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Gabriel Foundation

denver Animal Shelter

1025 Acoma Street
denver, Colorado 80204
Phone: 303-629-5900
Fax: 303-629-5901
With the proliferation of psittacine birds into the pet marketplace, the issue of unwanted birds is rapidly growing. This is no longer one person’s problem or even one industry’s problem. It speaks to the entire issue of being responsible for anyone and anything in your life for which you have chosen stewardship. All living creatures deserve respect and kindness. Societies value birds for economic, cultural, ethical and spiritual reasons. The avicultural and pet industries must heighten public consciousness that animals are not creatures put on this earth for man to dominate, or “own,” but rather they are “other nations” with which to co-exist. The disposable mentality or throwaway cultural attitude prevalent in our society does not speak well for the lives of animals often viewed as commodities that are greatly affected by this trend. They cannot fend for themselves when we do not. The Foundation receives dozens of inquiries daily from around the country because people must "get rid of their birds". The hundreds of inquiries received monthly regarding our programs demonstrate that there is an overwhelming need to provide continuing education and information to the public, the veterinary community and the avicultural industry about the physical, psychological, social, environmental, medical and nutritional needs necessary to provide for the total well being of these highly intelligent, long-lived creatures.

The challenge for veterinarians, breeders, retailers, hobbyists, welfare, rescue and sanctuary groups for companion animals is the realization that there are not enough facilities providing appropriate standards of care for the animals dependent upon their care. The Gabriel Foundation® is currently a part of a working committee of the Association of Avian Veterinarians whose task is to develop a standard of care for parrot welfare organizations, which include rescue and sanctuary groups. The Foundation is also an integral part of the WPWA (World Parrot Welfare Alliance), an international parrot welfare organization whose goal is to develop and promote greater awareness of the needs of parrots in captivity, whether in homes, rescue, sanctuary, or breeding facilities and in the retail pet trade through a set of guidelines and standards.

The current Gabriel Foundation aviary is able to provide consistent, high quality care for up to 250 psittacine birds at one time. Birds enter the Foundation for a variety of reasons such as family or financial hardship, human guardian’s illness or death, conflict with spouse or children, lack of human interest and/or time, moving/relocation, a bird’s incomparability with human’s expectations, a bird’s physical handicap, a bird’s chronic illness, rescue from animal cruelty, abandonment, lost bird, or request from a pet store, animal welfare organization, veterinarian and breeders to provide on-going care.

The Foundation’s Medical Director evaluates the acute, chronic and long-term medical needs of all incoming and outgoing birds. Our team of attending and affiliated veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, staff members and volunteers provides for the total health care, as well as psychological and environmental needs. Our staff to bird ratio is crucial to the rehabilitation process of our psittacine residents, where the needs of the individual bird come first. With the in-depth quality of care that the Foundation provides, many caring and committed adoptive families and guardians provide homes for those birds who will continue to thrive in a companion pet situation through the Foundation’s highly structured adoption and screening process. For those birds that remain with us for the remainder of their lives, permanent sanctuary is a safe and enriched habitat dedicated to each resident’s well-being.

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