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Muttly Crew, Inc.

lake Forest Animal Shelter

lake Forest, California 92630
Phone: 949-212-8378
Sweet Dog About Us Our goal at Muttly Crew, Inc is to rescue animals from harm. Our focus are dogs who have been abandoned, hurt, abused, or unwanted. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to the care and re homing of all the dogs that we save. Our goal is to help them heal, get all needed veterinary care, neutered/spayed to make them ready for a forever home. â?? The process: Once a dog is healthy it will be placed with a foster to support and care for the dog until a permanent home is found. We also provide safe boarding until a more permanent situation is found (foster or adopter). All of our fosters receive everything needed for the dogâ??s care such as, food, equipment, crates, leashes, toys and blankets as necessary. We count on volunteers to help support our rescue efforts, involving immediate rescue from harmful situations and trapping of abandoned animals to get them off the street. We are strictly a volunteer based organization that relies upon fundraisers; collecting donations; silent auctions; raffles; etc.. to support our efforts. We perform extensive home and background checks on potential adopters to make sure all dogs go to a loving forever home and reduce the chance of the dog being returned or worse, abandoned once again. â?? We also lobby and raise awareness of the need for laws to protect all animals from abuse. We advocate for more spay/neutering to reduce the number of animal being abandoned in overcrowded shelters We want to educate people to value all life and appreciate the uniqueness of a dogs love and commitment to its family. Always treat all animals with respect and love. A dog will love you more than he loves itself and that love will last forever!!!

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