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Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Placement Services

Fullerton Animal Shelter

PO BOX 4156
Fullerton, California 92834
*We are NOT a shelter, therefore, we do not have a central place where you can meet the dogs. All dogs are in foster care getting ready for their forever homes* Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Placement Services is a non-profit corporation staffed as a volunteer group, established in June 2008 originally as Second Chances Rescue by Ashley Greenspan. Our goal is to decrease the total number of animals being euthanized in animal shelters each year by finding new, permanent homes for them. Our animals come from a variety of circumstances. Most of them are rescued from "Death Row" at local shelters, while others are brought to us by their owners as an alternative to the shelter, and others are just found afraid and abandoned on the streets. We do not yet have our own kennel facility, so all of the animals we take in live in "foster homes" or with their owners until they are adopted. Barks of Love Animal Rescue and Placement Services has no paid employees and does not receive funding from any government agency. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and obtain funds solely from adoption fees, fund-raisers, and donations. In order to ultimately reduce the number of unwanted animals killed each year, we feel it is important to educate prospective owners and the general public about pet overpopulation and enforce a very strict spay/neuter policy for all our adopted pets. We spay or neuter all animals before placement regardless of breed. All dogs are then rehabilitated, loved and cared for, bathed, vaccinated, microchipped, have had a vet evaluation, and are free of internal and external parasites. We are also looking for foster homes, please open your hearts and homes. All adoption fees go 100% directly into rescuing and caring for our dogs. FAQS Why we don't have a shelter or facility where you can come see the dogs: We have a strong foster care program instead. Our goal is to get dogs out of shelters and into nurturing foster homes or permanent homes immediately. Dogs experience many of the same emotions as humans, such as stress, loneliness and depression. So we try to avoid having to put a rescue animal right back into a kennel environment if we can. The difference between us and the SPCA or Humane Society: The main difference is physical: We are an independent organization that primarily operates out of volunteers' homes, without a facility. We rescue animals OUT of primarily municipal shelters (city- and county-funded shelters whose adoption rates are very low in comparison to the number of animals taken in). We work in partnership with these animal shelters to rescue adoptable dogs. Often a rescue group like ours is the only hope these particular shelter dogs have for a new life. There are also benefits to adopting a dog from an organization like Barks of Love: * Since we visit a variety of animal shelters to rescue dogs, we can be on the lookout for the specific type of animal you are interested in. * Most of our adoptable animals have been in foster care--in a regular home environment--so we have a good idea of how each of our animals will behave in the real world. For dogs, we usually know if a dog is housebroken, good with other dogs, good with cats, appropriate for children or not, energy/activity level, and so forth. This makes it easier to match up our dogs with the right home, and easier for you to select the right one. * Our dogs have already been vet-checked, vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed/neutered before adoption. While no one can guarantee the long-term health of any animal, we do take the time and incur the expense to get basic healthcare and assessments done before our dogs go to permanent homes. * When you adopt from us, your pet already has close to $300.00 of care invested in it before you take him/her home! Of course, the tender-loving care they receive from their foster parents, as we prepare them for their new permanent homes, is priceless!

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