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MerryLea Rescue

frederick Animal Shelter

frederick, Maryland 21703
Phone: 301-473-4397
MerryLea Rescue is a small rescue taking in Cocker Spaniels - Cocker Spaniel mixes and Honorary Cocker Spaniels which come in all sizes, shapes and colors - but who grab us by the heart and refuse to let go.

These dogs have nowhere else to go - they have been passed over at the shelters by adopters and other rescues - they simply happened to need rescue at a time when every one was overfull and there was no space for them.

Dogs at MerryLea Rescue have been in danger of losing their lives simply because they had no home and no one to love them. We only take in dogs when the larger rescue groups are full and this is the last chance for the dog.

If you are reading this page - remember these dogs are in desperate need and we are a very small group, with very limited funds - but all that doesn't matter if you are willing to open your heart and your home to a dog that needs to be loved and is willing to give that love back to you unconditionally every day.

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