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Russell Rescue CA (San Diego)

San Diego Animal Shelter

San Diego, California 92116
Russell Rescue, Inc. (RRI) is a network of volunteers dedicated to placing unwanted or abandoned Jack Russells into permanent homes. The Network arranges for emergency rescues throughout the country, and gathers information designed to match appropriate permanent and temporary homes. It is funded by donations and supported by Jack Russell Terrier lovers and volunteers throughout the world. The majority of the dogs that end up in Rescue are unwanted simply for being Jack Russells by nature and behavior. Owners often find that they were unprepared for the care required for this high energy terrier; they did not understand the nature of the breed, and their instinctive desire to hunt. Owners are often gone all day, and therefore unable to provide the time, attention, and strenuous exercise this little dog requires. We would like to emphasize that JR's need an active lifestyle, as they are hunting dogs by instinct. The goal of the Russell Rescue, Inc. is to have this unique hunting terrier be in the protective care of those who thoroughly understand this dog. This is a very unique dog that arrives in any life with a special set of needs not suited to everyone. They get into trouble. If they cannot find trouble, they create it. If bored, they can apply their extreme intelligence in destructive ways. They require an educated owner and a loving caretaker willing to provide what this dog needs to be happy and safe. Most of life with them involves protecting them from themselves and their own demise. They rarely lack courage and don't take to abuse, even accidental abuse.

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