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Nova Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc.

kensington Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 482
kensington, Maryland 20895
Phone: 301-258-5054
Judy Marion started rescuing over 22 years ago. Her first Rottweiler is what lead her to doing Rescue. Judy purchased her first Rottweiler from a BYB (Backyard Breeder). At the time she was totally unaware of BYB and the stigma associated with them. Judy took her 12 week puppy home and all was good. Or so she thought. At approximately nine months of age, Judy's puppy began having severe problems with his legs. Judy did all the research, went back to the so called breeder, and so on and so on. It turned out her little puppy was severely dysplastic.

After researching her options, and getting to understand all of this and Rottweilers a whole lot better, Judy knew she wanted her puppy to have surgery to make him feel better. She sold her car to raise the money for the surgery her puppy would need, and began taking public transportation. This was the major turning point for Judy. She realized somebody had to do something to try and stop the BYB and try to help our beautiful breed. Thus began NoVa Rottweiler Rescue. Along the way, Judy has started up many other Rottweiler Rescues around the country. Mid American Rottweiler Rescue, Southern States Rottweiler Rescue and she even founded R.O.R. which is the Rottweiler Overland Railroad to transport dogs from one part of the country to another to get them to their forever home.

She has aided in several puppy mill busts, working closely with inside individuals undercover. She has rescued over 1,000 Rottweilers over the years and placed them in good and loving homes. She aid,s with other rescues, doing home checks, helping them get started, doing transport, sharing supplies and whatever else needs to be done. Judy has, and this is said undisputedly, gone way above and beyond, many times doing without herself, to save the Rottweiler Breed. She is a true champion.

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