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Virginia Donkey Rescue

Concord Animal Shelter

414 Stonewall Road
Concord, Virginia 24538
Phone: 844-433-4299
Virginia Donkey RescueĆ¢??s mission is to prevent donkey neglect, abuse, abandonment and to keep donkeys from ending up at auctions and kill pens in the State of Virginia. We do this by addressing the issues that cause neglect, abuse, and abandonment in the first place by providing current and future donkey owners and welfare advocates with education, resources and referrals. We offer a safe, economically viable (through donation write-offs) alternative to auctions and kill pens through our rescue program. We manage the organization in the leanest, most self-sufficient, self-supporting manner possible so we are not entirely dependent on donors, grants and outside funding. Our business plan summary can be read on our Facebook Page.

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