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Cattledog Dreams

San Leandro Animal Shelter

1271 Washington Avenue 162
San Leandro, California 94577
Phone: 510-750-6510
Cattledog Dreams is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care, trianing and placement of Australian Cattle Dogs and Cattle Dog mixes. We rescue Cattle Dogs from shelters in Northern California and also help owners rehome their dogs. The organization's Director, Jennifer Andersen founded this organization because of her love for this breed, which is highly intelligent and loyal. Jennifer noticed that Cattle Dogs fare particularly poorly in shelters due to the stress of being isolated from people, confined in close proximity to other dogs of varying temperments, and the lack of exercise opportunities available in a shelter environment. When stressed, they often shut down and seem unfriendly and unadoptable, so their euthenasia rate in shelters is very high. Cattledog Dreams was founded to help prevent this trangic loss of life for a breed that wants nothing more than to be with people.

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