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Montgomery County Humane Society

rockville Animal Shelter

14645 Rothgeb Drive
rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240-773-5960
Fax: 301-279-1998
Website: mchumane.org/
The Montgomery County Humane Society (MCHS) in Rockville, Maryland, is a non-profit animal welfare organization that has provided animal sheltering services for Montgomery County for over 40 years. Our funds to operate the Montgomery County Animal Shelter are provided under a grant from the Montgomery County Government and from private donations.

We shelter approximately 10,000 animals and service the animal-related needs of approximately 100,000 people yearly. Many of the services provided are mandated by grant contract and others are mandated by care and concern for the animals in our care.

The MCHS has spent approximately one million dollars in the past four years to supplement county funds, both in cost overruns and in MCHS programs. Over the past 40 years, many millions have been spent in veterinary care. Veterinary costs are over $100,000 yearly. This money actually pays for over $200,000 in care, as many Montgomery County veterinarians bill MCHS at 50% of the normal charges.

The combined partnership of county and private funds has resulted in a nationally recognized program that boasts a 71% adoption rate in the fiscal year 2005, one of the highest in the country. We have been certified by the Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association, both national humane organizations. Directors of other municipalities and from as far away as Japan and Holland have visited and called the Montgomery County Animal Shelter to learn about our programs. We have been on the cutting edge of humane animal work and are constantly striving to grow.

Montgomery County Humane Society can only continue to operate with your help. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to see how you can help.

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