00
paulette meyers  $100.00
in memory of Catherine Hubbard who was taken from this earth. She wanted to be a vet but that isn't going to happen now. She was 1 of the angels whose life was taken at the age of 6. RIP
Bonnie Belenchia  $100.00
Thanks for all your good work
Seth Laura Sanford  $50.00
In memory of Joyce Michelson.
Tony Hill Family  $35.00
In honor of the Hill family. Play, play,play! With love, Mollie and Cathy
Cappi  $100.00
You are missed! Thanks for 16 years of unconditional love.
Cathy Morgan and Mollie Hill  $25.00
In memory of Don Regman, a quiet, gentle soul
Cathy Morgan and Mollie Hill  $25.00
In memory of Don Regman. May he keep on riding high in his saddle.
Erica Milgram  $25.00
In honor of Erica's Bat Mitzvah...good luck! Ben Moran
Liza  $12.00
Your next best friend is waiting for you!
kelsey  $50.00
In loving memory
Debbie Hughes  $100.00
In memory of my uncle Pete Raines, an animal lover.
Betsy Barnes  $500.00
In memory of Neko, who disappeared on June 19, 2012. I hope he found a new home inn Heaven or on earth. He is missed and loved by me and his 4 buddies.
Lanie  $100.00
For Chloe the best Bassett Hound ever!! We miss you everyday and we will never forget you. XOXO
Remembering our loved sheltie Maggie who left us almost 2 years ago. Gone but never forgotten. We love you Maggie and think of you often, rest in peace. Your pal Minnie looks for you daily and misses you very much also. Love always.
Levesque Family  $15.00
In honor of Laura Sloan and family. Merry Christmas!
Ellie and Brodie Williamson  $50.00
We will miss you always.
Darby Nelson  $20.00
In memory of Darby, a sweet girl that loved running and playing games outdoors, and loved Mimi and Buddy very much. Knowing Jay and Justin will be throwing tennis balls for her! With saddened hearts and sending much love, Both Andrew Smith Families
Karen Phillips  $50.00
In honor of Isabel Eicher 2537 Royal Oak Drive Johns Island, SC 29455
Edie Graves  $30.00
In Memory of Caesar Abby
Dylan Edwards  $10.00
In lieu of a personal gift
The Bassett Family  $20.00
In honor of Laura Stairs. She has given countless animals a safe and loving home throughout her entire life. We love you.
Rosalind Henry  $20.00
Merry Christmas to our homeless animals
Carolyn and Arcellus Sykes  $50.00
In memory of Webster Sykes
Ashley Asue  $20.00
In honor of Kerry Dow - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Elsworth Dutton  $100.00
You will be missed
Kerrie Kittleson  $20.00
In honor of my cousin, Brandi Rivera, and in memory of her two beautiful pugs, Toby and Hero. Love you Brandi! Happy Holidays with your new little man, Kona!
patty  $100.00
always on my mind . FARO. my dog, my fiend
Janeen Snyder  $35.00
In memory of Luke- Jerry Linda Barber's dog. Please send note to Mr. Mrs. Jerry Barber 430 S. Main Monticello, AR. 71655
Freda L. McIver  $25.00
This donation was made in honor of Nancy Joe Edwards 13806 Turtle Hill Road Midlothian, VA 23112 Please notify them of this donation.
Max Mrytle  $50.00
Christmas Donation in your name Pete Bowling!
Centers for Rehab - Beaver  $50.00
In Memory of Martha Steuer
Nicole Zawadzki  $60.00
In memory of McTavish.
In honor of Eileen Shelton not memory, she's still kickin'  $40.00
Because my mom always takes care of the animals, never mind what it is.
Secret Santa  $18.00
In honor of Amy Granato!
Amy Williamson  $20.00
Julia Hambuchen  $5.00
In honor of Jo Claire Dodson.
Tom saiers  $25.00
A gift from Tom Saiers to help support the shelter
Tina Kurt's team  $50.00
In loving Menory of MacKenzie Kurt.
Tommy, Cindy, and Betty Jean Duncan  $50.00
Merry Christmas! This gift is made in honour of Tommy, Cindy, and Betty-Jean from Thomas and Rebecca. You have made a difference in a lot of lives! God bless ya'all!!!
Secret Santa  $25.00
Holiday donation on behalf of Jay Betsy Oxford in honor of the Forsyth County Animal Rescue. Merry Christmas!
Verna C. Bryant  $25.00
To Jeff Family, Sorry to hear about your mother. Larry Sorriento
M. Blacke  $30.00
In memory of Howard, Spryte, and Jasper.
Margaret Cyrus Malek  $50.00
For Christmas, in honor of Lisa, Kim, and Erin.
Sandy, Nancy JoAnn  $40.00
Holiday donation made in your name
Jenn Reinertsen and Megan  $50.00
It was three years ago today that we adopted our two beautiful chihuahuas from Jenn and Megan. They have brought us many smiles ad joys. We are so thankful that we were entrusted to love and care for these two precious boys. I can't thank them enough for this wonderful gift!
CIC Plus  $50.00
In memory of Brian and Sandra Humphrey. Two wonderful people who will be sorely missed by family, friends and community. May their memories be a blessing.
Mike and Cindy Maidens  $25.00
In memory of Jackson beloved dog of Sheila Stanley and family.
sheridan skinner  $100.00
given for Christmas in honor of Leslie and Roy Fernandez
Mildred  $50.00
This donation is memory of our wonderful Cat Mildred and is given by our Sister, Ananya.
Virginia Harder  $25.00
In Peace Love, Carol Les
Jesse Berlin  $100.00
This is a donation in memory of John G. Horn.
Donald J. Baumgart  $100.00
In honor of Donald Baumgart. You will be missed, but your memory will live on.
Lawrence, Ruth Cathy Aquino  $40.00
In Memory Frances Aquino
Matthew Rydell Game Time Amusements  $50.00
In memory of Tiffany Carol Shull
Kimberly M. Dunkel  $25.00
In memory of my stepdad, Michael J. Altobello, who loved animals very much. Xoxo
Vicki Barr  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Jama Moffitt
Meribeth Demmel  $25.00
In loving memory of Nina Hess
Ted and Marcia Baer and Family  $20.00
In memory of Emmy Lou Janos
Members of Katherine Campolis Family  $165.00
In memory of Katherine Campoli and all the animals she loved and took care of in her lifetime.
kaydi  $100.00
For all the animal loves of my life.
Adena Co-workers  $120.00
Donated on behalf of Elaine Storrs in memory of Luther Banks
Tod Fontana  $100.00
In honor of Pam Holmes and her lifelong dedication to her cherished dogs.
Linda and Ron Sankey  $36.00
In loving memory of David Farber. With our sincerest and deepest condolences for a truly loving and caring person. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Charles Boss  $50.00
This donation is in memory of the Boss family's pet
Vicki Schepis  $25.00
in honor of Lynette Gladdis and in memory of Reggie Gladdis.
William and Marilyn Botte  $100.00
This donation is being made in the names of Jillian and Tatiana, our two beautiful little girls whom we adopted through PCART. We are so grateful for these little ones who have found a forever home with us and to whom we pledge our hearts and our love. Bless you for all of your work on behalf of these precious little dogs.
Linda Fisher  $25.00
In memory of Rebecca Higman. God bless Rebecca and her dear family.
Jim Ann Boyd  $25.00
In loving memory of Dan Gray
Doug Browning  $70.00
So sorry to hear of Doug's passing. Memories of many happy days when we were growing up. Love, Gene and Dorothy Browning
Norma Peet  $12.00
What can I say except that I wish I could save all the poor, abandoned, hungry, mistreated animals. They deserve much, much more than that. Such wonderful animals they are.
Jill Larson Family  $20.00
Remembering Jake Zegart and the animal lover that he was.
Gina Torres  $6.00
This is for my dogs Blondie and Stoyko. Blondie was killed by a driver and Stoyko died of natural causes. I loved and love all my animals!
Ann Hank Williams  $20.00
All our fur and feather angels.
Mike Maryjane Medea  $50.00
We are making this donation in memory of Dr. Paul E. Kozak, VMD. May he rest in peace.
Robert M. Moser  $20.00
With deepest prayers are upon you. Kathy Wilson-Gold
Ellie Williamson  $25.00
We miss you Ellie always
Elizabeth Bader  $20.00
In memory of a dear Aunt.
Mike Kelly  $100.00
In memory of Gottfried Gstundtner.
Jenna NickeyTerrance Voelkel  $10.00
In memory of Buddy, my doggy nephew who brightened his human's lives from 2001-2012.
Melissa Gordon  $25.00
In memory of Aldo Chierici. God Bless
Alice Baburchak  $100.00
Alice you will be missed. Your family shares your love of animals.
Cathleen Ferns and Lisa Mims  $30.00
In memory of Herman Kother Dowe.
David Appleby  $25.00
In Memory of Alice Dunham and her german shepard, Heidi
Melinda and Marc Rosenberger  $50.00
In loving memory of Mary Johnson, who so loved her son's Goldens...and they loved her back.
Katherine Cooley  $50.00
Please accept this donation in fond memory of Herman Dowe of Union Township NJ.
Lynn Hudson  $40.00
In Memory of Michael Leonti, fom Lynn, Paul Krista Hudson
Dustin Clason  $100.00
We miss you Dusty. Stay fab up there! -Kim, Dan, Lila
David Nancy Nelson  $100.00
Thanks for all you do for the animals in our area.
Elaine Carroll Shackelford  $50.00
In memory of Sandra L. Hutt.
Salet Handley  $10.00
In loving memory of Puppy Doe
Dusty  $10.00
Rest in peace Dusty
Danielle and Chris Iott  $10.00
In memory of Harley. So grateful for our rescue kitties Mia and Maddie.
Charlotte Sanders  $25.00
In memory of Debbi Leffingwell. The Sanders Family
Rosie Prior  $5.00
Hoping that every little helps. My animal loving nearest and dearest would give as much as they could to a good cause too.
Phyllis Wallick  $50.00
My dearest Granny, you will be so very missed! All our love, Sheri,Gavin and Dylan
Phyllis Wallick  $50.00
My dearest Granny, you will be so very missed!
Holly and Barry Billings  $100.00
In memory of my grandmother, Ruth Mossman. Your love for animals is carried on in your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
sharon greenshields  $100.00
in memory of my beloved sister barbara mohr gone from our lives too soon
LYN  $50.00
TJ Manoy  $130.00
In loving memory of TJ Manoy. Our prayers to the family from your friends at Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands. With love, Ron M., Linda E., Kim M., Sarah P., Josh G. Janet P., Santo F., Dave L., and Joe P.
Betty Martinous  $20.00
Lisa Smith
Lisa Hitchcock  $40.00
In honor of Lisa Hitchcok. Happy Birthday Lisa! We appreciate all you do for us! Angie, Terrie and Ryan
Stacy Steven Shaup  $50.00
Given in memory of Ronald Frederic Vuillemenot
Katie Benincasa  $25.00
Sending you loving thoughts during this difficult time. Love - Bill Sue Ellen
Atelier Salonspa and Atelier Studio  $100.00
This donation made in memory of Dustin Clason, who passed away 8-12-12. He was a sweet and gentle man who had a deep love for animals. Dustin lived in Monticello, Ga. and would want this donation to help animals find loving homes. Rest in Peace.
Michael and Cheryl Dunlap  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Harvey Bost.
Kristin Chenoweth and Maddie's Corner  $500.00
In memory of Katie Benincasa.
Dr. Brodie Owens  $50.00
Thank you Brodie for helping us care for Katy!
Margaret Gamble  $50.00
In memory of Margaret Gamble. Jeff and Jenny Hovater
Lisa Bussard  $100.00
In honor and memory of Maddie Russell parents Cindy and John, brothers Garrett and Elliott. you will be missed! Love you, Lisa, Sadie and Cooper
Edward J. Barnett  $100.00
The friends and colleagues of Edward's brother,Andrew Barnett at Quintiles Consulting Inc, have made this donation in tribute to the memory of Edward J. Barnett.
TJ Manoy  $50.00
~In loving memory of TJ Manoy~ Aunt Saundra and Nick
Bruce Caplan  $25.00
This donation is made in the memory of Leroy Riley Parents Kelli and Joey Riley. He was a wonderful spirit who died too young. In his 12 years of life he made so many people happy. We know that now he's resting well in Heaven!
Sue Plasberg  $25.00
In memory of Augustus Gray.
Lori Rogstad  $100.00
In memory of my Mom, Grace Treat, who donated her time to the S.V.H.S. because she had a deep love and concern for the weak and defenseless among us. She often said, our pets, animals, are the best people. I miss you, Mom. I love you.
Merryl Phillips  $18.00
In loving memory of Lisa Bermack.
Texas Boston Terriers  $10.00
Hugo the Frenchie is selling his kisses wants the $$ to go to you! He so sweet for doing this his kisses taste great! Love Lucy Piglet
Koko  $50.00
Koko is happy to make a donation to help out his friends in need.
Bonnie Lawrence  $25.00
In memory of my most precious Blackie Cracker. Animals that were thrown away like trash who found so much love in our home. Rest in peace my beloved ones.
Maine Sheriffs' Association  $100.00
This contribution, to honor the memory of Mrs. Jean Ross, is sent with our deepest condolences. The Maine Sheriffs' Association
Philip Cangelosi  $25.00
In memory of Mr. Cangelosi and his beloved pets through the years. Scott Bridget Van Re.
Laura Cole  $5.00
In loving memory of George Qualls
Zach  $25.00
This donation is in memory of Zach, a much loved dog from Cornwall.
Walt Scram Hannay Family  $50.00
This donation is made in loving memory of Lillian Miller. We extend our deepest sympathy to her loving family and friends. The Hannay Family and Walt Scram.
Jeff and Lee Ann Morosco  $25.00
This donation is in memory of William Arbaugh
Rosemary Katherine Guijarro  $100.00
In loving memory of Ace
Arthur Mensor  $10.00
To help for your kindness in your emergency operation to help Fred the kitten found with severely infected eyes in July 2011.
Madison Barjesteh  $100.00
In loving memory of Madison, our children and grandchildren's loving and wonderful pet Persian cat. Thank you, Madison, for the happiness and love you brought to all of us. You will be missed and remembered forever...
Maryann Zbydniewski  $25.00
In memory of James Crosson
In Memory of Margaret Kosfeld  $125.00
To the memory of Maragert Kosfeld From Everyone at Rochester Medical Corporation
Dear Friend, John Burdzy  $25.00
Your warmth and friendly smile, hearty handshakes and hugs and willingness to help will live on in our memories of a wonderful SWIM Inc Volunteer dear friend. We will miss you VERY MUCH. Hugs, Bill and El K.
John W. Burdzy  $25.00
May your cheerful nature and caring ways be remembered. Thanks for being a SWIM Inc Volunteer - Flemington Chapter. We will remember you.
george del rio  $10.00
In memory of my boston terrier Honey Bear.
Missy Weisser  $25.00
This donation is for my mother inlaw Sandi Weisser and for my little girl Pikey whom I have lost in the past month!! I miss them both very much!!
Clarissa, Steve, and Joanne  $75.00
In loving memory of Mike Carbone-Gordon. His parents loved him with all their hearts and gave him the best home filled with love, affection, and friends. He will be missed by everyone. $75 has been donated in his name to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter so that he can help other dogs just like him.
Clarissa, Steve, and Joanne  $75.00
In loving memory of Mike Carbone-Gordon. His parents loved him with all their hearts and gave him the best home filled with love, affection, and friends. He will be missed by everyone. $75 has been donated in his name to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter so that he can help other dogs just like him.
Clarissa, Steve, and Joanne  $75.00
In loving memory of Mike Carbone-Gordon. His parents loved him with all their hearts and gave him the best home filled with love, affection, and friends. He will be missed by everyone. $75 has been donated in his name to the Bakersfield Animal Shelter so that he can help other dogs just like him.
Marla Ross  $25.00
In honor of my friend, Deb. This is to help those animals who cannot help themselves.
Purvis Family  $25.00
In memory of Midnight Hupp
Nancy Ryder  $50.00
in memory of Nancy Ryder of west chatham, and her cat Gilbert. You will be greatly missed- Heidi Root
John McGill and Joel Isenberg  $25.00
In memory of Ashley McLaughlin's mother, Mrs. Stribling
Gene Nikki Cruso  $50.00
In memory of Betty Jean Martin
Elaine Cox  $50.00
In Memory of Betty Hill, a wonderful person with a big heart. Rest in peace, Betty.
Betty Hill  $50.00
In Memory of a wonderful Lady, with a big heart. May she rest in peace. Elaine Cox
Alfonso Cordoba  $100.00
In memory of mi dad who was an animal lover. Thanks SPCA for your dedicated work!!!
Pam Blankenship  $150.00
Hope this small amount helps in a big way. Take care and know your work is much appreciated.
Gloria Cannon  $40.00
In memory of Sherry Emmons. Sherry was a bright spirit. We miss her. She loved animals.
Paul Smith  $50.00
Thank You
Elizabeth DeCoux  $25.00
In memory of Little Sister.
Piston Cortese  $25.00
Happy 8th Birthday Piston with love from Grammy, Pop Pop, Uncle Joel Aunt Jillian Cortese
Bethanne Brown  $50.00
I am donating this money in memory of Karen Horsley.
I connected with the name of your shelter last year when I voted for you under Chase Community Giving. I admire the loving work you do and would like to support your cause with a small donation.
Bob Burdine  $100.00
In loving memory of Penny
Johnny and Dana Kittle  $50.00
In memory of a friend Darlene Crowe.
Marisol  $6.00
Rebecca Peters  $5.00
In Memory of my sweet kitty HunnyGirl. 41412... We were together for 13 years. she was the love of my life.. I miss you so much angel...
In memory of a sweet girl, Lily  $50.00
Please acknowledge to Sharon McGee and Doris Schrock from Candace Debbie.
Becky  $6.00
In memory of Hosehead, Gish and Cosmo, the family dogs who have passed on. Thanks for keeping us company.
Bulldog Legal Support  $50.00
All of my best friends have been animals. Anything to help them out! Last year I lost one of my best friends Bear he was with me 15 years and I had to put him down and let him go on my Birthday.
melita  $5.00
thank you for helping out us little guys
Michelle and Dan Pescovitz  $150.00
We adopted our dog, Bailey, 4 years ago and she has been the best part of our family. In honor of her, we would like to donate this to you on behalf of all of our wedding guests.
Lynn Sorola  $25.00
Is this a one time payment or is this set up as a monthly conttibution
Nancy Martin  $20.00
this has been donated just now for Wellington! Thank you Kelli. Nancy Martin
Ricky Burgoon  $25.00
Our thoughts are always with you.
Tom Parlegreco  $25.00
My dad requested that we donate to the shelter in lieu of buying him a gift for any holiday. To honor my dad this donation is his Father's Day present. Love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.
Trenton Sherman  $25.00
With Deepest Sympathy Honda of America, Mfg., Inc.
William J. Joey Gagnon  $40.00
In memory of Joe Gagnon.
Rhana Wyble  $12.00
For the animals having to live in cages.
Randi  $50.00
God Bless
KewlDadiJay  $20.00
In thanksgiving for Lissa Peterkin, an active supporter of the animal shelter
Office of Surface Mining  $140.00
In loving memory of our friend and former co-worker Susan Angus, who always had room for one more animal. Jeff Smith, Steffan Koratich, Dave Agnor, Mike Hiscar, Sheila Hartless, Pat Murdock, Dan Schrum, and Allen Kraps
Judith Barretto  $50.00
Ellen Allen  $40.00
in memory of Leo Jorgensen
The Fraser, A Reese Harvey families and Betty Harvey  $100.00
In loving memory of Donald Bulleit
Stacey Welch  $25.00
In memory of Skeeter~
Leo High School Class of 1965  $25.00
In memory of Ellen Witmer Truong.
Mrs. Elease Henderson  $50.00
In memory of my Aunt, who was a great lover of all animals...She took care of hurt animals such as all the ducks near her home as well as any other creatures that came her way...She was a very special, loving lady. She will be missed by so many.
Scott Pierce  $25.00
I’m so sorry for your loss, but know that you are in my thoughts as well as others and hope that they give you some comfort.
We hope the baby bunnies that died at our backyard would rest in peace. We both feel sad for the tragic lost.
Amy Koscal  $10.00
To all the little souls who have lost their lives due to neglect abandonment or abuse. I hope you are in doggy heaven and finally at peace. Love, Dingo, Spikey and Stewie the dogs and Dracula the Cat
Barbie  $50.00
Happy Birthday old girl !
Penhall Family  $25.00
Our thoughts are with you each and every day. Our family sends hugs and strength to all of you. Jaan Preston Wilson and family
Darlene Buynicki-Roach  $150.00
I donate this money in honor of my cousin Leslie Wallace Buynicki who is no longer with us as she recently passed away. She loved animals, as I do, so I wanted to honor her with a donation. Thank you.
Inknbeans Press  $10.00
In memory of Jassy, who went on to Heaven before her friend Sydney, and will be there waiting.
Fatboy Babushka Stinky  $29.00
This is a donation in recognitionhonor of Fatboy Babushka and Stinky's online auction to raise money for kitties in need!
June Joyner  $25.00
In memory of Windsor Bonner of Kilmarnock who was so loved by his parents Steve and Lynn Bonner and who will be dearly missed.
Steffanie  $25.00
In honor of my mom,Sarah on Mother's Day, a small gift to support a cause you love.
dani bleier  $100.00
in memory of Dr. Robert Peters
Scott Peters  $100.00
In memory of Scott Peters for his love and devotion to Trig, Piper, and Scout. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends through this difficult journey. Love and hugs to all of you, Val
Michael Girard  $25.00
In memory of Loretta Carraway
Ryan Laura Lake  $50.00
In Memory of Kim Cornette.
Judith A. Ongley  $250.00
In memory of one who loved animals.
Madison  $100.00
Kella loved you and misses you. Rest in peace. Love Richard and Emma
Jeff, Ryan, Mike and Erin Greenstein  $100.00
In memory of Ellen Coltman
The Cardillo Family  $25.00
In honor of Rudolph Gallon.
Katherine Milstead  $50.00
for Honey Bunn horse
Janie Adams  $100.00
For Janie, our beloved daughter, sister and aunt. Janie who helped and loved every animal that came her way. We love you and with your death we want to honor you and your love of animals. We love you, Witchie, Suzie and Sara
Nancy Jo Hubbard  $40.00
To help share the love that Jo had for animals
FA - SAHCP HR Department  $25.00
In memory of Crystal - a beloved pet of our co-worker Julie Canady.
Laura howiz  $6.00
In memory of Lady and Rusty.
Elizabeth French Fellhoelter  $20.00
Just want to say thank you for great care you give to our 4 legged friends! Just a little to help with Alivia's care. Thank you
Roobin Eckmann  $50.00
In memory of Flame, the first dog my children knew and loved, and the beloved dog of Cheryl Parduhn. She was as sweet and friendly as a dog could be. We will miss her!
Kit Bleecker  $50.00
In memory of Gordon Hansen for his long support of the Shelter and his love of and care for animals. Kit Bleecker Jim Kinsella
Sydney Smith  $25.00
For Elizabeth and Ronnie - I know you guys miss her so much! We are so sorry for your loss! The Gallaghers
Margaret Jim Stevens  $250.00
In ~July, 2005, we adopted Hagar the not noticeably horrible and Spirit now ‘Goldie’—in honor of her beautiful 2-tone golden eyes set of by her solid black fur. Both cats are very much alive and living in Far West TX, near Terlingua. We use this “In Memoriam” page because it is the closest you have to the way we prefer to give. Mind you, we have many happy memories of the cats we have known in 50 years of marriage—too many for this space, and besides, we both grew up with cats.
elaine schafer  $50.00
in memory of Elaine, thoughts and prayers are with the family in their time of need
The Jacobson Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Ellen Coltman
Direct Technologies, Inc.  $500.00
In Loving Memory of Ellen Coltman from all of us at Direct Technologies, Inc
Environmental Crimes Section  $210.00
In memory of Loretta Johnson Carraway
Alan and Louise Mann  $18.00
In memory of Bailey Levithan
Daniel Rawitscher  $35.00
This donation is in lieu of a birthday gift to my nephew Daniel. He wants his relatives to give to the Dent Animal Shelter to support the wonderful work you are doing as advocates and special friends of dogs and all other beloved creaturespets instead of receiving material gifts. I am so proud of Daniel age 10 who's family frequently provides foster care to dogs. Daniel has internalized the importance of caring for all creatures great and small, a value he learned from his immediate family and his late beloved grandpa, Moe. Happy Birthday Daniel! With SOOO Much Love, XO, Aunt Laura
Jonnie Roberts  $100.00
Jonnie Roberts was my friend. She died too young and I shall miss her always. She asked for donations to be made to this site and I want to honor her memory by doing that. I have 3 cats now and one of them was rescued from the streets, so I hope this small donation helps to rescue animals in honor of Jonnie. I loved her and she added much happiness to my life. Sherry
Gaia  $100.00
In Love and Light for all our 4 legged friends.
James Edwards  $25.00
I am sending a donation as requested by the family in lieu of flowers. This donation is in memory of my first cousin Virginia Klimavich Borden, of Haverhill who passed away on Mar. 16, 2012. She loved all animals.
David and Regina Harrison and Family  $50.00
In Memory of Joseph Cosentino
Tammy  $12.00
Current Administration of Justice student aspiring to become an Animal Control Officer. I only wish I could do more, for both Nevada County, and Placer County. I promise to educate, those that I know, on the importance of spay and neuter, pet vaccinations, and licensing pets.
T  $20.00
In memory of Knight.
Kartikeya Iyer  $18.00
Read about your mission to rescue 300 neglected and abandoned dogs on Reddit. Came here to donate. Continue the good work. Please put up a one-time donation option in addition to the recurring donation options. Glad to see someone doing good work in rescuing animals.
Jack and Peanut  $50.00
Hoping the best for all the dogs rescued now and in the future.
IN MEMORY OF JOSEPH COSENTINO, whose kind heart was as big as his supply of funny jokes. You always kept us smiling, Joe!
Duane Martha Robinson  $50.00
In Memory of John Murdoch
Ginny Conlee  $100.00
In memory of my father, Kenneth M Conlee, on his birthday, April 9th.
Ed Armstrong  $50.00
In Honor of the late Ed Armstrong, and his daughter, Deborah Armstrong
Melodie Cook  $50.00
In memory of Anne Teresa Robishaw - a caring generous lady who so loved her animals and believed in this organization.
Sandra Norwood  $100.00
Happy birthday to Gracie May's owner Sandra. A truly caring soul and animal lover. We love you!! Jerry, Deana, Kyle, Janell, Logan, and Krista
Kelly J  $12.00
A separate donation was sent to a specific shelter, but this is a small price to pay for two magnets and also help other animal shelters too.
The David Kelley Cox Family, In Wichita  $40.00
IN MEMORY OF GENE MILLIS from Neodesha Kansas. Our heart felt sympathy goes out to Babe and all of the family. With Love, From David, Kelley, Lauren Olivia Cox from Wichita Kansas.
Cindy O'Hagan and the Time Warner Family of Companies  $150.00
In Memory of Loretta Carraway, mother of our friend and colleague Chris Carraway.
Janice Laws  $200.00
In loving memory of Marcia L. Crouch from The Talking Club
Holly  $6.00
In memory of my beautiful girl, Kitty, who I found 14 years ago. We were meant to be together through thick and thin and had many wonderful years together. She was my soul kitty and I miss her dearly! ...Till we meet again.
Fairy Ella Gwyther  $50.00
Aloha Mom We'll miss you until we see you again. Celebrate with all the angels and all those who love you who went home to Jesus before you. Now, you see Jesus face to face. God Bless you, Fairy. Carl and Sandra
Lin Blackmen  $25.00
In memory of Carolyn E Cates
Loretta Carraway  $25.00
In memory of Loretta Carraway.
Elizabeth Janes  $10.00
In memory of Loretta Johnson Carraway
Ron Sutcliffe  $10.00
In Memory of Loretta Johnson Carraway
The Deach Family  $20.00
In honor of Emilia's 2nd birthday and in memory of her dog Bogey!
Toni Farquhar and Thomas Smith  $25.00
This donation is made in memory of Alfie, beloved pet of Ronald and Pat Famiglietti.
Cathy Turek  $20.00
I will be back every week to make a $20.00 donation.I hope it helps these animals
Maxwell Lorenzo  $50.00
A donation in honor of beloved Maxwell Lorenzo, companion of Carol Lee and PT Lorenzo.
Tommy Susan Hiers  $75.00
In Memory of Robert Hiers Jr.
Elizabeth W.  $5.00
Happy to support such a wonderful cause!
Mr. Mrs. Thomas D. Allbee  $50.00
In loving memory of Edith Claire McCreight, a very kind and gentle person who cared about everyone with whom she had contact. We will miss her very much.
Penny  $50.00
To help with the neglected pit bulls you rescued.
Gene johnson  $30.00
In memory of Gene Johnson. love, The Welch family
Cathy Turek  $20.00
I wish there was a entry to change donations to weekly instead of monthly. I will be back every week I hope this helps~
Erica Hughes  $25.00
In memory of Aaron G. Sleva. RIP, Aaron
Roy Sipes  $50.00
In memory of a wonderful man! From Randall Smith Family
Robert Holland  $20.00
With Deapest sympathy, for the Family of Lenore Deem
Kathryn Gregg Tanner  $100.00
In memory of George Kevlin of Dallas, TX. Who passed away on Feb 23, 2012 was a true animal lover.
Butterscotch Hertzog  $25.00
In memory of a good kitty and a loyal friend.
Bambi Serritella  $10.00
in memory of Canine Toy Pomeraninan 11-24-2000 to 09-10-2010. Died of Liver PoisoningFailure from what I feel was too toxic for her was Comfortis Flea Pill. FDA was contacted and so was Elanco the Pharm. Co. They were concerned and Paid for quite alot of her medical bills, but insisted there product is safe. Warnings need to be given to public. Many other Dogs died the same time she did,KidneyLiver failure and went unreported. Very Sad Indeed.
Barbara D. Viars  $100.00
Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss…our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. In memory of Barbara D. Viars.
Norm Schultz  $20.00
In memory of Katie, a 4 legged member of the Truitt family in Onancock, VA
Pete Haffenden  $50.00
A remembrance in memory of Kenneth Richard Mol, an animal lover and friend.
Cindy Goldsmith  $50.00
In memory of Carol Francis. Wishing her family peace and warm memories during this difficult time.
Bruce Stauch  $50.00
In memory of Bruce and his love of animals. May he never be forgotten. Coleen Morrison
Dianna Auxier  $50.00
In loving memory of SHEBA RUKER VON my beloved German Shepherds,YOU will be in MY heart forever.
Danny Murphy  $50.00
To a gentle person who was kind to everyone.
LOIS GREEN  $100.00
Steve  $20.00
In memory of Cindy and Sam
Peggy Shaffer  $30.00
In loving memory of Peggy Shaffer.
Kristen Albis  $30.00
This donation was given in loving memory of Molly Maloney. Love, Kristen Albis
Barbara Newton  $12.00
Rest In Piece Tazz Burgess
Tazz Burgess  $10.00
Rest In Peace, Tazz. You are in a good place. Jack and Olga will see you again some day.
Jean Gendron  $100.00
This donation is made in memory of my daughter's beloved dog, Rush, who died last Friday, February 24th. Rush lived at your shelter prior to his adoption. Rush spent his last years happy, well cared for, and very much loved. Please send an acknowledment of this memorial donation to my daughter and son-in-law, Matt Bailey and Kristin Gendron, 12 Summit Court, St. Paul, MN 55102, or by email to [email protected]. Thank you, Jean Gendron
Gloria Sal Valencia  $40.00
In Memory of Verla Dean Garner for her love of animals and her many years of volunteer services to AWOL. Our Deepest Sympathy to Wanda Garner and her family.
GrafTech International Holdings, Inc., Parma, OH  $100.00
In memory of Joan Dean of Warren, Ohio, mother of Theresa Dean. May she be in peace.
George W. Wilson  $150.00
This donation is being made in the name of George W. Wilson of Amherst, MA. His family appreciates the efforts of of all animal shelters that find good homes for needy pets and help with spay and neuter programs.
May you rest in peace.
Robert Brown Dennis Karbach  $25.00
In memory of Amy Holloway Chris Engle's beloved four-legged family member Tiger who touched the hearts of everyone he met. Godspeed, Tiger! See you on the other side! We love you Amy Chris.
Joanne Abrahams  $25.00
In memory of Mary P. Naumann, grandmother of Sarah Cottet.
Alexa Hull  $20.00
In honor of my friend Xylia! Happy Birthday!
Joshua Ian Munro  $50.00
In Memory of Joshua Ian Munro. He was an animal lover who was devoting his life to their care. It is a trememdous loss to all of us and the animals deserve all the help we can give them. His life was too short and we miss him terribly.
Amber Lewis  $20.00
In memory of Chistine Owle Murray, Raleigh NC
Maggie Will Koenig  $100.00
In memory of Beatrice Mikowski.
Colin Monaco  $30.00
In memory of Colin Monaco and his great love of animals. The Narvaez Family
Hector  $100.00
Dean ,Stephanie,Justin and Dylan. We all miss Hector very much Anjali wanted to donate this amt to the animal sheler in his name. Love Sushil,Alka, Tara ,Ashwin and Anjali.
Beasley  $50.00
IN LOVING MEMORY OF Beasley we will all miss him very much. Sushil ,Alka ,Tara,Ashwin,Anjali and Tiger.
David J. smith  $250.00
In loving memory of my wife Carole, a lover of all living things, but especially cats.
Michael and Susan Shuman  $75.00
In loving memory of Patricia Ann Wolfshohl. She is a constant companion in our thoughts.
Polly Bellows  $50.00
To the family of Polly Bellows, we are so sorry for your loss of your Mother.
DeCoteau Family  $20.00
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Chopper  $20.00
In memory of Chopper, we support the Delaware Humane Assn. May you have many fuzzy blankets in doggy heaven. You were loved, and you will be missed. SB
Joe and Linda Diestel  $50.00
In memory of Eunice Taylor of Hiram, Ohio.
Gina Setter  $50.00
In memory of my friend and co-worker Barbara Price. She was an amazing woman and will be missed dearly!
Lisa Ernie Cooper  $6.00
In memory of our fur kids who are no longer with us - RIP, we will always love you.
Dear Johanna-  $20.00
Our deepest sympathy, we know how much you loved Hubble. Keeping you close in our thoughts.
Paul Franklin  $5.00
Happy to donate to your wonderfull cause.
LT  $50.00
In Memory of LT. Loved by Jeff and Susan Armstrong
Dan Vause  $150.00
This donation was made in honer and memory of Daniel Boone Vause. He will truely be missed.
Dan Vause  $150.00
This donation was made by freinds of Daniel Boone Vause.
Michael Lynn Ruxlow  $100.00
In memory of Mrs. Marty Boschert, Mom Boschert... Her love of animals was only exceeded by her love for family and their friends... who soon became family. Much loved - and missed!
Ahzad Bogosian  $30.00
In honor of your birthday, Sarah and I have donated to the Crestwood Animal Shelter. We love you! Megan Sarabeth
Ellen Bracewell Jones  $25.00
In memory of Mike Hall.
Shawn Julie Beam  $20.00
In memory of Sam, furry friend of Rexanne Moore Carl Brownfield. To spread friendship both canine human, we support those pets that have not yet found a home, and hope one day every dog finds the kind of love that Sam enjoyed with his family.
Bear  $25.00
Bear - we miss and love you. You were from North County Carlsbad animal shelter and brought us much joy. We hope by donating in your memory, animals like you will continue to bring humans much love and happiness and the unconditional love you gave us! Forever in our hearts, your family, The Sebbie Six Pack
Jim Goodchil  $40.00
This donation is a memorial to the life and death of Jan Curtis.
Donna Caldwell  $25.00
In Memory of Hobbit, beloved canine of Joyce Russell.
Barry Johnston  $50.00
In loving memory of Mrs Alyce Pugh
Stephanie Davis  $30.00
In memory of Arny Honig -
Alena Patridge  $6.00
I support Rescue and spay and Neuter!! Hope this helps some!!
Jan Curtiss  $35.00
Pat Linda Golnek
Bob and Mitchi Parent  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Terence Terry Eugene Purtell, an animal lover and participant in the companion pets program. He would have wanted any memory of him invested here.
Heather Bendian  $10.00
In memory to all the animals who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Todd Karen Stewart  $100.00
In honor memory of Flora L. Pate.
Carolyn Eichler  $100.00
In Memory of Ken Smith
Joey Rhode  $100.00
We lost a wonderful animal lover this weekend to a senseless traffic accident in Austin. Joey rescued and loved many animals over his short life. Rest in peace, Joey. Love, Cathy
Nick and Kathy Friederich  $50.00
We are so sorry for you loss. You are in our prayers.
Penny Buddy  $5.00
In memory of our wonderful pets, Penny Buddy. We miss them very much. Jim Sherry
Pat Wood  $75.00
In celebration of my Grandmother's 84th birthday and animal lover.
Dorothy Lanford Wilson  $20.00
Mark Ev Cain
Becky Birkheimer  $10.00
In memory of our beloved Billy Bob, our own rescue angel. This small donation is for the horses. God bless you and your efforts.
Hazel Stewart  $25.00
In memory of Hazel Stewart grandmother of Michael Karg. With Sympathy, East Liberty Automobile Plant
BB  $100.00
In memory of IsaBella and Linkin, forever friends!
Tommy Chambers  $20.00
Roger, Lee Ann and Family So sorry for your loss and also for the lateness of this memorial. Love, Dean and Barbara
Sandra Booth  $100.00
With Honor and deepest Sympathy from Sonoco Recycling Winston-Salem Division
LarryDarlyne Milstead  $150.00
In Honor of Knoxie Johnson for her time spent caring for animals.
Andrea Ratkovic  $130.00
This donation in the memory of my mother, Sibylle Grittmann, who loved animals with all of her heart.
Daniel Jeanne Melchiori  $100.00
In Loving Memeory of Stella Morris. We love you.
In memory of Roy Haddock  $35.00
We are so sorry for you loss. Thinking of you all. Cindy McLamb and Family
The Borelli Family  $20.00
In Memory of Stacia Suty on her birthday. We love you, will always miss you, and will always think of you. xoxo.
N R Von Staden  $25.00
alittle to help out all those dogs your are helping from the horrible conditions at Southfield Kennels...especially the Vizsla's
Bruce and Jean Glen-Walker  $25.00
In memory of Cindy Marshall's Dad, Vince Martin or Carnegie PA. Cindy, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Your Dad is now reunited with your Mom and they are in heaven! Love to you and Gary, Bruce and Jean
Leslie Bean  $25.00
In honor of Ken Lorie Michaelis.
Ginny Conlee  $100.00
In memory of all the lost and injured pets and animals.
Tony Linda Collins  $50.00
In memory of Cindy Crouch cats in Heaven.
Jodi Kronenwetter  $20.00
In memory of Marco and Bun-Bun
holly allen  $1,000.00
With many thanks for all you do for the homeless and the homeless pets!!!
Patti, Jordan Nathan Olsen  $20.00
In loving memory of Brian Stacy's Uncle Bob of Lake Nebagamon, WI.
The Garrett Family  $25.00
In memory of Peach Downey.
Peggy Frisella - Wash U Laba  $100.00
In memory of Charlie Lewis, father of Angie Lewis, a donation has been made to the animals shelter, in lieu of flowers. Angie, we are sorry for your loss, and are with you in spirit during this difficult time.
Brandy Galarneau  $30.00
Thank you for helping pick up a stray today.
Jack Marchand  $50.00
In memory of your dad
Monica McGrath  $10.00
In memory of Alfred Graziola. He will be missed by his furry friend Maggie.
In honor of my cat Claudius who passed away yesterday. I adopted him from Lehigh County ASPCA in 2005.
Chad Steely  $20.00
This is in memory of Duke Edward Steely. He is missed. Love you, man!
petra hansen  $10.00
Hope this lil bit helps a dog or cat in need
Lisa Samuels-Blackshear  $20.00
In honor and loving memory of Zeus of Hammond, Indiana.
Gloria Bruno  $50.00
In loving memory of Dorothy Dotty Slegemilch. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
Emma Brown  $20.00
In memory of Leo - the big, beautiful, black lab of Iroquois Way and a friend to all who met him. His presence will be missed. Rest in peace. ~Skye~
Winston McCutcheon  $30.00
In loving memory of Winston McCutcheon, a loyal companion and true gift from the Mountain.
Mr. Mrs. Eli Sleiman  $75.00
In memory of Estelle Weitzner
Crista Plummer  $10.00
Thank you Crista Plummer, Here is your Donation. -
Kayla, Dan Letty  $10.00
In memory of our dearest Watson. A Lhasa Apso who lived a happy life of 16 yeaars and always surroundedby love. We miss you buddy. ~ Love, your earthly family
Karl Schmidt  $500.00
Kepp up the good work for our best friends.
Anonymous  $150.00
Laurie  $25.00
For my friend,Chelsea.
Mary Phillips  $30.00
In memory of Eugene Blair
Marion Clarke  $10.00
In loving memory of Thunder.
sweet nadine  $500.00
we will always love you and miss your sweet loving eyes forever
Greg Battista and Melissa Wohl  $100.00
For animal rescue in memory of Billy, our kitty. Thank you
Paige Parker  $25.00
In memory of DeDe, the sweetest chocolate weenie dog in the world. She was a princess, a great companion, and she will be greatly missed. We love you DeDe.
Maxwell  $100.00
This donation has been made in memory of Maxwell who was rescued from the Lake County Humane Society in Mentor, Ohio in March 1997 and passed away June 2011. We loved him so very much. This donation is made to ensure loving families continue to be found for all animals that pass thru this shelter...
Emily L Bridges  $100.00
In Loving Memory of Mollie and Meggan, the best friends Summerwind Farm could have wished for. They will never be forgotten.
Amy Crandall  $25.00
In loving memory of Tigger. The stars shine brighter, but the light in our lives is a bit less without your love.
Carole Wightman  $300.00
Memorial for Marilyn Johnson From Carole Wightman Acknowledgement to be sent to Dr. Elias Johnson 2117 W. Farm Road 178 Springfield, MO 65810
Julie DeAtley  $6.00
In loving memory of Ootie. Momma misses you and I will never forget you. Its been a long ten years without you! Ill see you again in heaven!
Dr Terrance Nordmann  $75.00
This is in memory of Ashley a rescue who died Aug 2011 and for the rescue we made of a Schnauzer in Oct 2011 of Stitch a.k.a Jeep who we were able to get from you. He is a wonderful Schnauzer, obedient, loving and a wonderful addition to our family. If you have any background on him, please e-mail to [email protected] i.e. how long did you have him, why was he left, any history Thanks for letting us rescue him, he is here forever! TJN
James Sylvester  $50.00
Dear Uncle Mack Thanks for everything. Heres hoping You and Rocky have a great new year. love the sylvesterdaker family
Forrest Meader  $25.00
Merry Christmas
Wang Family  $200.00
Good girl, Snowkie. We love you.
Bret Tina Lepeard  $25.00
Hope this helps your pain in losing your precious Biscuit. We love you guys and are thinking about you. Mom Dad
Janet Lombardi  $50.00
Aunt Candy We tried to find a shelter that met your wishes. Merry christmas and happy new year to you and angel Love the Daker Sylvester family
Lynne A. Martin  $50.00
Have a Happy New Year from my two girls, Belle and Chrissy to all the ones waiting on forever home. In honor of Rose Ann Murphy and her wolf pack in Ohio. May the new year bring a home for all the ones waiting. Love Lynne Martin
Its been almost a year since we lost our beloved Sheltie Maggie, we miss her terribly as does our other dog Minnie. We will always remember Maggie and know she is in a better place. Time heals some of the grief but not all. We are greatful for the time spent with our wonderful dog and hope our small donation will help other pets be as happy as she was. Rest in peace.
Dingo Slovenski  $500.00
Our loving pet passed away this last year at age 17. He will be missed. He was a shelter dog that we found at 6month of age. We hope this donation helps other pets find a good home.
scott grinnell  $54.00
Please use where needed most.
Judith A. Prima  $20.00
This is a Happy Holiday donation in honor of Jeff and Stephanie Sarantopulosremembering all of their fantastic pets!
Jake Challender  $100.00
In Memory of Jakey Challender
John Oswalt  $100.00
In honor of the one true love of my life, Jenifer, who daily teaches me the real meanings of love, kindness, and compassion. She makes me a better person.
Robert and Victoria Mathis  $500.00
We adopted Sammytiger from you in November 2002. He had been waiting for us for some time when we adopted him. He has been well loved and spoiled rotten for almost 10 years. He was a special cat and we miss him. He died one week ago and we would like to donate this money in his name and hope you continue to do good work as a no kill animal shelter. thanks Bob and Victoria
Jonathan Gross  $18.00
In memory of Shadow
Denise Jamieson Tracee Treadwell  $35.00
In loving memory of Ivy Melissa Durant, sister of our dear friend Tonji. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these very difficult times. Love, Denise, Tracee, Jamie, and Johnny and all of our beloved 4-legged family members
Linda Kosar and family  $50.00
In memory of Diane Beauchamp for her love of animals.
Linda Kosar and family  $50.00
In memory of Diane Beauchamp for her love of animals.
Julie Tracy  $25.00
This donation was made in the name of Evelyn H. Tracy for her 2011 Christmas gift. She is a wonderful woman, much loved by her family.
Kym Long-Wallace  $25.00
A Christmas donation in Kym's name by her son Nathan. Our half-pit half-German Shepard 'Buddy' appreciates us helping his relatives!
Stan Skinner  $100.00
In honor of my wonderful wife Pat.
Deborah West  $40.00
To Grandma and Papa memory of Scar xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Jean and Barry Heaps  $25.00
In loving memory of our Sammy
Carole and Steve Zimmer  $50.00
I'm echoing a message already on your site. This is not a donation in memory of a pet. It is a donation that is a gift to Harriet Isles, a great pet lover. There is no place on your site to register a one-time donation. I think you should alter your site so that donors can give one-time donations instead of recurring ones.
Jonathan Deb Farwell  $25.00
In honor of my Father and Step-Motherstill very much alive and in love with pets!!!
Tom and Deb Brown  $50.00
In loving memory of Nemo, and for Ryan, who made it possible for us to share our home with him.
Michelle Blair  $30.00
Donation made as a gift to my brother Shawn and his family.
The Oneills  $60.00
Debi and I decided that this year we would celebrate the love that pets bring to all of our lives in the past, present and future. Please know that this donation, in honor of you, will help animals in your area do the same for others.
Bubba  $50.00
In memory of the biggest, harriest most loveable dog we've had.
Nancy Denny  $50.00
Colleen and Len Pritchett  $100.00
Donation in honor of Florence M. Coombs and her loving family.
Frank Marinak  $10.00
Frank loved dogs and knew their value to the human condition.
Merilee Turner Parsell  $100.00
Donating in memory of Amber Kogelis
BARBARA  $100.00
In loving memory of my sister, Sandy, at Christmas.
Grandy Family  $50.00
On behalf of Diane Buford ~ Merry Christmas. We love you!
Jay and Judy Stanley  $100.00
In honor of Jay and Judy Stanley for their kindness to animals over the years. Also in remembrance of Tucker and all of the happiness he brought into your lives. Love Chris, Diane, Katie, Michael, Ben, and Chili
Maureen Stanley and Larry Ihrer  $100.00
This donation is in honor of Maureen Stanley and Larry Ihrer and the time they spent walking the animals at the shelter when it was near Sunset Park. It is also to remember Gypsy and all of the happiness she brought into your lives. Love Chris, Diane, Katie, Michael, Ben, and Chili
Zeppy  $20.00
Thank you to all the staff that cared for Zeppy before hes was adopted by Sammi Mike.
Arlene Wilson  $56.00
In honor of our love for animals!
Beth Daniel Baker  $50.00
In honor of my grandparents' love for animals and their vigilance in the effort to spay and neuter animals.
Ellie Richard Green  $50.00
In memory of our animals at Christmas time.
Rick and Vickie  $25.00
On behalf of Bob Saunders, Minot
Patrick Debbie Ayres  $500.00
In memory of our big lovable mutt Murray who we adopted from your shelter As Bluegill. He was a great companion and we miss him dearly. Please carry on the great work of finding good homes for these wayward creatures.
Glenn Moll  $40.00
With our most sincere condolences. Gil and Becky Pafford
The Kellett Family  $25.00
This gift is given in honor of Debbie Powell of Columbia, SC.
Kim Holland  $50.00
In memory of Richard Mollentine, Sr., animal lover.
Bobbie Caslin  $25.00
On behalf of the Sarchino Family~~
The Scescke Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Donald Dyer
Karla Hoyt Hodge  $20.00
In memory of TK and all the other animals Karla has rescued, cared for, and helped place.
Norma Fuller  $20.00
For all of those critters who have enriched our lives.
Gwen and Jim Snavely  $100.00
In loving memory of Willa Jeanne Matthews who rescued the lives of many furry individuals, including Fannie, Romeo, Maggie, Honey Bun and Ralph - the ones we knew during the years of our friendship. She truly loved and respected animals.
Clint  $60.00
On behalf of my friend Christa, a lover of all animals!
Cherrie  $20.00
This donation is made in Honor of Cherrie for her love of animals and support of her favorite animal shelter. Merry Christmas!
In memory of Valerie Lillian Welburn  $20.00
Rest in peace Mrs. Welburn and our sympathies to Christina and Shaun. From Emily and Hang.
Ken Lori King  $15.00
In memory of Charles Robert Horn
Dick and Sue Jones  $100.00
Merry Christmas from Rich, Amy and Dave
Aunt G.  $40.00
Merry Christmas!
E. Kettell  $40.00
Merry Christmas! Jan and Dave
Ilyse  $100.00
In memory of my beloved cat, Whiskers.
The Feasters  $25.00
In memory of Karlene Bilger.
Linda and Tom  $5.00
In memory of Mickey Cat
Kim Sheehan  $40.00
In honor of Kim Sheehan. Merry Christmas!
Michele Lole  $5.00
In memory of our beloved cat pumpkin
Shirley Gans  $25.00
receipt number for payment is 0659-6773-0999-3003 In memory of Valerie Wellburn. You fought so bravely. Your courage and memory will live on in your loved ones. Sincerely, Shirley Perry
Vivian Graham  $40.00
In memory of Aunt Viv, in honor of Bambi
Jennifer Bassett  $20.00
A Christmas donation on behalf of my wonderful Aunt Laura Stairs.
Halle  $80.00
Halle, may the waters be warm in Heaven, and the tennis balls be plentiful.
Dana Davis  $25.00
In honor of Margo Davis and the Arkansas Razorback soccer team
Nancy and Alan Sechtin  $200.00
In honor of Florence Radiological Associates.
Jenn and Megan  $50.00
We would like to thank Jenn and Megan for allowing us to adopt and care for our dogs, Starsky and Hutch. They bring us much joy and we can't believe how lucky we are that Jenn and Megan so generously gave them to us to raise. It's our second anniversary of their adoption and our family is complete!
Missy Colyer  $25.00
Love Keno and Phantom
Jerry Solarek  $5.00
Happy New Year
Jerry Solarek  $10.00
Merry Christmas
Marley Gummer  $20.00
Marley, you will be missed!
Janet  $6.00
This is in loving memory of my Basset Hound Mackenzie. Who was taken from me in an accident Dec.3,2011. She will be missed by her family and friend Walter.
Austin Johnson  $25.00
This wonderful man will be missed deeply by many, Love you Uncle Austin and Aunt Georgia. With Love Rita Johnson Ryals
Caren H Kozlowsky  $25.00
In memory of Laura Willis and her love for all animals. Caren
Bill Bloom  $50.00
In memory and honor of Robert Kalch.
Bill Clarke  $25.00
This is not a donation in memory, but the only way I could figure out how to give the shelter a one-time donation instead of a recurring one. But I also wanted you to know that we adopted two kittens from your shelter in July 2010 and they have been the best additions to our family that we could ask for.
Todd Jennifer Patrick  $20.00
We are making essentially two contributions in the amounts of $10.00 each in HONOR of our nieces Abby Horne and Emily Horne Please send us a card or something that we can put in an envelope to give to the girls at Christmas to let them know this is in their honor. Thank you!
Melissa Hanson Coleman  $100.00
In honor of the Denver Hansons just a portion of the extended cat-loving Hanson family scattered around the country. And in loving memory of all the furry, four-legged feline friends who have graced our family over the years.
Marshall Longtain  $50.00
In memory of Helene M. Longtain
John H Thomas Jr  $6.00
I'd like to donate another $6.00 in memory of Cookie, a very old, fekale Corgi. She was a love.
Joan Babcock  $25.00
We miss you!!!!
Karl and Marilynn Larew  $25.00
In memory of Dr. Garry Van Osdell
Lauren  $190.00
In a perfect world, every cat would have a home and every home would have a cat!
Sheridan Skinner  $500.00
Merry Christmas to Leslie, Love Scott and Sherry
Lisa Randal Glenn  $20.00
This donation has been made in Memory of Scooter DeGiorgi who was so loved by our friends Mike and Kay DeGiorgi.
Mark and Cindy Glidewell  $100.00
In memory of Melissa Glidewell
Dick and Nancy D'Angelo  $50.00
In memory of Grace Wessell who owned and loved many poodles throughout her lifetime. She was a very special Aunt who will be missed very much but will remain in our hearts forever.
Michael and Laurie  $50.00
This is in loving memory of Jay and Chris' only true cat, the baked goods-loving Asterisk, aka White Cat. He will always shine in our hearts.
Pat and Donna Murphy  $100.00
In memory of Gretchen Troness.
Gretchen Troness  $120.00
Gretchen Troness, a loving wife and mother of five, passed away recently. She was a humanitarian and cared about all of God's creatures. In her honor, this donation is made to support the ongoing efforts to help animals in need. We all miss you Gretchen.
The PaintSmiths of Missouri, Inc.  $50.00
In Memory of JT Tillman.
larry kris richard  $40.00
in honor of your brian, lori jacob
Marilyn Marcy Buchan  $35.00
In Memory of my cousin who passed away November 4, 2011. Funeral arrangements were handled by Doughty Funeral Homes and Crematory. She loved pets.
In Memory of John Maltby  $160.00
We will keep you and your family in our prayers. From Flamingo Cage, O'Sheas Cage and Bill's Cage.
Paula  $75.00
For Deuter, Teaser and Jerry. We love you forever!
Norma Ed Heinberg  $10.00
A donation has been made to the Animal Shelter Organization in memory of your beloved Nicky. So sorry for your loss heaven's a little brighter now. Love, Monica John
Mary Saltarelli  $5.00
I think what you do is well worth, $
Amy Boswell Muschany  $50.00
In memory of JT Tillman.
Rob Vachalek, Tricia Cortinas  $35.00
In loving memory of Jeffrey John JT Tillman.
Ashley and Jonathan Derr  $20.00
This donation is honor of the upcoming marriage of Karalee Dawn and Cliff MacKay. Thanks for helping the animals!!
Diane Krawczynski family  $30.00
This donation is in memory of my wonderful Aunt Patricia Gudaitis Rizzi who passed away recently. She was such a kind generous woman who loved and respected animals, especially the ones who showed up on her doorstep and became members of her family. You will be greatly missed Aunt Pat, but your spirit will live on in your dear family and friends, even the furry ones!
Lea Piccirelli  $30.00
Always Adopt! Stop the Breeding! Let these animals love and be loved!
Snap-on Tools  $50.00
In memory of Elsa Yingst.
judy vicenzo  $12.00
wish it could be more, hopefully the car magnets will inspire someone who owns a pet to make sure they get neutered
Doug and Connie Ayers  $25.00
This donation is made in the memory of Phylis Reid for her love of animals and many volunteer hours to the Yancey Humane Society. Mike and Debbie, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Pat Peg Marshall  $35.00
This donation is made in memory of Frank Maatje Jr. Our sincere condolences are with the family Jan, Frank, and all their children and grandchildren. Love, Peg Pat Marshall
Lara Spell-Worsham  $30.00
Given in memory of Angela Venturi
Robert A. Lester  $25.00
In memory of Robert A. Lester rest in peace Alex and Heather Liddell
Tom and Cindy  $50.00
In loving memory of Rosemary Hamilton. Her love for animals was beyond measure. Our beautiful Rose you will forever be in our hearts.
Lilly  $20.00
A continuing 20.00 to support your needy friends and given to remember my best pal and loyal doggie, Lilly. RIP
Patricia A Randall, MD  $25.00
Dear Gloria, So sorry about the unexpected loss of your husband. My thoughts and prayers are with you. We miss you at Morning Movers and hope you will return soon. Pat R
Crystal hoffman  $12.00
Please help save these dogs!!!!!!!!
Julie Jan Christi  $30.00
In memory of Ella Jones, our friend Jackie's mom, we have made a gift to help protect the animals Ella found so dear.
Kelsea Garrington  $6.00
I love animals, especially dogs. Both of my dogs have been strays that we brought in. Me and my mother have both taken in dogs and cats, and found them homes. I truly believe that animals are just as important as humans, regardless of what others may say. Yes, animals are more able to take care of themselves than we are, but EVERY single animal deserves a good, loving home! They didn't ask to be brought into this world and they didn't ask to be left alone either. SPAY AND NEUTER or PLEASE find a good home for these animals that always give unconditional love. For my baby girls, Macy Oreo.
Cathy, Robert and Sweetie  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Oreo It's hard to believe it's been a year. We miss you and hope you have an endless supply of tennis balls!! Love, Mommy, Daddy and your big sister Sweetie she misses you very much - it's been way to quiet around here
Brian Walther  $10.00
Her name was Puddles. She was an awesome dog. She peed alot.
Brian Walther  $10.00
Puddles was awesome. She peed alot.
Vanessa Brown Claiborne  $50.00
In memory of Lester F Alexander
James Linda Peterson  $25.00
In memory of Cathy Litton, a kind and compassionate lady.
Rae and Judy  $20.00
In memory of Albert...our Talent neighbor.
Darlene  $5.00
My husband and I brought 3 ferel cats to be spayedneutered. I was at once overwhelmed by how busy the place was but also impressed with the staff. I worked in retail for 17 years and I know the challenges of dealing wthe public. All the women were so pleasant and helpful.
Carol, Wayne, Angie Shannon Becker  $50.00
In Memory of the late Robert Fontaine, who passed away October 10, 2011. You were a good man and animal lover along with your wife, Louise.
Sarah Shriley  $20.00
Happy Birthday Sarah... I am so proud of you! Here is a donation to the local Animal Sherlter L E A F To support your wish to help rescue and save animals in need! I too am an animal lover, and I share your dream of stopping the unneccessary breeding of cats and dogs, leaving them helpless and in need of homes and loving families... We love you Sarah!!
Jane Eder  $20.00
In memory of Harmony and Gracie Harris.
Mark and Diane Johnson  $25.00
In memory of a great dog named Rocky. May he play hard at Rainbow Bridge!
Geoff Bernard  $50.00
Penny Eims column in The Dog News Examiner
Arla Patten  $20.00
Jeannine West  $20.00
In memory of Michael Potter's special friend, Tiger. He will be missed!!
Megan George  $6.00
Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Carson Rogerson  $25.00
In memory of Scott Lemons - his love of people, life and animals was the mark of his love and compassion toward creation.
Richard Sacilowski  $25.00
In memory of our dear cousin, Richard Sacilowski. He was a true pet lover and would want to help make sure the pets without someone are taken care of until they find a home to love them.
Woodie and Bobby Mullins  $50.00
In memory of my beloved sister, Margaret Godbey, who was an avid animal lover. May she rest in peace. We love you!
Teresa, William, Skyler, and Brayden Dove  $50.00
In memory of Aunt Margaret Godbey of North Tazewell, VA. We love and miss you!
Linda Maher  $20.00
The Sadar family in loving memory of Rudy Sadar he was bigger than life and brought a smile to our hearts always.
Lisa Harris  $25.00
In Memory of Terri Calhoun
Edward Teddy Farrell  $125.00
In memory of April's father from her friends at Northwestern Mutual.
melissa wong  $6.00
my address is 2394 10th ave. pl. honolulu, hi 96816 please let me know if you need any volunteers or have any events coming up, thank you for what you are doing
Deanne Ray Caspari  $40.00
In memory of Al Marcum, an extremely kind man with true caring and compassion for animals. He will certainly be missed. Our deepest condolences to Carole, Sam, Natalie and his entire family.
frank c. thomas  $75.00
in memory of frank from 6a staff
Bill Davies  $40.00
Donation made in memory of Kathy Rodgers who recently passed away. She was a passionate animal lover. She will be missed.
Susan Dunn  $20.00
In memory of PJ, the Hyde family's loyal and trusting friend.
Wesley and Elizabeth Lennon  $75.00
In memory of our friend Wanda Deliganis.
Katie Fancy  $5.00
In Memory of my 2 Cats Tiger and Mittens and my Pony Shadow. Miss you so much.
Cecile and Ed Lindley  $100.00
In memory of Sandy Burttram. This donation is made in honor of Sandy who loved her dogs and was a great supporter of animal shelters. Please send card to her husband Bruce Burttram 664 Stoney Ridge Trail Columbiana, Alabama 35051
Jacob F.  $15.00
In honor of my friend Chayton's birthday!
Eileen Oettinger  $50.00
In Memory of my sweet horse, Sunny, the best there ever was! I miss you so much!
Lynn Buske  $100.00
91711 In loving memory of my brother Bill Buske, who had a heart as big as all these wonderful, deserving animals who desperately need homes. Bill, you are forever remembered!
John P Stanton  $15.00
In Memory of Joan Bates Miller
Lori Sheppard  $36.00
I purchased the rescue and spay and neuter ribbons in memory of all the shelter animals who don't make it out. I hope by seeing these ribbons on my car, that it might make others aware to ADOPT, not SHOP. This is in memory of my beloved Sky and Sienna, shelter dogs that made it out, but with their health issues, time was against them and they didn't have long enough with us. 3
Vicky and Mike Murphy  $50.00
In memory of Jim and Brenda Isaac's dog Peat.
Catherine Duso  $50.00
In Loving memory of Xenobia Leone, who touched so many hearts and brightened the lives of so many people. May all dogs be loved as well as she was.
Sara Harrison  $100.00
Help for the animals of the Bastrop area.
Estella Banuelos  $12.00
In loving memory of Maria Guadalupe, my mother. She loved cats! Especially my childhood cat Chacho. Many fond memories of his companionship he gave to the both of us.
Karen Fusick  $100.00
Randy and Jane Billings  $25.00
In memory of Roscoe Campbell. May she rest in peace.
[email protected]  $20.00
In memory of Betty Bensey
Renee  $6.00
I'm a firm believer of neutering and spaying your pet. I also believe in TNR. I am a caregiver of feral cats already.
Ercil Beck  $50.00
In memory of Cynthia L. Johns, who cherished animals and lovingly cared for many of them in her life.
Debi and Lincoln Day  $50.00
Chad W Day our beloved son, friend and protector passed away January 9th, 2010. Chad was adopted from your facility then re-adopted by me 30 days later. Chad was a big brother and BF to his pal Rocket J Squirrel a special need Blind 4lb baby dog. Chad lived in South East Florida with us when he passed at 6yrs young- longer than expected for this Chow mix. had enjoyed rides in the car, he lived wus on our boat for a time and believed the forest of Upper MI was the best place on earth! Chad was well-traveld Over a year and half later, he is still missed! We love you monkey-boy, Mom and Dad and Rocket...3
Cheryl, Steve, Sam and Ari Rothberg-Pimsler  $100.00
In loving memory of Chelsea Greene and her efforts to rescue animals. Her sweet goodness lives on.
Randy and Nancy Ray  $75.00
In loving memory of our dear friend R. David Scott.
Michele Guess  $100.00
In honor of Rhonda Woody's half century celebration.
Wahlgren Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Lloyd Wahlgren
Cheryl  $25.00
In memory of Jennifer's dog Rebel with thanks for the years of joy and love you brought to her life.
sue krogman  $20.00
as a pet lover my son and i just want to help thank you for what you do sue, reggie krogman
Jimeca Loud  $25.00
Misty  $25.00
In memory of our groomer's Best Girl Ever, Misty, who passed from this world to the next after 16 amazing years. You are loved and you will be missed! Much love from Cal, Baxter and their people.
karen sperry  $6.00
save life's of pets
Becky Feigel  $20.00
In loving memory of Ace, who was such a dear friend and companion for so many years to Ron and Susie. He will be sadly missed by many who loved him.
John Flint  $25.00
In memory of buttons, dear and faithful friend of Sondra Wilson.
Steven Rutherford  $25.00
In loving memory of my dear, sweet, sharp-witted and funny Aunt Carole. Love, Steven
Jack Evans Casteel  $50.00
Taking care of those who are still with us.
In honor of William Bacon 86th Birthday  $30.00
With love on your 86th Birthday, Your Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
robertand karen cenkush  $50.00
In memory of Mr. Albert McClain
John, Ellen, and Christine Lange  $100.00
In memory of Rose Terry.
CRI Canada  $200.00
Donation made in memory of John Norwig. Forever remembered!
Buddy Mason  $25.00
In Loving Memory of Buddy Mason who was a steadfast, loyal and loving companion. Emily will always remember you as the Old Soul who watched over the block and I will never forget your visits! We love you and miss you! Sleep with the Angels and Rest in Peace!
LeAnn McCullough  $25.00
In Loving Memory of sweet Lacie. A loving and sweet lady at all times. She was a blessing and a joy. She will be missed by many.
Mark Connelly  $6.00
In memory of Winnie who was adopted from K9 Rescue Minnesota in 1996. Fate brought us together that day. Love has kept us together until today. Memories will keep us together forever.
Regina Ellis  $50.00
In memory of Barney The Cat. He was loved.
Samantha  $25.00
Joan Walker
rEX  $25.00
Francis Thome  $50.00
In memory and honor of Francis Thome.
Nubie  $25.00
A donation was made to the Humane Society in honor of sweet Nubie. She was dearly loved and she will be missed.
Kara and Kenny  $25.00
In Memory of the Wonderful Titan
Strider and Daniela McCash  $50.00
Thanks for the memories, Travis... Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives. -John Galsworthy
Joe and Kathy Tollus  $50.00
In memory of Ronnie Tillotson
S. Fedor  $20.00
In honor of Shirley A. Klug, Cedar Rapids, IA
Daria Bentley and family  $25.00
In fond memory of Sonica Boom Boom, our cousin's dog, who couldn't hear a thing, but was so sweet and loving. She will be missed.
Daria Bentley and family  $25.00
Max is our neighbor's dog, and he was so strong that I could barely hold him when I babysat him for our neighbors. I miss him, and I know my neighbors miss him too. Max was a great guard dog and I miss hearing him bark when cars come up the driveway.
Kimberly McCall  $30.00
This donation is in memory of my good friend, Patty Campbell's mother, Elsie Mendenhall. A lifelong animal lover.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 864  $100.00
In loving memory of Rosemary Leathem. Our prayers are with the Leathem family. May she Rest in Peace.
Jim Mann  $50.00
In memory of Jim Mann of Covington, Ky. A true animal lover.
Joseph Simpson  $50.00
From the riding gang. Donna and Rick Urban, Mark and Libby Banquer, Ed and Nancy Ortego, Cathie and Christie Savage. You are in all of prayers and thoughts.
Klaudia Walat  $6.00
3 Maxie
Ginny Parrish and Rose Yount  $100.00
In affectionate memory of Joe Gildea, a good man, and an Alpha in many ways.
Donald Lack  $25.00
In Memory of 'Flo' Pickering.
Bill Wood  $100.00
This donation was made in memory of Bill Wood, a wonderful person, a good friend and great animal lover. In loving memory from Robyn and Phyllis
Lee and Kate  $100.00
In memory of Mary Ellen, my mother's friend.
Deanna Larkin  $75.00
In Memory of Carla Golob who loved her animals. DeDe, Kevin, Tim, Sean, Michael and families.
SFC Cheryl K. Olsen, US Army  $25.00
This donation is for the Doggies and Kittys that need food and shelter. May God Bless them and keep them safe. God Bless the Shelter too for taking good care of them for us Soldiers and famlies to adopt.
Dana Moss  $50.00
In memory of and on behalf of Marion Elizabeth Davis.
Moritz Fenrich Family  $50.00
In memory of Robert Broberg.
Mercury  $25.00
In loving memory of Mercury.
Northern Kentucky University Faculty Staff  $120.00
Contributed in memory of David Neatrour from Matt and Kristy's NKU family.
Robin Rotman  $25.00
In memory of Betty Harris
R. Mcleod  $6.00
In memory of my pets who are gone and for my dog Eve who I adopted... she is my loving and constant companion!
Ken Collins  $25.00
In honor of Cherie Thompson's birthday - Happy Birthday Cherie!
Katy M Ralph Moore  $40.00
In honor of the wedding of Lisa and James Sage.
Kathy Longo  $25.00
Donation made on behalf of Kathy Longo's Birthday - July 1, 2011.
Vince  $50.00
In memory of Mr. Burrs, Samson and Guss.
Stormy Ault  $25.00
In memory of a wonderful canine friend!
Tyler K  $6.00
If you're considering a new family member of the animal kind - GET A RESCUE!!
Tiffany Lobeck  $20.00
In memory of by baby boy Gauge, my beautiful great Dane, that was taken too soon! In his memory I am donating 20.00 per month to help another fur child find a wonderful home, food andor vet care.
Charles Weicht  $50.00
In memory of my Old Buddy who was just simply the best.
Kaleigh Keaton Hoyning  $40.00
Happy, Happy Birthday!
Bill Griemsmann  $20.00
In memory of Norma J. Ridenour.
Marty Palecki  $20.00
In memory of Dougie who passed away June, 2011. He was part of Bill and Heidi Jarrett's family for many years and will be missed.
Deborah Potter  $25.00
On behalf of services provided by Deborah Potter. Hope this helps to provide some special treats for the fur-kids in your care. Sue H
Porcini Sheldrake  $25.00
In memory of Porcini. Play hard at Rainbow Bridge Porcini!
Cindy Collins  $25.00
In loving memory of Scott Blythe
Aviv  $25.00
Donated in honor of Sergei Bachkovski for his generous help with Davey.
Emy Mahina Masterson  $40.00
Seems like only yesterday, we were pouring over names in search of the perfect one for your beautiful, new, barky puppy. Hope this donation, made in her honour, will help some other lucky people find the 'perfect friend' to bring happiness to their lives. Love K XO
Beck Ripley Ted Ringger  $25.00
In memory of Howard Marzell, may he rest in peace.
Mary Janusek  $50.00
We would like to make this donation in the memory of Mary Janusek and her love of animals. From the East Allegheny Education Association.
Jan Ellington  $25.00
In Memory of Isa Boyles, whom I was Blessed to have known and been friends with.
Todd Elliott  $25.00
In memory of William Lane from Todd,Traci,Nicholas and Daniel Elliott
Raven Duncan  $20.00
You were a wnnderful companion to Linda for many will be missed Raven.
Marie Smith  $40.00
Mike, Jane and family, We all are sad and will miss her as well. I am so thankful for all the years of growing up with you all and the memories we've had. We wish so much that we could be there with you. You will always remain in my thoughts and prayers. We will look forward to sharing more time with you all and know that we cherish each moment that we are able to have with the ones whom we love, for the rest of our lives. I'm thankful that you realize also how short life is and appreciate the important things in life. We love you, Sharon, Keith, Alex, Ryan, Greg and Amanda
Jan Taylor  $300.00
In honor of Bishop and Pope, beloved pets of Marie Smith. Mom, Bess, and I decided there is no better way to remember Marie than to honor her love for animals.
Kimberly Newton  $15.00
In Memory of My Mother On Her Birthday Happy 60th Birthday Mom! I love you and miss you tons!
The Back Behind the Barn Boys  $100.00
This gift is in honor of Barb Dixon, a dear friend and a darned good dancer, who left her job as an angel on earth for one with a similar job description in another realm. Consider yourself hugged, Barb, and rest assured that Inky is in good hands. Long may you run, dear heart.
HANNA PHAM the LE's Family  $50.00
Donation to the helpless animal victims of 2011 tornadoes - In loving memory of GARY HALVORSON. Please email the donation receipt to [email protected] to inform the Halvorsons of this tribute donation.
Cynthia Finefrock  $40.00
Thank you for all that you do!
In Memory of Barney Kruft  $0.00
Chuck and Mary Rob and I made a donation in memory of Barney. We are thinking of you two. You guys were and are great parents. Hope your days are getting a little easier. Love Mir and Rob
Mary and Chuck Kruft  $0.00
Rob and I made a donation in memory of Barney. We are thinking of you two. You guys were and are great parents. Hope your days are getting a little easier. Love Mir and Rob
Jack and Barbara Grimes  $25.00
In memory of Scott Kernan and his love for all pets. Our deepest sympathy to all of the family on their loss. You are in our prayers. Barb Jack Grimes
Ashley Hartso  $60.00
Thanks for all you do! Animals are a huge part of my heart I wish I could save them all! Really like the message you are trying to relay!! Thanks a lot!
Maria V. Garcia  $20.00
In memory of Vikinga and Morito
JoEllen Rice  $25.00
In honor of the birthday of friend of all animals especially cats, Barbara Robinson.
Ozarks Medical Center Lab Staff  $50.00
Rest in peace Pat Houck, we will miss you and your love for life and your rescue animals. We hope your heaven is connected to the big pet heaven in the sky. Nothing would be better than spending eternity scratching animal's ears.
Greg Georgia Flinn  $100.00
They have always adopted cats dogs from the animal shelter for my siblings I while we were growing up, which made us so happy! They both love animals, and I have inherited my love of dogs from my dad!
Julie Morrison  $20.00
Happy 40th Birthday! Here's to all the pets who have made our lives so wonderful.
Sarah Johnston  $100.00
In Memory of Thea, a remarkable hamster. I saw the NBC4 story on you tonight and hope this helps you avoid euthanizing some cats and dogs. Keep up the good work.
Harman Jenkins  $50.00
In Honor and Memory of Charles Bell
Richard Lake  $20.00
In memory of my Dad, Richard Lake, a true lover of all animals. I hope you and Sheba are having fun together in heaven. So sorry to hear of the recent robbery at your shelter.
Mary Engdahl  $100.00
To the many wonderful memories of a true Southern Lady. She is missed! Marian Margena
Amanda  $25.00
In loving memory of Sugar
Barb and Tom Vorenberg  $18.00
In honor of Charlie Nave on his special birthday!
Tiny Treasures Staff  $40.00
We at Tiny Treasures make this donation in memory of Jacqualine Blankenbiller. We are sorry for her families loss.
The David Family  $50.00
In memory of Millie Baker, whom we knew to have a great love of her family and animals. love Andy, Amy, Jack and Smith David
Regina Cook  $10.00
All the animals saved and those who unfortunately were not. God Bless!
David Shepherd  $25.00
In Memory of Bea Shepherd. A woman who loved her Cats.
HRMC Lab Staff  $75.00
In Memory of Naomi Wallace
Janet and John Steadman  $50.00
In Memory of Leah Christine Piteo.
Marie Hallock-Sweet  $25.00
This donation is made in the memory of Helen Jo Appleby, Reiger Black in honour of her loving, fun and wonderful spirit. The Hallock-Sweet Family Marie, Tawney, Kirstie and Kenny Havre de Grace, MD
Nicole Fantetti  $24.00
I am currently working on beginning a shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio. The animals need as much help as they can get. Thank you so much for all you do.
Angela Kisnick  $25.00
In memory of Chris Geraghty....Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jamie... Ms. Angela Mr. Jack
Henry J. Hank Schuessler  $50.00
Hank will be greatly missed. The family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Trish Hyatt  $50.00
As a fellow animal lover, thank you for being there for yours. Milt Robbie Pate
Agratronix, LLC  $35.00
In memory of John Olson. We are very sorry for your loss.
Angel Cook  $75.00
In loving memory of our dog Angel who passed away on May 12th 2011. She loved us every bit as much as we loved her. We were lucky to have her in our lives the last 14yrs. She will be missed but never forgotten. From Matt, Helen and Buddy Powers, Glenn and Sadie Cook, Jerry and Baby Jocson.
Walter Balicki  $50.00
For helping the Animals in the Flood areas. I play IWon for Best Friends Animal Society. Tina on our Team asked that we help your Shelter. I am from the Chicago Area.
WTVM Sales Team  $200.00
In memory of Sandra Jean Hepburn and her love for animals!
Marjorie Walther  $100.00
In appreciation of A.P. Patschke for the solo How Great Thou Art sung at Harold Walther's Funeral, May 9, 2011 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Thorndale, TX. Given by Marjorie Aunt Dotsy Walther
Sydney Householder  $15.00
Happy Birthday Sydney Householder! 9 years old!
April Coker  $25.00
In memory of Angela Wills. So sorry for your loss.
Jackie Wagoner  $25.00
To help some of the many animals in need due to the terrible recent storms.
Shannon Arendt  $25.00
In honor of my mother Linda Arendt on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to a devoted animal lover who has given a forever home to so many treasured animals over the years.
Potter County Clerk's Office  $25.00
This donation is to honor the birthday of a terrific boss. Thank you, Julie, for being the best boss in Amarillo. Happy Birthday!! We love you!! Your Staff
Jody Bonner  $20.00
In memory of Ruby, Max, Turbo and Hotrod. I have two small dogs that I love so much and are such a big part of our family. I know things are bad right now and I can't imagine how hard it is for a family to give up a loved pet. I hope my donation will help all the lost but LOVED pets in the shelter. My love goes out to all the animals at the shelter.
wendy strombeck  $50.00
In memory of my beautiful cousin, Vikki Anderson Schuttera, and all animal lovers everywhere. I have the memories of happy family gatherings and will dearly miss you, Vik.
Cade, Kara, Garth, Danielle Scholl  $50.00
In Loving memory of Madge Babe Sherfield whose affection for animals was unmatched.
Tammy Jim  $12.00
In memory of Gumblejax, a beautiful, friendly, playful cat who loved my dog dearly.
In Memory Of Larry Huyett  $50.00
This donation is made to honor Mr. Larry Huyett's memory by the staff of the Edwards AFB Information Protection Office. Stephen Gerteis 661-277-7436
In Memory of Betty Charters  $0.00
My heartfelt condolences to Betty's family in this sad time. Rest easy knowing that Betty is surrounded by all her beloved animals and family that went before.
Lisa and Brooks Moore  $25.00
We make this donation on loving memory of Rita Mowen of Slidell, LA. She loved animals! Love, Brooks, Lisa, Murphy, and Carter Moore
The Blue Ridge Barretts  $25.00
In honor of John Barrett
David Austin  $100.00
Happy Birthday Sydney and Nancy!!
Diana Martin  $100.00
To Natasha, Kiera, and Josh. In loving memory of their Dad, Mark Mangum.
In loving memory of our dog Maggie who passed away in Feb of this year 2011. We adopted her, cared and loved her and our other Sheltie Minnie for over 4 12 wonderful years. Maggie will be sorely missed by all that were lucky enough to have experienced the joy of her very affectionate nature. Un compromising love is what our pets give to us freely and we cherish the most. God, please bless our beloved Maggie, may she rest in peace knowing we are very greatful for the time we we lucky to have spent with her. XOX
Walt and Bonnie Davis  $20.00
In memory of Corrine Wolfe.
Bill and Pam Cornelius  $50.00
We are so sorry for your loss. We both will be thinking of all of you and remembering you in our prayers.
Indiana Sign and Barricade  $100.00
In memory of Mary C McNelis Garvin. Thanks!!!
Lisa Bittner-McAleavey  $20.00
Jacob and I will always love you Aunt Peg and now you are at home with Uncle Leonard. purchased spay and neuter ribbon and rescue ribbon
Elaine Asher Fried  $20.00
This donation has been made in memory of Claire DeMarco.
Randy Rollf  $25.00
In memory of Robert D. Miller. Our prayers are with your family and friends in this emotional time. Randy Rollf family
Elise Vazelakis  $50.00
In memory of Becky McKay
Beverly Kurz  $25.00
In loving memory of my cousin Dina Michele Nardoni.
In Loving Memory of Frances Franklin  $50.00
Amy Please accept my heartfelt sorry.
Paula Moore  $100.00
I love you for ever and have a happy birthday. Howard
From GSH Dialysis co-workers  $50.00
In memory of Suzie. A beautiful dog who gave many years of love and joy to her owners Beverly and Bob.
J LaMar  $25.00
In Memory of Rebecca J McKay For Bob the family. Words cannot express how sad we were to hear of your loss. May your memories of Rebecca and the love of those around you, help you through the days ahead
charles trout  $25.00
i got two black small breed pups i hope i can find a home for them. thanks charles
The Ratliff Gendron Family  $50.00
In memory of Kevin Blanshan a wonderful man whom is missed and cherished always by his family and friends. Who is now at peace. Our love and thoughts are with you. Debbie, Neva, Nicole, Shaun, David, Jenna, Eli Ethyn.
Margie Hardee  $50.00
This gift is made in memory of an animal lover and respected colleague, Margie Hardee, from her friends at Woodstock Chimes.
Keith and Cheryl Carroll  $50.00
This donation was made as per the wishes of our dear friend Gary Weatherwax who passed away April 1. It was intended for the Animal Rescue LTD of 7491 State Rt. 22, Granville, New York 12832 He loved his pet family very much. We are advocates of adopting so we hope that this small donation helps the shelter.
Claudia Bjerre  $25.00
In memory of our friend Jimmy's Baby Meowzer.
Beth Donadio  $50.00
In loving memory of Shannon Canami. One of the most giving and compassionate people I've ever known. She will be sorely missed.
Lynne A. Martin  $62.00
In honor of Rose Ann Yutches Crenshaw Murphy's 62nd birthday today 4211. To a dear friend and animal lover who brightens up the world and cares for others around her. May the next year be good to you and all the animals in your life.
LINDA BUCK  $50.00
Jessica James  $300.00
I'm glad I can help, keep up the good work
Kimberly Carter  $10.00
To all those fabulous cats and dogs at the shelter, we hope this helps in getting you all some food.
Jean and Joel Yudin  $50.00
In memory of Dorothy Hagner -Just one of her passions was her love of animals.
A.M.Alfano  $5.00
Just to help !
A.M.Alfano  $15.00
In loving Memory of Brewster, Clancy and Sidney...always in my thoughts, forever in my heart.
Shannon Canami  $20.00
In memory of Shannon Canami
Barbara Barr  $50.00
In loving memory of Shannon Canami, a remarkable young woman who was a great friend and rescuer to all animals and wildlife. She is missed by all (human and animal).
MarchCunningham family  $50.00
In memory of Mrs. Antoinette 'Toni' McGrath.
lindsay  $20.00
In memory of woody von clark II
Mike Howard  $20.00
Donate this in memory of our cousin Mike Howard. You will be missed. Love, Ray and Kathy Jeremy and Ronda
Mike Howard  $20.00
Donate this in memory of our cousin Mike Howard. You will be missed. Love, Ray and Kathy Jeremy and Ronda
Ali Nodzo  $20.00
In loving memory of Shannon Canami
Jeanne Green  $50.00
In memory of my dear Uncle Jim Foster, who requested donations be given to Action for Animals in Latrobe, Pa.
Heidi Aylward  $25.00
In caring memory of *Ms. Suzanne Kiniry*...our resident cat lover. Suzanne, your sarchasm, sense of humor, and good nature will be sorely missed at HPHC. You will be with us always.
Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.  $100.00
In memory of Leatrice Krugman and in sympathy to her brother, Earl Paddor.
Gail Selznick  $25.00
In memory of Dorothy W. Hagner who was a great friend to animals.
Deon Arnold  $100.00
In memory of Leatrice Krugman and in sympathy to her brother and sister-in-law, Earl and Lois Paddor.
Walter Guerrant Ecton  $75.00
With our deepest sympathy for your loss, your friends at Lexington Furniture.
Jeff Chris McGill  $6.00
I just ordered a rescue ribbon. I sent an e-mail about Midnight the 10 year old Great Dane, she is black with white markings. I gave a detailed e-mail I hope you will reply. Sincerely, Jeff Chris McGill
Liz  $5.00
For Oreo and Ellen.
Carlos  $20.00
To help APR with the rescue of the 14 pets they saved. They r awesome.
The Girls  $50.00
In memory of Max Dow - RIP
Tracey Griffin  $25.00
In memory of Mr. Jeff Alley.
Don and Flo Kristofferson  $50.00
In memory of our dear friends' Terry and Jay sweet kitty cat, Ari. You were loved much and will be missed.
Doris Lucarelli  $50.00
In memory of Mary Jim Burttram. My sympathy goes out to you and your family Davida.
In memory of my beloved father, Edwin H. Mount, who loved his animals.
Annie and Joe Latorra  $25.00
This donation has been made in the memory of Mary Jim Burttram. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Mary Jim was a very special lady.
Doug and Patti Turner  $50.00
In Memory of Eunice E. Chick McKee
Diana, Lindsey, and Ross Porter  $40.00
To Rick, Kim, Ricky and Noah, in memory of Dick Carr love, the Porter family
Lesli Gagnon  $35.00
This donation is In Loving Memory of Ann Arato, mother of my friend Elaine Wallace. My deepest sympathies to your entire family in this time of sorrow.
Diane Pefferman Chaldares and Family  $50.00
In memory of David Nowery a giving and gracious man who loved his dogs and was my father's best friend. He will be missed by many.
Nona Rogero  $50.00
In memory of my Yorkie Mops.
Robin  $5.00
In memory of Dave McWhorter. May you rest in peace.
Goodwyn  $50.00
In honor of someone who is kind and generous to animals.
Carolynn Bradley  $12.00
In memory of my beautiful friend, JoEl Bade. Sharing our mutual love for animals and donating to their cause today, on your birthday. I love you sweet friend. Today, yesterday and always.
E.H. Scholl  $20.00
In Memory of David M. McWhorter, a lover of animals.
Karen Plummer  $25.00
In memory of David M. McWhorter, a wonderful person who cared for cats. Rest in peace Dave and may your heaven be filled with loving kitties!
Rebecca Melton  $60.00
In honor of Mona M. Wright, celebrating her love for animals and her 60th birthday!!
Tracy Parks for Annissa's co-workers  $100.00
Donated on behalf of the Sharon Shipley family
Ron and Kay Kohler  $25.00
In the memory of John Jack Franklin Shorey.
Jim and Candy Niemeyer  $30.00
This donation is to honor the memory of a co-worker's father, Roedger Seipp who recently passed away. He had been the owneroperator of Solaire Kennels in O'Fallon for over 20 years. I know he had a great love of animals and the world had to be a better place because of it.
Ed Sciore  $100.00
In loving memory From Connie, Kathy, and Mark and Georgiana
Junior Keefer  $20.00
Four Feet in Heaven Your favorite chair is vacant now... No eager purrs to greet me. No softly padded paws to run Ecstatically to meet me. No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry Will say it's time for feeding. I've put away your bowl, and all The things you won't be needing But I will miss you little friend, For I could never measure The happiness you brought me, The comfort and the pleasure. And since God put you here to share In earthly joy and sorrow I'm sure there'll be a place for you In Heaven's bright tomorrow... by Alice E. Chase
Tony Michelle  $20.00
A Pet's Prayer to St. Peter I have travelled far to reach this Pearly Gate But I do not want to wander beyond this place I just need to rest awhile for my friend I wait Please let them know I love them still Let them know that I understand what they did they did with love With my body gone my spirit flew on the wings of a dove to my Creator's Heaven above Now I ask that I may wait I will lay quietly here by the gate For if I entered now without my friend it wouldn't be Heaven at all Written by John Quealy Junior Keefer March 7, 2011
KAren Haas  $50.00
A loving donation in memory of George Ciortan,wife of Carol, father of Heather and Ashley,grandfather of Eric George.
Gail Ng  $50.00
In Memory of Timothy Strouth
Liz Hixson  $10.00
To Della, Thank you for being such a sweet person. You will be greatly missed. Sincerely, The Hixson Family
Stanley a.k.a. Tanney Boy  $100.00
What a gift from God. A beautiful little, 6 mo old black lab mix my husband pulled from a rushing, swollen creek. He brought so much love and happiness to our family and unique and unusual aptitudes for fun. He was our sweet boy and for 16 years, he listened, he understood and was smarter than most people. A most precious and remarkable boy. We miss you and will always miss you!
Monica A  $50.00
This gift is in memory of David Malson. Marlene family May the wonderful memories of Dave help you with your loss. Herc is in great hands! Dave had a wonderful sense of humor that always made me feel good after talking with him.
Raymond Pauline Neff  $100.00
In memory of Jane Peters a wonderful and talented person
Gayle Klauser  $10.00
In memory of Jackson, a wonderful and unique kitty who lived a great life, with his person, Amy Sabrina.
Chance  $100.00
Thanks for all you do thru your shelter. Lynn and Fran
Cindy Don Lahr  $25.00
Our donation is in memory of Lorene Briner, a Paoli resident who cared about animals. We would like notification of the donation in her memory to be sent to her son at the following address Terry Briner 5589 State Road 45 Nashville, IN 47448
Laura Santi  $6.00
Please send this ribbon to Laura Santi 20985 Valley Road Kildeer, Illinois 60047
Laura and Lemon Santi  $25.00
Happy Birthday Laura! This is for you and Lemon! Love, Jesse
Michelle Alisauski  $25.00
In Memory of Tom Sprague who left behind his loyal companion Abby whom he loved dearly. He will be greatly missed by his four legged girl.
ASCE Weight Watchers  $100.00
The ASCE At-Work Weight Watchers group is pleased to make a donation in memory of your husband, Timothy D. Strouth. We are sorry for your loss.
Jason Duet  $20.00
For Mags
Jason Duet  $100.00
Good bye Maggie, thanks for 4 years of unconditional love and joy. I wish you could know what you meant to me. We all miss you girl...
Linda Morway  $50.00
THis donation is being made in the name of Harry Coder
shari bob russell  $25.00
In memory of Blitz Parton.
Carin  $25.00
To Erika
Stella Doyle  $25.00
In memory of Stella Doyle, Meghan Smith's Gram From Westmoreland County Department of Financial Administration
NAHS Counseling Department  $120.00
In loving memory of Julianna Kaczmarek with heartfelt condolences to Kaz and family.
Pamela Yurek  $100.00
In Loving Memory of Alan Stewart and in honor of his 42nd wedding anniversary to wife Linda. We miss you. Love Pam and Nelson.
J. Williams  $20.00
In memory of Patricia Donley.
Jim Madison  $100.00
In memory of Josh Nytko.
Kimberly Lelas  $100.00
This donation is in memory of Madeline Murphy, who passed on 22511. She was a beautiful spirit and will be missed. Madeline was an animal lover and in lieu of flowers, it was asked that donations to your shelter be made. RIP Auntie Mal
PA Andrukat  $35.00
For Otto, thank you for the love.
Freddy Hastings  $50.00
We will miss you Freddy. Thank you for being Mac's best friend. He is so going to miss playing with you everyday! Love, The Muldowney Family
Donald P. Sunkin, III  $30.00
In memory of Donald P. Sunkin, III, a father-in-law grandfather, whose love for animals was unending, especially those who had strayed. May he rest in peace. Love, Kathy David
Mercer HB  $100.00
In memory of Timothy Strouth. Our sincere condolences to your family and our sympathy for their loss. We are thinking of you during this difficult time. Sincerely, Theo, Shiho, Billy and Kevin
William Moore  $20.00
This is to help cost for Nina surgery.
F Farassat  $25.00
In Memory of our Persian cat Zeke Schneider who lived with us for almost 15 years. Hope you can find our granddaughter Cassandra in Heaven and become her pet. You brought so much pleasure to our family.
INTEGRITYOne Partners  $100.00
In memory of Timothy D. Strouth with deepest sympathy to Judy and family. From your friends at INTEGRITYOne Partners
angela tatarek  $10.00
In memory of Mary Wodoslawsky
Beatriz George Hogan  $50.00
In memory of Timothy D. Strouth.
In memory of Frances DiStefano. Loving sister and aunt.
Loretta Jim Remington  $50.00
Thank you for taking care of our critters! Love, Loretta, Jim, Roan, Rory, Muir, Ebony, Jack and Copper
Franci Cheney  $25.00
In memory of Jeter Ruestman, beloved cat of Patricia Ruestman, who was adopted from your shelter and passed away on 2102011. Please send a card to Patricia Ruestman at 1202 W. Ash St., Springfield, IL 62704.
Heather D. Rowe  $6.00
My handsome red boy Tanner, mommie loves and misses you!
The Hamrick Family  $50.00
For our friend Laura In Memory of her dad Gregg C. Johnson, Love, Pam and Randi
Diane Dean Werner  $20.00
In Loving Memory of Jean Mechura. To all who knew her, she was one of God's angels here on earth. She will be missed by many, as well as all the furry faces she lovingly cared for. Love prayers, Di Dean ^..^
Sheila Badgett and John Henry  $30.00
In memory of Charles M. Morris of O'Fallon IL. Charles loved cats! He passed away at 54 and will be missed very much by friends, family, and especially co-workers.
Tammy Hauser  $25.00
In memory of Mrs Barbra Ayers
Abby Evans  $20.00
Happy Birthday. That was very nice of you to donate your birthday gifts to the shelter. Reed Randolph
Delaney Wallace  $20.00
Happy Birthday! Thank you for donating your birthday gifts to the shelter. Reed Randolph
Marcella Washington Bonner  $75.00
In memory of R. Derek Brown, Could you please send acknowledgement to his dad at Bob Brown address is 304 Forest Glen Circle Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Tracy Brown  $12.00
This is in memory of all of the animals who are needlessly put down in shelters all over the world....may someday all shelters be no-kill, and may all animals have a home and loving family... 3
Andrea Kershaw  $50.00
Jackie, you will be so missed. I will take care of Doobie! Oh boy be scared! Love, Andrea K. Family
Joyce Cotton  $10.00
To a special person Jackie Stanley. It was an honor to know you. Joyce Cotton
in memory of Cleo  $567.00
Please us these funds to help animals displaced because of the oil spill
For Jane Carreiro  $50.00
For Jane C. on her 50th Birthday! We thought helping animals in Maine would be more important to you than candles and chocolates! Love, Anne, Cote and Macie Sue! xoxo
In Honor of Nina Capehart  $50.00
Nina loves animals more than any person I've met. Even though she can't have her own puppy right now, she wants every creature to be safe and happy. Happy Birthday dear Nina! Love, Shelley, Thomas, Sam, Luke and Ben
Jack Harnsongkram, 17 years old  $10.00
Taken to soon dearest Flip. We loved you all. RIP sweet boy - from lennonforever IMDB
Michelle  $12.00
Just trying to do my part.
Michael and Loretta Kennedy  $50.00
In memory of Pat Hansen.
Karen Parsons  $50.00
A donation has been made to the Gulf Coast Humane Society in memory of Sumo,, beloved pet of LuAnne Keim.
Julia Chorle  $100.00
In memory of Gregory Joseph Thomas, sadly missed by all.
The Pearson family  $25.00
In loving memory and honor of our long-time neighbor, Lawrence Butch Madden.
Phyllis De Cremer  $25.00
This donation is in memory of Mr. Andy Anderson who passed away on January 26th, 2011.
Contracting Purchasing Co-workers  $65.00
For our co-worker Felicia Retiz in memory of her mother, Tiofila Retiz.
Miss Chloe Simpkins  $50.00
In loving memory of sweet little Miss Chloe Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France
nanthiya  $10.00
For Adeyinka who met me by the attractive recommendation about New Foundland.
Bill Barbara Miller, and John Callahan  $50.00
In memory of Barbara G. Gilbert
Robert Kalch  $25.00
In memory.
Ashleah  $6.00
I have rescued 2 wonderful dogs and want to continue to do all I can to help less fortunate animals.
Suzanne Arnold  $50.00
In memory of Julia Daugharthy-Linaugh...whose passing only reminds us how short life is, but in her passing remembered the animals... Julia's vivacious and happy personality will be missed by her many friends, loving family and husband and her little dog, Julie, 15 year old cat, Molly, and 11 year old cat, Sugar... Do not weep for me, for I am in God's hands now...
In Memory of James Roy Jones  $100.00
Don and Cheryl O'Neal and Family
Brent Amy  $35.00
In memory of Wanda Stickler
Stacy Kirk  $50.00
for the Providence Animal Rescue League In Memory of Sandra 'Sandi' J. Buffi.
Tom and Nancy Wright  $50.00
We would like to make this donation in the name of our Black Lab, Shadow 11, who left us suddenly on 101010 of an apparent heart attack. Her brother, Tanker 11, and cats, Cricket Moochie, and we miss her very much. Thanks for all of your hard work!! Blessings, Tom Nancy Wright
Max Seidel  $0.00
In memory of a great friendship
Clara Harris  $50.00
May you rest in peace.
In memory of Jean Prausa  $50.00
In memory of our cousin, Jean Prausa. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Love from Jean's first cousin, Jan and Mark Taylor Bonnie and Bram O'Steen Debbie and Mark Heard Amy and Harold Hudson
Laura Dyer Capshaw  $25.00
In memory of my Little Debbie Rustle. You are, and will always be loved by me.
[email protected]  $20.00
Meredith, In loving memory of Cole, a sheltered dog will be taken care of. Love, Sandra, John, Brooke and Kinsley
Jan Neill  $50.00
In loving memory of my dear sister Carol Lee Robinson and her love for animals.
Christine Hoggan  $50.00
Happy Birthday, Love Sandi
Vera Rebecca Hathaway  $75.00
In memory of Sylvia Wyatt Evans.
Katie Jane  $12.00
A donation in your name was made on January 23,2011 in honor of your Baptism.
Tracy and Chad Grabner  $25.00
In memory of Debbie will be missed.
Florence B. Mackie  $20.00
In memory of a great woman and friend.God Bless her.
Jenny Hayes Rupert  $10.00
In memory of a wonderful lady Ms. Florence Mackie.
Maud Moss  $25.00
In memory of my son-in-law Sean Rector's grandmother
The Ralph Family  $25.00
In Loving Memory of Lucy, Jack, Klair and Lily. Love, Wille, Carrie and the boys.
Florence Mackie  $25.00
In memory of a wonderful person whom St. Francis loved. Your family and animals will miss you deeply. God Bless!
Marianne Morvai  $120.00
I've rescued 4 cats, wasn't hard to capture them, with trust and kindness they came right to me, I had them spayed or neutered when I found out they weren't. I've kept 2 of them and 2 I've given to loving homes. I make this donation in memory of my beloved cat Onyx and my father a lifetime animal lover, Sandor Morvai.
Jeff Waufle  $25.00
So sorry for your loss Mark. May the pain of your loss soon be replaced with fond memory of your time together.
Sandra Sneddon  $50.00
IN Memory of Howard Garry Ambridge from Sandy Sneddon Energietechnik-Essen. The love of animals keep us more humane.
In memory of Bill Heath  $25.00
We miss you Dad! Love Jersey, Sniper, Sarah and Pinky!!
From John, Lisa and Family  $25.00
In loving memory of our cousin Linda Morelli may you find comfort with God now.
from Gracie Orsino  $5.00
In loving memory of Linda Morelli, a real animal lover, thanks for caring for all us all.
Jill Silva  $50.00
We will miss you Jean
mr. cat  $100.00
for our best friend mr. cat, buddy, stinky, salem, sabrina, snowball...we had many names for you, cause you were special to us all.....we loved you to much we miss you and will never forget you. rest in peace until we see you again....your family, dan, shelly, danielle, kelsey
Max  $25.00
In memory of Max, the most patient tennis ball retriever in the world. We'll miss you.
Gretchen Diemer  $50.00
In support of the 157 dogs rescued on January 12, and in memory of shelter dog Lily, and Eric, who adopted and loved her.
The dogs in Palmer  $1,000.00
This donation is for the dogs from Montana Creek.
Ray and Cheryl Ogden  $25.00
In Memory of Linda Phillips. We will miss you.
Judy  $100.00
In memory of Linda Phillips. A sweet and loving lady who fought the good fight and was loved and admired by all who knew her.
Candy Donohue  $25.00
In memory of my granddog, Bleu. I know she is in a comfortable and happy place. She had a great life with her mom, dad and sisters. I loved her and will miss her.
CHRIS LEE  $100.00
margo g bailey  $50.00
In memory of Kevin Lee Goggin Boca Raton Humane Society
Andrew Sikorski  $20.00
John Francie Hattabaugh  $25.00
In memory of Oklahoma City CSI officer, Tammy L. Crew who passed away 142011. Tammy had a love for animals.
Duke  $50.00
My first puppy, my cuddly friend.
mariana  $10.00
may god save the animals!
Tammy Wheeler  $25.00
In memory of Shorty Gwin
Victor Krummenacher  $10.00
Please put this money towards medical bills for Diamond. Happy holidays. VK
Valarie Sammons  $25.00
In memory of Elizabeth Price
Darlene Weller  $25.00
In honor of my mother Joyce and in memory of her beloved friend Buddy, who is still dearly missed and loved.
Kelli Biesbrock  $6.00
A decal purchased Along with the $20.00 donation in memory of Cupcake, my daughter Hope Biesbrock's cat who died in her apartment fire this year, she will be lovingly remembered always!
Kelli Biesbrock  $20.00
This is a Christmas gift to our Daughter Hope Biesbrock, who lost her best friend, Cupcake, her kitty. Cupcake died in my daughter's apartment fire this year, she misses her so very much, and will remember her lovingly always. Cherrish your pets, please!
Fogllama  $25.00
In memory of beloved animal companions now gone.
Toby Nesta  $5.00
To the best rabbit chasing Schnauzer ever. You left us way too soon.
Marne and Shawn Barrow  $50.00
Merry Christmas to Gretchen and Tazer!
Marne and Shawn Barrow  $50.00
Merry Christmas to Sahmantha, Wade, Dalila, and Denali
Crystal Jacobs  $10.00
The ability to give and care for others is not measured in dollars and cents.
Adam  $20.00
I love helping out Animals I am sure my donation of 20.00 a month will go a long way to helping many shelters feed and take care of there animals. I am glad I did my part to make the world a better place. If everyone just would do the same and give 20 a month. The world and these animal shelters would do so much better. Sincerely Adam
On Behalf of Amy Johnson  $25.00
To Sweetie, Until we can adopt one of our own, here's a donation in your name to help the shelters in Northeast Tennessee find each and every animal a happy home. Love you, John
Jean T. Johnson  $50.00
In memory of Hamp Whittle
Matt Bowen Family  $100.00
In loving memory of a GREAT man...Boyd Garland. You will never be forgotten. We will miss you Uncle Boyd. Love, Matt, Amanda, Madelyn Gunnar
Joy Rutter  $25.00
In memory of Gary Lawrence Butch Gillette
Beth Ruggles  $100.00
Please accept this donation in memory of Dean Thomas, who passed her love of animals on to our dear friend Deanna. Love, Beth, Stephanie, Leslie, Lee Ann, and Roni
AOL Finance Org  $100.00
In memory of Douglas A. McDaniel.
Maddie  $20.00
Happy 8th Birthday Maddie. Andrea
Beth, Michael, and Hunter Trudell  $10.00
In memory of Katy Jo Walker. You are now in heaven with many of your doggy friends including Natasha and Scout. You will be in our hearts forever. Hunter will take care of Bailey, but it will never be the same without you. We miss and love you!!!
From Meredith, Kelsey, and Amy.  $30.00
In Memory of Bailey Miller, aka Blobzi-bob. We love you, Chelsea!
Emerline Michelle  $5.00
In memory of our beloved dog Kim Kim that likes her tire-swing so much. We miss you!
Danna Barber  $10.00
In memory of much loved Charlie, Woody, and Sissy
morgan pusey  $6.00
this for all of the animals who deserve a second chance.
Bob Soderlund  $50.00
He will be missed!
Mike and Dean Bowen  $100.00
In memory of Dr. George Edwards
The Kennell Family  $25.00
In Honor of Henry Kennell Jr. and in Memory of Rita Kennell and Henry Kennell Sr.
California Pet Hospital  $100.00
To California Pet Hospital, Napa. With our gratitude. Meg and Jim Volpe
Jennifer L Menter  $25.00
In memory of Jennifer L. Menter from the Penn Family
AFSOC Intelligence Directorate  $100.00
To the family of Mr Mrs. Edward Robbeloth, this contribution is given In Memory and Honor of Mrs. Dolores Mason. We are saddened by your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God's Love and Grace cover you and sustain you.
Debbie LaSpata  $20.00
In loving memory of Charley Mancini
Patty Sutton  $35.00
This donation is in memory of Carolyn Walton. She loved cats more than anyone I know. She also donated her newspapers to the animal shelter on a regular basis for many years. She will be missed dearly by those who knew her and shared her love of cats.
Beth Healy and family  $50.00
In memory of Aunt Juanita and Jill the cat
William Burgess Walker, DDS  $50.00
In Memory of Dr. Wiliiam Burgess Walker, St. Simons Island, Georgia
Naomi Sherrill  $25.00
David, Nicki Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers on the loss of Naomi. Kevin, Katie, Kolton Konnor Rudduck
Emily Abercrombie  $15.00
In memory of Carrie Kennedy, very loved and dearly missed.
Josh Mitchell  $25.00
I wish I had enough money to donate more, but this a great place and this is where we adopted a under nourished puppy named Rico. I hope I can volunteer soon because animals have feelings and it sucks to be left without a family or home.
Leslie and Chuck  $20.00
This donation is in memory of Bubba Kitty who brought Beth 18 years of love, friendship and unconditional love. I know Bubba Kitty is looking down on you Beth, smiling and thanking you for taking such loving care of him for so many wonderful years!
Jan Wilkotz  $15.00
In memory of dear Gatsby, who loved life and his human companions.
Mike and Jana Coleman  $50.00
In memory of Anne Skelton Gardner
Romeo  $100.00
In Memory of Romeo Debbie's Angel Beloved Little Friend Always in Our Hearts
Lia Lee  $100.00
This donation is made in loving memory of a beautiful human being Tristan Sayre
Diane and Ralph Floyd and Robert Tindall  $75.00
In loving memory of the greatest Mom and Grandmother
Steffanie Lenz  $60.00
This is in honor of my mom, Sarah Lenz, a lifelong dog lover. Happy Birthday!
Steffanie Lenz  $60.00
This is in honor of my mom, Sarah Lenz, a lifelong dog lover. Happy Birthday!
Mike and Tam Schuster  $20.00
In memory of Peggy Alice Lucas of Beallsville, Ohio. please send notification of donation to Kelly Lucas, 1397 Wigton Rd., Lucas, OH 44843 please do not put this address on website. Thank you
Derri  $50.00
This donation was given in honor of my good friend Katie who was recently married. She and her husband, Todd, have generously suggested donations in lieu of gifts at their wedding. Our cat as well as their two cats came from animal rescue shelters, and we would like to support this cause in honor of Katie Todd. Congratulations to you both!
Diva  $50.00
This is in honor of Diva who we adopted through your agency in April. She has done so well with us and we are grateful to have her in our lives. The Dolans
Terry Coleman  $600.00
Thanks for all you do. I am with Airedale Rescue Group and have placed dogs into wonderful homes that were at your facility.
Vicki Schwab  $20.00
In loving memory of the best little kitty ever, Chessie, who fought so hard to live and brought so much joy to so many in her short little life. I'll love you always, Chess.
JulieC  $6.00
Memory of Buster 1996-2010
Howard  $250.00
Here is to 3 sweet spirits. Girlie Bates,Policeman Spooker, and Charm Alarm Jane. Thanks cats!
The Ozdemir Family  $50.00
It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kyra. She was such a loving dog and Ella will miss playing with her, even though Ella scared the poop right out of her! Rest in peace.
Maryjo Babyak  $100.00
In memory of Clem Azzari, from the Martis family
maria perez  $10.00
''keep fighting for our animals'' thank you
Nathalie Elliott  $50.00
Please accept this donation as a memorial to Walter Staley, II, father of my classmate, Walter Staley, III.
Kathy, Karen, Kim, Scott Karrie Harbula  $100.00
This is a donation in memory of our Aunt Dee Zehe Yancey. Her birthday would have been 101010. Her love for animals was so very important to her and she would be happy to know this has been done. Our prayers are for her five children, our cousins, that she has left behind. We are sorry for their loss and their sadness. With love from the Harbula's.
Monica Owens  $100.00
This donation was made by Joyce, Shellie and Monica in memory of Steve Black. He brought smiles to so many. Our hope is that this donation will help the animals he loved so much, to bring joy and smiles to many more.
Tony Linda Granaghan  $50.00
In memory of Ruby, and all of the other beloved friends whose lives Os and Hel have enriched with thier love and devotion.
Richard Oberdorfer  $12.00
In memory of Max with us 20 years in body and forever in spirit
Susan Kelley and Arlene Perry  $50.00
In memory of Sergei Stephen Summers. We will see you in heaven....
Stevan Richards  $250.00
Donated in memory of John R. Richards of Greenwood Indiana. John Died October 54, 2010.
Todd Holbrooks Family  $25.00
This is in memory of Johnny Justice. Please send acknowlegment to Dr. and Mrs. Mark Justice.
Tina Sadler  $50.00
In loving memory to Tina who loved and cared for animals all of her life! Bill and Sharon Sutton
Jones  $20.00
I loving memory of our rescue dogs, J.T. Rio. Thank you for your love. Pedigree does not matter, its the love they give that truly matters.
Jamie  $6.00
Not much, but perhaps it can buy a nice toy for one of the wonderful pets in the shelter. I pray they all find forever homes with loving people.
KSB  $110.00
In Memory of Carole Anne Hutchinson Chapman, sister to our teammate Laurel.
Ronda Forrester  $25.00
In memory of George Higgins loving father of my dear friend Brenda Propst and Boston Terrier Cricket.
Candice Hinze Williams and Family  $25.00
For my friend Liz and In Memory of Blair her brother and friend... Candice Hinze Williams
Judy Jerry Schindlinger  $25.00
In memory of James T. Acuff
Vertolli  $200.00
On behalf of Dr. Matthew Hamilton
JoAnne Stone  $50.00
I hope it helps.
Mary  $25.00
In memory of my best friend Hayley. I miss you girl.
In memory of Sara DeCaro Sabella  $50.00
In loving memory of a very dear Aunt who will be rememberd always for her warm smile and kind words. Love to you Aunt Sara - Jean Ron LaBelle
The Sparrow's  $50.00
In memory of nan Loos. The Blair's
The Sparrow's  $50.00
We are thinking of you and send our condolences. The Blair's
fred altman  $20.00
good luck
Shannon Teel  $20.00
A donation has been made in honor of Shannon Teel on the occasion of her birthday. She is one of the biggest animal lovers I know and she does all she can to help our furry friends. Happy Birthday Shannon! Love Mary Mac
Smitty  $25.00
In the hope that this donation helps bring the love and happiness of an adopted pet to someone that i watched Harley bring to my good friends Ralph Gianna and Imani. Harley will be sadley missed by my friends but forever thought of with a warm heart. Rest easy Harley
Mary Louise Rohr  $25.00
In memory of a lifelong animal lover.
Patricia McAllister  $50.00
In memory of my best friend, Clifford
Brian's Birthday  $50.00
Happy birthday to my Precious Pumpkin! This world would be a perfect place if everyone loved and cared for animals with such unconditional love and generosity as Brian does. He wanted money for his birthday spent on helping animals instead of something for himself.
To Pat Brunell  $25.00
In loving memory of your beloved dogs Molly and Kelly.
Phyllis Kitson  $110.00
Please send a note to daughter of deceased Phyllis Kitson, Patricia Juranty @ 19 Summers St. Allenstown, NH 03275. Donation given by friends from the City of Concord, General Services Dept. Any questions please call 603-485-5868 Sandra.
The Walter deFisser family  $50.00
In loving memory of Adrian deFisser.
Kimberle Linder  $65.00
Help all mistreated creatures.
Bob Sally  $25.00
In memory of Van Chauvan On behalf of Marc Pinney 6702 Caufield Drive Dallas, TX 75248
Bob Sally  $25.00
In memory of Van Chauvan. On behalf of Laura Munson 3508 Yellowstone Drive Arlington, TX 76013
Phyllis Galinkin  $30.00
In honor of Phyllis Galinkin's 80th Birthday
Tamara Burks  $100.00
In memory of Mary Emma Owen Cavett, who loved all animals. From Cunningham Lindsey
ANN TURNER  $25.00
amber  $12.00
r.i.p raz ma taz. we love you.. you had a long beautiful life. im so happy we found you. you are loved and will be greatly missed..... dont forget about us while your running around playing in doggy heaven. and tell bobo i lovehim and will always miss him. rescues are the best
Nancy Doyle Patty Woodruff  $35.00
Too many wonderfull memories, movies, lunches, birthdays our love for cats over 25 yrs with my precious friend. I will miss you. Nancy
Renee Kummerer  $6.00
Please help other Bassets. In memory of Babbs our girl we lost to liver cancer August 26, 2010.
Lisa MacNeil  $2.50
in memory of Wilma Christine Newhouse
Christina Tower  $5.00
For my beloved Drakk, Bogie and Pistol. You will always be in my heart. You were my best friends.
Dianna Kurt Fisk and kids  $50.00
In loving memory of Robert Parker Butler who cared very deeply for the well being of his beloved pets as well as all animals and nature.
Laura Ferguson, Danny Hardy, Dana and Eric Peterson and Kairi  $50.00
In loving memory of Robert Parker Butler who cared deeply for his own pets as well as the welfare of all animals.
Aunt Bev  $25.00
In memory of Shadow.
Kris Passineau  $25.00
This donation is being made in memory of Lisa R. Clark
Sara Beth Ward  $50.00
Beth was always so kind and generous! She was always willing to help out! She is missed by so many and our prayers go out to the many family and friends who's lives she touched during her years here on this earth. I know she is in a better place today With much love and sympathy, Jim, Lisa and Caleb Hanna
Sharon, Shelley, Rachel and Natalie  $40.00
In memory of Grandma Edna that loved all kinds of animals.
Ted Betsy Weihl  $50.00
This gift is in honor of Ted Betsy's wedding on 8282010. May they enjoy a long and wonderful life together. With love from Tammy Frank Gless.
Bruce Matza  $10.00
Sent tribute card to- Rabbi Sanford Joni Akselrad, 2262 Lucerne Drive, Henderson, NV 89014-4903. Card should read- In memory of your beloved Simon from Annie Bruce Matza
Jack Joanne Hilliker  $50.00
In memory of your precious Cinnamon and TK. We know you will always treasure the many ways they were special to you. Bob and Shirley
The Dooley's  $25.00
Buddy, You were a true friend. Thanks for sharing the living room with me. We are going to miss you. Tara, Adrienne, Diane Jeff
Sandra Lang  $20.00
This donation is in memory of Jean Lang from the Dodge Family.
Sandra Lang  $20.00
This donation is in memory of Jean Lang from the Dodge Family.
Gay Catto  $10.00
Thank you for helping animals! You have a heart of gold! I wish I could help more. Keep up the good work! Gay
Jane T. and Caroline L. Poole  $50.00
In loving memory of Gloria Poole of Cobleskill, NY from Jane and Caroline Poole.
Kathy Schulz  $50.00
In memory of Clara Ruppert. From one animal lover to another.
Kathy Henry Schulz  $50.00
In memory of Ray Irwin. I am grateful for the special friendship he and my father had for many years.
RelayHelath Marketing Team  $100.00
In Memory of Sheilah Shook with respect for Dave Mayr. Our thoughts are with you, from all of your friends at RelayHealth Marketing.
Louis A Grue  $100.00
We miss you so much!
John Richerson  $18.00
Looking forward to Spay Neuter Magnets to put on our cars.
Bob and Cheri Green  $25.00
In memory of Pumpkin, Fortune, Little Bit and Winnie who left us all at the same time last year to go over the Rainbow Bridge together. Your brothers and sisters are still doing great and miss you as much as we do. Winnie, dad still misses you coming to get him at bedtime! But, take care of one another until we will see you again. Love, Mom and Dad
Robert Tracy Bryant  $25.00
In memory of Ms. Jean Eisenbise, mother of Michael Eisenbise. Another family concerned for all beloved pets.
Richard Harris  $100.00
In memory of a long and valuable life.
Jan Lee  $500.00
Thank you for giving me Tyson 8 years ago
Lindsey  $6.00
It was a pleasure to donate to such a great cause. I recently rescued a chihuahua and I am still working with her to help give her the confidence she deserves. I truly believe that with your help and others who do what you do, we can put an end to puppy mills once and for all ! God Bless ~
Sierra Hematology Oncology  $50.00
This donation is made in memory of Beth Marie Riley, our co-worker's daughter who perished in a tragic car accident. Beth loved animals and we wanted to remember her in this special way.
KIM  $10.00
Maggie Barnett  $25.00
In memory of Inmar Sigwards, who really loved his cats. He leaves two adult children, who did their best to make his senior years fulfilling.
Wilson Freedman  $50.00
Hoping Wilson's family is taking comfort in happy memories. With love, The Backman's
Liz Isham  $6.00
Thanks for all the good work.
Kay S.  $20.00
In memory of Nicky, something to help the other little fellas out there. Forever grateful for the joy love animals bring into our lives. xxoo to all critters their companions.
c parker  $50.00
please just use this donation for animals brought in
In the Name of Suncoast Internal Medicine  $50.00
A small contribution to help our stray and abandoned animals. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Anatole France
Barb Fournier  $50.00
Remembering the love and joy each of you has brought to my life over the years. Even though you may be gone now you have never been forgotten.
Lauren Altman  $12.00
Thank you very much for your services. We had a dead possum this morning with babies that were still alive and you all came and took care of it. I really appreciate that and everything you do for the community and other animals.
William Bill Fife  $12.00
*Rescued* is my favorite breed. Reponsible owners spay neuter.
Mr. Jimmy Jacobs-Plut  $50.00
From Clara and her Family
Karl and Carrie Burger  $30.00
In memory of Dorothy Ducky McCandrew
Linda  $40.00
A donation in honor of Marcia's birthday.
Kalispell Humane Society, Kalispell, MT  $50.00
In honor of Bob Grinde
Eileen Lisowski  $25.00
In memory of Spunky Lisowski.
Korri Hishon  $25.00
In memory of an animal lover, Eric Durchman.
Linda Bernhardt  $50.00
This contribution is being made in Memory of the late Gene Sam Fritts who passed away July 7, 2010.
William A. Bill Kersey  $50.00
In memory of our friend Bill Kersey. From his golfing buddy Stan Thomas and wife Sandra.
Ron and Kathy Baron  $50.00
In loving memory of Charles Uncle Charlie Harrell
Gizmo our loyal friend  $25.00
In memory of Gizmo, a beloved member of the Cortes family. He provided protection, love, and many fun memories. We will miss you!
Linda Mitchell  $6.00
Please use this money any way you see fit to benefit the animals. I do not need to receive one of your magnets, so please keep the postage money to benefit the animals, also. Thank you.
Sandy Potter  $20.00
Please accept this monthly payment. Do you have anyway to email me of your events and garage sales, etc Or do I just log on to your website to find out. Thank you.
Pedro  $20.00
Happy Birthday, Ana! In honor of your best friend, Pedro, a donation has been made in his name. Love, Reagan
Lisa Ross  $30.00
In memory of Liza Hollingsworth. May her family find peace at this tragic time.
This donation is in memory of Louie, our beloved basset hound which we acquired thru Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park,CA. He was the dearest and most gentle of all dogs. Although he has been gone for over 2 years he is still missed every day. I pray I will see him once more, someday, at the Rainbow Bridge.
timber  $12.00
I miss the big fellow but I know I'll see him again in heaven
Keith Walden  $100.00
One of the kindest men I've ever met. He loved cats and was home to many of the strays in his neighbourhood, he fed them, gave them a safe place to stay and made life easier for them. With love and rememberance Colleen
sozeen mondlin  $25.00
in memory of Cody, a rare shepARD
Gary Mary Ann Renfrow  $25.00
In memory of Gilliagan, your little buddy
JK CURTICE  $20.00
Carol and Scott Hennings  $25.00
To Kelly and Emery on the loss of The Rat We know how hard it is to lose a member of the family. Our hearts are with you both as you work through the loss of your furry baby girl. You rescued her in Livingston and gave her a warm and loving home here in Cleveland. She was a lucky kitty indeed! In memory of The Rat and with our sincere sympathy, may an animal be saved because she lived.
Jon Schroeder  $15.00
Thanks for everything that your organization does! There are far to many homeless pets and far to few people to care for these pets, So thank you. Sincerely, Jon Schroeder
Jamie  $20.00
In loving memory of Jembay.
Charles W. Smith  $100.00
In memory of WALKER Owned by Bob and Rita Thompson 5014 Riverside Dr Brunswick Ga 31520
Patricia M. Dani  $25.00
In memory of my dearest friend, MaryEllen Neilio, a defender of animals. This is a devotion we shared and I hope St. Francis finds you for your help in his animal heaven, see you there.. Love you, Patt
In Jeff's memory for his love of animals. May Our Lord always keep him in His care. From Jeff's friends and co-workers. Social Security Administration Elgin, IL
nicole doggett  $25.00
in honor of Stephanie Smith...a devoted cat lover and friend to the animal world
Robyn Sidney Brooks  $10.00
In memory of Rita Nance Bennett, You will be missed dearly
Shelee for Mommie  $25.00
Phyllis Weaver loved and adopted many pets in her life time...may she play amongst the animals in Heaven. March 1939-May 31, 2010
Cody Kane-Campbell  $25.00
In memory of Cody Kane-Campbell, a rarshePARD
Jane and Scott Butler  $40.00
In memory of Teddi Hunt, a wonderful companion to our good friend Kay.
Sherri Hufstedler  $20.00
This Donation is in Honor of Mr. Bruce Teel. Thank you Mr. Teel for a great year! You are a wonderful teacher and it has been a blessing to have had you for my 6th Grade teacher this year. Love, Sherri Hufstedler
Cornelia Baker  $50.00
In memory of Jan Smolen
Mike Iverson Jennifer Lusk  $25.00
In memory of sweet Mei Lei who brought so much joy to Jane Bob Olson and to everyone who knew her.
In loving memory.
Mark and Pam Wendell  $50.00
In Loving Memory of AUNT Dorothy J. Wendell 9724 - 61810 from Mark and Pam Wendell. As your loved one enters the gates of heaven, may God's gentle peace comfort your heart. Our Deepest Sympathy.
Dorey  $27.00
This gift is in honor of my dad, Eliot, for Fathers' Day and his and Rosemary's adoption of Pebbles, who brings them much happiness. May she continue to bring them joy for many years!!
Bonnie  $25.00
Hope this helps. If wish list for supplies, please let me know.
TSgt Robert Sumner  $15.00
I would like for this donation to benefit the Lancaster CA animal shelter
Jeffrey Hodder  $10.00
I am seeking a one year old boxer abandonded in Canadian that has not been nutered, but has had tail docked. Very thin, possibly brown in color. I have a family in Heneryetta looking to adopt this animal. If you find him, please call me at home 918-339-4920. Thank you
Jessica Hayward  $15.00
This donation is in honor of Jessie's birthday, June 12th! Happy Birthday Jess. Love, Auntie
Nanette Sanchez-Cook  $24.00
Hello Leo, I am so impressed with all you do. I pray that all will go well with the latest court proceedings you are going through. I will be contributing online for now on, so please save your money and DO NOT SEND ME MAILINGS through the postal service. You have my email address, and I will keep myself updated through your website. AGAIN, please save your money...NO MORE MAILINGS via the USPS. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Nanette
Sophie  $5.00
She is missed so much but lives on in the hearts and loving memories of her human family
Chewy Woofer Schultz  $100.00
Thanks to Polk County Animal Shelter for the rescue and care of the many animals that are in need. Prayers are sent your way for your goodness and help.
Roseann Frashuer  $20.00
This is in memory of my cat Midnight and my neighbor's dog , Hope, thank you.
David Loretta  $25.00
Time spent with cats is never wasted... Sigmund Freud, RIP Wally Beniot, you were loved.
Twinkle  $25.00
In loving memory of Twinkle, Madeleine Boyd's cat, who was one of the best cats of all time. Love, Aunt Alison and Uncle Ron
Randall Penn  $50.00
In memory of Vera Penn, who loved all animals.
Jude Noote  $10.00
We love and miss you Taz! Maw-Maw, Paw-Paw, Daddy Jeff and Daddy Jude.
Dudley Debbie Bluhm Family  $100.00
In loving memory of Joe Hime, Paris TX.
dale list  $10.00
In memory of Toby and Gus my most beloved boys.Both left too soon.Love you so much
Friends at EDGE Tech Corporation in Dallas  $425.00
This donation is made in memory of Marilyn Thompson by friends at EDGE Tech Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Without even saying a word, Marilyn always brought a feeling of happiness when she entered the room. She will be missed.
Charles Boyer  $50.00
How we treat our animals is a direct insight to our souls.
Nancy  $20.00
In memory of Edward Shine Sr.
My goodness, My Guinness  $25.00
In memory of Guinness, my best friend of 12 years, and in honor of the wonderful staff of Healthy Pets Wedgewood and Dr. Bishop.
Wendy Busby  $30.00
In memory of Nita Shivar and her love for all animals.
Ellie Gandy Kerr  $50.00
We miss you, Ellie and will think of you often!
Kristina Vandergrift  $25.00
I was so lucky to get my Zoey from you. She is such a pleasure and joy. This is in memory of Chelly, my dog and Charcoal, my cat and Hobie, my other cat. Thank you so much for your good work.
Sue and Chuck Recorr  $100.00
In memory of Nita Shivar
The Vincent Family  $20.00
In memory of Alesia Ann DeSa, 1863 Elm St., Dighton, MA.
Rose  $20.00
In Memory of Willow and Ginger Sprague
Nancy Hough  $25.00
In Memory of Glenn F. Atkinson with love to his family.
ben and april  $6.00
thank you for what you do. we have two cats that we found with your help. they are happy and so are we. thanks
Mary S  $12.00
Special to any precous animal in your carell
Mr. Calvin Ginnavan Sr.  $150.00
In loving memory of Mr. Calvin Ginnavan Sr. With deepest regards, Mr. Mrs. Seth Edge and family.
Daneen Justice  $12.00
Stew B Do, I miss you crazy Rabbit! R.I.P.
Viola Caldwell  $50.00
In memory of my Aunt Viola from Kathleen Keefe Bowers
Mrs. Kim Davis  $130.00
Donation made by the second grade at Brown Elementary as part of a community service project.
JoEllen Rice  $20.00
In honor of Mrs. Barbara Robinson, on her birthday, and in memory of her beloved friends Blackie and Mumbles.
Nancy Bev  $25.00
Dear Rea Betty, Our gift is in Loving Memory of Lacey. Love to you Both.
Phyllis Helen Munro  $100.00
In memory of Phyllis Helen Munro from the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the Open Skies Division, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Janice Pagnani  $12.00
In loving memory of My Baby Boy Jesse and My Little Girl Mistie
Britney Curtis  $6.00
Angelo Caroccio and Nikki Senska  $20.00
In memory of Robyn Lewis
Angelo Caroccio and Nikki Senska  $20.00
In memory of Robyn Lewis
Christina Casciani, RN  $18.00
In honor of a special lady, Candace Nickum, who actively serves to help the humane society daily. I have had the privilede of working with Candace lately and find her energy and enthusiasm for the humane society to be contagious and very sweet.
Fred and Linda Rose  $50.00
In memory of Daniel Murphy
Bob Flynn  $25.00
We are thinking of you at this time.
Bunny Dunn-Lewis  $30.00
In memory of Honey Bunny. Rest in Peace you gave us all much joy. ~2010~ Dave Jennifer
Marc and Chris Kellams  $50.00
In fond memory of Bob Sullivan a clothier extraordinaire, a good friend, and a dear man.
sarah myers for Carmel  $50.00
In memory of a sweet beautiful dog named Carmel, put-down because she had no be added to your fund for a no-kill shelter.
Melanie Loveland  $25.00
Hey there - I am donating this in Tony McLaughlin's name! I am sorry it has taken soo long to do this. I think of him daily Nila and if you ned any help with anything then please let me know. Much love - i wish I could do more!!! Melanie
The Adamkin's  $50.00
In memory of Marilyn Best
Mary and Andy O'Malley  $50.00
Donated in memory of Charles Roberts of Oneida, NY, loving father of Laurie Roberts of East Syracuse, NY and one of our best friends.
Helen Donavan  $100.00
In Memory of Helen Donovan, With great admiration, The McKane Familly
Nancy Lauretano  $25.00
In memory of Dilly, Tim's best friend for 13 years.
Pat Stanley  $100.00
Given in memory of Buddy, precious black Lab whose Mom is Kathy Aaron of Sherman, Texas.
Brian Askew  $20.00
In memory of Chloe, the sweet little dog belonging to my sister Brenda.
Elizabeth Stacey  $10.00
In Memory of Poppy, pls acknowledge to Cynthia Miller and family 56 Stetson Rd Norwell, MA 02061-2828
April Welcomer  $100.00
In Memory of Bethany Lynn Harris, we will miss you dearly. We will carry your memory with us always, love April, Bud and Koty.
Darryl L. Bruestle  $50.00
This donation is in honor of Darryl L. Bruestle's 76th birthday! Happy Birthday, Darryl.
Suzie Dixon Elissa Lewis  $15.00
This is in memory of our babies - Poo-Poo, Robert, Ms. Bea, Rusty, Maxie, Shorty and all of the other animals that have gone before and we will see again over the Rainbow Bridge.
Suzie Dixon Elissa Lewis  $15.00
This is in memory of our babies - Poo-Poo, Robert, Ms. Bea, Rusty, Maxie, Shorty and all of the other animals that have gone before and we will see again over the Rainbow Bridge.
Dr. Jerry and Karen Cohen  $30.00
In loving memory of Alice Chapman Farrar, who taught her children and grandchildren how special our animal friends are.
Alice Farrar  $40.00
Donated in honor of our Aunt Alice from her Pennsylvania family Ken Brumbaugh Marcy, Rich, Sara and Phil Green Mindy and George Bekic Missy, Ken and Laura Lightner
David and Darlene Holmes  $25.00
In memory of Chelsea Holmes...Your mom, Denise, will miss you dearly. Denise is our daughter and we along with her have great memories of Chelsea...may she rest in peace.
Harley Bilancione  $25.00
In Memory of Harley Bilancione A wonderful, cheerful, loving dog who loved his people with all his heart. From Cindy and Rick
in memory of Cody Repple  $25.00
To the memory of Cody To know her was to love her from Cindy and Rick
Sandy Franklin  $25.00
In Memory of BLU - My little boo boo granddog. I miss your cute little face how excited you'd be to see me when I'd visit our travels in the car - to swim, to eat, to the dog park - you were such an outgoing social loving beagle boy! We love U!
Sherri M  $25.00
In memory of Teo, an affectionate, happy, well-loved cat. He will be missed.
Centreville HS CAT B  $100.00
In memory of Thomas R. Tee Blake IV who has been lost to us but not forgotten. Our deepest condolences to his family. The CAT B Department
Kimberlee Ohlson  $25.00
In memory of our friend, Kimberlee. Rick and Nancy Marino
Philip F. Tagliarini  $100.00
In loving memory of Philip F. Tagliarini from John and Dawn Roberts and Apple Granny Restaurant
Ian and Bernie Thomson  $30.00
To our Dear Animal Loving Friend Jeanne Ross In Memory of her Dad George Kinney
Renita Benjamin Monroe Surgical Hospital Laboratory Staff  $20.00
Donation given in memory of Dr. Tim Acree by Monroe Surgical Hospital Laboratory Staff
Vicki Perkins  $6.00
In memory of Josh Perkins, who loved all animals, big small
To Mary from Ann and Joe  $25.00
In loving memory of Amelia, a beautiful kitty, who has graced your life in so many ways.
Bob Christina Steilen and Chris  $30.00
To my Aunt Priscilla Brown Thornton who passed away on March 20, 2010. She will be missed by all. She loved her animals and now will be with some of them.
Lynne A. Martin  $30.00
In honor of Rose Ann Murphy's 61st birthday April 2.
Joan Blistain  $25.00
Our sympathy and prayers goes out to Joan's family. David and Sandy L.
In memory of Maria Lima, from the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines of United States Central Command Information Operations Division.
Laura Magidson  $20.00
This donation has been made in memory of Toni's loving mom.
Cocoa  $20.00
Happy Birthday.
Chase Popp  $20.00
This is in memory of our buddy Chase Popp who was the greatest. He brought us a lot of joy through the years including a great visit to southwest Virginia this summer. Beo Snepp
Chase Popp  $20.00
This is in memory of our buddy Chase Popp who was the greatest. He brought us a lot of joy through the years including a great visit to southwest Virginia this summer. Beo Snepp
Alex Shirkey  $20.00
In memory of my dog Bosco, a true friend and patriot.
Eva Briggs  $200.00
In memory of Judith K. Gaylord.
Eileen Hurley  $50.00
In memory of my best friends mom, Lea Liggett. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Amy Chris  $20.00
In memory of Mani, a big puppy at heart who spread happiness to everyone.
Ceda Blue Carr  $35.00
We miss you both so very much. No one could have loved you both any more than daddy and I ..... RIP our sweet kitty babies
Melissa  $24.00
I adopted all four of my cats Janco, Ari, Iris and Yelena. They make me so happy and they are part of the family. I wish I could adopt all of the animals and that other people would realize how wonderful these animals really are!
Paul  $12.00
For the penance given by my priest for little but unnecessary misstreatment of God's creatures when I was a kid donation to some animal shelter was recommended. Great idea.
Ted Tina Wess  $20.00
in memory of Shirley Bates
Marlaina Winkler  $100.00
In memory of MaryLou Schultz. MaryLou was a devoted animal lover right to the very end of her life. Many animals benefited from her volunteering and I hope that this small gift will help out at least a little with necessities for all of the poor defensless animals that are abandoned. MaryLou's great love and compassion for animals will live on though she is now gone. I love you MaryLou!!!
Shalina elizondo  $20.00
In Loving Memory of all that were unwanted, abused, forgotten. your always in my heart!.......please help stop animal cruelty!
Kim Beckett  $15.00
In memory of Rick Godwin Sr.
Myrtle Book  $20.00
In loving memory of Myrtle Book, Mother of Carilyn Booker.
Lisa  $20.00
In honor of all the homeless pets out there, please spayneuter your pets and ALWAYS go to a shelter to get animals instead of a breeder and NEVER a pet shop. There are millions of innocent pets that need homes due to abandonment, abuse, neglect and mainly, pure ignorance. Please do your part to help rescue these helpless animals that only ask to be loved and give back so much more than they are given.
Gayle Hansen Browne  $50.00
Happy Birthday to Liz Rea.
Dawson Associates, Inc.  $50.00
This donation is made in loving memory of Ms. Melda Twisdale, mother of our dear friend, Lee Smith. Lee, from all of us at Dawson, you and your family will remain in our prayers during the days to come. We are all very aware of just how precious life is and hope that, by this donation, a little of your mother's love will rescue one of the many animals in need of a love like hers! Sincerely, Your friends at Dawson Associates, Inc.
Mike Murphy  $20.00
In Memory of Loleta McDivitt
Steve Julie Seal  $50.00
In memory of Gerald Brunner.
David Elizabeth Stevens  $50.00
In memory of Tucker Shaw - Loved and Missed.
Greg and Cyndy Livigni  $50.00
In loving memory of Tristan Troeger, and his fond affection for animals......
Randy E. Deanna A May  $50.00
Per the request of the family, It was our pleasure to donate to the SPCA in Dorothy's memory. We share a mutual love for animals! My way of saying thank you for being so kind to my family over the years. Take care ! Deanna A. Randy E. May
George W. Kinney  $20.00
He is in a much better place and we all know we will see him once again. Here's to the very best Best Man.
Hub International  $30.00
In memory of Jim Dorta.
Uma Stephens  $20.00
Dear Uma, We love you and will miss your sweet, little happy self. Love, Aunt Jen, Uncle Dan and Baby Jordan
Cindy Saraceno  $20.00
Cindy you were so loved and are missed so very much. One of the most beautiful people to leave our planet. Love, Jen, Dan and Jordan
Judy Jerry Mullins  $100.00
In Memory of Jim and Robbin Meyers. Two wonderful, loving, animal people. Who had a house full of furry children and loved each one of them equally. They will be missed by their human and 4-legged friends greatly.
Dennis J. Kissel  $25.00
Please accept this donation in Denny's memory, hopefully it can be put to some good use for the wonderful animals you have there.
HINSON  $20.00
Debbie Fox  $30.00
In memory of Brandon Stamp
Jayne Parker Beckie Yon  $100.00
In memory of Mickey Shiner.
Joanne Haden  $50.00
This donation was made in honor of my cat-lover friend, Rosemary Harris, for her birthday. She is an avid lover and supporter of ALL cats - everywhere. Happy Birthday, Rosemary!
Carol Breininger  $25.00
In memory of Minnie Merker who passed away recently. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends and 4 footed furry pals that she loved so much.
Logan Rice  $100.00
Rest peacefully with those that passed before you. Our Deepest sympathies to your entire family in ths time of sorrow! Cheryl Dick Bolduc
Robert Gustafson  $24.00
Helping when we can!
CB and Jan Hudson  $100.00
In memory of Joseph Hill, Birmingham, Alabama.
Patrick Crawford, Jr.  $25.00
In memory of my friend Patrick's father, Patrick Crawford, Jr. from Sue Hamre Smith and Tom Smith and our dog Mr. Beasley
Doylene and Chasrles Knapper  $50.00
In memory of Bobby Franklin
Sky Farm, Inc  $400.00
In Memory of Donna L. Ferdinand. We will all miss her greatly!
Perry Goins  $50.00
In Memory. Respectfully, Deirdre Irial.
Leslie and Stuart Reiser  $18.00
Dear Esther and Mark, To mark the end of a wonderful life, a donation has been made in memory of Spanky - - a truly, great dog. With love, Leslie and Stu
LUCKY  $25.00
We all love you girl, you were a good dog and now we have your son and your grandpups, you will be deeply missed but never forgotten. Don't chase the angels too much, love you forever.
stacey dean lerch  $25.00
In loving memory and honor of sweet Jessica Mae Nehring...may she rest in peace!
Charmaine Fields  $25.00
Happy Birthday!
Douglas Jillson  $25.00
I know your in heaven with the animals who have died in the past and your playing with them. God be with you my friend. Lov u lots. Connie
Cindy Sabrina Gonzalez  $25.00
Please save the life of a helpless animal. They need us, only you can help.
Pamela Buran  $20.00
Until They All Have A Home!! In Loving Memory of my 2 girls I lost WAY too early. They were both loved VERY much and had a great quality of life. My Girls Friday Cotton will live on in my heart forever. They were both wonderful cats and I miss them very much!! I did rescue another and her name is AnnaBella Bella for short. She is also loved very much and I hope to have her for a VERY long time!! She is the light of my life and makes me laugh everyday!!
Robert J Motsinger  $50.00
This donation is in memory of Virginia Roberson of Peoria,Illinois.
Patti B. Turcotte  $100.00
In memory of Patti B. Turcotte
Inkpen Jackowski Family  $25.00
In memory of Janet Lee Olosn
Vermette Family  $100.00
In Memory of Helen Good Summer Holcumb.
Mrs. Dolores Aubel  $20.00
In memory of Mrs. Aubel Sue and Michelle
Danielle Parrish  $75.00
In Loving Memory of Bryan LoCicero
Donna Mummert  $25.00
In Memory of Isaiah, my last precious puppy, may you always be free...Isaiah's Mission is Isaiah's Hope.
Teresa Garrett  $105.00
In memory of Teresa Garrett ~ and of her fond affection for animals ~ from friends of her daughter Kim.
Christie Gourdoux  $25.00
This is in memory of my little angel Petunia. She passed away 12310. I miss her terribly and life will never be the same with out my gorgeous girl!
Carol Zajac  $25.00
In loving memory of Patricia Heller. From Carol from Salon 70. You will be missed.
Caryl Dellinger  $100.00
this donation to the Mecklenburg County Humane Society is made in memory of Caryl Dellinger
mary reeves  $50.00
In memory of Belvidere my friend Wanda Johnson's beloved office cat.
Sheryl Roy  $30.00
In loving memory of Wally Pete Petterson and his beloved dog Beau.
Diane Coleman in Memory of BLU  $20.00
Goodbye to our sweet beagle boy, You brought us years of happiness and joy! Now my heart aches for your soft, velvet ears and big brown eyes. From up in heaven, can you hear our cries Until we meet again...Blu,you're in my thoughts and heart beloved best friend!
FRANKY Sobeski  $25.00
Franks, If love could have kept you alive, you would be with us forever. Always in our hearts. Mom and Dad
Bluegrass First Steps  $90.00
In memory of Dorothy Howard Crowdus, 1922 - 2010. We love you Christy!
Dave and Kay Smith  $25.00
In memory of Muffin. For ten years you gave us your love and loyalty. We can't imagine what life is going to be like without you. We love you dearly.
Scooby  $50.00
In memory of Scooby who lived a long life well loved and cared for.
Lee Buffington and Gordon Iwata  $25.00
In memory of the Barry family, Jim, Wanda and Jamie.
Faith  $25.00
In memory of Faith, a smithie, a friend neighbor. you will be greatly missed xoxoxo
Richard O'Neal  $25.00
In loving memory, Dick passed away on January 9, 2010.
Jean and Bill Runner  $100.00
In memory of Gage - one beautiful, loving and affectionate Boxer. We miss you.
Howard and Phillis Mosher  $25.00
In memory of Emily Sichterman.
Rick Sayre  $150.00
In memory of Jane Sayre Weaver
Kevin, Sara, Lennon and Harper Anderson  $25.00
This donation is made in honor of the Anderson family of New York.
Holly  $25.00
In memory of Holly, my precious companion who was lost to a tragic incident. You deserved the best both in life and thereafter. Thank you for all of the laughs and great memories. You will be in my heart forever. I pray you found Rainbow Bridge where you can run free and happy with no more age related pain. Love always, Susan
vikki garringer  $25.00
In memory of all pets lost or abandoned.
Michael Thomas  $25.00
In memory of Anne Marie Vasquez
Harrison Grodnick  $100.00
In honor and regret for the poor squirrel I hit with my car this morning. May heshe rest in nut-heaven!
Adrienne Forbes  $25.00
In Memory of Jack You gave us 15 years of a lot of joy and good memories. Sleep well within the arms of the angels.
express  $25.00
in memory of express, the beloved greyhound of kim and tim geving. love, cassandra
I wish to donate $10 per month to help feed and care for animals in your shelter.
Pam Cleverly  $12.00
In memory of Mom and her Pita cat.
Judy Maggio  $40.00
This donation is to honor the memory of Samantha Hirschfield.
Sharon Whitaker  $25.00
To our wonderful Miss Darby O'Gill. The best Grand-Dog anyone could have. She will be missed. Love, Neme and G-Pops
Rocko Spohn  $50.00
One of the best dog's ever created. He was truely one of kind. He was a beloved dog of Mary Jo Spohn. Love Lauron and McKenzie Smith
Julie  $50.00
In memory of Buddy Nichols who, in his short time, filled hearts with love and joy.
Mari  $25.00
Thank you! Maggie Jeanne
John and Yvonne Baranick  $200.00
This donation is in memorial to Timothy the highway cat.
Helen Winkeler  $50.00
The Way Technology Family makes a donation on behalf of our team mate Amy - in honor and recognition of her special Mother-In-Law, Helen Winkeler. This special lady will be missed.
Alia Orr  $36.00
This is a donation from my 13 year old Daughter, Alia. She saved this money from part of her allowance.
Austin Orr  $26.00
This is a donation from my 15 year old Son Austin. He saved this money from part of his allowance.
Jesse Brumfield  $25.00
Thanks for helping my sister Francis Morgan with a recent pet problem.
The Poole Family  $50.00
In Honor of Maddie Vawter who gave us our 1st family puppy Maggie Mae. We are having so much fun with her and love her so much. Hugs and Kisses to all the cats and dogs that need homes from us.
BC  $100.00
For Daisy, Biscuit, Buttons, Muffit, Pookie, Farkie, Pax, Blackjack and Sadie. You deserved so much more.
bonne brady  $114.00
For Max a shelter dog rescude on his last day and a devoted pal for 14 years.
LM MDS Staff  $25.00
In Memory of Agnes Lewis
Scott Hite  $75.00
In Memory of the Nye Family
Mary Allan  $50.00
In Memory of Bill Bell - a great guy, and great cat lover. He may be missed, but his laughter, gentle nature, and compassion will remain with me the rest of my life. Per the request of his family, my donation should be used for the Cat Fund. Thank you!
Debra Harp  $25.00
A donation has been made to The Belleville Area Humane Society in memory of Hemlock. Love, Deb
Roxane Baldwin  $10.00
In honor of her efforts on the behalf of pets. She does foster care and rescue tranportation.
For all creatures. Josie loved all her fellow animals. She has gone to rest beneath the dogwood trees in her back yard, while her scottie-spirit plays on.
Mary H. Goodwin  $50.00
This gift is made in memory of Patti B. Turcotte, who passed away on January 1, 2010.
Dobby Booth  $100.00
In Honor of the Brady Family from Dobby
Steve Lisa Armstrong  $50.00
In honor of Melody Miller's 6th birthday...what a thoughtful and caring girl!
Tom and Nanci James  $50.00
In memory of Christina Wilhelmina Scranton
Glen Lisa Miller Family  $50.00
In memory of John L. Brostek, husband of Joyce Miller-Brostek. We love you Mom and are thinking of you. Glen, Lisa, Jessica, Miranda, Caitlyn, Kyle and Carissa.
Zoey's Mom  $50.00
In Memory of Cocoa
Leslie Fain  $50.00
In memory of Dorothy Bernstein and her kitty Aldo.
Chacha  $100.00
This donation is made in memory of my cat who past on 1227
Donna Parker  $25.00
In memory of Howard Monroe Biscoe.
Doug Smith  $25.00
In Memory of Jason Mr. J I Miss You !!
Deborah Johnson  $130.00
In loving memory of Blackie, Prince Princes, Scruffy, Coco, Smut, Twilight, April, Valentine, Susie Q, Duke, Peanut, George Gracie and Chester. I miss each and everyone. I am so thankful for the love each one gave me and thankful for the pets I still have - Sadie, Nacho, Sopie and Beethoven.
Barbara Cale  $24.00
Donations to ASPCA
Cathy Waltrip  $50.00
In loving memory of Rhoda Weinberg
Cleo  $25.00
In memory of our favorite!
Rachel Fleiss  $25.00
In loving memory of Cookie, who made me so happy for so longthough not nearly long enough.
Katy Lash  $30.00
In memory of MAX
Joy Lock  $500.00
To Henderson Co.Humane Society in memory of Linda LockCarnes. Thank you for helping with Linda's animals. Joy
Puppy Love  $20.00
Not much, but will hopefully spread some love to the memory of all my beloved pets
Dawn Pumphrey  $24.00
In memory of Brandy - our Golden Retriever, who we just lost this past November at the age of 14-12. We miss you!
Monica Rosenberg  $50.00
Donation is in memory of Mom - Jeanette Rosenberg who recently passed away but spent her life bringing in stray animals and treating each and every one like GOLD!!! We Luv and Miss you and so do your kittys
Jean Uhl  $50.00
In memory of Donna Uhl Brown.
Jean Uhl  $50.00
In memory of Donna Uhl Brown.
John Sonya and Anthony Delmonico  $50.00
In memory of William L. Burgess
Lisa Bydairk  $120.00
This donation is in honor of Gage, my boxer who passed away on December 21st, just a few days before his favorite holiday. He was 11 12 years old and the sweetest dog that ever lived. Although he wasn't a shelter dog, he was a great dog and I am sad that he is gone. He lived a long and happy life and was loved by so many people. He brought a lot of happiness to me and helped me through many difficult times.
dan jaxheimer  $12.00
go animals
Otis  $25.00
Dear Shelley, Happy birthday!! A donation was made to the Humane Society in loving memory of Otis. I was just thinking about him the other day. All our love! Ayelet, Terry and Lyla
Levi and Shad  $100.00
Two very special dogs who will be dearly missed. They brought great joy and laughter to all.
Spunky, Lucy Ginger  $25.00
For my Aunt Kathy, who loves animals with all her heart!!!!
Matthew S. Gardner  $40.00
In Honor of Matthew Gardner Merry Christmas
For Barbara and Kay  $50.00
A donation in honor of kitties past, present and future...
Deena Bello  $25.00
in honor of Roger Herrington and Family Happy Holidays! Deena
Joyce A Shopinsky  $100.00
In loving memory of Ben Ross. Sadly missed by Geoff Julia.
Marcia Gissiner  $50.00
In memory of Elka, Loki, the Big Dummy, Bear, and Joey
On behalf of the Jenks family  $50.00
In loving memory of Zoe Jenks. Merry Christmas to all of you at the shelter. Thanks for all of your good work!
Kathy in Memory of Baxter  $25.00
Merry Christmas Baxter Love, Elaine
Buddy and Lisa Stasney  $20.00
In memory of Jack!
Jeri Davidson  $25.00
This is in honor of Diane Davis, a true pet lover! Merry Christmas
Kelly AJ Girting  $50.00
Merry Christmas Mom...this donation is honoring you for your love for these amazing animals...Love, Kelly AJ
Cats and Dogs we've loved  $50.00
For all the cats and dogs loved by The Adams Family
For Betty Chuck  $25.00
The biggest animal lovers I know!
Debbie Rusty Daniel  $50.00
In memory of Sidney
Denis Lambert  $18.00
In loving memory of Emma Cohn. 1501 Broadway and New York will never be the same!
Nyssa Mooney  $25.00
In memory of Eric Mooney... the biggest animal lover i have ever met. Merry Christmas, buddy!!
Dad  $30.00
A donation has been made in loving memory of Onyx to Humane Society in Myerstown. This is where we were lucky enough to find each other. His life brought comfort and love to all who loved him. His memory remains forever in our hearts. Merry Christmas and Love Todd, Cheryl,Alyssa, Emily,Sarah,Bailey and Niles
David and Susan Lundquist  $50.00
Dear Steve and Family, Our prayers and thoughts are with your family during this time of grief due to the loss of your mother Eileen. May your memories help you through a time of painful loss.
[email protected]  $40.00
Jennifer Lynee Clarke Rest in Peace
Mrs. Mac  $20.00
This is not an in memory of but a Thank you to the best preschool teacher we could ask for. Thank you, Mrs. Mac!
Amy Gardner  $50.00
In loving memory of Bob.
First Grade Teachers of Orange River Elementary  $75.00
Hope this donation will help save the lives of cats and dogs in Lee County.
Marguerite and John McCarthy  $50.00
In memory of my dear parents who I miss more every day. Love you Mom and Dad!
The Boyers  $25.00
A donation in the name of a family who loves animals.
David Cathy Lott  $100.00
With love to Churchill, Pete, Charlie, Annie, and Sambo
Nautica Winter  $30.00
I love all pups and cats!
Kim's Kitty  $25.00
In memory of a long time friend who gave you love. Your affection for your pet will be returned to you a thousandfold.
Lynn Arbogast  $45.00
To help all those animals in need find a loving home!!
Nancy C. and Bill K.  $25.00
To the couple with the biggest hearts for pets in need this donation is you. Love Olivia, Adam, Nan and Steve
Alana Veach  $50.00
In lieu of a holiday gift, Phil and Marlene Ralston of Powell Ohio have asked that I make a donation to the Delaware County Animal Shelter.
Lydia Nunez  $50.00
Thanks for all your work with rescue.
Cindy Heiller  $6.00
In memory of Kai my best friend. Gone but not.forgotten.
Moo-Moo  $24.00
Mac aka Moo-Moo, Baby Kitty, Cudgie went over the Rainbow Bridge on May 9, 2009, just 1 week shy of his 16th birthday. He was my faithful companion for 15 years. He loved me unconditionally, and had many of my tears in his fur.
Laura and Kelly McCullough  $25.00
Leith - Thanks for all the love and companionship
Karen G  $6.00
In Memory of my Spikey*****
Capone and Dax  $25.00
In memory of Chloe, the Sweetest girl in the Park for the past five years. We will miss her at our side but remember the good times as well. We love our Whocanana Girl!
Monica Ewers  $100.00
In Loving Memory of Jack Allen Shipley
Max  $15.00
This donation was made in memory of Max, loving companion of Susan Miller
cindy wiersma  $10.00
Please keep helping our animals.
Elaine SandaArlene and Ellis Goodwin  $25.00
In loving memory of Ethel Weidensall
Jeff Uhl and family  $50.00
In loving memory of Donna Brown
shevawn milburn  $6.00
Jackie Bob Bradford  $50.00
In memory of our beloved dogs, Henry, Lexie, Sam and Duchess. They touched our lives in so many ways and we are so grateful to have had them in our family. God Bless.
Tracy Bradford  $50.00
In loving memory of Norton, a special beagle that each day, made us better people. Bless him and help those dogs that need a forever home.
Beverly Stubbs  $20.00
Donation gift for Beverly's favorite charity.
Dayna John  $25.00
In memory of Charles E. Little, you will be missed.
C Emrich  $100.00
From the guests of the PE wedding. And in memory of Shadow, Holly Peanut
Linda and Pat Johnson  $100.00
Majel Billingsley...Linda and Pat have donated $100.00 in your honor to the Humane Society of El Paso County. We know you have always cared for animals and are glad to contribute to their protection on your behalf.
Ann Sumner  $50.00
In Loving Memory of Ann Sumner. With Love, Sidney Becky Gressette
The Colemans  $18.00
In Memory of Sarah Marie Glaab a very sweet girl who loved animals. She will be dearly missed!
Mark F  $15.00
In loving memory of our puttycat Tigress, who went to The Rainbow Bridge way too soon. Mark and Ginkgo
Nikki and Frankie  $250.00
In loving memory of Nancy's sweet babies
Lisa Atwell  $100.00
In loving memory of my Dear Hobo.
Evgeniy Shabalin  $10.00
In a memory of Gary Kimball
Tina Tuttle  $50.00
Animals cannot speak for themselves, we need to help protect and feed them.
Ellen and Kevin Murphy  $25.00
In Honor Of... Roosevelt and Madison, fabulous Dobermans, who live with and are loved by Robyn and Seth Huffstetler
Jennifer Tucker  $25.00
This donation is for Jennifer in memory of her beloved cat 'Wiggin'.
Cheryl Lipps  $50.00
Donated by the ESS Associates at Greens Creek Mine in Memory of Gary Kimball.
kd Bubbie Murphy Rizzo  $250.00
In loving memory of a sweet baby girl
Andy Layden  $12.00
In memory of Spook
Carolyn Sturdevant  $50.00
In memory of Button, Coco, Paco Bud as Christmas gift to Phyllis Sturdevant. from, Carolyn, Jo Anne Steve
Jessica Schenk  $25.00
My deepest sympathy to the family of Jessica Schenk. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Terri Gallagher Fremont, Ohio
Terri Gallagher  $25.00
This donation is in memory of Jessica Schenk. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to her family. Terri Gallagher Fremont, Ohio
Kimba Cammarata  $6.00
Til we meet again RIP my loving companion. Love, your family
Kimba  $25.00
Til we meet again RIP my loving companion. Love, your family
Elizabeth and Larry Prehm  $50.00
In loving memory of Hannah Prehm, who's loss at such a young age is still deeply felt.
Sallie Elmore  $50.00
In memory of Miss Kitty and her 20+ years as a much loved part of Susan and Rick Logsdon's family.
David and Pat Bearden  $25.00
In memory of Buna Cargill who loved and cared for animals.
Molly  $10.00
In Memory of Molly - an amazing dog.
Logan  $20.00
Rest in Peace, dear Logan.
Maxine Sclar  $120.00
Thank you, Harvest Hill Animal Shelter for giving Angie and Zak, Baxter, a wonderful Lab mix many years ago! He was a brave loving friend to both Angie and Zak and their 3 children, Ethan, Emily and Rylee. He will be deeply missed!
Ellie Bartis  $10.00
To be used for cat rescue and vet services.
Frank Scalzi and Lucy Rangel  $100.00
In memory of Bonnie, Clyde, Silly, Sarge, Reilly and Bo.
Micah Wright  $20.00
In memory of all the lost pets out there hoping they find their way back to a nice loving home.
Lina  $50.00
We are so grateful for your kind and gentle spirit that carried my sister through tough times and for being present during the beautiful times. You continue to live on through precious memories in the hearts and minds of those who loved you. Thank you for sharing yourself with Darla and the Goodman family.
Peggy Bergloff  $15.00
In memory of Peggy, and her love and kindness toward both people and animals. With love from Julie and Oakes
Bubbeleh Karlan  $100.00
In honor of a loving and devoted friend, Bubbeleh. May many other dogs be as lucky to find homes like the one Bubbeleh was fortunate to have - our prayers are with Vicki during this difficult time of loss. MB Chalk
Jim Pam LeBaron  $25.00
Dear Beth and family, We are so very sorry for your loss. This gift is in memory of Fredo. We can't imagine your pain. —Jim Pam
Tracey  $6.00
In memory of Benji...
Melissa R. Smith  $50.00
This donation is to honor the memory of Robert L. Griffin, and to celebrate the life of one of his surviving sons, and my friend, David Griffin. May this donation bring some joy and health to some animals who need it. Melissa Smith
Jan R.  $25.00
In memory of Jack, a wonderful dog.
Joy Webber  $25.00
I loving memory of Willow Radzke
Amy  $18.00
In memory of th elove of my life. Omalley.
Amy  $18.00
Rescue animal car magnet. I am sure the money will go for good use.
wilmer and nancie  $25.00
In Memory of Patricia Ruehl
Mary Ellen Cox  $30.00
To my Aunt Mary, Rest in Peace! Please take care of all of the animals in Heaven that need your kind heart!! You will be missed!! Love, Angie, Dan, Brandon Trevor Mott
Teresa Orville Strite and Dusty Baker  $25.00
In Loving Memory of John Hess who will be sadly missed. Love Always.
Heather Balderson  $12.00
I purchased two magnetic ribbons promoting rescue of animals in need and spaying and neutering your pets. This purchasedonation is made in deep loving memory of my chinchilla Mr. Poopers, who passed in 2004. I miss him terribly but his memory carries on in Little Man.
Your beloved puppy  $25.00
Suzanne and Karen. We are so sorry for the loss. Gayle, Brigid, and Claudia
Beatrice Elizabeth Fuller Connelly  $100.00
From the Wright House family at Castleton State College. Our thoughts are with you.
louis roder  $40.00
in memory of tim myrto
Michael Sipult  $10.00
In memory of Allison Pulliam. Please use this donation towards the purchase of a leash or collar.
Helen Richards  $140.00
In loving memory of our friend Helen, who was a huge animal lover, a loving grandmother, mother, and wonderful friend to many. She will be greatly missed. Love, Ric, Laura, Jay, Lauren, April, and Elle
Donald Patricia Gillies  $30.00
In Memory of Robert Foley 11825 Apple Valley Road 229 Apple Valley, CA 92308
In Memory of Steve Jones  $100.00
Judy, so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy. Jim Baker
Nancy Englebert  $25.00
In loving memory of Caroline M. Davern. To the Daverns and Claffeys - may the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.
Mark Newsome  $100.00
In memory of Donald Brocka. From Everyone at ITG
In memory of Dr. Gerald Wilkins  $75.00
We are friends of Doc Wilkins' daughter, Sonya, from her Boeing Company family and would like to donate in memory of her father. All are saddened by his loss to his family and to the animal community in Emmett that he was such an active part of.
Sam Levy  $150.00
In memory of Dixie
Matt and Lona  $400.00
In honor of a great Akita and friend - Watauja Bear. Our world is the lesser for him not being here.
Rebel McLoughlin  $25.00
Rebel, You were such a good dog and will be greatly missed. We love you. Mark, Lizzie, Wills, and Scott Thomas
Laura and Robert Howe  $100.00
This donation is in loving memory of our beloved dog Scally formally Pascal, a golden-retriever mix, who lived with us from about his eighth week of life he was an abandoned puppy in the spring of 1997 until his death on September 26, 2009. He was the world's best dog, and he transformed our lives. We miss him achingly.
Julian Trott  $20.00
This is being donated in honor of Julian Trott.
Richard and Margaret Tevlin  $25.00
To the family of Pamela Christensen. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mary and Kevin Gann
Lisa Steve Collins and David Belanger  $25.00
In memory of Renee Hopkins, who truly loved animals.
James Prusinowski  $50.00
In memory of Tim Myrto Columbia, TN who passed away on 10909
Alex Brooks  $15.00
To the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter, Agoura, CA in celebration of Hannah Anderson's birthday
To honor Henry DelTosto  $60.00
Since Henry is a true animal lover, this donation is made by his friends at Post 70 as our way of honoring him on his birthday. Happy Birthday Henry!
Miriam Bynum  $25.00
This donation is given in memory of Miriam Bynum. Her love of animals has passed on to her family which has sheltered and loved enumerous stray pets.
David and Ellen Huang  $25.00
In loving memory of Lorraine Murphy.
Karen Cucci  $50.00
In memory of Sally Spencer
Emily Wu  $50.00
Dear Murphy Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Sincerely, Emily W.
Theresa Smith  $25.00
To honor my daughter, Tracy Haught, on her birthday!
Gali Hagel  $100.00
In memory of Brooks Clark
Jeffrey, Joni and Mary Ericsen  $50.00
In loving memory of Sherry Tillema
Debbie Pope  $10.00
For Skipper in memory of my first rescue pet, a Beagle named Bonnie. She lived 14 years before dying from cancer 2 years ago. I miss her terribly. I hope Skipper finds a forever home soon. Like Skipper, my Bonnie was disabled overlooked by people wanting a prettier dog. Soon someone will see how beautiful Skipper really is.
Malachi Rockwell  $20.00
It is with a sad heart that the Rockwell's said a much too soon goodbye to their furry family member Malachi. He was one in a million. Wise, kind and full of love for his family. Our thoughts are will all of them today. With Love, Ann Bob
Karen Munson  $50.00
Dear Karen, First of all, have a TERRIFEROO Birthday! This gift is made in your honor and in honor of your cat Wally. Best wishes, Your friends and colleagues in College Advancement
The Zallaha Family  $25.00
In memory of our beloved beagle Vickie Sue.
Bear Caito  $6.00
In memory of Bear, the most patient cat I have ever had the honor of knowing. You were taken from us far too soon, big boy.
Jeff's Miami group  $125.00
In memory of Jeane Cleveland. Best wishes to Brooke and Jeffwe're thinking of you. Ron, Dave, Greg, Franco, and Rehfuss
Jenny Chuck Lang  $50.00
In loving memory of our beloved Nanny, Alma Barger.
Jenny Chuck Lang  $50.00
In loving memory of Alma Barger, our beloved Nanny.
Warren S Rogers  $180.00
In Loving Memory of Bailey Boopers and Molly Mookers.
The Younggren Family, Robert, Bobbie and Trish  $100.00
Please accept this donation in loving mempry of Dr. Joseph P. Engel, of Edina. Dog were always very much a part of his life, and we are happy to remember Joe by helping animals in need at your shelter.
Chelsea  $25.00
I love and miss you still, my beautiful girl. Thank you for choosing me to share your life with.
Rick Dodd  $150.00
Please accept this donation in memory of Rick Dodd. Michael Gerken is a very good friend of ours. From all of us at Portu-Sunberg Marketing.
John and Susan Rice  $50.00
In memory of Vernica Mascak, and please advise Ann Davis, 10 Duffy Street, Shinnston, WV 26431 of this donation.
Peter Campo  $10.00
In memory of our friend Prissy
Aunt NoNo  $100.00
Preston, Maybe this will help the doctor's find out how to help pets like Savannah. I am so sorry she is gone but remember all dogs go to heaven. I love you very much and wanted you to know. Love, Aunt NoNo
Lilya Bennett  $25.00
In memory of Duke Webster
Fran Debbie Badrak  $30.00
This donation is given in memory and in honor of Gene Colliera life-long animal lover and great man. May he rest in peace.
Marilyn Mobley  $25.00
In Memory and Honor of Robert L. Bud Donaldson
Laura McAlpine  $20.00
This is in honor of Gordon Wilkins, who volunteered at the Animal Shelter. I know his daughter, Sonya, and my heart goes out to the family.
Lea Rainey  $25.00
This donation is in memory of Pauline Kennedy a dedicated and lifelong pet lover and rescued pet owner.
Mona Roberson Ali  $6.00
I love all animals, and its my commitment to help anyway I can...
Laura Jay  $25.00
In memory of Remmie Janczura of Thomaston, ME may you enjoy the place with tilted dining room tables all the better for food to fall off!, no 4th of July fireworks, swimming every day but never baths, slow squirrels, eternal butt scratching, and long walks in the woods. We'll see you on The Bridge.
Lynn Taylor  $50.00
In loving memory of Bailey, the sweetest black lab I've ever known. My deepest smypathy for his loss goes to the Koenig family - Lara, Mark, Benjamin and Joe.
Sherry Wysinski  $50.00
In memory of Betty Pfister, loving mother of Cheryl Deckard.
Fidelio  $25.00
Fidelio was a great spirit and a great gift - he will always be in my heart.
Laurie Corey Schmitt, Margaret Barbara Briare  $250.00
In memory of Betty Briare.
Julia Audrey  $5.00
In memory of CocoBean, my best friend for 13 12 years. Rescued in Mexico at 5 weeks, she was an extraordinary being that graced our lives and everyone who knew her.
Julia Audrey  $5.00
In memory of CocoBean, my best friend for 13 12 years. Rescued in Mexico at 5 weeks, she was an extraordinary being that graced our lives and everyone who knew her.
Frank Franzetti  $100.00
In Memory of Frank Franzetti. I will always have fond memories and be grateful of the support he provided me during my childhood.
Frank Franzetti  $100.00
In Memory of Frank Franzetti. I will always have fond memories and be grateful of the support he provided me during my childhood.
Debbie Marker-Comstock  $25.00
In memory of Sammy, for all the joy he's brought over the years.
Heather Effinger  $20.00
We got Katasha from the Danville SPCA in 1996. She gave a lot of love and great meomories and had been laid to rest in Dec of 2008. We miss you everyday Katasha.
Jim Ferguson  $25.00
Thank you for letting me be part of Katie's life. I wish it had been longer. Leslie Joel, you have all my best wishes and love. Jim
Karen Zamel  $50.00
In honor of your 50th birthday, The Pace's have donated $50 to in the name of Karen Zamel. Happy Birthday!!
Tiffany Star Jilpas  $50.00
Rescuing is the WAY 2 GO!!!!! Please rescue instead of buying from petstores
Ben C. Ashcraft  $50.00
Honoring his wish and thinking of the MANY dogs he cared for across the street...We miss him! Terry, Louise, Danielle, Paul, Erin, Karli and Tanner
Valerie Ryan  $100.00
in honor of cake. cake is good.
Joyce Brown  $50.00
Honoring the memory of James L. Powers, From The Brown Family Joyce, Dirk, Neil, Erin
Jo Ann McNamara  $100.00
from Judith Bennett and Cynthia Herrup . . .in sad and grateful memory of a wonderful person, extraordinary scholar, and great lover of cats.
Star Smith  $25.00
Happy Birthyday Star Smith Love, Cathy Geno
Donna and Bill Sade  $10.00
In support of Greater Kingsport Area Animal Shelter, 2141 Idlehour Road, Kingsport, TN 37664 In memorial of DUSTY, faithful companion of Don and Margaret Koth, Kingsport, TN.
Mary and Ronnie Walker  $25.00
In loving memory of Velma Gerding.
Nancy Kreml  $25.00
In memory of Magic Davis, a very dear friend and a good dog. Prance forever, Magic Man!
Saunders Family  $50.00
In memory of Patricia Shozda.
Susanna Baxter  $25.00
In memory of Amy's beloved first child, Faith Gira. She brought such joy and love during her 14 years in your family, may she continue to do so with Dot and Hunter.
Virginia McMurray  $20.00
I would like for this money to go to my local humane society. Thomasville, GA 31757 every month.
spca  $25.00
Thank you for caring for the racoon
Maria Szewczyk  $25.00
In loving memory of Gram Lois Swanson, who had a heart for animals in need. I will miss her her never-ending sunshine...Love you, Maria
Hope Fred Watson  $50.00
In loving memory of Greggory Wilkinson.
Danna Henderson  $25.00
From Steve, Ouida, Hannah and Will
Kathryn Spoolstra  $20.00
Happy Birthday Kathryn!!! Love, Sienna
dale List  $6.00
Honoring our adopted girl,Ginger
dale list  $5.00
monthly donation in memory of Gus and Toby
In memory of Dorothy Campbell... and Gatsby
Mike Woods  $50.00
Im Memory of Anne Woods
Tom Terri Davis  $50.00
Steve Linda Eustace in memory of their dog Rascal Donation by Tom and Terri Davis
Helen Kostbar  $25.00
Donation in memory of Helen Kostbar
Jason Zacharias  $148.00
In memory of Jason Zacharias from the Employees of Gladstone Dept. of Public Safety
Joseph Mattingly  $20.00
In Memory of Lou Ester Akridge
Carl A Sebestyen  $50.00
In memory of Helen Kostbar. She was a friend to everyone and every animal. You will be missed.
Foster Farms friends  $100.00
In memory of Cathy Bauer.
cardinaldogs  $12.00
In memory of Corky, Patches, Casey and Ozzie, the best friends anyone could ask for.
Indu, Atul, Bhoomika, Madhur  $100.00
We have donated in memory of our beloved friend and pet, Rex. Whom we lost on July 27, 2009 to liver cancer. Rex was a very cute and friendly dog. He will be very much missed and loved by everyone who had a chance to meet and play with him. The thought of not having him in our lives now is so sad yet we know that he no longer has to suffer and is in a better place. Rex, we love you and miss you! ~ Dey Family.
Brittany  $6.00
I would love to adopt a guinea pig sadly paprents said no so had to help out some how. Good luck Cinniman
Turbo  $20.00
My cat, Turbo, was hit and killed by a car last night. I would like to help other animals who may be in need of food or shelter by sending this donation in his name.
Mike Feeney and family  $20.00
In memory of a man that loved animals, Harry Edwards.
Dialogic  $100.00
In memory of Charles Stewart Hertz.
Paramus SPS  $50.00
In loving memory of Helen Kostbar
JD  $50.00
In loving memory of JD, a great dog.
The Adult Women's Book Club
LIZ JONES  $50.00
Robert Schadewald  $100.00
In memory of Helen Kostbar
Deanne Keltner  $25.00
Donated in honor of Father David Buss, and his wonderful dog, Wiggles. Happy Birthday, Father. Much love from Deanne, Dee and Angel
Margrit Rothmuller  $250.00
In memory of Margrit Rothmuller loving mother of David Winterstein. May her spirit and love continue to live through the good deeds of her son.
Bobbie Hanna  $25.00
Casey, you are missed, littleman.
Pete and Jeannie  $25.00
In memory of Aunt Cleo
Tanna Carroll  $25.00
I Love you Abby
Ann Rogal  $100.00
Our sympathy to the Rogal family from your friends at Robert Morris University
Logan Stroud  $20.00
Happy Birthday to You!! Love, The Cable Family
Barb and Steve North  $50.00
This Contribution is made in honor of Cindra Skotzko's very important birthday, July 11, 2009
nikita sweet pea  $10.00
you two were wonderful dogs
Michael Sharon  $50.00
Kevin Burke had a birthday party last Sunday and requested in lieu of gifts, donations be made to the shelter. Please accept my gift in his honor. Kevin Burke 6422 Hughes Springs Drive Las Vegas, NV 89131
Carson  $20.00
Happy 7th Birthday! Love, the Smiths
Helen M. Finlay  $25.00
In memory of the mother of David A. Finlay
steve wilson  $25.00
For Minnie and Betty.
Mary Cozine  $50.00
In memory of Mary Cozine, devoted wife of Art and loving Mother of Jim and Kristy. Bob Mary Walb
******SHORTIE**********  $10.00
Deborah Evans  $25.00
In Memorium Elizabeth Roy
Barb Kolcun  $25.00
In loving memory of my Mother who loved cats very much. May God take care of you in Heaven. Love Kim
Albert and Lynn Larson  $50.00
In memory of Paula Evelyn Paulton McCance of Raleigh, NC at the request of her daughter, Linda McCance Packham, of Hanover Park, IL, and Eureka Springs, AR.
Ginny Treharne  $25.00
In memory of Marie McConnell
Maria Garsed  $6.00
Dogs and cats bring so much happiness into a home.
Rebecca Smith  $50.00
In Memory of Gertrude Ellis Martin. You will be missed by all. Becky, Lynn, Beverly and Jimmy
Niya  $25.00
Niya was a beautiful, black cat who purred very loudly and had many friends. She was sweet and cuddly. She will be missed by her mom Claire and by her many friends. Niya was blessed in having a mom who filled her life with many years of stability and love. This showed in her spunky and happy personality. Niya passed away peacefully in her sleep in mid- June to join the angels. She will be missed.
Delora Siebrecht  $75.00
In memory of Joan Sommerville. Loving mother of Carla Satterwhite.
Chris and Jen  $25.00
In memory of Dot Owens
In honor of Rob Palleschi  $50.00
...for his unwavering kindness to animals and humans alike. Happy Birthday, man. -Cory and Dawn
Brian, Donna and Lillian Mullaney  $100.00
In loving memory of Mrs. Kate Millay from Brian and Donna Mullaney and Lillian Mullaney.
Nemo  $25.00
We miss you.
Terri Bailey  $12.00
I admire all of the love and compassion and heartach that goes along with your job. Thank you for helping the fur kids.
David Keeping  $50.00
In memory of Bosco
For Hope Keebler  $50.00
... two beautiful dogs who were loved... one taken at 10 months old and the other one at 13 years old... you both will be forever missed.
Massage Associates  $50.00
in memory of Theodore Teddy Ulte, a loving friend and a great running companion, you will be missed, Barbie and Cynthia
Rayanna Scott  $40.00
In memory of Dale Cates.
Meghan  $6.00
I wish I could adopt all of these animals. I have 2 cats I adopted last fall and I love them so much. Everytime I read about an animla being mistreated it makes me so sick to my stomach. I hope my donation will help in some way
Nina Eubank  $12.00
Thank you for helping me find a home for my puppy. Luigi has been adopted by a nice family. Please remove his listing from your website. Nina
JoAnne Krueger  $200.00
In memory of Princess Krueger. Congratulations on your retirement
Carlos Leon  $25.00
Would like to thank this site in assisting me in finding a loving home for my pet Chase Manhattan.
Linda Schmidt  $10.00
Hello, I am sorry that Im only able to donate a small amount. Im on a fixed income. I love animals and wish that I could do more. Maybe you could give me some suggestions. Thank-you, Linda Schmidt
Karen Vingris  $50.00
In loving memory of Rosemary Vance who loved all animals, especially her kitties! I'll miss you Rosemary!
Bailey Rahill  $25.00
In loving memory of Bailey, a true member of the Rahill Family for 10 years. You will be missed! Love, The Burkes
Jennifer Sheppard  $30.00
In remembrance of Jennifer Sheppard. May she rest in peace.
Susan, Chris, Owen, Amanda Brian  $50.00
Happy Birthday Lexie! Have a wonderful day, the dogs will too!
kat  $6.00
thank you for helping rescue the animals.i also do what i can to help dogscats also.we need more people envolvedin helping and for people to take care of ther pets also.i am a firm beliver in spay neuter.thanks for what you do.
S. Townsend  $10.00
In loving Memory of Rylee
Feebee Wisinski-Oakley  $20.00
In loving memory of longtime friend. You will be missed. Adam Erin Oakley
Sax Lively  $50.00
Sax was a great and loving friend to Alice and Bob. She will be missed but her memory will be forever in our hearts.
Nick Arguimbau  $20.00
In memory of Iris, a beautiful wolf-malemute who was everyone's friend in Cascae Canyon, Fairfax, California for all her 1 years.
Rod,Nicole, Connie,Wayne, Barb,Larry, Margie,Sherry and Shirley  $125.00
Donation in Memory of George Dorochoff.
Nuriya Janss  $100.00
This is to honor the love that Henry Griffith had for animals. He was their staunch friend throughout his life.
Donna  $12.00
In memory of Misty who at 2 12 years old was adopted from a shelter in Michigan 2 days before she was to be given up on because they had her too long. She had 7 12 more wonderful years due to being adopted and loved. Please adopt a pet!! We were ignorant and bought our next dog at a pet store. We supported a puppy mill!! Please don't do the same. We have to get them closed down. That along with neuter and spay will help decrease our homeless pet population. They give you love and loyalty and ask for so little in return.
Ann and John McMillan  $25.00
In memory of Fred Robinson Harwell.
Carnival Hayden  $20.00
Carnival provided many years of devotion, love and companionship to Jennifer. She will be missed by all her friends.
Michael Powell  $150.00
In thanksgiving for our Australia Shepherd, Mark and the life of Michael Powell. Jane and Jerry
Karen Mann  $100.00
In memory of Concetta Cardone. We know she will be among the angels looking over all of God's creatures.
Princeton University, Electrical Engineering Dept  $100.00
This donation has been made by Princeton University, Electrical Engineering Dept. in the memory of Virginia Harding Poor of Phenix City, AL. Please forward acknowledgement to Colonial Funeral Home, 613 14th St., Phenix City, AL.
Marion Frailey  $20.00
You are dearly missed.
Joe Daudelin Roxie Mashburn  $300.00
In loving memory of Dr Phil Edminston
Christine, Toasty, and Poppins Burroughs  $50.00
In memory of Haskel the Rascal Cecil May 21, 2009 from his auntie and his cousins
Richard and Suzanne Hildner  $100.00
in memory of Django
Kirsten Eckley  $6.00
In loving memory of Ginger and Neeko who had long happy lives. May all animals enjoy the love and security of a great family and home!
Bobbi Kirk Fleck  $10.00
In Loving Memory of our babies Sebastian died 5-7-07 Frannie died 5-14-09
John E. Wallace  $50.00
John passed away on 5-16-09 and will be missed by all who knew him.
Carolyn Garrett  $25.00
In memory of Richard Fougerousse, husband of my friend Gina Rossi, and friend of animals. Carolyn
Robert E. Braso  $6.00
In memory of Runt and Scrappy
Cyndi Pajak  $25.00
In memory of Robert Corey.
Tasha Wolfe  $25.00
For all the unconditional love she provided a child.
Mitchell Kirk  $6.00
ty for everything you do.
Robert Corey  $150.00
Dear Denise and Jim, Our hearts go out to you both. Cherish the memories of a man who cared for you and furry friends. Daniel, Gary, Miller, Cyndi, Joni, Jim, Karen, Ed, Jerry
Tonya Price  $6.00
In memory of Kayla, our beautiful German Shepherd who came to us as a retired security dog. She lived out her retirement with us from age 11 until her death at age 16. She was deeply loved and always missed.
Dennis and Sarah Norton  $100.00
In loving memory of Laura D. Norton-Dye.
Megan  $50.00
in memory of Butch
mark estrada  $20.00
we love you and miss you
ferninand poitras  $25.00
we miss you so much
Donna BoutelleCheryl Olson  $20.00
In Memory of Harry Desotell. We'll miss you Hairball.
Donna Jenkins  $6.00
Thank you for helping animals you are a blessing.
Harrison James  $30.00
I have a lot of fond memories of hunting and going to races with Uz and he will be missed. My families thoughts and prayers are with you Lynn.
Sue Larmore  $10.00
In honor of Sue Larmore for her dedication to children and animals.
Jasonic  $10.00
A small donation in the name of the Modded Mustang family for their support!
Rich Marian W.  $50.00
In memory of the girls, Cinder,Jessie and CJ
Donna Boutelle and Cheryl Olson  $20.00
In Memory of Harry Desotell. We'll miss you Hairball.
Anne Stern  $50.00
This donation is made in Anne's honor for a special birthday from her brother and sister-in-law.
Randy, Susi, Alex Sydney Huff  $40.00
Please accept this donation in memory of our Aunt, Mary Helen Campbell.
Reis Family  $12.00
In memory of the 4 legged family members who've made our home a true home.
Sue Mel Taber  $25.00
In memory of FlowerHenrietta Ridgeway, special kitty of Angel, Jim, and Karen Ridgeway
Obie  $50.00
This is in memory of my co-worker's beloved dog, Obie. I hope it helps with your incredible work. Thank you for all that you do.
In memory of Jersey Girl, a devoted pet and companion to my daughter in Phoenix. May your memories of good times together replace your sadness.
Randy Tanya Cook  $50.00
In memory of Charles Bideaux and his love compassion for animals.
Barbara Lastra  $25.00
In memory of Picco Graham