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Animal Assistance Foundation

denver Animal Shelter

455 Sherman Street
denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-774-8396
Fax: 303-774-7065
Living Safely with Dogs In response to public safety concerns about dog attacks, municipalities around the country are looking for solutions in dealing with dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. Unfortunately, the regulations that many jurisdictions are considering focus solely on controlling specific breeds or types of dogs—“breed bans.” Along Colorado’s Front Range, some municipalities have already passed breed ban ordinances, and there is a ripple effect among other municipalities. But breed bans do not address the complexity of issues surrounding dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs. And they are not comprehensive solutions. For more in-depth information, see the downloadable files at the end of this article.

In an effort to create common understanding about dangerous dogs the Animal Assistance Foundation supported a consultant to facilitate The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs, a group of Colorado animal health, care, and control professionals who have come together to offer assistance to municipalities and home owner associations striving to establish and enforce new or more effective dangerous dog ordinances and regulations. The Coalition also aims to educate owners and the general public on how to live safely with dogs.

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